Applying an artificial grassArtificial grass is a lot easier to maintain, and it beautifies the lawn. What makes it even more impressive is that you don’t have to water it to keep it lush green for years!

But which artificial grass should you buy as there are products available in the market?

To help you out, I have reviewed the 9 best artificial grass to help you pick the right one for you.

Let’s begin!

Following is the comparison table comparing the 9 best artificial grass available in the market.


Material Size Pile Height


Goasis Lawn Realistic Thick

Polypropylene 4 feet x 6 feet 1.38 inches


Goasis Lawn 5 ft x 8 ft

Polyethylene 5 feet x 8 feet 0.4 inches


Pet Grow PG1-4

Synthetic 6.5 feet x 10 feet 1.37 inches


SunVilla SV7’X13′

Polyethylene 7 feet X 13 feet 1 3/8 inches



Polyethylene 2 feet x 3.3 feet