Air plants in bathrooms have become a staple for most plant enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the hot, humid environment in bathrooms is not ideal for the majority of houseplants.

10 Air Plants in Bathroom

However, air plants are the next best option as they flourish in environments with moderate to high humidity levels. Here we will be breaking down our top ten air plant species that do best in bathrooms.

List of Air Plants in the Bathroom

Here are the names of the air plants that you could place in your bathroom:

1. Tillandsia Bulbosa

Native to the humid side of South and Central America, the Tillandsia Bulbosa is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Not only are they the perfect candidate for bathrooms, but they also look as if they belong. Its long, tendril-like leaves make it look as if they are sea creature. So, you can bet it’s the perfect indoor plant for themed bathrooms.

Tillandsia Bulbosa Air Plant for Home Decor

The Bulbosa’s leaves rarely grow bigger than four inches, making it the ideal air plant for small bathrooms. Go for this plant if you want something to fit in concise spaces! It blooms with red, plum, or violet color, making it a unique yet vibrant addition.

Note that this plant thrives in bright, indirect light. They are considerably more adaptable to where you can put them in the house because they are more tolerant of direct sunlight than most. Tillandsia Bulbosa doesn’t need much water in order to survive. Typical plant care includes a mild misting for the T. Bulbosa. It should be sufficient if they require more water.

2. Tillandsia Andreana

The Tillandsia Andreana has wispy, bright green leaves that grow in a rosette pattern on cliffs and rocks in Colombia. It has thin, needle-like leaves that emerge from the center to take on the plant’s distinctive ball shape. When in bloom, the leaf tips glow a vivid red, producing a coral-colored flower.

Tillandsia Andreana Rare Air Plant House and Bathroom Use

It is a relatively uncommon plant that, with time, will develop into quite an impressive cluster. The extreme humidity that a hot, steamy bathroom produces is ideal for the Andreana plant. You could even say it was born for being one of the best bathroom plants.

Bright, indirect natural light is what suits the Tillandsia Andreana best. The ideal spots are close to frosted glass windowsills or areas with constant lighting. As a general guide, a plant in a hot location will often need watering every two to three days.

In a dim, muggy climate, weekly watering is frequently sufficient. Tillandsia Andreana can be misted or submerged to achieve this. Use a hose if you’re outside. When soaking this plant, dip it in a water basin for 10 to 20 minutes, then shake off the extra water.

3. Tillandsia Aeranthos

Another favorite on our list of plants in bathrooms includes the strikingly beautiful Tillandsia Aeranthos. This plant has a distinct set of leaves that grow upward in a cone-like shape. Like most air plants, this plant is ideal for beginners because of its easy-to-care-for characteristics.

Tillandsia Aeranthos Tillandsia aeranthos minuette Air Plant

It can produce pink and purple flowers, making them attractive to the eye. This will easily help you add a bit of color to your bathroom while still keeping things low maintenance. It is one of the most resilient varieties of Tillandsia plants and will thrive especially starting in the early summer.

4. Tillandsia Maxima

Thanks to its structure, ease of maintenance, and vibrant color while in bloom, the Tillandsia Maxima is one of the Tillandsia family’s most appealing and popular varieties.

Tillandsia Maxima Maxima Crested Form Cluster Ionantha Cristata Flower and Plant

Most of the year, it is green, but when it blooms, it will turn a vivid pink or crimson to draw hummingbirds to pollinate it.

The Maxima air plant produces deep purple, thin, tubular flowers that emerge from the foliage. After flowering, the plant has numerous offsets, eventually growing into a substantial cluster. Much like the rest of its family members, the Maxima will thrive sitting on your bathroom windowsill, enjoying indirect bright light.

Even if you don’t have too many oversized windows in your bathroom, the Maxima is known to show resilience. For those living in cold climates, this plant is the best buy But make sure your bathroom has some source of airflow to help keep it dry during watering sessions. The Tillandsia Maxima may last a few years if given enough care.

5. Tillandsia Cyanea

The beautiful pink quills and vivid purple-blue flowers of Tillandsia Cyanea, popularly known as the pink quill plant, are a popular favorite. This cultivar may thrive in the soil even though it is still an epiphyte, meaning a plant that takes nutrition through its leaves.

Tillandsia Cyanea Perfect Air Plant For the Garden

This plant would develop as an epiphytic species on trees in its natural habitat in the tropical rainforest. However, some houseplant enthusiasts find it particularly alluring because they can grow it in a pot instead of connecting the pink quill to other things like wood or even wires.

A sunny location is ideal for pink quill plants. In addition to keeping the plant happy and healthy, this will extend the flowering time. However, too much afternoon sun can cause the foliage to burn, and not enough can prevent them from blooming. Therefore, keeping them under moderate indirect light will serve you best.

In the hotter months, a light sprinkling once a week to allow drainage to moisten the roots may be necessary. Always let the potting soil dry entirely before rehydrating; if in doubt, it’s better to go underwater than to overwater. However, you must remember its watering needs to be sparingly done throughout the winter.

6. Tillandsia Capitata

Tillandsia Capitata is a prized plant among collectors due to its silky smooth, light green leaves that blush peach while in flower.

Tillandsia Capitata Air Plants for the Home and the Garden

The Tillandsia Capitata grows in evergreen and deciduous woods in its natural habitats of Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Since it is native to humid locations, the Capitata can tolerate full sun.

The Tillandsia Capitata is both epiphytic and saxicolous and grows in trees and amongst rocks. Relatively easy to grow, these plants can grow to be over 10 inches tall and 10 inches wide. So, it may be suitable for larger bathrooms that have the space to accommodate this air plant.

The Capitata has light green leaves have ample trichomes, giving it a soft, velvety appearance. It forms a rosette as it grows and bears many purple blooms amid the leaves and a green/yellow inflorescence with blushing red leaves that spread out from it.

7. Tillandsia Fuchsii

Looking for something rarer and exotic? You have come to the right bathroom plant. The Tillandsia Fuchsii reaches maturity, and a long, slender, upright inflorescence emerges from the middle of the oblong plant body. When the plant blooms with five to ten tiny, vividly colored flowers, the stalk-like green inflorescence turns light pink or scarlet.

Tillandsia Fuchsii Air Plants and Flowers in Colorful Pots

Its flowers can have purple petals and red sepals that add a beautiful vibrancy to your bathroom. This air plant is known for growing in clumps and can grow up to one to even three inches in height. This makes it the perfect plant for small bathrooms! Like its fellow air plants, the Fuchsii offers excellent stress-relieving benefits.

Now, every time you need a relaxing shower or bath before bed, the Fuchsii will help exaggerate the phenomenon of lowering levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. But, of course, the best watering plan is a weekly soak in total water and four to five mistings each week. This will provide the thin-leaf plant with enough water.

Try keeping an extra close eye on the Fuchsii plant during the summer. If its thin leaves are getting dry or dead, you may need to readjust your watering schedule.

8. Tillandsia Gardneri

Native to Trinidad, Tobago, Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela, the Tillandsia Gardneri thrives as an epiphyte in trees in arid tropical climates. Also commonly referred to as a spider plant, it has beautiful sage-silver feathery leaves that give it a very exotic look. It is also known to grow into a symmetrical shape when given ideal conditions.

Tillandsia Gardneri Air Plants with Pink Flower Bloom

The Gardneri provides the staple healthy and beautiful look once used inside any space. They bloom pink flowers that can last through the springtime till late summer. Although the Gardneri is known to thrive in warm and humid temperatures, direct sunlight may lead to the browning or rusting of leaves.

It is best to keep them somewhere that isn’t overshadowed by direct sunlight. The Gardneri is another excellent stress reliever that can help uplift your mood every time you visit the bathroom. They make for beautiful indoor plants because of how child/pet-friendly they are.

9. Tillandsia Stricta

Native to Venezuela, Brazil, and northern parts of Argentina, the Stricta blooms beautiful pink flowers that closely overlap one another. Stricta means tight or narrow, which makes perfect sense because of how its flowers grow.

Tillandsia Stricta Magenta Flower Airplant for The Home

The Stricta’s leaves start in a cluster and spike out towards maturity. It is also a straightforward plant to maintain and perfect to go in bathrooms. 

There are tons of varieties in the Tillandsia Stricta species: some types can have green leaves, while some produce silvery green leaves, while others can also have different textures in their leaves. Nonetheless, it will depend on what you prefer and want in your bathroom.

The tiny hairs on the Tillandsia Stricta are known as Trichomes. These trichomes capture harmful chemicals and trap toxins from the bathroom air. This process allows you to have a more relaxing sensation every time you are near it. Many have seen a change in their sleeping patterns for the better after having this excellent plant placed nearby.

10. Tillandsia Chiapensis

Last but certainly not least, Mexico’s Chiapas region is home to Tillandsia Chiapensis, as its leaf is dense, velvety, and a stunning shade of pink/gray.

Tillandsia Chiapensis Home and Bathroom Decor Airplant

The Chiapensis creates a tall, succulent, occasionally branching flower spike that resembles pink cotton candy thanks to its icy coating of trichomes. This stunning inflorescence’s color can remain vibrant for up to a year. It is one of the best shower plants to add to your bathroom.

The tubular Astor violet flowers will emerge from this inflorescence. This species is exceptionally slow-growing and sought-after in the hobby. High temperatures and very strong light are required. It also enjoys a lot of dryness, yet it may grow more quickly if potted in potting soil that drains well.


Looking for air plants that go well in bathroom environments is easy once you can identify all the wonderful and unique types. They are easy to take care of, you must mist them, and keep them closer to indirect light rather than anything heavy which would cause them to brown.

Now, which will suit your bathroom the best? Make sure to come back to this post to learn about the differences in characteristics; So that you buy the best air plant for you!

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