Begonia Fuchsioides Care InfographicBegonia fuchsioides produces bright-colored and unique-looking flowers that look like hanging fruit. As far as houseplants go, this one is gorgeous and easy to look after.

This article contains the most exciting care hacks from people who have been growing begonias for decades. Keep reading about this begonia, as we have compiled it all in this article.

What Is Begonia Fuchsioides?

Begonia fuchsioides is a perennial plant that originates in Colombia and Venezuela. According to its scientific classification, it belongs to the Begoniaceae family. Although primarily famous for red-hanging bell-shaped blooms, it can produce pink, white, and yellowish leaves. 

Begonia Fuchsioides Care

This type of Begonia can be grown indoors and outdoors, provided you shade them from direct light. We have written it all in this article. Keep reading to find out the essential details to growing this beautiful plant:

– Light Requirements

The fuchsioides Begonia can only tolerate filtered or dappled sunlight. When you plant it in your yard, choose a shaded spot for it. A large tree that can provide shade over the growing Begonia is the perfect solution. Another hack is to plant it right next to a northern-facing wall.

Inside the house, the plant is safe from direct sunlight. The only exception is a window that faces the south. Don’t put your Begonia right next to this window. Instead, put it someplace where no direct rays of light fall. All the rest of the windows are safe enough.

Sometimes, the light inside the house is not bright enough. The plant has trouble carrying out photosynthesis and struggles to live. Order some artificial grow lights to provide the exact wavelengths that your plant needs to grow. You must keep these lights on for approximately 12 to 14 hours daily.