Bent lawn mower blade is one that should be fixed at the right time to avoid major inconveniences. So, if the blades behave unlike themselves, it is highly likely that the blades are bent, and it is time for lawn mower blade repair.

Fixxing Bent Lawnmower Blade

Keep reading as we are here to help you with exactly that, through our article, we will be going through every step in detail so that you can do the job easily and efficiently, so read on. 

How To Fix a Bent Lawn Mower Blade?

To fix a bent lawn mower blade, you must first gather your tools and prepare or set your lawn mower. Then, you should bend the blade that you will work on and sharpen the straightened blade. Now, reattach the blade to the lawn mower, and try to work it. 

Most lawn mower blades are made up of carbon steel, remember that this steel is gone through a salt bath heat treatment to remove any chances of bending. 

But preventive measures cannot save the blade from bending if your lawn-mowing machine hits opaque objects like rock, concrete pavement, etc. Some other common bent lawn mower blade symptoms include unequal grass cutting and higher-than-usual vibration levels. 

Now, can a bent mower blade be fixed? Yes, it certainly can, because it is an issue to resolve in a swift manner. Usually, under such circumstances, you either fix your blades or replace them. Whichever option you decide to go for, the selection of the right kind of tools decides the fate of your injured blades.

– Gather Your Tools

We are sure that you must have had a bent blade in your hands once in a while. It is very common and occurs when the blade comes into contact with something hard, like a rock. When you aim to gather the right tools and knowledge to carry out the task efficiently and effectively without anybody’s help. 

Tools for Bending Balde

The moment seems hectic, and you would ask yourself questions like, will a bent lawn mower blade cause vibration? Or even, is the lawn mower blade hitting sides normal? It is common for a riding lawn mower to vibrate when turned on, but if you notice that the intensity of the vibrations has increased, it indicates that the blade has bent. 

The first and foremost step is gathering the appropriate job tools because the right equipment will make your task easy and save you time too. Some common tools to straighten your blade include a rachet with a long handle, a large pair of pliers, rags, a ball peen hammer, a sledgehammer, a pile, and goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands. However, before starting, it is important to note that if you have already straightened your lawn mower’s blade, you will likely have to replace it.

– Prepare and Set Your Lawn Mower

After you have gathered your tools, the next step is to flip the mower onto its side so that the air filter is facing upwards, and this should be done when the mower is set to a comfortable working position. It is vital to ensure that petrol or oil does not enter the filter. But before you flip your mower over, make sure you disconnect it from the spark plug.

Once the mower is flipped, use your tools to remove the blade. Take your socket and wrench to carry out the task, and you will need strong support to prop up the blade; most people prefer to use their feet for this purpose. 

However, if you do not want to use your feet for safety purposes or feel that this support is not sturdy enough, you can always use a scrap wooden block between your foot and the blade. Once you have successfully removed your blade, it is time to flip the mower back to its original resting position.

– Bend the Bent Blade

Can you straighten a riding mower blade? Yes, you can! Let us tell you how. If you have an anvil available, place the straight part of the blade under it and use a pair of pliers to help the blade return to its original form. 

On the other hand, if you do not have an anvil, you can put the bent end of the blade in a vice grip, or you can clamp it to your work surface, it would work just right. Use the vice to hold the straight part of the blade firmly and heat the bent part of the blade with a flaming torch until it is bright red in its color. You can use a ball-peen hammer to straighten out any last bits of the bent side and in this case, you may also use a sledgehammer in the place of an anvil.

Bend the Lawnmower Blade

Another way of straightening the blade is by using an angle grinder with a wire brush wheel to restore the bent part to its original position again. Just for a heads-up, be prepared as your patience is going to be tested with the trial and error method as it takes a few tries to get the perfect result.

– Sharpen Your Straightened Blade

Use a file to hold the straightened blade against your workstation, now that you have bent them properly. The next step is to sharpen the cutting edge of your blade with the file. It is the blade’s cleanest part if you need to know where the cutting edge is. 

Align the file with the blade, apply the slightest pressure, and then drag it away from the blade. You must make sure that all the strokes move away from the blade, if you wish you can also adopt an easier option, in this case, which is to use a bench grinder if you have one at home.

We are sure you must have done your best by now, but we suggest you check the balance of your lawnmower blade. Try balancing your amended blade on your finger where the bolt goes. The blade should be even and leveled and not tip or have an uneven balance.

– Reattach Your Blade to the Lawn Mower

Now that you have straightened your blade, the next and final step is to attach it to your lawn mower.

Reattaching Blade to the Lawn Mower

Tilt the lawnmower to its side and reattach the blade in the opposite direction of how you took it off with the help of a wrench and socket. Make sure you secure it properly to avoid it coming off again.

– Always Double-Check

When the blade is in a position where it should be, tighten it a bit more, as you can always be careful when dealing with sharp objects. After you have fixed the blade back on and the mower deck is facing downwards, always check if the blade is even and balanced, and if you have any doubts, cut grass for a patch test.

If your machine is behaving a bit unusual or is still giving your grass an uneven cut, it is better to get help from a professional. However, if everything seems okay, and you have aced the task, then you are have successfully done everything and now you just need to run the machine and try it out. 


You are now geared to fix and straighten the blade correctly, using the information and knowledge you gained from our article!

But before you leave, here is a recap of the main points once more:

  • The mower’s blades do not bend easily, so if it has, it is because your mower has hit something hard.
  • Before you touch the blade or even the mower, ensure that it is not attached to a plug and that you have your protective gear on.
  • Like for any process, gathering your tools is the first step towards fixing your blade.
  • Refrain from letting the absence of one or more tools stop you from tending to your mower, as we have mentioned alternative tools for your convenience.
  • After you have straightened your blade, always double-check to avoid any hazards.

Now that you have all the recommendations at your fingertips, you can fix and straighten your blade in an expert way. Since most lawn mower blades are made of local carbon steel, making them hard. But that does not stop them from bending when they hit solid objects like rock or concrete pavement. 

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