Above-ground pool landscaping ideas include the ideas that can be implemented to make your above-ground pool stand out. We have accumulated some great solutions you can include in your outdoor projects.

25 Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

These unique ideas will give your outdoor spaces a classy and modern touch. Continue reading to learn more about the ideas to help you decide on what would be the most suitable option for you.

25 Best Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Above-ground pool, landscaping ideas consist of the design ideas available that you can choose to make your backyard pool space more appealing. The matter of choice depends upon factors such as personal preference, how much space you have, etc.

1. Surround Your Pools With Mediterranean Fan Palm Trees

Turn your above-ground pool into a private oasis using these trees. As the name suggests, the tree has fan-shaped fronds. The thick trunks and the denseness of its fronds make these trees natural privacy screens around your swimming pool. They are cold-weather resistant and do not need to be watered often.

Surround Your Pools With Mediterranean Fan Palm Trees

The trees look even more beautiful at night if you drape them with warm string lights. This pool design is going to create the perfect Mediterranean vibe. 

2. Create a Seating Area

Add furniture pieces, like chairs, around your above-ground swimming pool. It will be a welcoming element for your guests or even for yourself to relax after swimming.

Create A Seating Area

You can also add cushions, board games, etc., to give the area a more homey feel. This way, you’ll be giving your pool a resort-like look and feel. Pool parties in the summer and a very nice opportunity to get a good tan, with the additional option of jumping into the pool if it gets too hot! It’s perfect for both people living alone and big families. 

3. Mini Deck

The good thing about decks is you can create one easily yourself. A mini-version for your mini pool will have the same effect.

Mini Deck

Your pool will stand out if the surroundings are also according to size. Let’s make small decks with small pools a thing in homes together!

4. Add a Touch of Ornamental Grasses

Such accents have a visually striking effect when placed near pools. These are not your regular lawn grasses but bamboo, sedges, and rushes.

Add a Touch of Ornamental Grasses

The best grasses near your pools include Yellow Foxtail Grass, Giant Reed, Lemongrass, Fountain Grass, etc., all of which are maintenance-free! It is best to plant them together to create privacy around your pool.

5. Add Flowering Plants for Color

Looking to add color to your landscape? The options are endless. Flowers come in various colors ranging from soft-muted hues to vibrant shades.

Add Flowering Plants for Color

Scientifically known as Tulipa Spp, Tulips come in all colors except blue. They thrive in full sun and well-drained but moist soil. Planting them six inches below the ground would also increase their chances of blooming the next year.

Pro tip: Plant the vibrant flowers in groups of twenty-five or more for a visually-appealing look. 

6. Use Automatic Covers

Adding an automatic cover to your pools will save time in removing unwanted materials. The covers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Use Automatic Covers

The covers work on a single and dual mechanism. One covers the pool in a single go, while the other has two covers that meet midway.

Both of these cover mechanisms are equally safe. Covering the pool area is also a good precaution if you have children or pets roaming around.

7. Above-Ground Pool Deck

One of the most budget-friendly pool ideas is to build a simple deck around it. It is not just going to create space, but it will also be a little different from the rest of the pools.

Above-Ground Pool Deck

You can build your deck as simple or as decorated as you want. Add flower beds or plants to achieve the perfect look.

8. Use Glass Fence Instead of Ordinary Fence

Glass fencing comes in a variety of options to choose from; fully framed, semi-framed, and frameless. This feature makes your space look bigger and more spacious, especially if you have a small backyard.

Use Glass Fence Instead of Ordinary Fence

It lets out a clear view of the landscape around you and is a great way to keep an eye on your kids. It is easy to clean and maintain, acts as a wind barrier, and gives your space a high-end feel.

9. Create a Pathway to Your Pool Using Stones

The grass area around your pool, of any placement, never gets a chance to recover. All you are left with is dead grass, which is a buzz-kill.

Create a Pathway to Your Pool Using Stones

Use stepping stones to create an exact path to your pool to save your grass. This idea will also help prevent slippery puddles near your pools.

10. Surround Your Pool With a Stone Wall

Creating a stone wall around your pool will give it a distinguishing factor from regular inground pools. It is also a great way of defining the surrounding elements.

Surround Your Pool With a Stone Wall

Stone Walls provide support to the pool walls and keep them in good condition. You can customize the stones according to your pool designs.

11. Use Planters to Create Geometric Interest

Reconfigure your backyard into the perfect spot for BBQ parties and family gatherings. You can build your dream summer getaway by placing planters evenly spaced distances around your swimming pool. 

Use Planters to Create Geometric Interest

Tropical plants and small-sized palms would be the perfect choice to add a tropical feel to your ordinary-looking space. 

12. Half Deck/Half Privacy Fence

Decks do not necessarily have to have a connection with the house. You can create a separate entertainment area by constructing a deck next to your pool.

Half Deck Half Privacy Fence

Add floating tire inners to the pool for the kids to enjoy after a long day at school. With your pool surrounded by fences, you can relax on the deck with your family.

13. Use Water Features in Small-sized Pools

Can you include a plunge pool feature in your pool landscaping ideas? Yes, you can!

For instance, if you want to build a poolwater feature of any kind, like a poolside, for some fun summertime, it would be best to get a professional involved.

Use Water Features in Small-sized Pools

The field experts will help you achieve your dream project after analyzing aspects like budget, the kind of water feature you want, and the space you have and then come up with the best solution possible.

14. Concrete Stairs and Seating

The path to your beautiful pool is almost as important as your pool itself. To get into that swimming mood, why not choose the option to get extra wide steps that match the sides of your swimming pool to get a uniform, aesthetic and professional look? Make the route to your pool as engaging as the pool itself!

Concrete Stairs and Seating

Extra wide steps will provide a path to a hot tub and allow you to sit and have a nice view of your surroundings.

Match the texture of the stairs with the sides of the uplifted pool. You can also use different textures and colors for a mix-and-match look. 

15. Light Up That Pool

A pool is only good as the lighting it has. Good lighting can turn your pool from an ordinary-looking water-filled space to true resort-standard beauty. From using the usual white to a more unique red or blue to a range of different colors, you can make your pool stand out amongst the rest!

Light Up That Pool

Add tape lights to the rims of your pool and make it the center of attention. Or you can choose from lighting ideas in the market. You can choose sophisticated or colorful ones according to the style you are going for.

16. Take Inspiration From Nature

You can now have it in your home from having to travel miles to get a feel of nature. A chance to stand out while contributing to the environment simultaneously.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Use natural-looking stones, fountains, and neutral shades to achieve the perfect nature-inspired pool. The future is natural, so why pass on an affordable yet aesthetic addition to your home?

17. Build a Stock Tank Pool

Such pools are two feet high and eight feet wide, meaning they don’t take up much space. Use this idea to create farm vibes in your home.

Build a Stock Tank Pool

You can make them a part of your patio ideas and add living room vibes by placing wooden chairs on the sides of the pool. They are durable, budget-friendly, easy to clean, low-maintenance, trendy, versatile, etc., and the list goes on and on.

18. Concrete and Paver Patios

Concrete patios are durable and low maintenance. They give your poolside a clean and even look. 

Concrete and Paver Patios

On the other hand, Paver patios will be an elegant addition to your ground pool ideas. Such patios come in various styles and designs that can fit any background. Plus, you are going to have an extra place to sit.

19. Create a Shade

Do you live somewhere that is warm throughout the year? Or is your uplifted ground pool placed somewhere where the sun shines more? If yes, now is the time to create a shade over it using simple things like an umbrella or a pergola.

Create a Shade

The colorful umbrella will bring a vibrant touch to your one-color scheme pool. You can create a nice chilling spot while simultaneously adding design and preventing excessive sunlight.

20. Use Landscaping To Liven Things Up

Landscaping is more important than other elements and ideas to bring life to a dull looking poolside. The right choice of flowering plants, lush green shrubs, contemporary plants like succulents, etc., wrap up the idea quite nicely.

Use Landscaping To Liven Things Up

It can also be turned into a quick DIY project if you don’t have the budget or time to take the idea to a higher level. All you need is a pair of gloves, good-quality soil, and some pots, and voila! You get an upgraded design version in no time, with limited space and budget.

21. Lap Pool

Lap pools are rectangular, long, and narrow pools. The ideal length for a lap loop is between 45 feet to 75 feet.

Lap Pool

They are a great option if you want to exercise in the comfort of your home. Lap pools serve as a focal point for narrow outdoor spaces. They have gained immense popularity as modern homes have become smaller.

22. Let Mural Walls Do the Talking for You

Make your outdoor pools more appealing through murals. These designs work best for places that need a personalized touch to them.

Let Mural Walls Do the Talking for You

With murals, you can never go wrong. An abstract design will look fine, too, if you don’t have a particular design in mind.

23. Patio to Pool Transition

This is a seamless design, including your pool as an extension of your patio. This design saves you the trouble of creating a separate space for sitting.

Patio to Pool Transition

All you need to do is install the pool itself. Click on the link given above to know what the design looks like.

24. Wrought-iron Fencing

The durability, security, and beauty make wrought-iron fencing an excellent choice for pools. Such raised-ground pool fence ideas will give your pools a different look.

Wrought Iron Fencing

These fences are worth considering if you want something other than the usual design, like wood fencing. They will give your backyard an edgy look that you can enjoy for years and still not get bored.

25. Use Grass and Pavers To Create a Pattern

Create something unique for the surrounding area of your raised ground pools. Geometric patterns are a way of catching attention instantly while being one-of-a-kind compared to the rest of your ground pool ideas.

Use Grass and Pavers To Create a Pattern

This pattern can be easily achieved by placing tufts of grass and paver in an alternate pattern. Trim off the excess grass if you feel like it’s dominating the overall design using a weed trimmer.

Add more greenery to the area with the help of potted plants if it seems that the pavers are over-shadowing the grass.


This guide has compiled some of the best ideas, including the popular pool deck ideas, that will inspire you to implement them in your backyard. The ideas are going to make to give your backyard a personalized touch and make them more appealing.

After going through our guide, we hope you will have a clearer picture of how you want to go about with your pool space and make it stand out.

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