Affordable backyard pool ideas, on a budget at that, are challenging to come by even though they may some time, but they are great in the long run. You will need to put your creative pants on to get the best, for so little money.

Easy to Attain 7 Affordable Backyard Pool

Don’t worry too much about it; this article provides several budget-friendly swimming pool ideas you can adopt. Check out these cool backyard pool ideas below.

Different Affordable Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

Most people consider having a pool as a luxury-type thing; however, swimming pools are not so far out of reach, as you can make one that fits your budget perfectly. 

1. Set up a Stock Tank Pool

A stock tank pool is a splendid example of a do-it-yourself, which is features as an above-ground pool . Customarily used to feed water to animals, you can transform stock tanks into splash tanks for the summer. 

Setting up a Stock Tank Pool

– Features and Advantages

It is a very inexpensive, budget-friendly small backyard pool, as you can set it up yourself. What is actually a great aspect regarding the stock tank pools is that you can set them up during hot summers and pack them up after the long summer. It’s that easy. 

Note that if you set a good stock tank pool, it will keep you cool during hot summers, and they will last for a long time, in addition, they are very light and portable. On another note, they’re produced in different sizes, from small to large.

Which means that, you will undoubtedly get the perfect size of the stock tank that’ll suit your needs. The stock tanks are only about two feet deep, so they’re perfect for children and adults at the same time.

– Setting up and Maintenance

As previously mentioned, stock tanks are easy to set up, as they’re made up of lightweight materials. All you must do, in this case is to find the perfect spot for a pool, place your stock tank there and fill it up with water.

Keep in mind that for a healthy and a safe option, you may want to add a chlorine dispenser filled with pool-grade chlorine to disinfect the water, and to keep it in for a prolonged time as well. On the other hand, you also have the option to add a water pump to the system to make filling it up easier.

Remember that to maintain these stock tank pools is quite easy, as regular cleaning and water changing will keep your pool in good shape. In addition, you may also throw a pool cover over it to prevent debris and insects from getting in.

– Price and Place to Purchase

The total costs of purchasing and installing stock tank pools can come to about $1,200, depending on the additional features you get, however, you can even spend as low as $450 and still get it properly fit to your house. 

Note that the amount that you would eventually spend depends on you and what you want, and regarding the ends that you go. You can find stock tanks for purchase in tractor supply stores, feed stores, hardware stores, online stores, and even in home depot-they’re that easy to get. 

2. Buy an Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pools or balloon pools are also above-ground pools. These pools are fun and very easy to set up with your kids or yourself. They are the perfect budget-friendly backyard pool idea, that would also be durable, if, of course, you take care of the air-filled pool. 

Blue Inflatable Pool in the Backyard

– Features and Advantages

Inflatable swimming pools are called inflatable because you need to fill them up with air to use them. These swimming pools are collapsible and can be brought in and out when needed. Also, they can hold large volumes of water, as their sizes would vary. 

Which means that you would expand their size according to your backyard’s geometry, and this is a key advantage that they possess. They are produced in various sizes, so there are ample choices for your pool needs, in addition to the quality of the edges of the pool. 

– Setting up and Maintenance

Whether you’re a pool cleaner or a pool owner, pool maintenance is essential to get the best use of your pool over a long period. Note that the maintenance and setting up are easy for inflatable or balloon pools that are made of quality material. In a nutshell, inflate the pool with an air pump to set it up and fill it up with clean water, and simply, your pool is ready for use this way.

You must note that, you can add pool-grade chlorine to disinfect the pool water, especially for repeat use, and this way it will be clean for some time, and no fungi would develop. Another option would be to even drain and re-fill the pool water periodically. 

Lastly, the most obvious thing to do to maintain your pool is to wash and vacuum regularly to keep different types of debris away from developing on the grounds of the pool. 

– Price and Place to Purchase

Depending on the size and quality of inflatable pools, the cost could range from $19 to the smallest one that you could buy and it would exceed to $1,500, of course with the best quality and material it is made of. 

Remember that the larger the size, the more expensive it will be; however, it’s relatively cheaper than standard constructed pools. You can buy inflatable pools from online stores like Amazon or walk-in stores like Target and Walmart, sometimes even some depot shops might have it, during hotter seasons like late spring. 

3. Convert a Shipping Container

A Shipping container pool can be built as an above-ground or inground pool. You might need to hire a contractor to convert a simple shipping container into a swimming pool because it’s a lot of work, but you will get a satisfying result once it is established.

Shipping Container is Ready to Convert a Pool

Even though, if you have some help or have a bundle of time on your hands, you can get into DIY this one by yourself. 

– Features and Advantages

Shipping container pools are precisely what their name says they are- pools that are made out of shipping containers. Shipping containers are solid structures that are made up of steel. This is perfect for a sturdy container pool that will last several years. 

You can play around and get more creative with your shipping container pool design. You can use this containers to construct a narrow pool for laps as well.

Note that when you add container pools, they would add some naturally rustic aesthetic. Also, you can add extra features like stairs, glass cut-outs, pool lighting, wood, or a pool deck to suit your taste and give it a classy aesthetic.

Besides being relatively cheap to purchase and install, shipping container pools are perfect for small backyard spaces, if you do wish to add a pool, but your space is not big for an expensive one.

Also, you might want to note that, unlike traditional pools, they are portable and can be installed and ready for use in just a few days. 

Another important advantage of converting shipping containers to pools is that it is a great way to “upcycle”. Where you do not throw it away, on the contrary, you would find this box a proper use.

– Setting up and Maintenance

As previously stated, shipping container pools can be set up and ready to use in no time. If you’re going the DIY route, you will need to consider a few things when setting up your pool.

The container will need intense cleaning after you have purchased it. Also, you will need to scrape down the paint, whether it is chipped or not, as it may contain harmful chemicals. 

Once you’ve picked the perfect spot for your container pool, you can spray it with rust-resistant rubberized paint to make it look decent again. After the paint is dry, you can fill up your makeshift pool with water and use it. 

Note that the maintenance for this pool is the same as any other pool; change the water constantly, check the pH, disinfect regularly, and cover when it’s not in use, or filled with water. 

– Price and Place to Purchase

A simple shipping container pool without additional features like decks, stairs, or bars will cost roughly $7,000 to $10,000.

However, if you want to install different features, it allows you to do so as well, but in this case, you will need to budget about $20,000 if you wish to have an extraordinary one.

Even though you may feel like it is a substantial investment, keep in mind that you’re getting a pool that is considerably less expensive than a conventional pool. 

Simply, you can purchase shipping containers online from e-commerce websites like Alibaba or shipping container companies. 

4. Construct a Concrete Pool

A Concrete pool is usually constructed as an in-ground pool or a semi-in-ground pool. A relatively inexpensive method of creating a concrete pool is to DIY it, as contracting out building a concrete pool can be expensive.

Backyard Concrete Swimming Pool

– Features and Advantages

Concrete pools are perfect inground pool ideas, where you will dig it and build it. These pools are usually built with concrete, waterproof tiles, and plaster coats, to complete the full structure. They provide a variety of options for pool landscaping and can be constructed in different shapes and sizes. 

The typical concrete pools are long-lasting permanent fixtures, and you can also add some extra features like built-in filters and drains to make maintenance easy, you can also place a tap-like fountain so that water would be falling into the pool as a feature of aesthetics. These small in-ground pools are perfect for cooling down during hot summers. 

– Setting up and Maintenance

Setting up a concrete pool requires a lot of work. It takes time and a lot of manpower to complete, so don’t be in a hurry. Although building with concrete can be expensive; but, it will definitely be worth it when you’re relaxing in your completed pool. 

Maintaining a concrete pool is also not as simple as a walk in the park. You could subscribe to a pool cleaning service. However, you can do regular swimming pool cleaning yourself to save cost. You can even make a fun time with it, by doing it with your family. 

Note that in order to maintain a concrete pool goes beyond washing the pool regularly. It also involves checking and reapplying necessary chemicals and filtering and vacuuming debris. 

– Price and Place to Purchase

The price range of DIY concrete pools depends on your construction method and the materials you use to construct them.

Many people opt for concrete blocks in the building process, as you are doing this, it will create a pool, but it will be of a different caliber and appearance than you’re after. With a little maintenance of this side, the latter will be adjusted and gotten used to.

While concrete pools are relatively more expensive to build than the other pools listed above, you can knock a few thousand dollars off the cost of building the pool if you do it yourself. You can save between $1,500 to $5,000 by going the DIY route. Additionally, you can get products for building a concrete pool at hardware stores or online. 

5. Build a Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are great inground pool ideas. This pool type mimics the naturally deep pools below waterfalls. A plunge pool is a small inground pool typically built for relaxation and lounging. If you need to swim long laps, this pool type might not be for you. Plunge pools are suitable for small backyards. They fit seamlessly into the stunning small backyard landscape and design.

Affordable Plunge Pool on Backyard

– Features and Advantages

Plunge pools are usually small, deep pools. It is typically constructed as a small square pool, not more than eight by 16 feet in size, and four to eight feet deep, as they can be built in different shapes. However, they are mainly constructed as small square pools to maximize space, and this is a downside they have regarding your backyard space. 

However, you can choose to add a water feature to plunge pools, as they would elevate the structure and the aesthetics of the backyard.

Note that the plunge pools are small pools that are relatively cheaper than standard pools. They are very simple to care for and add a stunning aesthetic to any backyard landscape.

– Setting up and Maintenance

Setting up and maintaining a plunge pool is almost the same way you would a regular swimming pool. However, maintenance is easier and quicker because plunge pools are smaller. Additionally, you should clean your pool regularly and remove debris with a vacuum and nets when necessary. 

To prevent the growth of algae and other exciting visitors on the wall of your pool, you should scrub it with a metal brush daily or at least four times a week. 

– Price and Place to Purchase

Just like with the concrete pool, plunge pools need to be constructed. However, they are less expensive than concrete pools. A typical plunge pool will cost about $40,000. You can build this pool yourself with materials you can get online or from hardware stores. Also, you can contract out the construction.

6. Build a Wall-mount Pool

A wall-mount swimming pool is one of several small pool ideas. As the name implies, a wall-mount pool is usually built along walls. They are also inground pools. A wall-mount pool is an excellent option if you have a small backyard and need a swimming pool to cool down during hot summers.

Attractive Wall Mount Swimming Pool

– Features and Advantages

A wall-mount pool only allows you access from three sides because the fourth side is typically connected to a wall, precisely for your backyard wall, the reason why is that it can be constructed as a square pool to save space. 

Also, wall-mount swimming pools are relatively cheap and easier than standard pools to maintain because they’re often smaller and don’t need a lot of water, and this is an advantage that they have, as it wouldn’t be costly regarding this aspect. 

– Setting up and Maintenance

You might need to hire a contractor to build a wall-mount pool, in order to settle it perfectly, with no quirks being left at any cost.

However, you can take care of it pretty easily, like any regular pool. Its maintenance includes regularly changing and filtering out the water, cleaning and washing, and regular disinfection. 

– Price and Place to Purchase

It can cost way below $50,000 to build a wall-mount pool, including hiring a specialist as well. When comparing, this price is relatively lower than a regular swimming pool, which costs $100,000 and probably even above when building. 

7. Create a Deck-style Pool

If you don’t have a large backyard, consider installing your pool on your roomy deck. A deck-style swimming pool adds a stunning look to your backyard, especially if it’s a wooden deck. You can make it feel like an extension of the main house by decorating it however you want.

Deck Style Backyard Swimming Pool

– Features and Advantages

Deck-style pools are mostly built small, ideally for smaller backyards, note that they are easy and relatively cheap to install, requiring minimal labor. As long as your deck has adequate space and a sturdy base, you can install your pool in the deck space. 

One excellent advantage of deck-style pools is that you don’t have to worry about putting on slippers; you can walk barefoot around the pool comfortably. Also, the deck can serve as an additional space for other outdoor activities like grilling, tanning, and even exercising. 

– Setting Up and Maintenance

If you have carpentry experience, you can easily build a deck around your pool. It’s essential to ensure that the wood the deck is made up of is treated, high-quality wood. You must maintain it properly to keep algae and additional tiny particles as you are building up on your deck.

Your deck might be sturdy, but after all, is said and done, it’s still made up of wood, so structural problems are unavoidable. As a result, it is essential to periodically check for abnormalities like creaking sounds, unsteady floorboards, and wobbly railings. 

You must remember that once you notice any of these, you can always make different adjustments to avoid accidents, or prolonged quirks. Additionally, maintenance of a deck-style pool involves power-washing, re-sealing, and re-staining the deck. 

– Price and Place to Purchase

Like with wall-mount pools, you can build a deck-style swimming pool yourself, as you can’t purchase it as a whole. However, you can buy parts and materials you might need to use to construct swimming pools from online stores and walk-in hardware stores.

Building a deck-style pool costs between $3,000 to $10,000, of course depending on the quality and the size, in addition to the material you would wish to be used for your pooll.


Whether you have a small or large backyard space, you can relax in pools anytime you choose with any of the above-listed pool types and design ideas.

What’s more, is that you don’t have to be worried about the finances so much whether you will be able to afford a pool, here’s what we covered:

  • Whether you need a small pool to cool down during hot summers or a big swimming pool for your big family to have fun in, there are always budget-friendly options from which you can decide. 
  • Proper maintenance is important for any pool type to make it last longer, which is why it is an option to hire a specialist for the quirks to be adjusted. 
  • It’s essential to fix structural problems on pool decks as soon as they’re noticed to prevent accidents. 
  • There are several decorative materials you can add to the most basic pools to make them look nicer. 
  • The most popular budget-friendly pools are above-ground pools, but some inground pools can be budget friendly if you know where to look. 

Other budget-friendly pools that you can consider are fiberglass pools and lap pools. With all the budget-friendly pool ideas you now have, which of them would you like to have in your backyard? 


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