It can be a tough call to find the best fertilizer for oak trees. There are some excellent products on the market that produce great results.

We have chosen four of the best fertilizers, and our research will help you compare them.

We tried out the products and examined customer reviews that we will share.

Comparing the Best Fertilizers for Oak Trees

We chose oak tree fertilization products made by four companies for our comparative research. You can check the basic product specification in the table below and we will explore these in more detail in our product reviews and buying guide.

Brand Manufacturer Type Product description

SBM Life Science Granules 12-month tree and shrub protect-and-feed insect killer and fertilizer.
Jobe’s 1000

The Jobe’s Company Solid tree fertilizer spikes Time-release fertilizer for all trees and shrubs. Nourishes the roots.

VPG (known as the Fertilome people) Liquid Root stimulator and plant starter.

The Scott Company LLC Tree and shrub plant food spikes Slow-release nutrient for the root zone. Promotes color and foliage.

Product Reviews of Oak Trees Fertilizer

Here you will find notable features and cons about four products you can use for fertilizing oak trees. We discuss the benefits and advantages of using these different brands.

You will notice that none of the products is only for oak tree fertilization. But they are all proven to be an excellent choice for oaks.

They all contain vital nutrients, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), but in different ratios. Recommended ratios to fertilize oak trees are 12-4-8 or 12-6-6. If the fertilizer releases nitrogen too quickly, it can harm the soil and the tree.

Another recommendation to remember is that you should only fertilize oak trees once or twice a year.

1. BioAdvanced 12 Month Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed

SBM Life Science calls this BioAdvanced product a 12-month tree-and-shrub protect-and-feed II concentrate. It doesn’t only fertilize oak trees; it feeds all sorts of trees and shrubs. It also protects them from insects.

Product Features


  • Slow-release feeding of nutrients (2-1-1) improves the health of plants and trees.
  • No spraying is needed. Measure, mix and pour.
  • Kills the most damaging pests and insects.
  • Prevents new infestations for up to 12 months.
  • Provides systemic rainproof protection.


  • Not for use on food-producing trees because it contains pest-killing poisons.

Product Benefits

It is easy to use and comes with a built-in measuring cup. All you do is measure the granules and mix them with the right amount of water. Then pour the mixture into the soil at the base of your oak trees.

It kills some of the most damaging pests and insects. These include adult Japanese Beetles and Emerald Ash Borers. It also kills Gypsy Moth larvae and caterpillars.

Systemic rainproof protection means irrigation water and rain won’t wash the product off. The root system of your oak trees will absorb it and protect and feed it from the inside.

What’s In It For You?

Using this BioAdvanced product for oak tree fertilization is super-simple. It kills some of the most destructive pests and insects and revitalizes oak trees. And it keeps working for 12 months.

2. Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes for Trees & Shrubs

Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes are ideal for shrubs and all deciduous trees, including oaks. For the best results, use the spikes early in spring and late in fall. The trees have a spurt of growth in spring and a slow spurt in late summer and fall.

Product Features


  • Easy to use.
  • The slow-release formula will feed your oak trees for a full season.
  • Jobe’s guarantees its nutrient analysis according to the number of spikes in the package.
  • Contains no hazardous substances or poisons.
  • You can store unused spikes in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.


  • A few consumers say it causes slight eye irritations.

Product Benefits

Jobe’s Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes are one of the best fertilizers for oak trees. It is ideal for several deciduous and flowering trees, including oaks.

All you do is water the soil well and stick them in the ground around the trunk’s base. You will need two to five spikes for each tree, depending on its size. The hardest part is hammering the spike into the ground at least 30 inches from the trunk.

The nutrients in the product are exactly what your oak tree needs to grow and thrive. There is no wasteful runoff. The slow-release formula provides a continuous supply of nutrients to the roots of the tree.

Jobe’s fertilizer spikes are available in different package sizes. That means it will suit you whether you have one oak tree or a cultivated forest of trees.

There are no harmful ingredients in the product, and it doesn’t smell. It contains N-P-K in the ratio 16-4-4 for a five-spike pack, 15-3-3 for nine spikes, and 16-14-4 for 15 and 160 spikes.

What’s in it For You?

Using Jobe’s tree spikes is quick and easy. All you need is water and a hammer.

The product is harmless, and The Jobe’s Company suggests you use it twice a year. This cuts down nutrition maintenance dramatically for gardeners like you.

3. Fertilome Root Stimulator & Plant Starter Solution

Fertilome’s Root Stimulator & Plant Starter Solution contains fertilizer and hormones that stimulate root growth. It is a good product to use for all newly planted trees, including oaks.

Product Features


  • Easy to apply; just mix with water.
  • It helps to develop a strong root structure.
  • Ideal to use when planting or transplanting oak trees.
  • Use it for house plants too.


  • It is not an organic product.
  • The product specs say that it can cause an allergic skin reaction.

Product Benefits

It is easy to use, and it helps oak trees develop a more robust root structure. Mix 3.5 tablespoons with a gallon of water and then pour around the newly planted tree.

When you use it to fertilize oak trees, it will ensure strong growth and greener leaves. Fertilone recommends that you use it for a year after you have planted or transplanted the tree.

It’s always a challenge when transplanting oak trees, but this plant starter will reduce transplant shock.

The nutrient ratio is 4-10-3.

What’s in it For You?

This is an easy-to-mix product that is easy to apply. It will help gardeners and landscapers when planting and transplanting oak trees.

If you need to store it, it’s safe if you keep it in the original container.

4. MiracleGro Tree & Shrub Plant Food Spikes

MiracleGro food spikes for shrubs and trees provide nutrition directly to the roots of your oak trees. Most oaks are deciduous, but some are evergreen. You can use these food spikes for all trees, including those that flower or bear fruit. It’s best to use them twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Product Features


  • Easy to use.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Encourage strong growth by feeding the roots.
  • Results in lush foliage.
  • The manufacturer will refund customers who return the product within six months.


  • A few customers say the plastic cap provided to knock the spikes into the ground breaks quickly.

Product Benefits

MiracleGro spikes are easy to use as long as the ground is damp. If you struggle to knock the spikes into the ground, dig them in. They contain natural ingredients and have a nutrient ratio of 15-5-10. Many customer reviews state that they work very well, even when other products have failed.

We noticed one review that stated plants had died after using the spikes. MiracleGro offered their money back and asked if they could investigate the problem.

The standard product package contains 12 spikes, and we used them on two trees. Both have done well.

What’s in it For You?

MiracleGro spikes are simple to use, and you’ll see new growth in your trees.

If you can’t knock them into the soil, dig a small hole first. Then sit back and watch them grow.

Buying Guide for the Best Oak Trees Fertilizer

Customers are the key to good all-around reviews. We have tested these oak tree fertilization products, but it’s useful to know what other people think.

– BioAdvanced

SBM Life Science manufactures BioAdvanced. It is a big, reliable company that focuses on innovative and effective products.

If insects and pests are a problem, this is a good product that will kill the critters and fertilize oak trees. Customers confirm that the product kills destructive critters. They also verify how easy it is to use.

Benefits of the Product Type

This product is super-easy to apply. For 12 months, its slow-release formulation will feed your oak trees and kill the bugs that attack them. This solution will suit gardening enthusiasts and landscapers.

Key Features to Remember

It’s a granular product that you mix with water. Then you pour it over the soil where you planted your oak trees. The bonus is that you only have to do this once a year. The product keeps on working, protecting, and feeding your oak trees for up to 12 months.

– Jobe’s

A well-established company manufactures Jobe’s. It also offers complementary products from other brands. This product is tops for oak tree fertilization. It is the only product in our reviews that specifies oak trees in its specs.

Customer reviews are positive. But, as many people say, it’s challenging to know long-term how well the trees will do.

Benefits of the Product Type

All you have to do is stick the spikes in the ground twice a year. It then feeds nutrients into the roots. What could be easier? This solution will suit gardeners and landscaping enthusiasts who want to make sure their oak trees thrive.

Key Features to Remember

The fertilizer spikes are reliable, and you only insert them around the dripline twice a year.

– Fertilome

VPG makes Fertilome. They have branches in more than five U.S. states, and they manufacture three reputable brands. This is Fertilome’s best fertilizer for oak trees, and it is ideal for young plants. It is also a good option when you transplant oak trees.

Customers give rave reviews, although they rarely specify oak trees. This is a fertilizer that benefits all kinds of trees and even house plants. It’s a good all-rounder.

Benefits of the Product Type

The product stimulates root growth and encourages healthy plant growth.

It’s a good choice for anyone who is planting oak saplings or transplanting them for resale.

Key Features to Remember

It’s easy to use and ensures oak trees grow bigger and stronger.

– MiracleGro

The Scotts Company LLC owns MaricalGro.

This is excellent plant food for shrubs and trees. The product doesn’t specify oak trees, but we could see that it helps them grow. Some people say the spikes aren’t that easy to hammer into the ground. Other than that, the reviews are good.

Benefits of the Product Type

MiracleGro is a natural product that you need to use twice a year. It will promote lush foliage on your oak trees and make them, and you, happy.

Like all spike food products, it feeds nutrients into the tree’s root zone and makes its magic.

Key Features to Remember

It’s effortless to use – and it’s 100% natural. Ultimately, it will cut down on maintenance, and you won’t have to remember to feed your trees more than twice a year.


If you have planted or plan to plant one or more oak trees, you will want to find the best oak tree fertilization products and methods.

We reviewed four products, granules, a liquid, and two types of plant food spikes. While we found that all of them offer benefits, our final verdict is that Jobe’s time-release tree spike fertilizer is the best bet.

The other plant food spikes are natural, and they also seem to work well. The granules feed oak trees and protect them from insects, but they contain poison. And the liquid is best suited to very young saplings.

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