Find out backyard ideas for Texas to decorate your place. The backyard is a crucial area in your home and searching for ways to upgrade it is essential. No matter how big or small your backyard space is, there is always something you can do to beautify it.

A Full List of Backyard Ideas for Texas

Below we have listed some of the best landscape designs you can use to amp up your space.

List of Texas Backyard Ideas You Need

1. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

Texas landscaping is known for cooking and eating outside as a fun activity in good weather. You can have a perfect kitchen and dining area in your backyard. It won’t take much to create an outdoor kitchen, and it will become the perfect area for family gatherings.

Backyard Kitchen and Dinning

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen varies depending on the material and appliances are chosen. When planning, consider elements such as the number of seats and the mood of the furniture. You can use gravel or mulch to create a visual separation between the cooking zone, dining area, and the rest of the yard.

2. Vegetable Backyard

Growing vegetables is another top-tier option to go with. Making a veggie garden of your own allows you to use homegrown produce while adding visual aesthetics in your yard!

This is a genius backyard landscaping idea. Several people also opt for this because of practicality. Now, you can have fresh veggies to eat no matter what the weather is like.

Growing Vegetable in Backyard 

Vegetables like peas and lettuce adapt to cooler temperatures and are better suited for early spring. If you are planning to plant in early summer, try growing beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers.

For any new gardener, it is best to start with bush, baby, or dwarf varieties. Additionally, edible flowers such as marigolds, borage, violas, and nasturtiums can be the perfect way to combine aesthetics with utility.

Having a vegetable garden in your backyard would skip a trip to the grocery store or farmers market. You can create several rows of plant beds with gravel paths between them.

3. Woodland Backyard

The woodland yard idea is a forest backyard made into a private space through landscaping. Most Texas landscape designers enjoy incorporating this. But, some work will need to be put into it as its unique look requires some planning.

Being in the woods is a super relaxing sensation. So, building it in your yard will only make sense. In a woodland landscape, you can plant different kinds of plants to be used as fences to differentiate the walkways and garden. 

Woodland Backyard with Green Grass

Additionally, a variety of organic paving materials will work for laying woodland paths, including:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Wood chips

If you want to experience mornings with nature (fresh air, chirping birds, greenery), you will love a small forest in your yard.

4. Add a Firepit

Investing in an outdoor fire pit is not a bad idea. Every yard can serve as something more. You can use it for parties and celebrations when guests come over.

When having parties and momentous celebrations, a firepit is the best thing to have. Fun gatherings in the winter call for cozy evenings, with the wood burning right beside you, and a firepit is sure to achieve just that.

Adding a Firepit in Backyard

Your yard is a place for you to relax and talk all you want. It can host a number of events that are Texas native: From barbecues to bonfires to outdoor movie nights.

A simple chair setting on either side of the pit is perfect for casual conversations over beer and bonfires. There is nothing pompous in this look, but the impression is enough.

You can give it a modern touch by using white-painted brick and cement capstones. Moreover, recreate the laid-back feeling of camping with a firepit nestled near the trees.

5. Add a Pool

Nothing reminds more about summer than the sound of a design with entertainment in mind. A beautiful swimming pool in your backyard is not only calming for your mind, but is refreshing for your body as well.

Even the view of tranquil water can soothe the soul. Use it as the centerpiece of your design. Outdoor living is memorable when you add a pool of water to the mix.

Pool with Beautiful Tree

You also have the choice to add hydrangeas beside the swimming pool. It gives an incredibly modern and cool look for superior aesthetics. The eye-captivating colors like pink and blue will give so much life to a backyard.

Having the sunshine hit the colorway arrangement of flowers will make your space look more refreshing and welcoming. A pool truly will make for an excellent upgrade to your yard.

6. Privacy and Pergola

Create lasting memories in your yard with a beautiful wooden or metal pergola. A pergola is a structure that consists of parallel columns that hold up an open roof or grid of beams, rafters, or latticework. You can use a pergola to separate different areas of your yard.

These structures could be independent or attached to your home. They add a room-like feel to the yard without compromising fresh air.

The set-up is like a living room with no ceiling, just a bare wood stand and direct sunlight in the mid-day and the moonlight at nighttime.

Private Wooden Pergola

You could also put a seating or dining area beneath the structure and decorate it with string lights, flowers, and plants.

The chair, the green plants, plus the color and pattern of the tiles complete the package.

The brown color is the best match for choosing a pergola for your yard. It is always the best contrast to green, especially if you are going for an organic and natural look.

7. Introduce a Greenhouse

A small greenhouse erected in your yard, surrounded by greenery and flowers, is a mind-blowing idea for those who have a passion for growing a diverse variety of plants at home.

Adding a small glass-paneled greenhouse in your yard means you can grow your favorite plants and flowers all year long, regardless of the weather. With controlled humidity, climate, and temperature, you can nurture plants that usually don’t grow in your area.

Little Greenhouse in the Garden

Some plants that grow in a greenhouse may also be kept protected from the wrath of pests that want to ravage your blooms.

If you plan to include a greenhouse, position it facing the south or the southeastern side of your yard, where it should get the most sunlight.

8. Short Walks on Pavers

Backyard pavers will instantly elevate the beauty of your yard. They easily create a charming impression that will impress your guests and enhance the tranquility of your yard. Spaced pebbles or steps are economical and eye-catching as compared to rough pathways.

Before introducing walkways and pavers in your backyard, choose the right shape, material, and arrangement. To enhance strength and longevity, choose a paver that is non-porous and made of firm material.

Short Walks on Pavers

You can use stone pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers, and slate pavers. Always place the pavers on a solid base like sand to avoid sinking.

You can plant some green and flowering varieties surrounding the walkways. It will bring in soothing color and complete the calm atmosphere.

9. Add Lighting Features

Lighting the yard is an excellent idea that can be used along with other decorations. Texas gardens would not be the same without mood lighting features.

Landscape lighting is not only important at night, but it is also a chance to add a magical atmosphere to your yard.

Lighting Features in Backyard

There are several backyard lighting ideas to choose from: From simple candle holders or battery-operated fairy lights to high-powered spotlights. You can use LED and solar globe string lights to decorate fences, walls, trees, and pathways.

The entertainment should not have to stop during the evening because of low lighting. Adding lights to illuminate your yard will beautify it and make it much more practical.

10. Upgrade Your Shed

You must not ignore your shed, even if it holds dirtier items or tools. A torn-out shed in the backyard may ruin the look of your entire yard.

A colorful storage shed enhances the beauty of your backyard. A few layers of paint, a lining of beautiful flowers, and climbing vines around the shed with a touch of a small pathway are all you need for a quick and effective makeover of your shed.

Upgraded Your Shed in Garden

Add floating sleeves inside the shed to make it look tidier and put together. You could also add trim and windows to the structure if it does not already have them.

In a lush green backyard, a vibrantly colorful shed surrounded by green grass and colored flowering plants brightens your day and soothes your mind and soul.

11. Plants Clusters

An innovative idea to help you upgrade your backyard is to add circular plant clusters among the green grass. These clusters can use the same or different variety of flowers and add opulence to any home.

It is a way of adding color and character to your backyard without overdoing it. When the clusters form, they almost look like mini mountains of nature, full of flowers and leaves. This is an excellent way to incorporate something unique into your home.

Clustered Plants in Backyard

Now, you can do this with different mini plant casters scattered along your backyard, or you could make it into one single mountain. Either way, it is sure to grab the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse. Guests and visitors will be super impressed by your unique design.

Feel free to experiment with different flowers or stick to one if you want a more uniform look.

12. Wandering Pathways

Adding wandering pathways that lead you on a journey throughout the space of your yard is another excellent upgrade to use. Many like to incorporate these step-like pathways in their backyards, no matter how small or big.

You can customize the steps according to your taste, but using classic flat rocks as steps on your pathway has been around for some time.

Wandering Pathways in Garden

It gives a classic yet chic look and looks far more natural than using traditional pavers.

If your backyard has a patio or pool, your wandering pathway could lead guests and visitors to it. It is a magnificent addition to any home and does justice to make your backyard that much better.

13. Add a Swing

What good will an upgraded backyard do if you do not use the actual space? Well, a good idea to encourage you to spend time in your backyard is to install a swing. The best thing about it is that it is completely customizable.

Yes, folks, a swing can do so much for your backyard without being over the top or extra. Swings are classic backyard landscape staples and have been around for some time. And while there are tons of options to choose from, you can work with the amount of space your home has.

You can even mix your swing with one of the other ideas above, such as the wandering pathways.

Swing in Backyard

So, instead of a patio, your steps would lead you to a more relaxing spot; Your swing. There are several options to choose from when deciding on the shape and design of your swing.

You can do the classic wooden bench hanging by thick ropes with beautiful flower details. Or, you can buy a more modern style swing and place it between trees and grass work for the ultimate fairy garden look.

Swings provide much more than just aesthetics. They can encourage you to spend more time outside with family or when you have friends over. Once you install your favorite kind of swing, you will be shocked to learn how much you want to sit on it all day.

14. Showstopper Tree

Do you have an old tree in your backyard that you were considering chopping down? Well, what if there was a way to optimize the tree and make your backyard more exciting?

Colorful Garden Tree

Use the tree as your main focus by building space next to it. Many people enjoy customizing their backyards by installing wooden flooring next to their trees and making it into a patio. This way, you get to keep that aged tree for longer and take in all its benefits.

Building a space next to your showstopper tree allows you to have the most exceptional shade and breeze.

15. Your Own Private Hut

If you cannot stand the harsh summer sun and would much rather stay inside the house to avoid the heat, consider making a hut. A private hut/room makes for an exceptional addition to your backyard.

You are free to customize this gazebo and use it to your liking. It will allow you to get away from everyday distractions and spend time outside, even during the summers.

Outdoor Private Hut

You can further decorate the hut with flower arrangements or stonework. Anything you add will allow for more color and character.

Just remember that this hut should express all things that describe you! So, go ham with your favorite planters, stoneworks, pathways, or paint choices. This hut allows you to have a little more privacy by creating a cozy little nook in your backyard.

16. Color Code Your Backyard

Are you someone who enjoys things a bit more in order? Well, if you answered yes, you will love this landscape design.

Color-coding your backyard is another very unique and beautiful upgrade. You can color code using your favorite native plants and place them throughout your landscape. Then, adding outdoor furniture that matches this exact color scheme will make it look unreal.

Colorful Furniture on Backyard

Sticking to one color allows you to stay in control and make it work well within your space. If you are not a fan of the traditional rainbow landscaping that most homes already have, this idea should serve as the perfect alternative.

Now, it does not have to be solely one color. You can mix at least two colors and give yourself a bit more freedom. This idea will specifically help your backyard look way more uniform and complete.

17. Add a Bird Bath

If you are a backyard enthusiast, chances are you love nature. Plants, animals, and all things natural attract you. So, what is better than adding a bird bath in your backyard?

Not only are you helping these natural creatures stay hydrated, but you are also inviting them to roam freely in your backyard.

Bird Bathing in Backyard

Bird baths come in different shapes, sizes, and colorways. Adding one or two allows you to take a different approach to yard design ideas and make something of your own.

Attracting birds with water is easy. It may also encourage a few bird families to start nesting in your trees and call it their home too!

18. Lit Waterfall

We know what mood lighting can do for your backyard. But, what would you do when you add it to a waterfall?

Well, a lit waterfall looks just as relaxing as it sounds. By adding a few gold (or any color) hues next to your waterworks, the result is astonishing.

Lit Waterfall on Backyard

Waterfall landscaping ideas have been around forever. But, the lighting can change their appearance completely.

The look of your waterfall will change when you add lighting features to it. It really is quite a mesmerizing addition to add to your backspace.


Backyard spaces can do so much when you have different ideas to upgrade them. Several backyard landscaping ideas like the ones mentioned above can help you achieve your dream backyard space in Texas.

So, are you going to color code your plants and furniture or stick to a more traditional flower arrangement? Whichever you choose, remember to keep this post for any additional information.

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