Apartment patio Christmas decorating ideas are ones that would brighten up your house in various ways. So, use your creativity or some of these great ideas to decorate your outside area for Christmas.

Warm up Your Apartment Patio

With an emphasis on maximizing your limited resources and available space, this guide will provide you with incredible apartment patio decoration ideas. But, we will leave the door open for you to incorporate your imagination to boost creativity.

List of Apartment Patio Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. Add Different Blankets

A blanket and a mug of something warm are the epitome of comfortable Christmas beside the Christmas tree. So you can add some blankets and mugs outside to recreate that vibe on your balcony.

– Textures and Varieties

If you’re using blankets on your little apartment balcony, be sure they’re heavy enough to stay put or survive weather conditions. However, make sure to keep the blankets outside. Sure, use them to decorate and, keep them in the colors that would match your patio furniture too.

Adding Different Blankets

In addition, you can also give them a variety of textures of different blankets, such as a wool woven one, or a fluff one.

2. Place Some Lights

Any time of year is terrific to have twinkling lights, but the winter months are especially lovely. Go all-white if you want to make something straightforward, or use red and amber lights!

– Brightening Features

Make sure your guests can see your Christmas decorations from a distance if you need help with using Christmas lights to decorate. You can hang your lights from the top of your apartment patio if it is high up, such as in a high-rise apartment.

Light Up Your Fire Pit

Wrapping your balcony railing in string lights is a fantastic alternative. You can hang it from one end to the other, or you can hang it by multiple angles as long as they are lighting the place in a warm and a bright way.

3. Design the Walls

Some apartment balconies are more noticeable than others, and in some situations, you might need help to utilize your patio, and you can even design the walls as well. However, some decorative solutions still look good without taking up much room, so if you design the walls, they would not be taking so much space.

– Features

For the holidays, hang a sizable piece of fabric or string lights on your wall and decorate it with homemade garland, maybe you can even add some ribbons and make it the wall look like it is a wrapped gift to give it a feature of the holiday gift-giving.

Designing the Walls For Christmas

In addition, making art with holiday-related stencils, such as snowflakes or Christmas trees, is another well-liked concept. Finally, you can put some Christmas decorations or greenery on a little side table and place it in even the smallest spaces on your apartment balcony.

4. Use Weather-resistant Material

Some materials that would be used outside, may not last for a long time, due to the harsh weather and how it would affect the objects.

At times, something simple may be torn by the strong force of the wind, and at other times, different damages may occur by rain or snow storms. This is why it is very important to buy durable materials for Christmas decorations.

– Durability

Numerous Christmas decor, including doormats, certain outdoor pillows, and wreaths, are made to be used for outdoor Christmas decorations, what these materials would provide to you is their durability, because no matter the conditions, they will be resistant and will last to a number of years.

Using Weather Resistant Material

For instance, you can place a snowproof Santa Claus feature, that would increase the ambiance in your patio.

5. Add Festive Furniture Covers

Always express your personality through your decor by adding matching furniture covers to your patio furniture. Leave it simple with neutral decor pieces and natural components if you want a simple and minimal design.

– Adding Colors

On the other hand, if you prefer softer hues, don’t hide them just because they aren’t traditional holiday hues, for instance, if you have a gray-themed patio, you can decorate it with white shades as well. You only need a little room to decorate for Christmas on your patio or balcony and express your unique flair. You may also purge the Christmas clearance for budget-friendly items.

Touch of Holiday Cheer to Your Fire Pit

Consider how you express your personality in small ways, such as through the use of throw pillows on your patio furniture. You may add flair by using colored Christmas lights with some candles of the matching colors too, instead of white lights.

6. Add Topiary

A stylish substitute for a Christmas tree? A collection of small topiaries clustered together and decorated with very elegant red ribbon. You can create the effect in any way you like.

– Features

Another way that you can feature a very cozy and a white Christmas ambiance is that you can add some fake snow that would come in a spray, and you don’t have to worry because they won’t harm your plant.

Little Greenery to Your Fire Pit

You can go for a further option and get a bigger topiary, and hire a professional to trim it in an angel’s shape, or even a Santa’s face with a mustache and a hat on it.

7. Place Hanging Stars

To mark the approach of Christmas, hang one or two stars. Wrap the florist’s wire around the ends of the wooden dowels after arranging them into a star shape.

– Aesthetics

With more wire, attach beads or fake berries to one side. To dress the stars, add a spring of eucalyptus at the end. For a fantastic feature, you can also join together five leaves together, from their center, and pierce it at the top, and then hang them with different height of stings.

Adding a Twinkling Touch

A great holiday decor idea, hang them in the window for onlookers to marvel at, or hang them in a stairway and follow the stars at night.

8. Small Hoop Wreath

This is a wonderful Christmas wall decoration design that can be completed quickly for a small space. When you make a small wreath with a fluffy ribbon in the center, it will definitely make the patio feel cozy and Christmasy.

– Aesthetics

The traditional wreath is given a whimsical twist by wrapping wooden embroidery hoops with fern fronds, which welcomes guests with warmth.

Simple and Elegant Fire Pit Decoration

Use copper and rose-gold metallic paint to create an iridescent, shimmering finish. For a classy appearance, hang it in the corridor with cotton and velvet ribbon.

9. Lights and Garland

You can wrap some lights around dark green garland, and hang them on the frame of your windows from the outside, which look very aesthetically pleasing, because as the lights are shining, the garland is giving it somehow a warmer ambiance.

– Decoration Ideas

You can decorate your patio, no matter if it’s a bigger one or a smaller one, through the windows with the simplest garland wrapped with some string lights.

Classic Combination for Decoration

In addition, you can also place this decoration around the edges of the arm rests of the stairs.

10. Candle Jars

Jam jars can be made prettier by dipping them in eco glitter and some plant mica or sand.

– Crafting Idea

Tape off a piece of glass near the jar’s bottom spread glue over it and then shake or dip it in glitter.

Adding Ambiance to Your Christmas

Remove the tape after allowing it to dry and set them for an amazing balcony decor. Add a candle and fill with some fallen leaves of different colors. Dress the top with twine and embellishments for added detail, such as with some red ribbons.

You can light these candles when you have some friends or family over, and they are much safer because even if they trip accidentally, they would still remain in the jar.

11. Construct a Simple Bauble Chandelier

Create hanging ornaments to place above tables in your patio, on the christmas tree, or in the middle of the area for incredible holiday decorations. You can do this with a variety of colors of ball-shaped ornaments, and even with different thicknesses of ribbons, and get creative.

– Crafting Idea

Use a cheap plastic hula hoop as your basis and cover it with tape or string to hide it, paint it, or both with some rich tones of color such as wood-colored brown.

Constructing a Simple and Elegant

Then, tie on a variety of colored Christmas ornaments that are spaced at different heights. Finally, use fishing wire or twine to suspend from the ceiling.

12. Construct a Christmas Terrarium

For a festive Christmas table centerpiece or balcony decorating or even an ornament for Christmas trees, stuff a glass terrarium with wintertime flowers and foliage.

– Aesthetics

This would definitely add some cute Christmas atmosphere as you place it on a side table. You can start by getting a clear vase or a big jar and add in the bottom some white colored thin paper that would feature the texture of snow. Then you can add any Christmas ornaments that you would wish.

Creating a Unique and Festive Display

You can even make it look like a little village with tiny trees and even a little snowman statue placed inside. To add even more sparkle, use a set of battery-operated microlights; however, avoid using real candles because the heat may cause the glass to break.

13. Decorate an Upcycled Mantel

Use an old broken mirror from the thrift store or a picture frame from the junk shop to make a festive mantel display for holiday decorating. Any old glass, mirror, or backing should be carefully removed from the inside of the structure and discarded first. Then, arrange a variety of favorite ornaments and decorations suspended from lengths of colored ribbon in the center of the frame.

– Crafting Idea

Sticky tape can secure the ribbon to the back of the frame (to conceal the ends), then hang your ornaments at various heights to fill the empty area.

Decorating with a DIY Touch

Finally, place the frame on a shelf or mantel with small gifts and trinkets to add to the joyful atmosphere, especially for small spaces.

14. Make Large Ornaments

You can always design a very appealing aesthetic without spending so much money for holiday decorating. Simple ways to fill empty wall space above furniture or sideboard include hanging inexpensive paper ornaments and folding fans in a row from the ceiling, simple origami would make a very nice change in your patio.

– Decorating Ideas

To keep things simple, stick to all-white paper decorations or single-colored pieces. Alternatively, choose a vibrant color combination.

Making a Statement with Pit Decor

To hang your decorations, use colored cord or delicate ribbon, positioning them at various heights to add visual interest. Once secured with thumbtacks, you have the ideal Christmas living room decoration! The remaining ribbon can be used to hang Christmas cards.

– Using Cards

Create a hanging display to showcase your favorite Christmas cards if you need more shelf space. It’s best to use ribbon scraps from previous holidays. You can also use different material or quality of paper, it doesn’t have to be just the colorful ones, you may use some film texture that would bend well when doing this origami.

You are even able to get more creative and use several ribbons in various hues and thicknesses, trimmed to multiple lengths. Then, use tiny tacks to secure each length to a wall or picture rail.

You can hold these in place with small pegs, and as a last flourish, each length of ribbon is finished off with a miniature ornament or bell. You can even reuse these later for outdoor spring decorations. 

15. Hanging Branch Tree

As a creative approach to making a statement in for balcony decorating ideas, this diy christmas idea is definitely of the moment. It can be a smooth textured branch that you could craft with it and hang it on your patio wall, but if you want to get more crafty, you can always make one that would display in 3D and in the middle.

– Decoration Idea

To make a simple rustic centerpiece drape a lightweight fallen branch with natural foliage and a few small trinkets, you can also place little ornaments too.

Adding a Natural Touch Christmas

The branch must be strung from the terrace ceiling, so it’s not for the faint of heart, and it will be supported by wall.

You must ensure that you do this safely, hence if the branch is one that has a smooth texture, you don’t have to worry about any cuts.

16. Create a Holiday Exhibit

Utilize all available space to create a stunning Christmas display with some cool christmas decorating ideas. This would be very nice especially if you have kids, and your friends have kids, because this would be great for photos, memories, and it would add value to the holiday.

– Decoration Ideas

You can invest in simple things, if you are on budget and decorate a corner with a vintage looking or a rustic slay that you can buy, and you can add a shovel too with a small tree around it. It would give a very wintry feel to your patio.

Display That is Sure to Impress

In addition, you can also buy some lights that can be structured, which would look like different sizes of reindeer around your patio. As the years would pass you may even add other decorations that would be light decors in order to fill the mood with some warmth.


There you go; there are so many ways to change the look of your apartment patio but make sure to keep in mind some of the covered parts below:

  • There are several ways that you can decorate your patio with giving it some Christmas Ambiance, you can add different blankets and elevate the mood.
  • You can always add some lights, they will lift up the mood of and make the holidays feel calm and beautiful.
  • In order to get more creative, you can add candles in cute jars, or even create some light exhibit.

Ultimately, it’s all about having fun and not limiting your creativity for this holiday. Happy Decorating!

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