American Lawn Mower Company 1725-16GC is a 16-inch seven-blade manual reel mower. It is an eco-friendly and effective way to maintain a lush lawn by providing a strong environmentally acceptable alternative.American Lawn Mower Company 1725 16GC

So, do not let a yard full of leaves influence a great day; instead, grab the 1725-16GC and take control of your outdoor environment! In this review, we look at the mower’s essential features to help you make a well-informed decision.

Top Features and Specifications

American Lawn Mower Company 1725-16GC Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Performance on Rough Terrain
Lightweight (20 lbs)
Easy to use
Difficult on uneven terrain

The 1725-16GC is a 16-inch seven-blade push lawn mower that provides a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered mowers. Some of its notable features include:

  • Heat-treated alloy steel material
  • 21 lbs weight
  • 16 inches cutting width
  • T-style handle with cushioned grip
  • Manual operation
  • Durable 10-inch wheels
  • Adjustable cutting height varying from 0.5 to 2.5 inches
  • Seven blades
  • 21 inches depth; 22 inches width; 46 inches height

An In-Depth American Lawn Mower Company 1725-16GC Review

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  • Easy to Start: 9/10
  • Power: 8.5/10
  • Maintenance Requirements: 9.5/10
  • Rough Terrain: 6/10

Traditional gas-powered mowers are losing popularity in a world where environmental awareness is becoming more and more essential because of the noise, pollution, and upkeep they require.

With the 1725-16GC model, the company has created a straightforward yet reliable design. It is rated at a 9/10 for easy to start, 8.5/10 for power, 9.5/10 for maintenance requirements, and a 6 /10 for performance on rough terrain.

The mower is appropriate for small to medium-sized lawns, thanks to its 16-inch cutting width. Because it is made of high-quality materials, durability, and long-lasting performance are guaranteed. Also, you can modify the grass length to your taste, thanks to the height-adjustable function of the seven-blade system, which delivers accurate cuts.

This model includes a grass catcher, which is a sensible addition because it keeps the lawn tidy and clean after mowing. The catcher is simple to set up and release, making it convenient for grass maintenance.


When used on well-kept lawns with shorter grass, the 1725-16GC produces outstanding results. The seven-blade mechanism cuts the grass blades evenly, cleanly, and effortlessly. Cutting with such precision lowers the risk of harming the grass, promoting better growth.

Also, the 1725-16GC has an environmentally friendly design, which is one of its most important benefits. In contrast to gas-powered mowers, this reel mower is entirely propelled by human labor, producing no pollutants and very little noise.Maintenance of American Lawn Mower Company 1725 16GC

The user-friendly mechanism of the 1725-16GC is meant to be used without any technical expertise. It is simple to push, move, and store because of its lightweight construction. Utilizing the movable lever, users may quickly change the cutting height to meet varying grass lengths.

Given its eco-friendly features and reliable performance, the American Lawn Mower Company 16-inch 7-blade reel mower is a good value. Despite not being the most affordable reel mower on the market, its longevity, efficiency, and few maintenance needs make it a cost-effective option over a period.

Overall, the 1725-16GC 16inch reel lawn mower is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration if you have a small to medium-sized lawn and value eco-friendliness. It is a reliable option for people looking for a greener and more silent substitute for gas-powered lawn mowers, thanks to its durable construction, exact cutting action, and eco-conscious design.

However, it is important to remember that this reel mower may have some limits while working with taller or harder grass. In some situations, users might need to make several passes to get the desired outcomes. But when you are getting so many benefits out of a tool, such a minor drawback hardly matters anymore.

– How Has the American Lawn Mower Company 1725-16GC Evolved?

The American Lawn Mower Company 1725-16GC has evolved since the American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 grass catcher, incorporating advancements and enhancements to increase its performance, durability, and user experience. The design has also improved over time to maximize its functionality.American Lawn Mower Company 1725 16GC Evolution

To increase durability and decrease overall weight, the frame and body components have been improved, making it simpler for consumers to maneuver the mower on their lawns. To provide increased comfort and usability, ergonomic upgrades have also been made to the handle and height-adjustment mechanism.

As a necessary element of the mower, the grass catcher has also changed. According to the American Lawn Mower Company history, the manufacturers have concentrated on boosting its capacity and making it simpler to connect and detach. This makes the grass-gathering procedure more effective, requiring less frequent emptying and allowing users to mow longer areas undisturbed.

If we compare the American Lawn Mower 1304-14 vs the 1725-16GC, we see that the former has a cutting height of 14 inches, making it ideal for tiny lawns or regions with limited space. Hence, it is great for people with little lawns who desire a lightweight and agile mower. On the other hand, the 1725-16GC has a 16-inch cutting width, and provides a slightly larger mowing swath, making it more efficient for medium-sized lawns.

A comparison of American Lawn Mower 1415-16 vs 1725-16GC shows that 1415-16 has a four-blade cutting mechanism that is meant to give clean and accurate cuts. In contrast, the 1725-16GC has a seven-blade cutting mechanism. The extra blades provide finer cuts and are suitable for users who value a well-kept lawn look.

Over time, the 1725-16GC reel mower has changed due to constant advancements in cutting technology, design, environmental friendliness, and user-focused features. These developments have improved its standing as a trustworthy and environmentally responsible choice for homeowners looking for an effective lawn care service.


The Key Features That Make It Stand Out From the Rest

– Eco Friendly

The 1725-16GC has an environmentally friendly design as it operates without the use of gas or electricity. Because of this, the mower produces no hazardous emissions while in use, lowering its carbon footprint, unlike electric lawn mowers.Eco Friendly Lawn Mower 1725 16GC

Additionally, because of how quietly it runs, it makes mowing a more peaceful experience, which promotes a pleasant neighborhood. With this function, the user benefits from both: a greener environment and a calmer mowing experience, which is great for mowing in the early morning or late at night without upsetting nearby residents.

– Seven Blades

An important component of this mower is its seven-blade system, which ensures accurate cuts. As a result of this, the entire grass receives a tidy and uniform trim. Since the grass is chopped neatly by the many blades, it also helps it repair more quickly after the cut, encouraging better growth.

By encouraging better grass growth, lowering the danger of lawn illnesses, and improving the overall beauty of the lawn, this function benefits the user in every way possible.

– Grass Catcher

The 1725-16GC comes with a grass collector that makes maintaining the lawn easier by gathering clippings while you mow.American Lawn Mower 1725 16GC Grass Catcher

Not only does it spare the users from having to physically rake or bag grass cuttings, but it also keeps the grass neat and orderly while providing an essential supply of mulch for composting, which feeds the lawn naturally. The user benefits from this function by saving time on post-mowing care and maintaining the lawn’s clean appearance.

– Height-Adjustable Cutting

Users can vary the grass length on their lawn according to their tastes or the necessities of the season, thanks to the mower’s height-adjustable cutting capability. It allows you to benefit from the versatility of lawn management, as it enables you to accommodate various grass species depending upon their ability to modify for changing weather conditions.

– Low Maintenance

Compared to gas-powered equivalents, the 1725-16GC requires less maintenance. Users save on ongoing expenses and reduce their impact on the environment by not buying fuel, changing the oil, or replacing spark plugs. Thus, this mower is a reliable and low-effort lawn care solution as it is easy to use and has a robust construction, which reduces the time needed for repairs and modifications.



The 1725-16GC lets you enter a world of lawn care that is greener, more peaceful, and more entrancing. With its seven-blade reel system, it provides accurate cuts that encourage healthy grass growth, offering a simple, effective, and user-friendly solution for managing small to medium-sized lawns.

An excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and efficient tool, it is perfect for clearing excessively grown grass in your yard. Overall, this push reel lawn mower is a great choice for anyone who needs a versatile and powerful garden tool! We hope the 1725-16GC buying guide was of some advantage to you! If you still have any queries, refer to the American Lawn Mower manual!

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