Are you in need of the best brush killer to remove all the unattractive brushes present in your yard? If so, then try a suitable brush killer.

The brush killer will help you remove all the overgrown brush and weeds present in your lawn. But which brush killer gives the best cleaning outcome?

Well, in this article, we have reviewed the 9 best brush killers so that you can undoubtedly pick the top one for your needs.

So, let’s start!

Comparison Table

With the given comparison table’s help, you can compare the best brush killer’s vital features. This comparison table will let you quickly decide the right product for you.

Products Quantity Form Rainproof Weight
Ortho Max Poison Brush Killer

16-Ounce Concentrated In 2 hours 1.21 pounds
BioAdvanced 704645A Brush Killer

32-Ounce Ready to use In 4 hours 2.33 pounds
Ortho 475705 Brush Killer

1.33 gallon Ready to use In 2 hours 12.45 pounds
Roundup Concentrate Brush Killer

32 oz Concentrated In 30 minutes 2 pounds
Southern Ag 01112 Brush Killer

1 quart Concentrated In few hours 2.35 pounds
Bonide BND331 Brush Killer

32 oz Concentrated In few hours 1 pound
Gordon’s For Large Property Brush Killer

1 gallon Concentrated In 6 hours 9.25 pounds
Image Brush & Vine Killer Concentrate  32 oz Concentrated In few hours 2 pounds
Ortho 0432960 Max Poison Brush Killer 32-Ounce Concentrated 2 hours 2.3 pounds

Best Brush Killer on the Market 2021 Review

Want a thorough review of all the top-quality brush killers available in the market? If yes, then this section is for you.

1. Ortho Max Poison Brush Killer


  • Effective against toughest brushy weeds
  • Eliminate woody plants
  • Rainproof


  • Need careful handling
  • Quantity is less

Ortho Max Poison is the first product on our list of best brush killers because of its effective performance. This product is quite popular because of its ability to remove over 60 types of brush and weeds.

With this product, you can also eliminate plants like blackberries, poison oak, woody plants, kudzu, etc. It comes in a bottle containing 16-ounce liquid, indicating that it might get finished quickly depending on your lawn size.

If you want to use it on a bigger-sized lawn, you can purchase multiple bottles of this product to use it for a longer duration. Also, you can use this brush killer against invasive weeds and swarming.

The best thing about the Ortho Max Poison is its compact and lightweight bottle. You can carry the bottle wherever you want and also storing it is a lot easier. Though a few drops of Ortho Max Poison might give you the desired outcome, if you wish aggressive results, then make sure to use it in a more significant amount.

While using this brush killer, people usually complain about the slow absorption, which also produces slow results. To make it absorb quickly, the Ortho brand recommends mixing it with the dishwashing liquid.

Further, you can also use this product to break down the waxy layer of leaves. It is a rainproof solution, so even rain will not minimize its efficiency. Many brush killers do not help eliminate woody plants, but that is not the case with Ortho Max Poison.

With this product, you can kill woody plants like stumps and vines quickly. This tough brush killer does not come with hose-end sprayers, but it is compatible with many sprayers.

Therefore, to make it easier to apply, you connect a hose-end sprayer with this unit. Besides, this brush killer has many active ingredients that help it to render the wanted outcome.

In terms of safety, you should be careful while using it. Make sure to keep it away from kids and pets. The brush killer is usually safe for pets once dry. Therefore, ensure to keep your pet away for 4 to 6 hours. The product appears in a concentrated form, so you will have to dilute it with water and utilize it in any of the sprayers you want.

Overview: Ortho Max Poison is an ideal brush killer for those who want to eliminate over 60 kinds of tough brush and weed. It gives effective performance and is rainproof.

2. BioAdvanced 704645A Brush Killer


  • Rainproof protection
  • One-touch spray
  • Durable EZ grip


  • Sprayer nozzle is less durable
  • Relatively expensive

If you want a brush killer with a greater quantity that will last longer, prefer BioAdvanced 704645A. It comes in multiple styles and sizes so that you can choose as per your need. The BioAdvanced brand offers 24 ounces, 32 ounces, 1 gallon, and a 1.3-gallon bottle.

Depending on your lawn size as well as the requirement, you can pick any. The unique feature of BioAdvanced 704645A is that it targets brushes and weeds from the roots. Removing weeds and brushes from the roots minimizes the chances of regrowth.

Besides, the 704645A unit will also let you deal with unwanted grass and vine-type plants. You can additionally use it for killing bramble, blackberry, poison oak, kudzu, and many more plants. Compared to the Ortho Max Poison unit, the 704645A brush killer can help remove more types of weeds and brush.

With ease, you can destroy over 70 different kinds of brushes and weeds. Another reason that many users prefer this heavy brush killer is because it comes with ready-to-use packaging. Due to this packaging, you do not have to be concerned about the mixing ratio.

Also, this brush killer will let you immediately start using it without preparing any other things. BioAdvanced brand also offers a concentrated version of this product, which you can choose if needed.

Moreover, the penetration power of this product is relatively better than its competitors. It quickly penetrates the weeds, grasses, brushes and removes them from the roots. After applying it, you will start seeing results within 1 to 6 weeks.

Like other high-quality brush killers, the 704645A product is also rainproof. The BioAdvanced brand has added a nested sprayer with the 704645A model to make this brush killer easier to use. This nested sprayer will support you during the spraying process. Also, it will allow you to spray the desired quantity of liquid with a single touch.

It has an EZ-grip feature that offers better handling of the product. If you wish for better results from this product, ensure applying it when plants are actively growing or fully leafed out. Though this product is pet-safe, I would still suggest keeping your pets away while using it in your yard.

Overview: BioAdvanced 704645A is a perfect brush killer for large areas. It has a ready-to-spray feature that makes spraying a lot easier and quicker.

3. Ortho 475705 Brush Killer


  • Comfort wand
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting


  • Heavyweight
  • Bulky

Another top-quality brush killer by the Ortho brand is the 475705 GroundClear unit. This product has a large 1.33-gallon bottle that is suitable for an expansive lawn. Because of the greater liquid quantity present, its weight is relatively heavy. You might struggle to lift the brush killer for a lengthier time because of the weight.

Apart from a large lawn, you can also use this product for cleaning small yards as well. Further, the Ortho 475705 product has a greater strength which helps this unit kill around 60 types of weeds. This brush killer spray is highly effective against poison oak, wild blackberry, kudzu, carpetweed, and many other weeds.

Similar to other high-performing brush killers, the Ortho 475705 unit also targets the roots. It eliminates the plant from the core so that it never regrows again. The fast-acting feature of this product makes it a top priority for many users. This feature will help you speedily eliminate grass and bushes without making you wait for a more extended period.

You will start seeing significant results after applying this brush killer in your yard. Within a day, it begins to turn the leaves yellow and wilt. Besides fast-acting, it also has a rainproof feature. For a better cleaning outcome, make sure to use it directly on brush and weeds.

Use the Ortho 475705 unit on non-garden areas. This product offers much better performance than a natural brush killer. It is also a lot easier to use this Ortho 475705 product. It has a comfort wand that you can utilize to spray a continuous stream. This wand will let you efficiently target the weed, brush, and other plants you want to remove. You do not need any pumping or bending to use it.

Also, try using this product when the weeds are actively growing for an effective outcome. One drawback of this brush killer is that it can also destroy desirable plants. Therefore, you should ensure that it does not contact those plants you do not want to remove.

You can also shield the desirable plants using different items before spraying the brush killer. For added safety, make sure only to enter the operated area after the spray has dried.

Overview: If you have a greater area to cover, then the Ortho 475705 Brush Killer will be a perfect choice for you. It has a fast-acting property that gives quick and outstanding results.

4. Roundup Concentrate Brush Killer


  • Ideal for large areas
  • Rapid results
  • Rainproof


  • It can also damage desirable plants
  • Not safe when in concentrated form

This brush killer concentrate solution is quite famous because of its powerful ability to kill unwanted bushes and weeds. It also gives effective results against poison ivy and invasive vines. The Roundup concentrate brush killer comes in four different variants: concentrate, wand, concentrate + sprayer, and trigger. You can choose any of the variants in this brush killer as per your need.

Further, the 32 oz bottle will help you enjoy results for a prolonged time. It arrives in a large bottle at a reasonable cost, so it offers a much economical way to tread weeds and brush. The formula used in Roundup has two unique herbicides.

With these herbicides’ help, you can get rid of various vegetations such as kudzu, wild blackberry, sumac, etc. The prime target of the Roundup formula is the roots of the plants. It enters the plant roots, ensuring that the plants do not regrow again after a short period. You can also control the regrowth of stumps using this product.

Besides, after 30 minutes, the Roundup formula becomes rainproof. Also, you will experience quick results from using it. Within 24 hours, it will begin to kill all the unfavorable herbs.

Because of its strength to utter quick results, the Roundup Brush Killer is the top priority of many lawn owners. Try keeping your pets and kids away when the formula is wet. In wet conditions, it can be harmful. However, after drying, it becomes safe for both humans and pets. Therefore, after applying the Roundup brush killer, make sure to wait until it gets dry.

Moreover, as it comes in a concentrated form, you will need to dilute it with water. As this Roundup unit supports multiple variants, you can also use the variant that comes in a pre-diluted form.

In the pre-diluted form, you will not have to worry about mixing the water with the solution. The pre-diluted variant of this product arrives in a unique bottle with a spraying wand attached.

One prime drawback of the brush killer is that it can even harm your desirable plants. Therefore, while spraying, you should be extra careful. You can also cover the plants you want to keep with a plastic sheet while spraying the formula.

Overview: The Roundup Concentrate Brush Killer is ideal for large areas. It presents an economical way to deal with weeds and grass quickly.

5. Southern Ag 01112 Brush Killer


  • It can kill various plants.
  • Greater quantity
  • Quite powerful


  • Slow results
  • Strong smell

Southern Ag 01112 is another worthy product that you can use to kill weed and brush. It comes in a large 1 quart, containing a high-performing formula. The use of triclopyr and other active ingredients will let you kill any plant you want. Because it can destroy various types of plants, therefore you should use it with great care.

Try to avoid keeping this formula near the plants that you want to save on your lawn. With it, you can quickly get rid of vines, brush, and perennial weeds. It does not let grass, brush, plants, and weed regrow for an extended period. Therefore, you should only use this in areas where you do not want to regrow grass or plants again.

Not only plants, but also you can use the Southern Ag 01112 formula on trees as well. Applying it to the stump will cause damage to the tree. As this formula is quite powerful, you should be careful while utilizing it. Keep it away from the grass as it can also cause damage to the grass.

Moreover, you will observe quick results with the Southern Ag brush killer. Before using this product, do not forget to mix it with water. Make sure to keep the ratio of the formula and water balanced to work effectively for you.

Adding a greater quantity of water can minimize the efficiency of this heavy brush killer. You can use three gallons of water with four to six ounces of the formula for better proportion. For mixing, you may require a bucket and an applicator.

Within 10 to 14 days, you will start noticing the results. If you do not see any results after 10 to 14 days, then you may need to reapply the formula on that particular area. Keep both the animals and kids away from this product as it can make them sick.

Another thing to look at in this brush killer is its smell. It has quite a strong odor. Because of the smell, we would not recommend you using this formula on windy days.

Overview: Southern Ag 01112 brush killer is a must-have product for those who want to eliminate a vast range of plants. This potent formula can even damage trees.

6. Bonide BND331 Brush Killer


  • Can kill 240 different varieties of woody plants
  • Can kill stumps
  • Safe for grass


  • Need careful handling
  • Relatively toxic

When it comes to the number of plants a brush killer can eliminate, it is hard to compete with the Bonide BND331 unit. This product will let you stop more than 240 kinds of brushes, weeds, and plants with ease.

You can use this product against oak, clover, chickweed, zoysia, grass, ryegrass, fescue, etc. Though it is relatively more expensive than its competitors, it comes in a large 32 oz bottle that lasts for months.

Remember to keep it apart from the plants that you want on your lawn. This tough brush killer is so powerful that it can eliminate a large variety of herbs. Therefore, be mindful while spraying it for better safety and results.

Further, if you want this formula to work effectively, then mix it correctly before using it. If you use the Bonide BND331 directly without mixing it with water, it will be pretty dangerous. Therefore, do not forget to add some water to the formula before applying it.

Mixing 4 to 8 ounces of this solution with a gallon of water will help you attain the desired results. To quickly apply this formula, you might also need to purchase an applicator.

The best thing about the Bonide BND331 product is that it can also work as a tree stump removal. For this, you will have to use the undiluted product directly to the cut stump. To apply this formula to the freshly cut stump, you can use a paintbrush.

Compared to other brush killers, the Bonide BND331 does not cause harm to the grass. It is safe for grass which is another reason to choose it. Though it is grass safe, I would still recommend you not to apply an excessive amount of it on the grass.

Moreover, it also uses triclopyr, an active ingredient that prevents the regrowth of weed, brush, etc. Similar to other brush killers, this solution also becomes safe when dried out. Before using, you should also read the label direction to get high-end and safer results.

Overview: If you want to get rid of tough plants like poison ivy, then the Bonide BND331 Brush Killer should be your top pick. It is a strong solution that can kill over 240 kinds of brush, weeds, and plants.

7. Gordon’s For Large Property Brush Killer


  • Allow spot treatment
  • Long-lasting results
  • Rainproof


  • Need better care while using
  • Heavier to lift

Whether you want to remove brush, weed, or any other plants from large or small areas, you should try the Gordon Brush Killer. It is a concentrated formula that arrives in a large 1-gallon bottle. Because of a greater quantity of liquid, the bottle is relativity heavy, and you may struggle to lift it for a longer duration. To make it easier to lift and use, you can add a small quantity of liquid in a separate basket and then use it.

The active ingredients used in this formula are 2,4-D amine, Triclopyr amine, and dicamba. Using them will let you enjoy the quick and effective removal of undesirable items present in your yard. It also supports the easy elimination of multiflora rose, kudzu, mesquite, and many more brushes.

Not only brushes but also you can use them to kill various kinds of herbs. This product works effectively against poison ivy, poison sumac, and oak. Therefore, you will get the same results whether you use it to kill brushes, herbs, or weeds.

Besides, the working of this Gordon product is quite similar to other high-end brush killers. It reaches the plant via its woody stems, leaves and then targets the vascular system of the plants. This approach used by the Gordon brush killer makes it render top-notch results.

In comparison to a few other brush killers, this unit gives slower results. After applying, you will have to wait for one to three weeks to notice this product’s visual results. This product also has a rainproof feature. It becomes rainproof after 6 hours of applying.

Further, you should be extra cautious as this formula contains diethanolamine that can cause harmful diseases. Make sure to do proper preparation before applying it to the desired area. You can also use a sprayer wand to make it safe to apply. The sprayer wand will help you to avoid contacting this formula.

While applying, try keeping your kids and pets away from this product. If you want to mow the grass, brush, then wait for around two days after applying. Or you can either mow the grass and brush two days before using the formula for better results.

Overview: Gordon’s Brush Killer is a perfect solution to remove brush, weed, and useless plants from large properties. You can also utilize it as a spot treatment.

8. Image Brush & Vine Killer Concentrate


  • Allow regrowth of new plants after one month.
  • Can cover a large area
  • Can control dosage


  • Not pet-safe
  • Slow results

Image Brush & Vine Killer targets both vines and brushes’ roots to give a long-lasting outcome. It will help eliminate poison ivy, sumac, blackberries, kudzu, and many other types of plants. Another unique thing about this Image vine killer is that it will allow you to replant in the same area after one month. This feature will also let you remove weeds and grow some other plants or grass in the same area.

Similar to various other brush and vine killers, you will need to combine this formula with water. You can control the mixing ratio as per your choice. If you desire to eliminate tough brushes, wines, or plants, you can use a lower water quantity with the formula.

On the other hand, for higher brushes, you can add more water with the formula. Moreover, for killing stumps, you can take support from this product. It works effectively against stumps and minimizes their regrowth for a prolonged time.

It comes in a large bottle with 32 oz of solution. When mixed with water, you can cover around 4,000 square feet of area with this formula. The greater quantity of this formula makes it an ideal choice if you have to cover more ground.

One disadvantage of this vine killer is that it does not provide a spray applicator. You may need to buy a separate sprayer with an Image brush and vine killer for easy application. Also, it fits well with a vast range of spray applicators, so you do not have to worry about compatibility.

When wet, this product is not pet-safe. The Image brand recommends keeping pets away for several days for safety. Not only pets, but you should also keep kids away from this product as it contains some harmful active ingredients.

Overview: If you desire to plant in the same area after removing bushes and vines, you should select the Image Brush & Vine Killer. After one month of using this formula, you can replant your desired plant in the same area.

9. Ortho 0432960 Max Poison Brush Killer


  • Can kill a vast range of plants, weed, and brushes
  • Compatible with multiple sprayers
  • Rainproof


  • Needs more than one application
  • Relatively slower output

Ortho 0432960 is the final product in the list of best brush killers on the market. It is an ideal solution for killing a vast range of weeds and brush. No matter how tough the weeds or brush is, the Ortho 0432960 product will help you remove it in a short time.

Dealing with plants like poison ivy, vines, wild blackberries, stumps, etc., will get much easier for you because of this unit. The Ortho brand suggests using this solution in a substantial amount if you want aggressive and faster output. This 32-ounce of concentrated solution will give you results in a large area. The increased amount of liquid present in the bottle will let you use it for a longer duration.

Further, many users usually complain about the difficulties that they have to face while applying the brush killer. However, with Ortho 0432960, you will not have to face many problems while using it.

It is compatible with both the tank-type sprayer and the hose-end sprayer, so you can effortlessly apply it to the desired spot. Rainproof is another feature that makes the Ortho 0432960 product a suitable option for many people. After 2 hours, it becomes rainproof, making it the right choice for places where it rains a lot.

Moreover, users usually complain about the slow outcome of this product. After applying, the wilting and yellowing of unwanted plants will occur in 2 to 6 weeks. However, the Ortho brand recommends using it again after 2 to 3 weeks if necessary.

For safety, you should read the label. The label present on Ortho 0432960 product will let you know about all the precautions you must take for your protection. Also, do not apply the 0432960-brush killer when your pets or kids are present at the location. For your pet’s and kid’s safety, keep them away until the solution gets dry.

Overview: If you want to kill tough plants, vines, weed, and brushes with less struggle, you must go for the Ortho 0432960 Max Poison Brush Killer. This unit will make you remove both tough weeds and brushes with ease.

Buying Guide

Do you want to know what experts usually look for in the best brush killer on the market before buying? If yes, then read this section.

Here you will find all the significant factors to analyze if you want to purchase the best brush killer on the market.

Before letting you know the factors, I will let you know the benefits of a brush killer.

Following are the benefits that will help you decide whether the brush killer is a suitable option for your work or not.

  • With the brush killer, you can kill various weeds, brushes, and plants.
  • You can control the regrowth of woody plants, vines, weeds, etc.
  • Most brush killers are user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • Some of these products will even help you damage trees.
  • The use of highly active ingredients in this product will give you a quick outcome.

Besides these benefits, you should also understand all the factors to make the right buying decision.

Below are the essential things you must consider before purchasing the best brush killer on the market.

– Type

In brush killer, the first thing that you should consider is its type. A brush killer has two kinds, including non-selective and selective. The non-selective brush killer eliminates everything that comes in contact with it. Therefore, you should try to be more careful while using this type. Also, avoid this unit’s contact with the grass and plants you do not want to kill.

On the other hand, the selective brush killer only kills specific plants. The selective brush killer does not do any harm to the grass it touches. Also, these types are relatively weaker compared to the non-selective brush killer.

Therefore, if you want to remove specific plants, weeds, or brushes from your lawn, then the selective brush killer will be ideal for you. But in case you need to cover a greater area, then prefer the non-selective one.

– Quantity

Each brush killer usually comes in a bottle or a container that holds a different quantity of liquid. Check the quantity of the liquid before buying.

You should invest in a brush killer with a greater quantity for more excellent coverage. Simultaneously, if you have a small area to clean, you can prefer a low quantity brush killer. Therefore, first, you should look at your needs and decide which one will be best for you.

– Rainproof

What if you spray the brush killer and rain washes it away and minimizes its effects? Well, to deal with it, you should only choose a product that has a rainproof option. Experts also recommend using the brush killer on a dry, sunny day. However, if you live in such a place with unpredictable weather conditions, then you should not ignore this factor.

Most of the brush killers become rainproof after a few hours. You should invest in such rainproof products to help you get the same results even if it starts raining in that area.

The time that a brush killer will take to become rainproof varies from product to product.
Make sure that the product you choose requires a short time to become rainproof. Some products become rainproof within a few minutes, while a few may even take up to 24 hours. However, if you live in a location where it rains less frequently, you can avoid this factor.

– Form

Before investing in any of the brush killers, you should also check it form first.

Concentrated and ready-to-use are the two forms that you will find with the brush killers.

You will need to mix the concentrated form with water to make it work for you.

On the other hand, you will not require mixing anything with the ready-to-use solution. You can apply the ready-to-use solution anytime you want. Both these forms give effective results when it comes to removing weeds and shrubs. As per your ease, you can pick any of the forms.

– Safety

It would be best if you also considered the safety factor while buying the brush killer. They contain a few active ingredients that can be harmful. Ensure to be careful while operating these brush killers as they can injure you.

Try to choose the brush killer that is safe for the environment as well. Also, examine whether the product is pet-safe or not. If the product is not pet-safe, keep your pets away while applying it. You can learn about all such information from the label present on the product. Therefore, try reading the label before using the brush killer.


Roundup Concentrate is the best brush killer on the market because of various reasons. It is a perfect choice for killing brushes in both large and small areas. It gives a rapid outcome and becomes rainproof after 30 minutes of use. Because it is in a concentrated form, you will need to mix it with water.

However, suppose you prefer a ready-to-use formula instead of a concentrated form. In that case, you can select the Ortho 475705 Brush Killer. Within 2 hours, it becomes rainproof and gives top-quality cleaning.

Apart from Roundup and Ortho 475705 brush killers, you can also select some other reviewed brush killers if they fulfill your needs.

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