Arugula companion plants give you a chance to have a healthy garden and a bountiful harvest. They also bring about favorable growing conditions for arugula while eliminating pests and diseases.

22 Arugula Companion Plants

You don’t have to grow arugula on its own; instead, you can choose to maximize the space and minimize the growth of weeds. Let’s get to know these plants and why they are beneficial.

List of Arugula Companion Plants

1. Celery

Celery and arugula share the same growing conditions making it easy to grow them as companions. They both thrive in moist and rich soils, with organic fertilizers a great addition, having the right properties will help each other progress in their growth.

Celery Plant Arugula Companion Plants In Home Garden

Planting these two together is economical as you will have a fast and slow-growing crop. Arugula will be ready for harvest 35 to 50 days after planting, while celery takes about 130 to 140 days.

2. Spinach

Spinach and arugula are both easy-growing plants because they are