Backyard fence lights ideas are the right backyard fence lights that will go beyond enhancing your yard’s beauty as it’s also crucial for security purposes. Fences around our homes should be practical and functional.

18 Backyard Fence Lights Ideas

With the fence lighting ideas in this guide, you will create a beautiful and secure yard throughout your exterior. Leverage your creativity and create an inviting, comfortable outdoor space.

List of Backyard Fence Lights Ideas

1. Downward Lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be conventional; it’s a great way to beautify your outdoor spaces, too. Adding lighting fixtures to your fence posts can illuminate your home and enhance security.

Downward Wall Fixture Light

There are many downward lighting ideas to choose from, which means you can decorate your home and make your exterior space beautiful.

– Benefits

When shopping for the perfect fence light fixtures, it’s important to note that various options exist. For instance, solar lights are more popular than ever before.

Most homeowners are conscious of the environment, and using solar-powered lights can ensure you make sustainable choices. You will reduce your electricity bill expenses every month while still making sure your yard is illuminated.

– Decorative Ideas

Downward lighting also works well with areas around the pool. Waterproof pool fence lights will enhance your pool surrounding at night. These lighting fixtures increase your property’s value and your home’s curb appeal as well.

– Place of Position

How you position the lighting fixtures matters a great deal. You don’t want to make it crowded, while at the same time you want to achieve proper illumination. Hence, you must make sure that you position the installations correctly.

– Drawbacks

Downward lighting might not be ideal for fences with tall plants. These plants will obstruct light, and you might not see the importance of lighting fixtures.

2. Deck Solar Lights

Deck solar lights will illuminate your outdoors and create spaces where you will love to hang out on those warm nights. 

– Environmentally Friendly

The numbers don’t lie with solar fence lights as they are environmentally friendly.

Solar Lights with cartoonish eyes

The perks of installing these deck lighting fixtures in your home are numerous, and the key one is that they are not going to be receiving so much of your electricity.

– Advantages

Keep in mind that you’ll give your outdoor spaces an uplift, not to mention that these solar lighting fixtures require little maintenance.

After installing them, you’ll forget about them for some time. Which means that overall, you shouldn’t be worried that lighting your yard will only increase your electricity bill. Solar deck lights are trending, and for all the right reasons.

3. Solar Rail Lighting

Solar rail lighting is a clever way to light up your exterior environment. 

– Aesthetics

These lights come in various designs, making it convenient for you to transform your outdoor fence lighting. When shopping for solar fence lighting fixtures, consider the build. You may want to settle for a durable material that requires minimal maintenance.

Solar Rail Lighting Mounted in Garden

The functionality of the solar deck lights is vital. Some of the latest solar light designs are programmed to turn on at dusk and shut off at dawn. This is an important consideration if you really don’t want the hassle of turning your outdoor lights on/off.

– Proper Installation

It doesn’t matter whether you want your deck to leave a statement or prevent trips and falls; solar rail lighting will get the job done. All you have to ensure is professionals do the installation. But it’s worth spending your time to confirm the installation is done correctly

– Drawbacks

Buying and installing solar deck lights is costly, so if you are looking for something that is within a certain budget, this is probably the one that’s not the best choice because it is not pocket friendly. 

4. Backyard Cafe Lights

Your backyard fence lighting should enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Backyard Cafe Lights at Night

When spending time in a well-lit environment, you should feel like you’re on vacation

– Aesthetic Appeal

Backyard cafe lights are even called string lights sometimes, and they can help you achieve this goal of elevated aesthetics. Picture yourself enjoying your dinner under these lights. Arguably, it creates an aura where you would love to spend some quality time.

One thing that you will love about a string light is that it allows you to spend more time on the patio. From morning coffee to backyard barbecues, outdoor string lights will bring a little ambiance to your backyard, whether they are turned on or off, they still do the trick.

– Placement

Besides, there are many ways to be creative about how you hang the lights, and where you hang them. Most homeowners prefer to go high with their string lights. Eight feet and above will illuminate your small outdoor space. 

Apart from using these lights on the fence, you can also use them in various settings, including the dining area, plant base, living space, and trees.

5. Illuminate Features With Spotlights

There’s a good chance there are other appealing features in your garden you’d love to show off.

Spotlight in Garden

If this is the case, you can leverage accent lighting to illuminate attractive features with spotlights. 

– Aesthetic Appeal

Installing spotlights on your fence posts will enhance your home’s curb appeal. You can position these spotlights next to outdoor furniture or raised planting beds, as they would give a very pleasing and serene aesthetics to your fence.

– Durability

Solar lights outdoor should come to your mind here, if you wish to be environmentally friendly. Installing these lighting fixtures will lower your electricity expenses. It’s highly recommended that you opt for lights with good IP (Ingress Protection) rating for your fence. This rating determines the durability of the lights against liquids and solids. 

6. Lights on Fence Posts

You can use fence posts or deck railings to place lights atop these areas. 

– Considerations

Fencing lamps illuminate your exterior spaces at night without being too harsh or overwhelming.

Lights on Vintage Fence

Before buying any lighting fixture, you need to measure your post cap to ensure it fits your post.

– Decorating Option

LED lights are a great choice since they have a warm white glow which can offer you the additional illumination you require for your deck needs as a way to add some brightness to the contrast of the backyard. Keep in mind that installing lights on fence posts will require additional wiring to supply the required voltage to power the lighting fixtures.

7. Wall Lights Mounted on Fence Posts

Lights on fence posts might seem traditional to illuminate your outdoor spaces. 

– Decorative Option

You can mount wall lights on your fence posts for a more modern and sleek appeal. Of course, before you purchase any lighting fixtures, you should have a clear plan for how your yard will look. Other factors to consider include wiring, assembly, battery life, and connections.

Wall Lights Mounted on White Fence

The right outdoor wall light fixtures will do wonders for your property’s aesthetics. There’s so much flexibility when using wall light to light up your backyard. For instance, spacing the lights can make a huge difference.

– Adjusting the Space

The position or the adjustment of the fixtures will also determine how your spaces are illuminated. You can mount the wall lights on top of your fence or position them in the middle.

Settle for a style that works for you, one that will create more aesthetic appeal in your compound, either way, you must adjust the space of the light in order to brighten up the place and serve the requirement.

8. Low Lighting

Your landscaping theme should match perfectly with your outdoor lighting. Low lighting at the bottom of your fence can add dimension and drama to your landscape. 

– Design Option

After working hard to plant colorful flowers in your yard and incorporating the best landscaping designs, there’s no better way to illuminate these spaces than using low lighting, as a way of designing your backyard with the lights.

Low Light in Garden

Most low-lighting installations are meant to create visual interest. They highlight attractive features in your backyard. These low lights can also define your yard’s borders. What’s more, to up the stake, consider pairing low lighting fixtures with other illumination options like string lights, wall lights, or deck solar lights.

Remember to add these low lights to the rout of your yard. Just as you keep it simple, and you’ll have an exciting landscape.

9. Decorative Hanging Lights on Fence

One of the main interesting aspects of hanging lights is their versatility. You can try various designs and still achieve an elegant, bright look.

Lights Hanging on Fence in Evening

Instead of using the usual fairy lights you can use decorative hanging lights on your fence. 

– Rustic Appeal

Sure, a fairy light will also serve the purpose, but if your goal is to add style, color, and some artistic elements, hanging unique, elegant lighting is important, however as you add some lights that the tools of its way of hanging are made of iron or copper, they will surely add some rustic appeal to your backyard.

You’re free to choose different designs for your outdoor fence lighting. However, ensure you pick designs that define your style. This guarantees you can enjoy the ambiance for years. This lighting idea is all about bringing your creativity into the picture. 

– DIY Lights

Feel free to try out DIY lighting designs that will ensure you achieve your desired look. Note that the globe lights are worth the try here, you. You can place some battery-powered candles that light well in jars, and hang them together in every four feet of the fence of your garden, and it would show a very down-to-earth looking house.

10. Use Fence Lights to Illuminate Seating Areas

We’ve mentioned previously that your fence lighting should be functional and stylish. Besides illuminating your backyard, you should ensure that outdoor fence lighting serves an important purpose. 

– Hanging from the Fence Tops

With most outdoor lighting ideas the position of the lighting fixtures affects their functionality. Use the right light fittings to illuminate your seating areas, as the latter would be between two of your fences, and the lights would hanging from the tops, from one fence to the other.

Lights Used For an Occasion

The purpose of this is that if you want spaces with natural shade to brighten to prevent slips and falls. Making these spaces bright also brings about convenience. You can spend time reading, eating, or engaging in other activities in these spaces.

11. Light Up Your Garden Pathways

Outdoor fence lighting should also work harmoniously with path lighting. Lighting up your outdoor walkways or paths will create convenience and safety.

Illuminated Lights in Garden Pathway

It allows for easy movement from one corner to the other—irrespective of the time of the day.

– Extended Lights

Consider hanging some fence string lights just next to these pathways. Aim to complement existing patio lighting ideas in your yard, of course you can even extend these lights on the fence tops where they would lead to your backyard.

This guarantees that your lighting fixtures are a good fit and that you don’t overdo them, as they would add a cozy and safe feeling as one is walking their way to the backyard.

12. Enhance Safety With Fence Lighting

Besides creating an aesthetic appeal, your backyard lighting should prioritize enhancing the safety of your home.

Lights on the Garden Fence

Whether you install path lights or deck lights on the fence, lighting should help to signal various elements on your landscape. 

– Navigation 

This ensures your visitors can navigate your premises safely. For example, a fence light mounted on a fence post can showcase features like a pond or a swimming pool. Proper illumination prevents attractive features on your landscape from becoming a hazard to your visitors or children, especially in the dark.

13. Patio Lighting With Color

Patio lighting with color is another great lighting option that will make your yard lively.

House Illuminated with Colored Lights

You shouldn’t have to wait until Christmastime to use the colored lights in your garage. 

– Decorative Idea

Use these colors to create an inviting space for your guests, as it is a very appealing decoration. Warm colors work best here, especially if you plan to host parties and events in your backyard. Luckily, it’s easy to find LED lighting options that consume less electricity.

Don’t forget that you don’t need to go full on colorful ones, you can add a variety of ones that have little shapes on their ends together with the colors, to raise the aestheics.

14. Dress Your Fence With Curtain Lights

Curtain lighting on your outdoor wall can create a dramatic and fan landscape design. Whether you’re planning to host a party or looking for a simple way to maintain your landscape lights, curtain lights are a great choice.

– Aesthetic Appeal

Just as the name suggests, curtain lighting involves hanging several strands of light on your fence.

Curtain Lights Hanging on Fence

The more strands you use, the denser the curtain, and the brighter your backyard. While most homeowners will opt for standard white lighting, you can add color to these strands using multi-colored string lights.

Settle for LED light options since they will save electricity and boost the overall life of the light bulbs.

15. Light Fixtures Made of Channel Glass

Security lighting isn’t just about illuminating your outdoor spaces to make your home more secure.

– Elevated Appeal

Custom light installations can give your property a more modern and elegant feel and appeal. Instead of installing the common light bulbs in front of your home, you can use light fixtures made of channel glass. This is a unique way to use fence lighting to revamp your landscape lighting they would add a luxurious aesthetic to the fence and the house.

Illuminated Glass Light Fixture

In this case, light fixtures are installed between the exterior fence sections. Channel glass allows for a warmer light and accentuates the wooden fence. Note that the light fixtures made of channel glass is something most homeowners haven’t tried. As a result, it’s an interesting idea to create a lasting impression.

16. LED Strips Under Post Caps

LED outdoor strips under post caps are a classic and are still rocking in today’s outdoor lighting ideas. 

– Enhanced Design

If your fence features huge posts, there’s a good chance that you have a post cap on the post. To light up your outdoor space, the first thing that comes to mind is to use a lantern on the top. Why not install LED cap lights on these posts?

Red LED Strip

Cap lights enhance the curb appeal and create a clutter-free look, perfect for a contemporary design. The warm glow from LED solar lights is ideal for your lights outdoor, and the caps on your fence will shade the light if you don’t want them too bright.

17. Sphere Lighting

Use sphere lighting to add an artistic element to your backyard lighting. The shape of the LED deck lights will create a beautiful pattern on your fence. 

– Decorative Elevation

Depending on the brand, the globe lights come in different colors, giving you the flexibility to achieve the lighting decor you have in mind.

Sphere Light on Green Plant

This type of lighting on your backyard’s fence will add a very nice elevation from the fence’s simple look and transforms it more into an modern one.

– Solar Option

It’s recommended that you go for the solar fence light options since they are trendy and will save on energy consumption in the long run. What’s more, most of these light fixtures are engineered to last long with minimal maintenance.

18. Subtle Fence Lighting

If you’re looking for subtle garden light options, you probably don’t want the light to be too intense. 

– Relaxing Feel

This is very true if you spend most of the evenings in the garden, reading or enjoying a hearty conversation with family. If the solar fence light is overly harsh, you won’t have the relaxing atmosphere you want.

Colorful Lights on Fence

Choose soft lights to install on your wooden fence or wall, or even hang cafe lights near your seating area, and this wound’t be harsh to your eyes as the light is hitting up to the fence and the lower part of the fence as well.

Do your best to make your outdoor space comfortable for you and your guests. You can choose from various garden light designs and still achieve your desired look.


Illuminating your landscape might seem challenging, especially if you’re doing it for the first time or want to try out new lighting ideas.

Here’s a quick recap of what the article covered today:

  • With the backyard fence lights ideas outlined here, you should find it easier to settle for a style that works for you. 
  • Lighting your perimeter enhances your curb appeal and improves your home’s security. 
  • Aim to ensure your backyard light options serve their intended purpose.

No matter which option you choose, the light on your backyard fence will always elevate the aesthetic appeal of your house and your outdoors. So now that you know the best ones, which on are you going to be adding?

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