Backyard stream ideas provide a pretty thing to look at when relaxing after a hard day’s work. Water features are soothing and therapeutic to the senses, adding a beautiful texture to your landscape.

Landscaping Backyard Stream Ideas

They can also act as noise cancellation features in your property by buffering the noise pollution around you. Whatever size of space you have, keep reading to see what backyard water feature ideas you can incorporate to elevate your space.

List of the Top Best Backyard Stream Ideas

1. Add a Small Swimming Pool 

We start with the easiest and most common way to add some water body to your backyard. Adding a swimming pool or a hot tub can be an excellent idea for family fun.

Small Home Swimming Pool

It might not be big enough for swim laps, but you can take a dip to cool off on a hot day. You can, in this case, set a design to the unique pool that will light up your space better than the standard pool.

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For a different idea to get out of the norm of swimming pools, you can always add some underground lights and bubblers, which can be for a feel of romantic evenings, as the lights enhance your time on your lawn with the ones you love.

In addition, you can also set up a deck-mounted pool and if you don’t want all the digging work, choose an above-the-ground pool that will serve the same purpose.

Lastly, you can enhance the swimming pool by adding a child-friendly splash pod. Now, a splash pad is best for kids to run around during the hot summer afternoons, and it would be great because this would create a stream, as it will allow you to enjoy the pool better if kids have a separate area. 

2. Create a Waterfall 

If you love some water noises in your backyard, a waterfall is a way to go. Not only do fountains add the soothing sound of water, but they also come in various styles to suit your style. You can place your fountain directly on the ground or put it on a pedestal. As you set this, the task may be quite simple or you may also go very detailed as you desire. 

Water Runs in Garden Waterfall

– Ideas for Decoration 

There are different ideas that you can add to adjust the waterfall stream in your backyard, such as having a waterfall without a pond.

The latter is one that is perfect for smaller yard that don’t need to be high-end on the design, but at the same time, they are loved because of their low maintenance characteristic.

You can also add a staircase waterfall, and in order to get a unique and modern water feature, you can create a staircase waterfall using different sizes of rocks. This small backyard design is ideal for small gardens or outdoor living spaces.

There’s also a spout waterfall, which would definitely add some rustic vibe or ambience to your outdoor space.

It makes the water cascade into the pond, creating a relaxing, calm noise that is a perfect backdrop when spending time in your yard. Remember that you can build your spout waterfall if you love DIY projects, or get a professional to help you. 

Lastly, for the waterfall ideas, you may simply add a spilling bowls waterfall. The spilling bowls is a beautiful addition to your backyard featuring a couple of clay bowls that are spilling water to one another to make a stunning waterfall. 

This waterfall is small and shallow for a small backyard with little water. A small pump is fitted within the water feature to help pump and circulate the water, as it would be causing it to spill over the edge of these bowls.

This movement creates a gentle waterfall that relaxes you visually and mentally. To style them up, you can add LED lights to create that gorgeous nighttime romantic display.

3. Make a Water Fountain 

A water fountain is one of the common landscaping ideas that people use. It creates a dramatic focal point in your garden by getting a formal fountain. You can get yourself a large fountain anchored in its reflection small pond or surround it with plants.

Water Fountain in Garden

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There are different types of fountains you can add, such as the wall-mounted fountains, which are an eye-catching visual to your backyard. These wall-mounted fountains are available in different sizes, styles, materials, etc. 

Therefore, it is easy to find one that complements your home. Ensure you have a stable wall for this waterfall to keep it from toppling over. However, note that you will need to regularly empty and clean the fountain to remove the buildup of algae and debris. 

You may also add a rain fountain if you wish to enjoy that soothing rain fountain on an afternoon of rest. It mimics a rain shower, providing endless soothing rain, which is very relaxing to listen to. The best part about this is that you don’t need a big backyard to build one for yourself. 

A basalt rock fountain on the other hand, is a great for a small backyard, if you have ideas to revamp it. You can make a statement with a basalt fountain without being too extravagant. 

The basalt is an igneous stone that forms when lava solidifies. It has a natural, rustic look that adds a personality to your backyard. Using natural stone, you get a fountain that is durable and beautiful. This adds both function and style to your small backyard, which is a great catch. 

Lastly, you can also add an urn fountain, which is a great addition to a small backyard. It comes in various styles and can be made from concrete or ceramic.

Whether you go for a traditional or modern urn fountain, you will get every head turning. They are very simple to install and don’t need a whole of maintenance. This is a design that adds a touch of elegance to any small background.

4. Create a Small Stream

You can create a long, flowing backyard stream whether your backyard is hilly or flat. Add some big and small rocks for a river effect and some small colorful stones for beauty in the water. A backyard stream is a great idea to explore if you have a small space, as it adds charm and interest to your home. 

Water Flows in a Small Stream

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You can add a small stream that makes a pond, and this idea would incorporate both a stream and a small pond. Which means that instead of allowing the stream to flow, you build a pond at the edge where the water collects. This idea is breathtaking to have in the middle of your garden.

You can also add a small stone stream, of course, if you love a rocky stream, you can get a stone stream. Add big and small rocks to bring the kind of effect you like. Colorful pebbles are a must-add to this stream. 

A different edition of this would be a colorful stream where you can plant flowers around your stream to create a colorful one, together with different stone colors as well. Mix flowers that do not bloom simultaneously to create a vibrant effect all year. 

You may even add a romantic stream to enhance the garden’s mood, and you can do this by simply adding some lights to your stream to create a magical effect in your backyard.

Furthermore, you can even place some seating area for your romantic evening when you can rest and unwind together as a couple. 

The last option would also be creating a Japanese garden stream, adding this feel would be by using shallow flowing water courses and line up the banks with stones and groups of plants. The stream bed may also be studded using rocks set up to break the high water flow.

5. Add a Small Backyard Pond

After a long day, unwind seated or lying next to your small pond. Incorporate landscaping elements like stones, pebbles, flowering plants, or ferns around your pond to create a natural feel.

Small Backyard Pond

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You can alwayas have a DIY pond and build your pond according to your liking. You can get the building materials from the hardware stores near you and get to work with the water adjustments and the stones that you would like to place on the edge of your stream, if you also wish to have a waterfall. Overall, it is all up to you and your creativity in this case. 

Nonetheless, you may also have the option to add a Koi pond, of course, if you have the space for a Koi pond, go for it. It will bring a different sensation of tranquility and the beauty that your yard deserves.

However, you must ensure the koi pond is large enough to allow your fish to live comfortably. Add non-toxic plants to provide food for your fish will eat, like floating plants, water lettuce, etc. 

On another note, a garden pond that is placed in the middle of your garden to bring you cool ambiance. Add some large rocks as borders to keep the garden separate from the pond. Grow your favorite plants around to create a greenery view.

6. Simple Bird Bath

One of the simplest garden water features is a bird bath. Your efforts will not be in vain, as they will be rewarded by the many birds that come to sing and bathe at this water point. 

Simple Bird Bath in Garden

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You will not need lots of costly installation, water pumps, or filters for this idea. Birdbaths are budget friendly and add a unique feature to your landscape.

You can choose a pedestal handing style, a hanging bird bath, or a fountain design for this water feature. Colors and sizes according to your personal preference.

7. Garden Creek

A garden creek is a must if you love to spend time in your garden. A garden water feature makes it stand out with a calmness that words cannot explain. You just have to try it to feel it.

Japanese Garden Creek

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You can build your creek using gravel, concrete, PVC pipe, and a recirculating pipe to keep the water coming back. Place the stones strategically to guide the water to a retaining pool where it’s pumped back to the beginning of the creek. You can make a distinctive water garden border between two gardens.


The backyard stream ideas are an excellent way to enhance your landscape with water, which is therapeutic.

But before you get these designs started, it’s important to understand these few pointers of what we covered.

  • It doesn’t matter what the size or shape of your garden; you can add a water feature of your choice. 
  • Some of the easiest water ideas you can implement include adding a waterfall, creating a deck-mounted swimming pool, adding a small backyard pond, or building a garden creek.
  • All these water features are easy to make as they reuse the same water without waste or intake of too much water. 
  • You can purchase from any online store or search online for a garden stream kit to help you make your stream. 
  • Some of these ideas are easy, and you can DIY them, while others will need help from experts. Don’t shy away from asking for help to make your design a reality.

Finally, now that you have the important information to execute many of these ideas, it’s time to do so. Cheers to that water feature coming to bring you some needed therapy.

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