Choosing the best commercial leaf vacuums is important for overall results and convenience. A garden goes through a cycle as the year goes by and fall brings with it falling leaves.The 9 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuums

However, as beautiful as autumn is, it can bring difficulties that make maintenance of the garden harder. This hardship, during these months, would decrease a lot just by the addition of a leaf vacuum blower to the equation, as this one machine will make gathering leaves in open areas infinitely easier. 

Comparison Table

Product Details


  • 3-in-1 leaf vacuum/blower/mulcher
  • Single-handed operation
  • Curled design at the tip


41gvSAN2K S. SL75

  • 3-in-1 leaf vacuum/blower/mulcher
  • Backpack option
  • Flexi-tube

Toro 51619

  • 3-in-1 leaf vacuum/blower/mulcher
  • Built-in cord with cord lock
  • Bottom-zip bag

Sun Joe SBJ606E-GA-SJG


  • 4-in-1 leaf vacuum/blower/mulcher/gutter cleaner
  • 14 Ampere instant start motor
  • A ready-to-use 12-gallon bag and an 18-gallon spare replacement bag


41Bm5 YJvqL. SL75

  • 12 Ampere motor
  • 3-in-1 mulcher/vacuum/blower
  • Two speed settings 

LawnMaster BV1210E 1201

41G+gPsPWRL. SL75

  • 12 Ampere variable speed control
  • 3-in-1 mulcher/vacuum/blower
  • A blower tube, a vacuum tube and a 14 gallon heavy duty collection bag


41hMHeQqYEL. SL75

  • 40-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Power command control speed
  • 3-in-1 mulcher/vacuum/blower


71UNGwZkMSL. AC SL1500

  • Mulching ratio of 16:1
  • 10.5 gallon collection bag 
  • Built-in power cord lock

LawnMaster BV1210 1201

41OKevaLbcL. SL75

  • 12 Amp powerful motor
  • 2 speed adjustments
  • Metal impeller 

The 9 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuums

If you have been searching for the best commercial leaf vacuum for sale, then keep reading because we have extensively reviewed nine of the best leaf vacuum mulchers available on the market! 

1. WORX WG509 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower With All Metal Mulching System


  • 3-in-1 leaf vacuum/mulcher/blower
  • Curl at the tip allows easy access to debris even under tighter areas
  • Costs under $100
  • Can be operated single-handedly 


  • Might get clogged on wet leaves
  • On/off switch can be a little hard to turn on

The WORX electric leaf blower is a complete steal with the price being below $100 and yet the specifications are of such a high quality that it is a highly desirable tool for any gardening kit. Not only is it on the lower side price-wise, but the company does not compromise on the quality and working of the machine. 

The most prominent part about this vacuum is that its value is way higher than the price the customer pays. That is because it is not just a vacuum to gather all the unwanted leaves in your garden, but can also be used as a mulcher as well as a leaf blower! An excellent deal for a 3-in-1 product, isn’t it? 

This machine will make your life easier by making your gardening routine way more uncomplicated than before and reducing the burden on your bank account, because you won’t have to purchase these three devices separately. So for this, we award it a rating of 9/10.

If you are concerned that all these different modes will burden your vacuum and slow down your work, then you can sigh with relief because this device will not slow down under any circumstances. It comes with the helpful facility of changing the modes without much effort with just a flip of a switch. No need for any other tools, you and your WORX TRIVAC will be enough!

There are two speed modes available, depending on the nature of the jobs you need to get done: you can choose from 80 mph to 210 mph and 350 cfm. However, it is recommended to go slow when vacuuming tighter corners or pavements and when you are using the leaf vacuum on an open area like a lawn, then you can opt for 210 mph speed. 

The mulching feature has a 18:1 ratio. That would mean that 18 bags of leaves will easily fit into one bag! There is also a retainer attached for the electric cord so even if the cord snags you will not be disconnected.

WORX TRIVAC was not just designed to be fast but also easily controllable and maneuverable. This device is meant to be controlled with only one hand and the ergonomic design and the super light weight of just 8.6 lbs make it very easy to handle. Additionally, its clever tube design curls up at the tip to make getting under lawn care fixtures and landscaping elements much less difficult.


This 3-in-1 vacuum is designed with cutting-edge technology that not only lives up to the modern efficiency standards but instead goes beyond them, meaning that you can have a cost-efficient gardening kit that is durable as well as long-lasting.


2. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher

41gvSAN2K S. SL500


  • Saves space
  • Increases maneuverability
  • Flexi-tube helps clean tight spaces
  • Good and powerful suction


  • Switching from one mode to the other can be frustrating
  • Can clog due to pinecones

With a price just a little above $100, the Black+Decker Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum is another one of the devices that is multipurpose and provides you with three different pieces of equipment all in one device.

This device comes with three functions: a leaf vacuum, a blow tube, and a vac tube. It also has a backpack leaf blower bag, all made from the top quality materials that ensure you the best use and work experience.

The Black+Decker is a 3-in-1 device that can be used as a substitute for 3 crucial gardening tools essential to maintain a gorgeous garden that shows the amount of care and effort put into it. You can use it for blowing leaves, vacuuming them, or mulching them. 

The corded leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher is highly convenient, as you can keep your garden maintained in the most pristine condition by just plugging the machine into a power outlet. No worries about the battery being too low or fumes being created as it is eco-friendly. You can use your device to blow away any leaves that you find unnecessary and then use the vacuum and mulcher to remove them from your garden. 

It is designed primarily to give the user optimum comfort and convenience. Hence the manufacturers decided to add a helpful bonus feature that allows this vacuum to be worn as a backpack while you work magic in the garden. This allows you to keep your hands free and maintain a proper posture while working on your garden, leading to a rating of 8/10.

Additionally, it also comes with a large reusable bag that has no zipper and can fit a lot in it, while also being easy to empty. It can be rolled up so that it does not come in your way while you are working and has a big opening, making the emptying process easy. 

The leaf vacuum mulcher is also very strong due to the powerboost feature which makes it run with strength for long periods. The powerboost helps by giving the machine more power with just a push of a button.

This includes a powerful air speed of 250 mph and airflow of up to 400 that delivers the power you need for quick and effective work while clearing up your garden. Your work will be efficient and less time-consuming.


With a flexible tube that allows for enhanced maneuverability and control over the machine when vacuuming leaves and debris, you can clean the garden from tight corners that you might not reach using another method.

The Flexi-Tube also ensures that you would not have to move all your furniture and landscaping elements to clean, as you can simply make the tube bend and turn to reach all the nooks and crannies.


3. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac


  • Built-in cord with a cord lock
  • 3-in-1 mulcher/vacuum/blower
  • Modern red and black exterior
  • Affordable 
  • Quick release latch for conversion from blower to vacuum


  • Extension is not included

The Toro Ultra has a beautiful red body that will catch the eyes of all potential customers. The sleek and modern exterior will surely attract many customers but that is not the only thing that this device has to offer. 

Once you start using it you will understand why this is one of the most beloved tools of many gardeners in your community. Toro is among the highest rated companies known for their extraordinary gardening products, so this is a commercial leaf vacuum mulcher you can trust for its durability and power!

Similar to the previous three leaf mulchers, the Toro 51619 is also a device that can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to vacuum leaves, blow them, or mulch them. So this is another 3-in-1 deal for not only an affordable price, but an option that is also great at its job.

This corded electric leaf device can start as soon as you connect it to a power outlet. No need to worry about tank space, fumes, or low battery, as you just require a well-supplying power outlet to make it work.

The cord is built in so it makes working easier and ensures that it does not get misplaced. The built-in cord lock helps keep the cord attached to the blower, making sure it does not get in your way while you are working.

The Toro electric leaf vacuum is a powerful and versatile machine that does not compromise on its strength, apart from its multiple uses and eye-catching appearance. With its 250 mph speed, the air stream can clear out debris and leaves in a matter of seconds. It can even remove sticks and stones with its speed of 350 CFM in blow mode and 410 CFM during vacuum mode.

The conversion from blower mode to vacuum mode is a quick process that does not require much time, so you can get your work done with just you and your Toro 51619 Ultra! The Quick-Release Latch will only require mere seconds to convert the blower to vacuum without the use of any tools. 

The device also comes with a vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, power insert, concentrator nozzle, and cord storage hook.  All the essentials given to you together, isn’t it perfect? So for this, we rate it a solid 9 out of 10!

The vacuum also comes with a bag with a zipper placed strategically at the bottom to make it more durable and easy to use by letting you remove all that you have gathered in it without any hassle. It also makes storing the device very easy, as you can put all the components into the vacuum bag and hang it on a wall.


The mulcher reduces 88% of the collected debris and leaves to less than ½ inches. However, the debris reduction varies with material type and its condition.

The large and sharp impellers go through all you have gathered and reduce them into a smaller size through their new and improved sharp design to give your garden the pristine outlook that it deserves!


4. Sun Joe SBJ606E-GA-SJG



  • 14-Ampere electric motor
  • A 12-gallon bag and an 18-gallon spare replacement bag
  • A gutter cleaning kit
  • Strong and durable PVC tubes


  • Takes more time when moving wet leaves 
  • Can require additional extension cord

The Sun Joe SBJ606E-GA-SJG is another leaf vacuum under $100 that is a total steal for everything that it offers its customers. It is made from the best quality materials that ensure that no compromises are made on the standards of the company’s products so that this device can perform the very best according to the user’s requirement. 

It also includes a ready-to-use 12-gallon bag and an 18-gallon spare replacement bag that will come in handy when maintaining your garden.

Unlike all the above-mentioned leaf vacuums, this one does not only offer three different modes but can be used for four different gardening tools. A 4-in-1 device, what a complete steal for an affordable price!

You can use this for vacuuming leaves, gathering them by blowing them and reducing them to a fraction of their size through the mulching option. Additionally, it can also be used to clean all the gutters in your garden for fast leaf cleanup.

These four options that are available in one device will not just be a relief on your bank account, but will also save you space for all the other garden equipment you want. Some might assume that with these four options available, the vacuum might take too long or be troublesome when switching from one mode to the other. However, this conversion is not the least bit complicated and takes just a few seconds.

The Sun Joe leaf vacuum is a device that has many uses, yet none of them is difficult. The vacuum is just as comfortable to use as another in the market. Its lightweight body makes it very easy to handle and hold while you continue working.

Power-packed and strong, it comes with a 14 Ampere instant-start motor that generates an airflow that can go up to 250 mph. It will be a force when gathering the leaves and also when the vacuums suck them in, so we would rate it 8.5/10 on our scale.

The machine does not create any noise as the quieter feature added into it ensures that it does not vibrate too much so you can have a serene and peaceful cleaning time. Moreover, the speed of the air is adjustable so it can match your needs.

The conversion from blower to mulcher takes no time at all because of the interchangeable tube design and the superior ratio of 16:1, which reduces all the leaf piles into nothing, leaving your neighbors wondering where all the leaves are gone. 

This unit also comes with the best-selling gutter cleaning kit. All you need to do to clean your gutter is to attach the sturdy 15-inch PVC extension tube to the blower to extend its reach, and unleash a tornado in your gutter that will leave it clean.


Overall, this device offers all you need to have to maintain your garden in a spick and span condition. From the blower to the vacuum, and from the mulcher to the gutter cleaner, this device serves the purpose of all four in the most efficient way possible! 


5. CRAFTSMAN Leaf Blower/Leaf Vacuum & Mulcher (CMEBL7000)

41Bm5 YJvqL. SL500


  • 12-Ampere strong motor
  • 3-in-1 mulcher/vacuum/blower
  • Can be worn as a backpack leaf vacuum
  • Strong suction power


  • Can be loud
  • Adapter not included

Here is another leaf vacuum you should look into if you are searching for the best commercial leaf removal equipment. The Craftsman Leaf Blower is a strong machine made from the top notch materials that will last you a long time and will leave you with no regrets about purchasing this unit as it is under $100. 

This 3-in-1 leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher comes with a strong motor to ensure that even though it has three different working parts, the machine remains strong and gives no trouble to the user.

The 12-Ampere motor is up to the mark and can clean up your garden in no time. All that debris, leaves, and sticks? Well, they will be gone in no time, leaving all your neighbors and on-lookers astonished! 

The performance of this unit focuses on getting through even the toughest of tasks, which means it is the perfect commercial leaf vacuum and blower.

The electric leaf blower has a performance of up to 450 cfm at a speed of 260 mph, so it is fast and strong and it will get the work done efficiently. It has two leaves settings that are great for wide scope work as you can choose the speed that is better suited to your needs.

Providing comfort to all users is the top priority of the companies and manufacturers. The Craftsman Leaf Blower is the same, as it has straps at the back that you can wear over your back and carry the vacuum around like a backpack while keeping both your hands busy with work and maintaining a balance. So, it gets 8/10 from our side.

The backpack feature  makes it easier to carry up to 14.5 gallons of mulched debris, so you can work for long hours to collect as many leaves and debris as you can before you tire. The bag also comes with a wide mouth opening which is convenient as it makes emptying the machine and removing all the mulch so much easy.


Switching the unit from blower to vacuum or vacuum to blower requires no tools at all. This tool-free change is another added convenience of the unit as you can do this in seconds and continue with your work without wasting any time. The Craftsman Leaf Blower is truly the best commercial tow-behind leaf vacuum that is a great investment for your garden.


6. LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210E 1201

41G+gPsPWRL. SL500


  • Comfortable grip
  • 3-in-1 mulcher/blower/vacuum
  • Roller wheels
  • Strong metal mulcher


  • Extension cord not included
  • Might not pick gravel

The LawnMaster Red Edition leaf vacuum is a beautiful choice. With its sleek and modern design accompanied by the gorgeous red color, it is a star on its own.

You might want to pick it up just for its looks without even knowing more about its working. But lucky for us all, this vacuum performs just as well as it looks, so you will not be disappointed by it and will also have a stunner of a vacuum in your gardening kit.

This unit also has a 3-in-1 design where it can be used as a leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher to gather and clear away leaves, leaving your garden looking pristine. Switching between these three options is not difficult, so do not worry at all. You will not require any tools to make this change and it will only take seconds to shift from one option to the other.

This walk-behind vacuum is as strong as it is eye-catching. Its 12 Ampere variable-speed motor has a maximum air volume and air speed of 380 CFM/240 MPH, which means that your work will be fast and less time-consuming, giving you more time to rest and take care of your plants. You can easily adjust the air speed by using the concentrator nozzle.

The strong mulcher has a 2-stage impeller and mulches the debris and leaves at a reduction ratio of 16:1 that all goes into the heavy-duty 14 gallon collection bag that comes along with the machine. It saves your time as well as reduces dust emission between loads, which serves as the basis for its 8.5/10 rating.

This unit is lightweight, being just 9 lbs, and so is easy to carry and maneuver. Hence, it helps you reach the smallest nooks and lets you work for long periods, as it results in less fatigue. Also, it relieves you of its maintenance duty, as it does not require gas or oil. So you would never have to pause your work to fill the tank. Along with that, not having any battery charge issues is also a blessing.

User comfort is given the utmost importance, which is what makes this device a suitable option for all customers. The soft and ergonomic grip with the rubber handle makes it highly comfortable and also enhances your balance while making the work more efficient. Additionally, the easy glider roller wheels on the tube maximize control. 


This leaf vacuum has a built-in cord retainer for easy and safe operation which makes it perfect for clearing leaves and debris from any yard, lawn, garden, or open area that requires cleaning.

This US based company promises safe and timely delivery from their warehouses, not just for this leaf blower, but for all their products. So, if you are looking for the best walk-behind leaf vacuum, do consider the LawnMaster BV1210E 1201, as it is a great option!


7. BLACK+DECKER 40V Leaf Blower/Leaf Vacuum Kit, Cordless (LSWV36)

41hMHeQqYEL. SL500



  • Reduced noise
  • No fumes or hassle of gas-powered leaf blower vacuum
  • Blow tube with a built-in scraper
  • Lithium battery takes only an hour to charge


  • After switching off the motor, some pieces of debris can fall out at times
  • Battery can run out during work 

The Black+Decker 40 V Leaf Blower Vacuum is a great choice for many. With its modern and sleek black exterior, it is a handsome choice that works hard and fast. So, power up your yard vacuum cleanup gear with the best cordless leaf vacuums Black+Decker 40 volt lithium LSWV36, which has numerous advantages and will not leave you disappointed.

You can use this vacuum not just to remove leaves from your garden or yard, but this device offers three different options which also include a leaf blower and a leaf mulcher. So, you can also gather the leaves to a specific area and reduce them to a fraction of their size to save you space and make your garden pristine and clear. 

This vacuum, mulcher, and blower combo are powered by Black & Decker’s high-powered lawn vacuum 40 volt lithium battery system, which delivers a power source through its excellent runtime. Also, this battery can be shared with other tools as well

A powerful and versatile device is what makes your work most efficient. This blower will make the unit work fast and help you get done with your work in no time. With the battery, you will not have to be afraid of any emission of fumes that could be threatening your plants and the environment.

This 40 volt lithium-ion system comes with numerous benefits and is the reason for the 9/10 rating of this device. The small and compact battery results in more power source as lithium batteries have a longer lifecycle and can also hold their charge longer when not charging, which means that once charged, a lithium battery is always ready to use.

The fast charger can recharge the battery in a span of merely an hour, so this strong battery will be saving you a lot of time.

With the lightweight construction, this will be a perfect device, as it will be easy to use for customers of all ages. It only weighs 6.9 pounds and so you can carry it around even with one hand. Moreover, with an air speed of about 120 mph, you can clear all the debris from large open areas, hard surfaces, and even hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

You can easily switch from a cordless leaf blower to a cordless vacuum cleaner without any extra hassle or tools. The vacuum cleaner mode also mulches the leaves and any collected debris into its included half-bushel bag and can reduce the volume of dry leaves from six bags to one for easier and quicker yard cleanup.


The power command controls and adjusts the speed for maximum run-time and maximum power. It also includes a blow tube with a built-in scraper that can loosen matted leaves and stuck-on debris. With the low noise levels and the multiple advantages, this machine is the go-to option for many!


8. TECCPO Leaf Vacuum, 12 Amp 3-in-1 Leaf Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher- TABV01G

71UNGwZkMSL. AC SL1500


  • Comfortable grip
  • Built-in cord lock
  • No fumes or emissions
  • Quick release to change vacuum mode


  • Can not mulch sticks or harder objects
  • The bag can rip at the seams with rougher use

The TECCPO leaf vacuum, just like most of the others, also offers a 3-in-1 design with three functions: leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher, all in one machine. It is a great choice to pick as not only is it a sleek and modern unit that is mostly black with yellow contrast, but it also works phenomenally.

You can easily switch from one to the other using the quick switch through the quick release bolt that is located at the top of the machine and is yellow colored. It will require no time or effort and will also save a lot of space! Hence, we rate the vacuum a solid 8/10.

The unit also has the option for variable speed. This is highly helpful as you can change the air speed settings for whatever part of the yard work you think requires a certain setting. You can choose between variable air speed of 170/250 MPH, and variable air volume of 280/410 CFM.

The company also values the customers’ comfort over anything else and hence the manufacturers have made sure that the vacuum delivers nothing less than the most comfortable and convenient experience for the user.

The ergonomic handle is made of PU plastic that has incredible elasticity and very good grip comfort. It will make your grip stronger, keep you balanced, and hence help you maneuver the vacuum with greater ease. In wet conditions, there will be friction between the hand and the handle, increasing the balance of the user.

The mulching blades are made of spring steels of 65 Mn that provide an improved ratio of 16:1, the strongest cutting force that can crush thin ABS plastic and all the other debris you may collect. It is sharp and ruthless at its job, which is the best one could ask for. However, do make sure that you do not use it for crushing branches as that can damage the motor.

Additionally, the improved bag with its innovative bottom widening design and zipper-sidelong design greatly reduces the air pressure in the dust bag and the possibility of the zipper going down during work. As a bonus, the internal double-layer coating keeps your clothes and body clean during working.


This machine provides all of the best facilities to the user and is truly one of the best commercial machines you will find on the market. With comfort and convenience of the user as its priority, all the features combine to give you a seamless experience.


9. LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210 1201 Electric Blower/Vacuum Mulcher

41OKevaLbcL. SL500


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Powerful and fast


  • Extension cord not included
  • Might require another cord

Much like its older version, LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210E 1201 with a 16:1 mulch ratio, the LawnMaster Red Edition BV1210 1201 is an excellent vacuum for a customer who is looking for a modern design with powerful leaf suction.

The 3-in-1 design comes with an electric leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher that can not just blow leaves away but can gather and clear away yard debris and reduce them to a mere fraction of the original size. Switching from one function to the other requires no tools and is an easy process that will take none of your time, making this a must-have for your yard and your gardening supplies.

A powerful motor is a must in a good vacuum. Well, LawnMaster understands that and is here to prove it. The 12 Amp 2-Speed motor with maximum air volume and air speed of 380 CFM / 240 MPH provides 310 CFM in blower mode and 380 CFM in vacuum mode. You can adjust the air speed easily with the press of a switch or increase air speed furthermore by adding a concentrator nozzle.

The 2-stage impeller has a 14:1 mulch ratio for effective debris collection that will clean your yard up efficiently with a small amount of waste. Your neighbors will be astonished! The 14-gallon heavy-duty dust blocker bag saves time and reduces dust emission between loads. So, we rate this vacuum 9/10!

Additionally, this vacuum is lightweight and can easily be handled by the user. You can maneuver it for longer periods. This means you can get more workload off your chest in a single day without fatiguing yourself too much. 


This device requires no worry of gas leaf blower or oil, no stressing out over emissions and fumes, and even no dying battery. Hence, this 3-in-1 corded vacuum/mulcher/blower will make your life stress-free by offering you all that you need for gleaming and glistening grounds!



The choice of picking out the best leaf blower and vacuum combo might look intimidating at first but now that you have looked at nine of the best on the market, it will be easy and worth it to choose the right one.

The right tool for you will be different from what you have seen others gravitating towards, as it will have the specific traits that are most appropriate for your specific work and needs. 

All of these machines come with their individual advantages, but you must pick out one that looks the most suitable for you.

The one thing you should keep in mind is to pick out a versatile leaf vacuum, which has options for you to work on different projects and explore, and it should be suited to your standards, apart from being fast, powerful, and durable. Everything in life can be fun, so why not cleaning your beloved grounds or yard, too?

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