Welcome! This site offers more than 300 varieties of Asian vegetable seeds, for the home gardeners and the farm!

We offer only the highest quality Asian vegetable seeds. Most of our selections are very popular varieties grown in various regions of Asia and are not found from other seed companies in the United States.

On this site, you can find many Chinese vegetables (Chinese cabbage, choy sum, yardlong Bean, bitter melon, Chinese mustard, Chinese broccoli, etc.), Japanese vegetables (Japanese cucumber and eggplant, daikon radish, Edamame soybean, kabocha squash, etc.), Korean radishes and melons, Indian bitter gourds and baby eggplants, various Thai basils and much much more.

We also offer numerous books for Asian gardeners as well as books for healthcare, hobbies and cooking. More than 20 titles are available for Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese foods. All books are available for shipping within the U.S. Domestic Mail System only, no foreign shipping order accepted.

We have been serving home gardeners and vegetable growers since 1978.

We are proud members of YAHOO STORES, providing you the best experience in online shopping.

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