Backyard quinceanera ideas can help you plan an amazing and creative event to make the day memorable for your lovely princess. But planning the party and choosing a theme can be a little difficult for some people, especially those who haven’t done it already.

Quinceanera Ideas for Party Planning

Keeping that in mind, we have brought the following 27 backyard quinceanera decorations ideas that will not only help you plan for the event but also choose a proper theme.

 A List of Backyard Quinceanera Ideas

1. Setting a Budget

Before you start any other planning, first, you have to set your budget. A quinceanera birthday party budget ranges from $1500 to $20,000 on average.

Setting Budget for Party

So, you have to plan and set a budget accordingly so that you can make your princess feel special at the event. You can ask your friends or other parents who have organized such events for budget estimations.

2. Choosing the Right Venue

The venue is one of the most important parts of the party you are planning. You have to pick the venue according to the party theme you have chosen.

Party Venue with Lightings

At the same time, you have to keep in mind the guests you are inviting. Make sure to select a venue where your guests can arrive comfortably and on time.

3. Booking Cinematographer

It is obvious you will have a photo booth at the party. Besides that, there will be many moments to capture.

Cinematographer Holding Video Camera

So, it is a good idea to hire a team of cinematographers who will capture the nicest quinceanera photo and videos. Because doing the photography on your own will make you too busy to enjoy the party.

4. Choosing a Special Dress

This is an exceptional day for the birthday girl, so you must choose the perfect dress for her.

Special Dresses for Party

Nowadays’ birthday girls choose from various quinceanera dresses for their special day instead of the customary lengthy, billowing ball gowns.

5. Planning a Proper Meal

One of the most important steps will be to decide on your food and beverage choices. It is up to you to decide whether your guests will eat a plated dinner or bring items to share.

Planning a Party Meal

Whatever path you take, be sure your visitors know what to anticipate. Also, keep in mind that planning a proper meal not only means serving delicious foods but also focusing on table decorations.

6. Planning Invitations

Beautifully textured paper invitations look great in a scrapbook, and internet invitations are simple and inexpensive. Whatever technique you use, make sure your invitation includes all important information, such as the event’s date/time and place.

Party Invitations Card

Also, make sure to prepare a guest list before you send the invitations. This way, you will not miss anyone you intend to invite.

7. A Paris Evening

This is a theme idea where you can decorate your backyard in a way to look like Paris. For instance, you can make a mini-Eiffel tower and serve french foods.

Eiffel Tower at Evening

There are several dishes that you can serve, for example, brie, escargots, baguettes, etc. Additionally, you can offer your visitors some amusing French photo props like handlebar mustaches, berets, and striped ascots.

8. Backyard Barbeque

A barbeque birthday party is a great idea for your daughter’s 15th birthday if you are planning to host the event in your backyard.  It is not only budget-friendly but also a delicious idea that everyone will surely enjoy.

Barbeque Setup in Backyard

String lights, burlap tablecloths, and rented event tents can all be used to spruce up the backyard. Additionally, you may be inventive with outside components, such as using hay bales for seating or a wheelbarrow packed with ice in place of a cooler.

9. Masquerade

You have to tell the guests to wear masks in keeping with this exquisite concept. Of course, the honoree herself will receive the most extravagant mask. Depending on the party’s direction, the color scheme may change.

Masquerade with Red Rose

Consider purple and gold for a more Mardi Gras-like event or black and crimson for a more Phantom of the Opera-inspired setting.

10. A Garden of Butterflies

This is a rather well-liked theme where you’ll design the décor with butterflies all over. Butterfly-themed party decorations could include cutouts as centerpieces or butterfly lollipops as favors.

Butterflies Decoration in Backyard

Even the birthday princess’s clothing or hair accessories can be butterfly themed. While reasonably priced, this theme has a stunning appearance.

11. Hollywood

A Hollywood theme is among the finest possibilities for a theme for quinceanera at home. For this theme, you’ll need a red carpet leading up to the outdoor party spot, which you can then decorate with classic movie reel decorations in black and gold.

Hollywood Themed Long Red Carpet

You can provide movie refreshments like popcorn and candies while having your daughter and her court wear Hollywood-style attire.

12. Nautical Night

You can have the event on a boat if your property is close to a body of water. If not, simply choose a navy blue, pink, or red color scheme and decorate your garden using anchors, rafts, etc, to recreate the nautical theme.

Anchor with Red Lighting

You can serve foods with this theme, such as “seaweed” (spinach), dips, shrimps, lobsters, and a variety of other kinds of seafood.

13. Barbie

Everything needs to be pink for this theme to be successfully executed. Pink lip balm will be distributed as favors, and your daughter will dance with her court to “Barbie Girl.”

Barbie Cake for Party

You might provide the visitors with pink refreshments like cotton candy and punch and give your daughter her “last doll,” a “Barbie doll.”

14. Underwater Theme

A green and blue color scheme can be added to the decorations to create an aquatic theme party. After that, you can decorate with objects inspired by aquatic life, including seashells and cutout fish. 

Fireworks on Water

You can get your daughter a fit-and-flare mermaid gown that would be ideal for this theme. To further enhance the beauty of the theme, you can add different types of fish to the meal selection.

15. Fairy Tale Princess

By dressing your princess in a ballgown and tiara, you can make her feel like she is living in the Disney world. Make your daughter arrive and depart from the party in a horse-drawn carriage to enhance the elegance of the event.

Fairy Tales Decoration

Decorate your lawn with paper or cardboard castles. Although the theme itself is a little pricey, your princess’s enjoyment is worth it.

16. Winter Wonderland

If your daughter’s big day falls during the winter, embrace the chilly weather with a winter wonderland-themed quince that includes ice sculptures, a white and blue color scheme, and complimentary hot chocolate for visitors.

Snow in the Garden

The “Winter” from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi is a suitable choice for the quince court dance. Winter mint tins are another option for favors.

17. Country Girl

This concept works well for a laid-back quince. You can use mason jars, gingham, and sunflowers as decorations and ask the guests to wear ten-gallon hats.

Dancing with Country Girl Costume

The quince court may perform a rehearsed line dance, and the birthday princess could dress in a short gown to show off her cowboy boots. This is an excellent, less expensive backyard party idea.

18. 50s Themed

You can ask your guests to dress in retro favorites from the 1950s, such as poodle skirts, leather jackets, and saddle shoes, as a creative backyard quinceanera theme. On the food menu, you can get hamburgers, milkshakes, and hotdogs. 

50s Rock N Roll Decoration

When she arrives, your daughter can dance the hand jive with her quince court while wearing a charming 1950s-inspired dress. Even a vintage car might be rented to use for photoshoots.

19. Circus Themed

With this theme, you may either rent a real tent and hold your party there or cover your backyard with white and red stripes. Hire amusement like trapeze performers and clowns if you have the money.

Circus Themed Party Decoration

Be sure you provide lots of entertaining favors, such as balloon animals. You can provide circus foods for lunch, such as popcorn and corn dogs.

20. Luau

This is a theme where you instruct the quince court in the hula and invite your guests to wear flower leis.

Luau Fire Show in Party

With this theme, you can set up tiki torches in your backyard, serve roast pig, and add pineapples and other tropical fruits and flowers as table centerpieces. This theme is inexpensive and entertaining.

21. Super Hero

You can enhance your daughter’s clothing with superhero-themed items if she likes Marvel or DC comics. A different superhero or group of heroes, such as the Avengers or the Justice League, might be represented by each table. 

Super Hero Space Party Costume

Each member of the quinceanera court can dress like a superhero or a part of a superhero team. For the team, you can create a dance in the style of a fight.

22. Glow in the Dark

Throwing the quince after dark and donning a neon outfit is a wonderful idea for a backyard quinceanera celebration. You can turn off the lights and instead wear glow-in-the-dark items like glow sticks and necklaces in various colors.

Glowing Paint in the Dark

As party favors, you may also provide guests with glowing things like glowing tambourines and glow glasses.

23. Rose Gold

You can use this theme concept to arrange your backyard so that it resembles a rose garden. You must choose pink, red, or even fashionable rose gold as your primary color scheme.

Gold Rose for Party Decoration

The most important requirement is that your chosen clothes match. You can use roses as table centerpieces and fondant flowers to decorate desserts.

24. Black & White

By sticking with the two traditional colors of black and white, you can keep the backyard quince party simple. You only need to ask the guests to wear a black dress or white dress for this.

Black _ White Party

You can use a black and white print, such as toile, damask, or even zebra print, as decor to divide them up. Additionally, you can serve food in one color and distribute party goodies like Oreo cookies.

25. Fiesta Inspired

You need to hang paper flowers, serve authentic food, and decorate the backyard with succulents and piñatas for this classic Mexican 15th birthday theme.

Fiesta with Lighting

If you want your daughter and the quince court to dance to traditional music, you can think about hiring a mariachi band. Although it can be pricey, this is genuinely great.

26. Groovy Bash

One of the unique quinceanera themes you may use is this one. By adopting this concept, you can embrace your inner flower child by decorating with tie-dye and peace signs. You might provide the guests with large, spherical sunglasses as favors. 

Colorful Groovy Tie Dye

Renting a vintage Volkswagen bus for photos and having the court dance to songs by The Beatles, The Monkees, and other comparable bands might improve the party’s decor.

27. Alice in Wonderland

This is the final theme idea. You can serve scones, tea, and other tea party fare by adhering to this theme idea. You can ask the guests to assemble at long tables decorated with playing cards, white bunnies, and roses.

Alice in Wonderland Fable Concept

Signs that read “Drink me” and “Eat me” could be used to garnish the food and beverage stations. Your princess can wear a blue dress that is inspired by Alice or a red dress and a crown to resemble the Queen of Hearts.


So, now you know 27 unique backyard quinceanera ideas. You can follow any one of the given ideas, for example, the Hollywood theme, to make your daughter’s party Hollywood style. Or you can create a Disney princess theme, as suggested in this article. If you have any further questions regarding this topic, you can ask us in the comments.

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