Artificial grass backyard ideas not only can dramatically increase the overall visual appeal of the backyard, but they may also make it much easier to keep the grass in good condition on a regular basis.

18 Artificial Grass Backyard Ideas

You are at the right place if you are not familiar with the various backyard turf ideas that use artificial grass. In this article, we have discussed a variety of different ideas for fake grass that you may implement in your backyard. Check out the ideas that are provided below.

List of Artificial Grass Backyard Ideas

1. Artificial Grass on the Corner

If you own a small backyard, you might want to consider creating a corner fake grass area to make the space look more open and airier. You may put together a plant arrangement that goes all the way around the turfs.

Artificial Grass On The Corner

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The entire backyard will have a more tropical appearance as a result of this change. You should begin by inspecting the corner of your backyard to determine how the shape turned out. Then you need to purchase synthetic grass in the appropriate shape.

Otherwise, you could be forced to throw away a portion of the turf. Stones and pebbles can be used to create a border that can add value around the grass.

2. A Green Center Area

If you have a small rectangular backyard, you can build a neat patio turf area by putting green artificial grass in the middle of a travertine frame.

A Green Center Area

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This will give the appearance that the green turf is floating in the center of the natural stone frame. This will create a separation between two unique locations, one of which will have an effect resembling green grass, while the other will have a design resembling a hardscape.

To make the most of the iconic and natural beauty of your backyard, consider placing some stunning buildings in the middle of the grassy area.

3. A Structured Landscape

In your backyard, on one side you may have lush, well-trimmed plants, while on the other side you may have uncontrolled, vine overgrowth.

A Structured Landscape

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In this case, you promote to find a balance between the two. To do so, you may turn the disorder into a structured landscape by putting an artificial turf that does not need to be mowed in between the different elements.

Make an effort to plant shrubs that have a color contrast that is similar to that of the grass and the vines on the other side of the area.

4. Pathway Turf

You might have an entrance turf that travels all the way through the backyard if you have an elevated property.

Pathway Turf

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You may merely have a separate road made of real stone, and on the other side, you could have artificial grass. This is an alternative to the more classic flagstone walkway with artificial grass in the middle, because of the surrounding pathways.

This is lovely, and it would look especially nice on cottage-style houses. You can eliminate any form of plant maintenance by planting artificial plants alongside the lawn instead of natural grass.

5. Natural Stone with Artificial Backyard Turf

Natural stone and fake backyard turf in a dark green color are two materials that offer a multitude of design possibilities for even the smallest of backyards. For instance, you may lay the stones out in the form of walkways and cover the ground with an artificial grass carpet.

Natural Stone With Artificial Backyard Turf

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Your yard will have a more natural appearance if you decorate it with elements made of wood and vegetation. If you get stones with a larger surface area, you will use less artificial grass to cover the area.

6. Pebble Art with Fake Grass

One of the most amazing landscape designs that you can implement in your backyard is to use different pebble art with fake grass.

Pebble Art With Fake Grass

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The combination of pebbles and grass makes a wonderful design that can be a nice focal point that will amaze your visitors. Which means that if you have fake turf instead of real, you will eliminate the grass maintenance hassle but still have an amazing landscape, and once you have set this, you will see a big change.

You don’t have to purchase pebbles instead you can get natural pebbles to make different artistic designs, and this aesthetics will be driven through your backyard.

7. Merging Backyard with Driveway

This one is one of the most elegant landscaping ideas with fake grass. By placing artificial turf in the spaces between the slabs of concrete, you can give the appearance as if your driveway or garage were designed to be an extension of your backyard.

Merging Backyard With Driveway

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It creates the impression that the space is wider, and its uncluttered design makes it suitable for any kind of outdoor living arrangement, such as a deck in the backyard.

You can take the already gorgeous environment to the next level by installing a fire pit in the backyard. This would give your house a quick level-up, because it would add value, as the fire pit would make it look more like a cozy environment.

8. High-end Fake Grass

It is a good idea to install a grass terrace that leads to a mat of light-colored turf if you have a backyard that is composed of multiple levels, and you are willing to spend more money than normal on landscaping improvements. You can install a water feature, and the artificial grass will encircle it.

High End Fake Grass

– Features

Incorporating some comfortable seats and natural stones with a dark coloration for the patio in the backyard are both additional nice touches to have. A fountain is an incredible choice for this application. The features would be very significant, because this grass is a high-end one, which would keep the aesthetic of your place very vibrant for a long period of time.

9. Xeriscape in the Backyard

Those who live in temperatures similar to deserts might achieve a sense of harmony and connection to the soil by setting down a field of artificial lush green turf.

Xeriscape In The Backyard

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It is a haven for those seeking both dry and humid conditions in their outdoor space. Simply keep it open without any stone framing in order to achieve the illusion of a continuous surface. This is a great choice, because it would make the ambiance look like ones of a cottage house, and it would also give the make the landscape pop up.

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You may make the design better by including some local plants, and you should strive to make the color of the artificial grass correspond with the color of the plants for a more authentic look.

In addition, the reason why this is quite beneficial to you is that it would add a pleasant aesthetics, and it would not damage the grass because you wouldn’t be stepping on it often, which means that this would last you for a long period of time.

10. Contoured Backyard Turf

Backyard grass lawns that are small to medium in size can really benefit from turf that has excellent curves. If you want to avoid having to mow and water your grass on a regular basis, artificial turf may be a smart choice for you.

Contoured Backyard Turf

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Bear in mind that having a contour that is of any arbitrary shape will not produce the desired results. It is necessary that it conform to the topography of your yard. To add to its natural allure, you can consider putting in a pond or some other small water element.

11. Fake Grass Along the Fence

In modern or minimalist dwellings, there are frequently extended stretches of unoccupied space along the boundary fence.

Fake Grass Along The Fence

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Put some lush, verdant artificial grass on that area if you wish to give it a more vibrant sense of life. Adding some landscape bushes here and there is also a nice touch to the design. However, if you wish to make the feature more vibrant, you can add some flowers and place them in hanging baskets, as they would still look lush

You should make use of plants that have an abundance of blooms or shrubs that grow to a medium height but do not exceed the height of the fence. You may also give it a livelier appearance by varying the kind of plants and greenery that you use.

12. Fake Grass Around Pool

The installation of fake grass surrounding your backyard pool not only makes the surrounding landscape more attractive but also helps reduce the risk of people sliding and slipping as they wander around.

Fake Grass Around Pool

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You won’t have to worry about mud being tracked over your patio and into your home. Moreover, you won’t have to be concerned about muck and dirt that cling to people’s feet going into your pool.

When you want to avoid the dirt and trash that can accumulate in the traditional grass surrounding your pool, install artificial turf instead. Simply, you can irrigate it, and as it would dry under the sun.

13. Children’s Playground

The installation of fake backyard grass is the best option for creating a space that is suitable for children, as it allows for the safe installation of playground equipment and trampolines without the risk of scraped knees or broken bones from falls. It is not necessary to mow the lawn or water the plants, so everything may be set up without any anxiety.

Children Playground

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To make this area more enjoyable for your children, you can install amusement rides, such as a seesaw or a slipper. No matter what the kids do, whether they jump or sit on the grounds, it will not be harmed, because often, grass would be prone to damages when it is fresh and newly growing, but gets stepped on.

The benefit is that no further maintenance is needed to provide your yard with its luscious greenness.

14. Around Rock Landscaping

This suggestion is for those individuals who have a raised wooden deck in their backyard with either a rock garden or a stone landscape. In position of a pond or other type of water feature, this area could benefit from having a faux patch of grass added to it in order to act as an additional focus of interest.

Around Rock Landscaping

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Rock landscaping is one of the most prominent ways of adding an eccentric feature, but it may harm real grass, hence, to be on the safest side, you can always install the fake ones, that would stand still and do the job right.

This would make the rock landscaping very attractive, as the fake grass will not lose its color, or get subjected to fertilizer burn, maybe even to sunburn as well!

15. Golf Course

As more and more families discover how much fun they can have with their children and adults of all ages, the popularity of backyard putting greens continues to rise, as you would set a mini golf course right in your backyard.

Golf Course

– Design Ideas

You won’t be disappointed with artificial grass if you want to install a putting green in the yard, and you might be thinking about doing so, especially if you are setting a golf course, and you wouldn’t want to damage real grass. When it comes to putting greens, artificial grass has a number of advantages that regular grass does not.

Since polypropylene and nylon are the most often used materials, artificial putting greens should be constructed using those two fibers.

16. Slope Covering

Pebble mounds can be used to raise the edges of the lawn, giving the impression that the area is sloped. In order to make it appear to be a lush, verdant field, you will need to install some artificial grass, and it would look very natural. On another note, if you would like, to add some plants, and to you can put together a neat arrangement, you can still do this.

Slope Covering

– Benefits

Stone elements in the exterior of the property add greater gloss to the overall design of this attractive idea. The key benefit besides the aesthetics of this is that it would save you so much energy, because mowing a slope is quite difficult and challenging.

17. For Enclosed Backyard

You also have the option of designing your little backyard in an enclosed fashion, which is another layout option. You can get a more natural appearance within the enclosed space by erecting wood fences that lead to an enclosure and then covering the wood with deep green artificial backyard grass.

For Enclosed Backyard

– Features

You could also include leather bean chairs and a leather sofa in this design, both of which will look incredible together. In addition, if you live in a colder region and do not wish to invest so much in the seeding and the care, but you do wish to elevate your backyard with some grass, this is the perfect one if you have an enclosed backyard that is a cozy place.

Moreover, you can always add some patio furniture and sit around your grass, which would give a garden-feeling if you place some string lights too.

18. Create a Mini-Dog Park

People who own dogs are well aware of how challenging it can be to keep a beautiful natural grass looking its best when there are animals present. You can designate a part of your backyard to your pet, as it will have fun and run around this fake grass, and simply be happy.

Create A Mini Dog Park

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Create a tiny dog playground in your backyard by using artificial turf that looks just like natural grass in order to flip this potential downside into a potential upside.

Pet turf is available in a variety of options, including material, pile level, density, filler, and more, to accommodate the specific requirements of your yard.

– Benefits

the benefit of this is that the dogs won’t be intoxicated as they would if they are around grass that is recently fertilized. On the contrary, the key reason why you should consider artificial grass to be in your mini dog-park is that this type of grass doesn’t include maintenance either.

Furthermore, you don’t have to stress whether your dog or your friend’s dog will cause any trouble, because this grass does not require thorough care.


Now that you are aware of all of the artificial grass backyard ideas that we have provided, the following is a brief summary of them all:

  • You don’t have to worry about the regular upkeep of the fake grass in your backyard when you use it to create a number of kid-and-pet-friendly play areas by substituting real grass with artificial turf.
  • Although artificial grass costs a little more than natural grass, it is more cost-effective in the long term due to the fact that it does not require as much maintenance.
  • Desert regions, for example, have a difficult time growing grass and could benefit from the natural and tropical feel that can be achieved with artificial grass.
  • When it comes to adorning the backyard, a combination of artificial grass and other ornamental components, such as a fountain, can create a look that is extremely stunning.

We hope that the ideas we have offered for you will assist you in elegantly decorating your backyard.

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