Anthurium Wendlingeri Care InfographicAnthurium wendlingeri is a collector’s plant through and through. It is more difficult to buy this plant than to take care of it. Its long, fresh strap leaves look awesome hanging down a basket.

Keep reading this well-researched guide will teach you how easy it is to care for and even to propagate this rare houseplant, all through this article.

What Is Anthurium Wendlingeri?

Anthurium wendlingeri is a unique tropical species of anthuriums originating from Costa Rica. It is a hanging plant with lush-green leaves hanging down long and flat. It produces the classic flamingo flowers in late spring. It is a sister plant of Anthurium crystallinum and Anthurium regale.

Anthurium Wendlingeri Care

Wendlingeri is best grown in baskets within a rich and loose soil mix, in addition they would thrive beautifully around the months of early spring. Don’t worry, we have it all covered, keep reading this guide and you’ll know all about it.

– Light Requirements

The plant’s placement in a yard or garden is very important. Put some kind of shade or canopy over it. Even a tree placed overhead would filter out the light for this Anthurium.

Indoor light needs are quite safe when keeping Anthuriums. However, you don’t want your plant suffering due to lack of light either. You must ensure that it is kept in a plant with access to bright light. Otherwise, you might have to install a few artificial grow lights. 

A room with a southern-facing window is going to be the brightest. Any corner in such a room is good for your Anthurium. Don’t place it near a window where direct light falls on it.

The eastern and western windows in a room work well too. You can place the pot near these windows as well. In the morning, if the direct light seems to be burning the plant, you can just place a curtain over it.

The northern side window is the safest window ever. Your plant will chill even if placed on a window sill. Even if your room lacks windows, you can still grow an Anthurium there.

You will have to install a couple of LED grow lights overheads and run them for 13-14 years each day. Keep in mind that direct sunlight will damage this plant and cause sunburn. This plant will keep growing well with only moderate intensity partial sunlight. 

– Water Requirements