Backyard chiminea ideas bring all the warmth, luxury, and beauty with them. They are famous for their vertical chimney shape, making them a timeless gem for outdoor living.

Backyard Chiminea Ideas for Cozy Outdoor

The traditional chimineas are known to be made from clay and terracotta, but the modern ones come in copper, cast iron, steel, or cast aluminum. Let’s go through these ideas and see which ones you can implement. 

A List of the Best Backyard Chiminea Ideas

1. Solid Cast Aluminum Chiminea 

If you like all things modern, then this chiminea is for you. To elaborate further, the solid cast aluminum is made from stainless steel metal and built to last, which means the heat will be resistant as you light it, and it will spread through the area.

Fire in Solid Cast Aluminum Chiminea

– Features

It features a mouth screen, some fasteners, and a steel-hinged door for efficiency. This large chiminea handles full-size fire logs without trouble. It has an extra mouth opening like that of the traditional one, and this is given for enhancement purposes.

The stainless steel hinged safety door helps provide easy access for adding wood and roasting marshmallows on those fun evenings.

However, for these modern cast aluminum chimineas, remove the neck and add a grilling grate for that evening easy roast. It has clean burning without smoke allowing you to enjoy your evening and stay warm. 

The stands allow this fireplace to stand tall and safe, even when used on patios. It is safe to move it around your outdoor space with ease.  

– Safety

Empty the cast aluminum chiminea after every use. However, you must wait until all the wood is burned up and has completely cooled down before you empty it to avoid burns.

It is rust-proof, but you must protect it from rain or moisture, for a better result. Remember to always close the safety door when the fire is burning to keep the coals from rolling down on the ground.

2. Cone-shaped Chiminea for the Deck

Those chilly fall evenings on your deck will be different if you get this cone-shaped chiminea. This deck idea is a perfect example of a pit tabletop for those who love open fires.  

Cone-shaped Chiminea for the Deck

– Features

Like its name, its cone-shaped and very light allows you to move it from one side of the deck to the other. It is available in stores locally or online and comes with a manual to help you assemble and get it started. 

It does not have a hinged door to keep the embers from rolling out, so you must be careful when the fire is on. Don’t overcrowd this chiminea with wood to keep the embers from rolling out. Use small pieces of firewood at a time for safety.  

– Safety

It does not have its stand, so getting a patio stone is advisable to keep it from burning your place down. However, it is safe to be used because it will not fill the fire with carbon monoxide, because the end opening, or the exhaust is there to lead this poisonous gas out and bring oxygen in.

3. Clay Chiminea

Bring your patio to life with a clay wood-burning outdoor chiminea. Thanks to its rustic and traditional look, this clay chiminea is a perfect addition to your patio or garden as it’s packed with its personality.

Snow in Clay Chiminea

On another note, this version is perfect because even though it will take more time to heat up, but it will also stay warm, even when the fire is out, because the clay will keep it warm.

– Features 

This simple fireplace has a front loading where you put the firewood and light the fire. It helps to get the fire started quickly and much quicker. It has a large mouth and a tall chimney at the top, allowing smoke to escape. 

On another note, you can have the clay designed to your liking regarding the drawing on it, which can match your garden’s theme. Not only that, but it is made of clay, holding plenty of warmth throughout the evening. It is heavy and dense to carry and could break easily if dropped. 

– Safety 

Get a metallic stand for your clay chiminea to keep it from burning your patio once it gets too hot. It is heavy to carry this fireplace around, so it is best to set it up where you want it to be before lighting up the fire. However, the front loading remains open, so ensure no coals roll out the fireplace to the ground.

4. Traditional Chiminea Fire Pit Design

This free-standing portable chimney provides heat for your garden, backyards, and other outdoor patios. You may even add a cozy seating area around this fire pit, and you are guaranteed a fun evening, alone or with the company, because it will always bring out a relaxing ambiance, especially the wood of choice that would crackle inside. 

Traditional Chiminea Fire Pit

These chimneys have been used for centuries, starting in Mexico, and are enjoyed worldwide, especially throughout Europe and America. They are best placed on concrete or stable ground like traditional fireplace design ideas. 

– Features

The idea of a chiminea fire pit comes from the fact that they have an open front load where you put the wood and start the fire. They don’t come with a safety door to lock in the fire. These chimineas are commonly used because of their ability to move around as you wish.  

– Safety

You will need to be extra careful when handling the coals, so they don’t roll off and burn the surrounding. Even though this chiminea, being a traditional one, comes with a net closing, which means that if the wood chips when its burning, it won’t release anything out, as on the contrary, nothing may even be thrown inside.

5. Poolside Chiminea  

If you fancy having some level of warmth while chilling at the pool. A chiminea by the pool will bring you a sense of relaxation after taking a swim. It also provides the warmth you need, especially if you swim in the evening, making it cozy. You can create a stylish setup with a chiminea that acts as an accessory and a warming area.

Poolside Chiminea with Flower Plants

– Features 

Just like a fire pit idea, the poolside chiminea can be open to provide much-needed heat. If it’s too closed, the heat might not get to you as fast as you would want, or you might need to gather too close around it, which is unsafe.  

– Safety

Being more like an open fire pit, it’s best to keep the towels or clothing away from the fire. However, it is safe, because it should be standing firmly, and not be light enough to get knocked up by a gust of wind.  

6. Lantern-like 

How about getting yourself that vintage look for your favorite lantern? Lantern-like fire pits come in many forms, both as decorative pieces and heat sources.

Worm Lantern-like Chiminea

They make such a creative addition to the landscape. You can find them at the chiminea home depot or any other local or online store and choose your favorite design.  

– Features

Most of these lantern-like chimineas are steel and have mesh sides that display the beautiful fire glow. They have a safety door that lets you put the wood in and light the fire.  It will enhance the mood of the place with the added feature of looking like a lantern, with its four sides standing on the ground.

– Safety

It can get very hot once the fire is lit, so avoid moving it around, because the sides are made of glass. However, you can set it up where you want it before lighting the fire to avoid getting burned as you move it around, but it is safe because it will not be shaken, or the fire would not be spread with the wind. 

7. Cast Iron Chiminea Fire Pit

If you are looking for a fireplace design that will give you warmth and become a center piece with its beauty, a cast iron chiminea is the way to go. When having this, you must note that it will stay warm for a very long time, because this a key criteria of the cast iron.

Cast Iron Chiminea in Garden

– Features

The cast iron fire pit comes in many styles depending on the manufacturer. Most of them have a safety door that helps lock in the burning wood to keep the coals from rolling out.

You also get it well raised using inbuilt stands that help it remain steady, whether on mosaic tiles or dirt. Some come with a barbeque grill to get some roast going as you get warm. 

– Safety  

Compared to the traditional clay chiminea, this type is light and can easily be kicked over. Keep it out of the way to ensure safety for all, and make sure you close the safety net-door so that no wood chips will fall off and burn your backyard’s ground.

8. DIY Washing Machine Drum 

When that old washing machine breaks down, don’t throw it away. The drum can be a good fireplace. Add a chimney at the top with a mesh cover, and there you have your fire pit with a chiminea for your patio. This will elevate your backyard’s aesthetics as you include it, because it looks so simple and significant at the same time.

Converting Washing machine Into Chiminea

– Features

The drum is usually round, with tiny holes all around. These tiny holes act as ventilation that make the fire burn brightly.

To make it fancy, you can spray paint to carry your desired color or you can even leave it to its original state. It has adequate wood storage, making it safer as the coals cannot roll out. The open top allows the smoke to rise and the fire to keep burning.  

– Safety 

Be sure to hammer and file any sharp edges of the drum to avoid cuts. Add steel stands to help the drum stand on its own once you light a fire. This is a safer option, because the edges are closed and no coal would jump from the crackles.

9. Stacked Stone 

Stacked stones combine the rustic and vintage vibe for anyone who would want to choose this fire pit idea. This idea is best for outdoor living, especially for your backyard, if you have st already a cozy atmosphere.

Logs Burn in Stacked Stone Chiminea

– Features 

Stacked stone design features a simple design that lays concrete blocks on top of each other while adding a layer of mortar between each block. Leave space to add a ventilation chimney and allow the smoke to escape through. Adjust the height, size, and shape to suit your taste.  

– Safety 

This fire pit does not have a safety door so ensure you don’t pile too much firewood making hot coals roll out, and this would cause different risks.

10. Ceramic Candle Chiminea

Candle chimineas are common among people who don’t like the mess of firewood, ash, and all. You can also use this idea for a romantic evening with your partner, and it is a great addition to your backyard, because you can add several candles and it would burn so well, and the wax is easy to clean after it is done.  

Ceramic Candle Chiminea in House

– Features 

The ceramic chiminea is smaller than the ordinary clay chimineas and does not accommodate a full-blown fire. It has a rich and rustic feel and is available in the size of your choice. There are large candles to use for this idea that works very well when paired with these ceramic models. 

The reason why this is a very nice idea is that the ceramic will remain warm even when the fire is out, and it would still keep the place it is located a little warm, of course, this depends on the size of the chiminea.

– Safety

Place the candle in the middle of the ceramic model and on a flat surface. This model does not have a safety door so keep it away from reach to avoid flipping it over. Although it is safer than having coal, but you may want to be cautious regarding the wax melt, which may harm your skin.  

11. Garden Chiminea 

Your garden will look so much better if you add a chiminea. It will be a centrepiece that warms you up and brings much-needed beauty, you can add the ones that are a little more wide at the bottom, so that they would need more wood in the burning process.  

Fire Burns in Garden Chiminea

– Features 

You can get a medium or large-sized chiminea, depending on your fire needs. It is light enough to move around the garden or patio. Its design is attractive, making it an excellent addition to your backyard.

The dark colors hold more warmth for a long making it a practical fireplace for your outdoor space. It comes with a safety mesh door that is easy to open. The top part can open for a grill for your roast.  

– Safety 

As the bottom part of the chiminea is open, it will include more blocks of wood that would be burning, which is safer, because you don’t need to get closer every time to add the blocks and be afraid to burn accidentally.

12. Lighthouse Chiminea Design 

This design is like a tall lighthouse that is calling your attention for several reasons, and one of them is the facilitation of the part that wood can be added to. In addition to the exhaust that is tall at the end. 

Lighthouse Shape Chiminea

– Features 

A lighthouse chiminea is made of metal, giving you a trendy style. It is a real eye-catcher and a perfect ornamental piece for your patio or garden. 

It has an open front load where you add the wood and light the fire. Unfortunately, it does not have a safety door to hold the coals, but if you don’t add too much, you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

On another note, it’s a little deep in the area that holds fire. It also comes with stable stands that hold it up in place.  

– Safety

Ensure you keep adding a few wood pieces one at a time to ensure the coals stay fresh and that there won’t be any extinguished wood or coal, which would cause the emission of carbon monoxide. 

13. Small Metallic Chiminea

Small is more if you have a small space. This small metallic chiminea is one to get if you have a small patio that you like to use during chilly evenings, and if your backyard isn’t big enough.  

Small Metallic Chiminea in Outdoor

– Features 

You will get to warm yourself without getting too hot. This piece is made from metal and comes with a stand. Sometimes it’s best to place a patio stone under the stand as it can also get hot from the fire. It has a small allowance for wood to put small pieces. It has to mesh on the side for ventilation.  

– Safety 

Do not put too much firewood in this chiminea as it will smoke too much, making it uncomfortable, because this version is already small. You must, in this case, chop your firewood, even more to have them fit in the fireplace provided in this chiminea.  

14. Vertical Chiminea Fire Pit

This vertical fire pit is a gem that you will love because it would serve multiple purposes and you can enjoy whether you place coal or even wood pieces. It would give such a pleasing interior design to your backyard.  

Metallic Vertical Chiminea

– Features

This vertical fire pit is made from solid steel enough to last a long time. It is strong yet light and movable around your garden or patio.

It is a self-supporting held together by a solid, steady structure. The pyramid-like shape makes it strong enough not to tip over. It comes with two chambers, with the top chamber holding fire while the lower one holding more firewood for later use. 

– Safety 

This design does not come with a door, so be careful handling the fire, but again, it is safe because the vertical steel is made in a way that one would be cautious around the chiminea, as the material burns inside and you wouldn’t over accumulate it.


Whether it’s for your afternoon roast or evening source of warmth, these backyard chiminea ideas are a sure way to provide hours of cozyness on your patio.

Before you invest your money in any of these pieces, here are a few things to note

  • Most of these modern cast iron or aluminum chimineas can be bought from a local or online store, making them easy to access. 
  • If you like to reminisce about the good old times, it’s best to go for clay chiminea, stacked stones chiminea, or ceramic candle holder. These tend to hold more warmth than other materials. 
  • You can use any of these chimineas as centerpieces in your patio, garden, or outdoor living space, even when you are not lighting a fire. 
  • All the above backyard chiminea ideas are brilliant and can transform your outdoor living spaces with one touch. 

Remember to keep the flames visible wherever you place your fire pit to prevent accidents. Place the chiminea at a location that carries the smoke away from your house instead of towards it. Above all, remember to enjoy the warmth of your fireplace! 

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