Backyard tiki hut ideas can create an incredible environment for your tiki huts because of the island-like atmosphere that they create. 

19 Backyard Tiki Hut Ideas for Creating an Amazing Tiki Bar

Some people have the misconception that a tiki-type bar or hut is not fully authentic unless it is located on the beach. 

However, there are huts decorated in a tiki style all over the world, some which are located several hundred kilometers away from a beach. 

We have worked a lot on the tiki bar decor and accessories and came across a lot of interesting ideas, using our ideas here so that you can create the best hut possible in your own backyard.

List of Backyard Tiki Hut Ideas

1. Architectural Ideas

Tiki huts and bars are generally an essential part of any vacation to a tropical location. But they have also gained popularity in cities all over the world, and some of them are even being constructed in settings that have nothing to do with the traditional concept of a tiki bar or hut at all.

Architectural Ideas For Tiki Bars in Homes or Backyard

A tiki structure typically includes thatch roofs made of bamboo, swinging doors, totem poles, and wall art covered in exquisite carvings in the yard. There is an emphasis on creating an environment that will transport you to paradise while still keeping some reality intact with the construction of the tiki structures.

After all, there is no use in believing you’re on a beach if you can’t feel the sand between your toes! You may use different methods by which natural materials such as bamboo and wood can be used in the building process is one of the most important aspects of tiki design.

The challenge is to separate the tiki-type bar from the rest of the urban environment and to bring the tropics to your backyard, especially with an installed thatch roof. To do this, you should aim for a tropical tiki design. For example, you can build a small bridge for the guests to get into the bar of the hut.

2. Water Feature Ideas

There is no such thing as a tiki-style hut that is finished without incorporating some kind of water feature because the inspiration comes from Hawaii and the latter is a tropical place rich in water. You may even want to think further about installing a beautiful little waterfall or even a mini pond in the space that serves as the bar of your hut.

Water Feature Ideas for Tiki Bars Outdoor Addition Bar Fountain

Though not mandatory but if you can create the sound of water splashing somewhere in your backyard tiki bar project it would be quite relaxing for the guests. If you add an aquarium stocked with exotic fish to the bar of your hut, your friends who visit there may find it quite interesting.

3. Furniture 

Tiki bars are known for their laid-back ambiance, which they achieve by decorating with tiki artifacts, stocking tropical drinks, and featuring live music. With the correct outdoor furniture, you may recreate the ambiance of a tropical island in your own house or place of business.

Tiki Bar Furniture Ideas Interior Exterior Wood

To create a tiki-type bar, though, you won’t be able to get away with just any old furniture; you’ll need chairs, bar stools, shelves, tables for storing tropical drinks, and more

Tiki bar furniture is something that is sometimes disregarded, despite the fact that it has the potential to improve the tiki bar experience significantly.

There are numerous configurations for tiki furniture that may be designed to look fantastic in any given area, however, note that they are made of bamboo most, if not all, of the time. 

There is no limitation to the variety of things that may be created out of salvaged materials, from outdoor bars fashioned from recycled materials such as old shipping pallets to kitchen islands with built-in sinks and ice wells, and everything in between.

4. Lighting 

Tiki-type bars have dim lighting with a warm amber glow to them, which adds a coziness to the atmosphere. They have lamps that have shades and colorful glass that illuminates the lamps, in addition, they would have multiple styles of lights as well. 

Tiki Bar Lighting and Atmosphere Indoor View

It is a great idea to consider the installation of a string of lights along the top of your bar in the outdoor space because doing so can provide the appearance of an exotic glow. Installing garden lights will make the place feel exciting, themed, and fresh, to save power, you can even have them set solar-powered.

5. Wall Art

All tiki huts are known for their exotic wall art, they always have floral, and tropical, art that is usually mixed with a variety of colors, and shapes. Sometimes, some of them have a design of a tiki totem, and other times they have a breathtaking view of the Polynesian sunset or any of the significant scenery. 

Tiki Bar Wall Art Indoor Elements Wooden Statues Totems

You may even find them being the exotic leaves that grow in the culture like the bird of paradise, or the birds that they have such as the tucan, or the pink flamingo bird.

6. Carved Tiki Pole Placement

A tiki hut is not as real as you want it to be unless it has a tiki deity presiding and curved tiki poles all over it. Always keep in mind that a Tiki God is an essential component of any tiki-type bar. It has to be present at all times because this is a big part of the tradition.

Carved Tiki Pole Placement Wooden Totem Polynesian

The heads of these carved figures were responsible for keeping an eye on those who were drinking. That’s quite an interesting fact, don’t you think? You should now have no confusion about why there are always those cool tiny carved statues in tiki bars now that you know why.

The name “tiki” originates from ancient or old Polynesia, specifically Easter Island, where the people called Rapa Nui carved figures of humans in wood between the years 1250 and 1500.

7. Bar Cart 

You always have the prospect of using a bar cart in the event that you are unable to construct a built-in bar in your hut. There is no shame in utilizing bar carts in a space that is lacking in square footage; in fact, certain bar carts can be extremely fashionable. 

Tiki Bar Cart Wooden Furniture Element Indoor Placement

Because these carts are mobile, you can move them out of the way when you’re not using them by pushing them to the side of the room.

One thing you should know about the style of these carts is that they are made of bamboo, the colors of these bamboo are lighter in shade, and arranged next to one another. They can be in different designs not just in a vertical arrangement, as you can find them even in a lattice shape.

8. Sofa Table Ideas

A wonderful idea that you can follow for your tiki backyard hut is to repurpose a sofa table, as we think it’s a fantastic concept. You should look for tall rectangular tables that are on the taller side if you want to repurpose them. You should have no trouble finding one of these tables in a thrift store.

Sofa Table Ideas for Tiki Bar Interior Style

The significance of this table is that it is made of wood, and has carvings on them of Polynesian culture. Since there is a range of sizes available for the sofa tables, you might choose a larger one if you anticipate having a large number of guests, but if you only anticipate having a few people around, a more compact table would work just well. 

9. Beverage Chillers

You should have no trouble locating transportable beverage chillers that you can use to maintain the drinks at a cool temperature. These chillers would have a carving of the tiki statue faces on the surface. If you are offering beverages that are canned or bottled, drink chillers can be an excellent investment for you. 

Beverage Chillers For Tiki Bars Drinks and Fruit Ceramic Glass

10. Shelves’ Installation 

The concept of placing shelves in a tiki environment can be quite appealing to most people. After installing the shelves, you can decorate them with quaint tiny sculptures, tiki-shaped cups for serving drinks, coconuts, or even outdoor lamps if you want. You may arrange the shelves in such a way that your guests can set their beverages on them.

Shelves Installation For Tiki Bars and Outdoor Parties

11. Hut Location

When you think of a tiki bar, the first thing that usually comes to mind is torches placed on a sandy beach. Though having a beach is a plus point, it is not mandatory for you to have a sandy beach around especially if it is in your backyard. You just need a spare spot in your own backyard to set up your tiki hut gazebo.

Tiki Hut Location in Backyard

Before you do anything else, you need to ensure that you have an empty space to the side for your hut to put furniture and decorations, and it could be closer to your swimming pool as well, if you have one in your backyard. However, you need to ensure that the size of that space is taken into consideration.

12. Trimming Method

If you want your bar to be a full-fledged establishment, you need to decorate it in a way that is both entertaining and vibrant. Raffia garlands are something essential to have for your bar and they are something that can be purchased very readily online.

Trimming Method for Tiki Bars

It would look fantastic wrapped around a table if you plan to use it, it is a cheaper option than placing bamboo on the sides.

In all seriousness, the appearance of your bar will be significantly enhanced with the addition of raffia. 

Tacks or a glue gun can be used to quickly and conveniently position them in various parts of your setup as glue guns always seem to come in handy. Additionally, you can choose garlands that are made of shells and tropical flowers.

These make wonderful decorations and are available from a number of different vendors. The creation of a tropical ambiance can also be accomplished by scattering potted plants and artificial palm trees throughout the tiki area. One wonderful idea that you can follow is to add a palm tree which will look incredible in the decorations.

13. Placing Bar Stools

The chairs of the hut should provide adequate comfort, especially the bar stools, they shouldn’t be like regular bar stools. It would be simply the best idea that you would place some lounge chairs that can be adjusted. 

Placing Bar Stools in a Tiki Bar

Additionally, if you want to really give the space a special touch, you can hang some hammocks there. You can even create the appearance of a cozy corner by placing giant cushions and cozy blankets in a certain spot that you like in the hut.

14. Tiki Totem Statue Placement

A totem statue can be quite adorable if you can make one in its diminutive form. If you want, you can get totem statues made by Design Toscano because they make some impressive pieces of statues. If you get statues that are hand-painted, it will feel more unique for the hut, they can even be carved on a surfboard.

Tiki Totem Statue Placement

Moreover, you can find some statues that are fashioned out of actual stone that has been smashed up and fused together with a high-quality resin. Such statues are also quite amazing. To sum it up, tiki totem statues will look fantastic in a tropical scene for the hut.

Another statue that you can get from the market for your hut is the “Statue of the Grand Tiki” this statue is suitable for use as a table in your tiki environment because it is large enough to accommodate both beverages and food.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use it with a stool, but you may position it next to a lounge chair and make elegant use of it as a side table. Because of the careful handwork that went into finishing such statues, they are all one of a kind.

15. Umbrella 

If you feel like there is something missing from your large tiki hut it is surely an umbrella. Because an umbrella is an item that gives the finishing touch to your little house. If you are looking for a particular type of umbrella, you should go for a thatch-type umbrella.

Umbrella for a Tiki Bar Ideas

Because such umbrellas have the particular “tiki bar” feeling that you want. You can get a thatch umbrella with a big circumference somewhere between six to even seven feet

You should keep in mind that a big thatch-type umbrella will have a heavy-duty pole and ribs and so you have to be careful while you work to install it to your bar.

But the good thing about such an umbrella is that the canopy isn’t going to fade away. If you get an umbrella with a canopy that has vents in it, then the air can escape more easily. 

Finally, another idea that you can follow is to get an umbrella with a simple tilt mechanism. Because such an umbrella will cast shade over the user even when the sun is directly overhead, as these are some of the essentials for the tiki hut kits.

16. Positioning the Bar

You will, needless to say, be in possession of the bar itself. You can construct your very own bar in the comfort of your own home if you are skilled with a hammer and enjoy constructing things.

Positioning the Tiki Bar Landscape

Moreover, you can simply look up the process of creating the bar on the internet, and you can readily discover step-by-step tutorials that will walk you through the process.

On the other hand, if you consider getting things done in a more quick manner, you may even get a pre-built bar, for example, a bar made of wood, which would be an excellent choice.

17. Outdoor Bar Setting

It is imperative that you do not overlook the necessity of the furniture in your tiki environment. You can get a bar set made of wicker which will undoubtedly result in a unique appearance next to your hut. You can even get a ready set that has that comes with shelf tables, stools, and cushions.

Outdoor Bar Setting Tiki Hut Ideas

Keep in mind that the set you choose should have a shelf in the middle of the table and it should provide sufficient space for storing food and beverages

It is a good idea to get a table with a smooth surface. Because it will be then easy for you to place your glasses there. If you have a limited amount of space in your tiki bar, then you can choose a set of bars that has storage space.

The space will allow you to make better use of the area you have. The wicker set that is created out of a powder-coated steel frame will be heavy-duty. Such a set should be able to endure for many years in the future. So, this is a great idea to get such a set of bars instead of getting one that will break soon.

18. Bar Sign 

It is impossible to imagine a tiki bar without including signs for a tiki bar. There are various kinds of tiki signs, but some frequent examples are a palm tree with coconuts and pineapples on it or a tropical fruit dish surrounded by bamboo and flowers.

Landscape Ideas for Tiki Bar Sign

Other examples of tiki signs include tiki masks and carved wooden figures, or tiki statues next to the tiki bar open sign.

You can even go a little modern on the sign, and instead of having the “open” sign written using bamboo wood, they could be written with neon lights, and several color options being enhanced in the sign.

Typically, these signs are painted on boards made of wood or metal that have been fashioned into the shape of trees. Parrots, flamingos, surfboards, and hula dancers are a few other illustrations of this concept along with the famous Hawaiian tiki statue and tiki mask. 

Your tiki wood bar needs to have a personal touch, so think of a creative name for your backyard bar and have a sign made for it. This will give your outdoor tiki bar a sense of individuality.

19. Tiki Torch Placement

A torch is a terrific way to give your backyard the sensation of being on an island for outdoor decor, where your hut is located or signified.

Tiki Torch Placement for Tiki Bar

You will not have any type of trouble locating one that complements the tiki decor of your area because they are available in a wide variety of contours, dimensions, and colors.

Torches come in a wide variety of designs, but most of them share a fundamental profile that is elongated and tapered, allowing them to maintain their vertical position even when not supported by anything else.

When put on level ground or sand, a torch has a base that will help the top remain stable. The top is typically rounded and they can even be a DIY torch.

A torch can be used outside in places where there are no open flames or close to trees; however, it is generally recommended that you position them away from anything that could catch fire, including siding. 

You should keep the torch at a distance of at least 10 feet from any structures such as decks, fences, and sheds, as they would light the way of the entrance of your hut.


Since you are now familiar with the backyard tiki hut ideas, it will be easier for you to include them in the planning and design of your own backyard tiki hut. 

You will now be able to significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard by adding only a few elements, for example, lights, bar signs, and tiki grand statues. Therefore, if you want to make your backyard feel more beach-like, you should follow the ideas that we provided.

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