Choosing backyard fence lighting ideas to illuminate the backyard not only improves your garden’s aesthetics but fencing your property is a must for safety purposes. But which idea will work for your space and budget? Learn more about the most outstanding fence illumination inspiration. 

26 Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas

A List of the Best Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas

Fences set the boundaries between your property and neighbors. They also keep your pets and kids inside for more protection. Adding the right lighting option will increase safety as it illuminates the area around your garden. It will also complement your landscape design. 

Luckily, fence lighting comes in different styles and themes. So you’ll definitely find the right one for you. 

1. Minimalist Café Lights

A subtle change can make all the difference when you’re looking for the right illumination for your backyard fence. Café string lights are budget-friendly. They’re simple to install and add the needed light around your fence. The best thing about these lights is that they’re very versatile.

Minimalist Cafe Lights Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas

You can manipulate them around the fence, taller trees, or any other structure. You can stretch the string light or let it hang loose for the desired effect. It creates the perfect dining spot in summer and reminds you of outdoor café outings. 

2. Decorative Deck Solar Lights

The purpose of backyard lights isn’t just to provide illumination. But you can also use them for decorating your outdoor space. These deck lights are a great example of how a simple design can make your backyard look elegant. Group the lights or scatter them along the fence, and the shades will add to their beauty. 

Decorative Deck Solar Lights Eco Friendly Option for Lamp Post Lights

3. The Chronicles of the Lamp Post 

If you’re a big fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, you might fall in love with this idea. The characters’ lives change after passing by the lamppost, and you can do the same in your garden.

The Chronicles of the Lamp Post House and Garden Lights Options

You can install several replicas along your fence for a magical effect. Not only do these lamp posts add a luxurious feel to your backyard, but they also illuminate the flower beds and shrubs along the fence. They’ll make your backyard pop with color at night. 

4. Fretwork Outdoor Light Panels

The real beauty lies in the details. And in this design, the detailed fretwork is how you will add light to your backyard. These outdoor light panels are easy to install. Yet, they’ll immediately turn a plain and simple fence into a sophisticated one. If you think that they’re not bright enough, pair them with other light fixtures. 

Fretwork Outdoor Light Panels Outdoor Fence Garden Protection

5. Stylish Multi-Level Lamp Post

If you already have a built stone fence, making any change can be a little expensive. Building a DIY fence post from logs can warm up the look of stone and make it more natural. You can easily add solar lights after drilling the wood. The logs are of different lengths in this design to create an elegant and stylish effect in your garden. 

Stylish Multi Level Lamp Post in a House Garden at Night

6. Dome-Shaped Downward Solar Lights

These downward dome-shaped solar lights add the needed illumination to your fence. They also represent an essential part of your landscape design. They’re super easy to install because they’re solar-charged.

Dome Shaped Downward Solar Lights for the Garden or Home Mobile and Eco Friendly Options

So you don’t have to worry about wiring. At the same time, they feature an automatic switch to automatically turn them on when it gets dark. They might not be too bright. Yet, they’ll add aesthetically pleasing subtle lighting for the perfect chill night. 

7. Plant and String Light Comb

The purpose of adding light to your outdoor area is to complement its aesthetics. In this landscape design, the homeowner wanted to enhance the look of the hanging plant pots while adding light to the fence.

Plant and String Light Combo for Home Patio Cheap Option to Add Atmospheric Light

The string light is so versatile, so you can twist it to suit any shape or design. As a bonus, it will make your plants look more noticeable at night when it’s difficult to see them. 

8. Unique Lampshade LED Lights

LED lights are an excellent outdoor lighting solution. They’re low-maintenance and energy-efficient, but that’s not all that we love about these warm white lights. They also use solar energy and won’t need any wiring or drilling.

Unique Lampshade LED Lights Modern Visual Solution for Gardens

The unique lampshade is the cherry on top as it instantly transforms the look of your backyard area. Install these LED solar lights as step or deck lights to add more coherence to your backyard. 

9. A New Approach to String Lights

You’re probably used to the idea of installing string lights along the fence. Yet, these lighting fixtures are highly versatile, so you can use them differently. Instead of stretching them horizontally, you can install several light strings vertically.

Approach to String Lights Fence String Lights Options for Your House or Apartment

While dangling over the fence, they’ll complete the look of your hanging plants growing along the fence. The result? An outstanding outdoor illumination solution that won’t break the bank. 

10. DIY Fence Lighting Idea

There’s always a tradeoff between how you want your outdoor area to look and how much you’re willing to spend. This DIY solution is suitable if you’re on a tight budget. It’s also so versatile that you can illuminate your fence area just the way you want to.

DIY Fence Lighting Idea Mason Jar Lights for the Home Cheap Alternative

All you have to do is to get some old Christmas lights, stuff them into your mason jar, and repeat. You can hang the jars along the fence or use them to illuminate your outdoor dining or seating area. 

11. Easy-To-Install Globe Lights

Globe landscaping lights are suitable for every homeowner. They’re so versatile, so you can use them as path lights because they’re straightforward to install. At the same time, you can create coordination in your backyard by installing them along the fence. Group big and small globes together for perfect illumination. They’ll brighten up your seating area without adding much clutter to your fence. 

Easy To Install Globe Lights Outdoor Globe Lights for the Garden

12. Illuminated Trees

Uplighting is a smart lighting option because it sheds light upward. As a result, you can highlight the best features in your house using nothing but your good old light fixture.

Illuminated Trees Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

If you’re growing tall trees along the fence, installing uplights in the ground will highlight them and help draw attention to them at night.

They also create the needed illumination in your backyard without being too bright. As a result, you’ll enjoy the best dining or chilling experience while enjoying the views in your backyard. 

13. Recessed Ground Lights

Recessed lights are suitable for compact spaces when no other lighting option works. They add the needed illumination without overcrowding your space, so they’ll work for a small backyard.

Recessed Ground Lights A Small Backyard Option to Add Light to the Home

In this landscape design, you can use recessed ground lights along the fence, around the sofa, and behind it to create the perfect seating area. Combined with the firepit, your backyard will definitely become everyone’s favorite spot. 

14. Multi-Direction Solar Fence Lights

A lot of homeowners worry about the wiring necessary to install a fence light. These multi-direction solar fence lights work if you want a budget-friendly option for a quick backyard fence makeover.

Multi Direction Solar Fence Lights Easy To Install Lights for the Home

A solar fence light needs no wiring and is easy to install. It also allows you to save on your energy bill. But that’s not the best part about these lights. You can install these solar fence lights pointing up, down, or both, creating the perfect effect in your backyard. 

15. Low-Voltage Lamp Post Cap Light

Illuminate your backyard and renovate your fence without drilling with this wireless solar post cap. After charging the lamp all day long, it can stay on for up to ten hours. The stylish watered-style glass lens adds to the lamp’s magic.

Low Voltage Lamp Post Cap Light Plastic Glass Lens Solar Post

Installing many lights will illuminate the seating area and complement the look of your backyard. And the best part is that there are no operational costs involved. 

16. Portable Solar Lanterns

Do you think that you need to install fixed lights to illuminate your fence? Think again. This portable solution is an excellent choice if you want a versatile, affordable lighting solution.

Portable Solar Lanterns for Backyard Fence

The solar powered lanterns are hollow for the perfect lighting effect, and the decorative pattern adds to their magic. Yet, the best thing about them is that you can easily carry them. Use them wherever you want to add more light or enhance the aesthetics of your space. 

17. Solar Outdoor LED Deck Lighting

These smart backyard lights are suitable for those who want to add subtle lighting to the fence. The versatile deck lights are perfect for decorating and marking your property. Because they’re solar-charged, you don’t have to worry about installing any wiring system.

Solar Outdoor LED Deck Lighting

You can add them to the stairs, the pathway in your backyard, along the patio, or around the mailbox. They’re also IP44 weather-proof, so they’ll stay functional in all weather conditions. 

18. Create a Curtain of Lights

Fairy lights represent an affordable and attractive option if you want to illuminate your backyard fence. All you have to do is measure the length of your fence and add string lights along it to create subtle yet efficient illumination.

Fence with a Curtain of Lights

You don’t have to extend your light along the whole fence. Instead, you can spread the strings out or install them in a compact form for more illumination. The good news is that you can increase illumination whenever you want to. 

19. Trendy Wall Lights Along the Fence

Say goodbye to traditional fence lights with this modern and innovative design. The lights shine up and down to create fence posts of light without adding any extra structure to the outdoor fence. This lighting solution is suitable for a big fence because it’s budget-friendly, and you can add more light if needed. 

Trendy Wall Lights Along the Fence

20. Decorative Outdoor Lighting

A lot of homeowners feel that the fence is too plain or too dull compared to other areas in the backyard. As a boundary to your property, you can use decorative outdoor lights to enhance the look of your fence and make it shine bright at night. In this design, the lights resemble the flowers across the fence. As a result, the whole space looks pleasant and balanced but not overcrowded. 

Decorative Outdoor Lighting for Gardens

21. Step Lights Makeover

When you’re picking the right light for your fence, you don’t have to stick to a traditional option. In this design, the homeowner opted for the good old step lights and installed them along the fence for better illumination. It takes a little bit of creativity and vision to incorporate an unusual element to add more style and elegance to your outdoor area. 

Step Lights Makeover for a Yard Fence

22. Downward Spotlights Along the Fence

You can use light fixtures as a hardscape element in any landscape design. The downward light will attract attention to your landscape’s beauty if you have a hedge along the fence. What we love about this option is that the bulbs are weather-resistant. They complement the minimalist design of your backyard if you have a small space. 

Downward Spotlights Along the Fence

23. Fretwork Wall Art and Spotlights

Transforming the look of a plain fence doesn’t need much work. Instead of a decorative wall light, this homeowner chose to install recessed spotlights to shine light upon the fretwork. Uplighting highlights the detail of the wall art and makes it a great addition to your outdoor area. 

Fretwork Wall Art and Spotlights Fence

24. DIY Solar Fence Post Lights

In this design, the lighting fixture is actually part of the outdoor fence. You can install a solar lamp on the fence post if you’re looking for an affordable lighting option. Yet, it will beautifully enhance the aesthetics of your backyard. The illuminated fence post features a minimalistic design but will receive a lot of compliments. 

DIY Solar Fence Post Lights for Garden

25. Outdoor Lighting Wall Art

Hardscape and softscape elements should combine together to create a coherent landscape design. In this backyard, the homeowner wanted to transform the look of a bland fence by adding stainless steel wall art. The installed upward lights will draw attention to the wall art and illuminate the area after sunset. 

Outdoor Lighting Wall Art Fence

26. Solar Power Black Lanterns

Solar power lanterns are so versatile and practical. Just add them along the fence, driveway, patio, or deck to change the ambiance. They either feature light or motion sensors.

Solar Power Black Lanterns in a Yard

So, they’ll either turn on when the sun sets or when someone steps next to them. Despite their small size, these lanterns are designed to provide bright light. As a result, they’ll work for you if you want to illuminate your outdoor dining spot or seating area near the fence. 


Enjoying your outdoor space after dark is possible with the right backyard fence lighting ideas. Illuminating your fence will change the look of your backyard and make it pop with life. It’s the best solution to enjoy a cozy dinner or a heart-to-heart conversation. 

Yet, you want to make sure that you’ve picked the right choice for your backyard. So, with all these illumination options, which fence lighting idea would you pick?

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