Gardener using a gas hedge trimmerIf the shrubs and hedges in your lawn have overgrown, you will need the best gas hedge trimmer to make them presentable.

The gas hedge trimmer is an essential thing to have for optimal maintenance of your garden. But which hedge trimmer will be ideal for you?

Well, I am here to help you. In this article, you will find a detailed review of the 8 best gas hedge trimmers.

So, let’s start!

Here is the comparison table of the 8 best gas hedge trimmers. This comparison allows you to get the right gas hedge trimmer based on your needs.


Weight Engine Blade Fuel Capacity
Redmax CHT220L

16.61 pounds 21.7cc engine 24 inches double-sided blade

12.2 fl. oz

Husqvarna 122HD60

16.2 pounds 21.7cc smart start engine 24.7 inches dual-action blade

10.14 fl. oz

Husqvarna 122HD45

12.5 pounds 21.7cc 2-cycle engine 18 inches stainless steel blade 0.3 liters
Echo HC-2020

41TuMMgygSL. SL75

13.92 pounds 21.2cc 2-stroke engine 22 inches razor edge blade

13.2 fluid ounces

Huyosen 25CC

18.16 pounds 25cc 2-cycle engine 23 inches dual-sided blade 700 ml
Poulan Pro PR2322

415Ln1aHfnL. SL75

11.1 pounds 23cc 2-cycle engine 22 inches stainless steel blade

1/3 gallon


31O5RlVToYL. SL75

13 pounds 26.5cc 4-stroke engine 22 inches laser cut blade

9.6 fl. oz


11.5 pounds 21.2 cc 2-stroke 24 inches double-reciprocating blade

16.9 oz

The Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

I have reviewed the 8 best gas hedge trimmers in a comprehensive review here. I have provided the pros, cons, and other helpful information about all products in this section.

1. Redmax CHT220L Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer


  • Three-position rear handle
  • Can remove tough hedges
  • Extended cutting bar


  • Weight is high
  • Pricey

Compared to the other reviewed models, the Redmax brand is less prevalent in the market. Though this brand is relatively less famous, the products manufactured by it are second to none. Like other products, the CHT220L hedge trimmer by Redmax is also a worthy product to add to the list of the best gas hedge trimmers.

This gas-powered hedge trimmer has a 21.7cc engine and a 24 inch-long cutting blade.

The 23 inches blade offers a more extended reach. You can bring hard-to-reach hedges and shrubs in shape much easier because of the long blade. Also, the cutter bar is double-sided, indicating that you can use it to perform the cutting task from multiple sides. It will help you achieve the cutting mission more precisely.

However, due to the long sharp blade and dual-sided feature, you should handle it with great care to protect yourself from any harm.

Though the engine is durable, its power is a bit less to handle such a long cutting blade. The Redmax brand should have added a more potent engine with a long cutting blade.

Moreover, an excellent thing about the Redmax CHT220L trimmer is that it includes an adjustable rear handle. You can adjust the rear handle to three positions which will help you use it at different angles. You can use this trimmer at multiple positions at your convenience.

For safety, the Redmax brand has introduced a safety bar. However, even though there are some safety features, you should handle the product carefully for additional protection. Besides, the power output of this machine is 0.8 hp.

Other information that users typically seek is the hedge trimmer’s weight and dimensions.

The weight of the Redmax CHT220L model is 16.61 pounds, and its dimensions are 47.5 x 11.25 x 9 inches. It is not a lightweight hedge trimmer, so it can be challenging to hold for long periods. On the other hand, the dimensions are comparable to many other gas hedge trimmers. This product is easy to store due to its slim dimensions.

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Overview: If you want a hedge trimmer to perform less frequent cutting at your home, then the Redmax CHT220L hedge trimmer will be suitable for you. It is a traditional-looking hedge trimmer that supports an adjustable handle for easy usage.

2. Husqvarna 122HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer


  • Anti-vibration dampeners
  • Smart start engine
  • Better portability


  • Difficult in handling
  • Expensive

Hedge trimmers are one of Husqvarna’s most popular products. Likewise, the 122HD60 hedge trimmer is also a top performer like other products by Husqvarna. This machine is powered by a 21.7cc engine that uses gas to operate. Despite being powerful, the engine does not cause much noise.

Whether you need to perform some heavy-duty trimming or you require cutting a small hedge, you can take support from the Husqvarna 122HD60 trimmer. Besides, it is a moderate weight trimmer weighing around 16.2 pounds. You will be able to carry this trimmer freely wherever you like because of the trimmer’s design.

An additional benefit of the Husqvarna 122HD60 is the quick start technology. Apart from the smart start feature, it also has a special auto-return stop switch. This feature will make operating this unit much more effortless. Starting this gas hedge trimmer does not require a lot of force.

Further, the cutting blade used in this unit is also of a greater length. It is designed to be 23.7 inches long to help you perform complex trimming jobs. This blade allows you to cut quickly and with less effort. Not only the length but also the cutting blade is impressive in terms of sharpness. It will be easier to trim thorny bushes and hedges because of the upgraded sharpness.

Moreover, the gas-powered bush trimmer features an adjustable rear handle. You can use the trimmer in a variety of angles because of the adjustable rear handle. Thanks to the durable handles that do not cause any vibration while you use the machine.

Because of the reduced vibration, users won’t have to deal with the same strain they would have with other hedge trimmers. This vibration reduction is because of the anti-vibration dampeners added to this device. The machine absorbs vibrations and offers a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Additionally, to maximize the efficiency of the 122HD60 trimmer, the Husqvarna brand has used the air purge system. You can use the air purge system to eliminate the excess air from the machine’s carburetor and fuel system. As a result of its various features and better performance, the Husqvarna 122HD60 is a top choice for many users. For beginners, the long blade might be problematic to handle.

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Overview: Those looking for a gas hedge trimmer with a long cutting blade will find the Husqvarna 122HD60 an ideal choice. Its smart start engine and automatic stop switch are other reasons to purchase it.

3. Husqvarna 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer


  • LowVib anti-vibration feature
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Low noise engine design


  • Require regular maintenance
  • No trigger locks

The 122HD45 unit is another worthy gas hedge trimmer by the Husqvarna brand. The engine of the previously reviewed 122HD60 model and the 122HD45 trimmer are the same. It has a 21.7cc 2-cycle engine which contributes to better performance.

This engine creates low noise and is easier to carry. Cleaning with this trimmer will be enjoyable due to the low noise and lightweight characteristics. It doesn’t produce much noise while you trim, so you won’t get annoyed during working.

The 12.5 pounds of weight make it a significantly lighter hedge trimmer. Compared to other gas hedge trimmers, the 122HD45 is the clear winner when it comes to weight. The weight and compactness of this unit allow easy movement and storage.

Further, the Husqvarna’s 122HD45 trimmer comes with a vibration dampener similar to other models. The vibration dampener overcomes the shock caused by the vibration while operating the hedge trimmers.

Another thing to consider is the 122HD45 trimmer’s potent blade. There is an enhanced level of sharpness on this dual-action blade. With the dual-action feature, you can perform the trimming task in either direction. With the 18-inch blade at your disposal, you’ll be able to cut different-sized shrubs and hedges around your lawn.

The stainless-steel blade is durable and can help users get rid of large hedges. With it, you can trim shrubs and hedges that are up to 4/5 inches thick.

Similar to other quality trimmers, this gasoline hedge trimmer also provides a quick start-up feature. A fast start-up function makes it easy for users to start this unit with minimal effort. Like in 122HD60, the Husqvarna brand has included an air purge feature in the 122HD45 unit. Thanks to this feature, the removal of air will become effortless for you.

It is also suggested to remove air from the carburetor and fuel system to enhance performance. Though the noise and vibration produced are less, I suggest you wear some protection on your hands and ears for additional safety.

Additionally, the cylinder displacement of the Husqvarna 122HD45 gas hedge trimmer is 21.7 см³ while its power output is 0.8 hp. However, this unit does not have a trigger lock.

You might require holding the trigger while operating the machine. However, to begin operating the 122HD45 hedge trimmer, it needs to be filled with gas and oil.

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Overview: If you want a gas-powered hedge trimmer that can cut hedges of different sizes while producing less noise and vibration, then you must go for the Husqvarna 122HD45 gas hedge trimmer.

4. Echo HC-2020 Gas Hedge Trimmer

41TuMMgygSL. SL500


  • Double-reciprocating razor edge blades
  • Zero-type grease fitting
  • Tool-less air filter


  • Complicated to handle at a different handle
  • The handle is not adjustable

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned landscaper, you should try the Echo HC-2020 trimmer because it works for both. Due to its lightweight design and dual handles, it is much easier to operate this hedge trimmer. Weighing 13.92 pounds Echo HC-2020 trimmer is easy to carry for an extended period. Because of its lightweight design, this unit is portable, which is why users prefer it.

Further, it also uses a 21.2cc engine which is compelling regarding performance. To run this engine, you will require 50 parts gas to 1 part oil. However, make sure to mix a two-stroke oil with the gas for better working of this machine.

Moreover, the fuel tank is visible from the outside, making filling the fuel a lot more convenient. With the help of this see-through tank, you can quickly know when you require refilling it. 13 ounces is the tank’s capacity. It can hold more fuel due to its large tank.

Besides, the cutting blade is also of good length to trim both large and small hedges. The cutting blade is made of durable stainless steel that measures 20 inches in length. Due to stainless steel’s durability, the blade remains sharp for a long time. The blade length will provide you a much better balance and control while you use the machine. With the Echo HC-2020 trimmer, you can conveniently perform topiary and formal landscaping.

Other than this, the handle is one of the essential things in this product. It arrives with dual handles, including a hoop-type front handle and a rear handle. Both of the handles are ergonomic, so they are easy to handle.

However, one issue with these handles is that they are not adjustable. Due to the lack of adjustable handles, you might find it hard to use them at different angles. The use of a muffler is another unique feature of this gas-powered bush trimmer. This muffler helps in minimizing emissions and noise. The reduction in gas emission makes this product environment-friendly.

Additionally, the HC-2020 does not require much maintenance, unlike other gas-powered trimmers. The use of zero-type grease fitting makes the maintenance work more manageable. Not only zero-type grease fitting but also this unit has a tool-less air filter that supports minimized maintenance.

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Overview: The Echo HC-2020 is a reliable gas trimmer that does not require a lot of maintenance work. The Zero-type grease fitting and Tool-less air filter make it easier to manage.

5. Huyosen 25CC Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • Handle adjuster switch
  • Trigger lock feature
  • Visible fuel tank


  • The cutting diameter is less
  • Heavyweight

Are you looking for a low-cost hedge trimmer that can help you take great care of your garden and lawn? If so, then the Huyosen cordless hedge trimmer will be a suitable pick. Though this hedge trimmer’s cost is less, it still has many features like other expensive units.

With a 25cc engine, it presents top-cutting performance. This engine is very much more powerful than other reviewed hedge trimmers. It also provides plenty of trimming power so that you can cut through hard hedges and branches.

Another noticeable feature of the Huyosen hedge trimmer is the comfortable design. You will experience an enhanced comfortableness in operating this unit. This Huyosen trimmer, with its unique design, will give you longer cutting sessions.

It has two ergonomic handles that make this product easy to use. One of the handles has a D-type shape, resulting in a better grip of the hand. It helps to minimize the strains on the arms while you use the trimmer. With the handle, you will locate a handle adjuster switch.

With the help of this adjuster switch, you can rotate the handle by up to 180 degrees.

This lightweight gas hedge trimmer comes with a safety guard and a blade plastic guard for user protection. The safety guard used in this product is much greater in size than other hedge trimmers. It will keep users safe from debris and other flying objects. It also provides additional safety from rocks and sticks that you may encounter while trimming hedges and branches.

The fuel tank used is also visible. You can see-through the amount of fuel available in the fuel tank. This visible tank will let you know the amount of fuel remaining without opening the tank. Also, the capacity of the tank is 700ml which is enough for long hours of cutting.

An additional positive thing about the Huyosen 25cc trimmer is that it is cordless. The cordless feature of this model eliminates the hassle of dealing with the wire. Because of the steel quality used in the blade, it remains sharper for a prolonged time. The blade will not become blunt after a few cuts, which means that you will not have to worry about the sharpness for years.

Further, it has a trigger lock feature which makes this Huyosen trimmer simpler to use. It will be easy to stop the machine anytime with the addition of a stop switch. To turn off this trimmer using the stop switch, you will need to press it for 3 seconds.

Although Huyosen 25cc is a great cordless hedge trimmer with a vast range of functionalities, it also has some downsides. The prime drawback of this unit is that it is on the heavier side. With its 18.16 pounds of weight, this device is unlikely to be carried easily for an extended period by most users. Also, it might get hard to cut the thickest twigs with this product because of the low cutting diameter.

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Overview: The 25cc Huyosen hedge trimmer is a smooth and powerful trimmer with many features. The hand adjuster, trigger lockout, and starter handle make it much more convenient to manage.

6. Poulan Pro PR2322 Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

415Ln1aHfnL. SL500


  • Rotating rear handle
  • Anti-vibration
  • Easy starting


  • Some parts are of low-quality material
  • The seal at the fuel line is not good

Poulan Pro PR2322 is an economical hedge trimmer that arrives with numerous top-class features. It introduces a powerful 23cc engine which is two-cyclic. You can reshape and trim the tough hedges and brushes with it. The potent 23cc engine makes this trimmer much more capable of removing thorny hedges.

Another feature to watch in the Poulan Pro PR2322 trimmer is the serrated blades. These serrated blades are dual-sided which have a high cutting capacity. It can cut 1-inch diameter limbs effortlessly. The high sharpness of the blade and 22 inches in length make it achieve this high-end performance.

Besides, some new users struggle to turn on the gas hedge trimmers. But with this trimmer by the Poulan Pro brand, you will not face such concern. It has an easy starting feature that will support both beginners and professionals to begin the machine within no time.

Regarding weight and dimensions, the PR2322 model is lightweight and sleek. The 11.1 pounds of weight and 44.75 x 9 x 8.25 inches of dimensions make it much easier to carry.

As you lift PR2322 during the trimming task for a prolonged period, you won’t become tired. Further, another prime feature of this product is the anti-vibration technology. This technology reduces the vibration and provides you a comfortable grip. You won’t feel any vibration while carrying the PR2322.

Additionally, this product involves a revolving handle to rotate the machine up to a certain angle for easy usage. Thanks to both the anti-vibration feature and the revolving handle, you can perform the trimming job with less hassle. Moreover, this machine has enough fuel capacity. It can hold around 1/3 gallon of fuel which is enough to execute cleaning on a larger area. Also, the engine used in the PR2322 model does not consume a lot of fuel.

Overall, the Poulan Pro unit is a worthy hedge trimmer to buy; it also has some disadvantages. One prime issue that you may have with this trimmer is with the material. The plastic material used in this gasoline hedge trimmer is less durable.

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Overview: If you are exploring a low-priced gas hedge trimmer that can help you perform all of your hedge trimmer tasks, then you must go for the Poulan Pro PR2322 machine.

7. SENIX HT4QL-L Gasoline Hedge Trimmer

31O5RlVToYL. SL500


  • It comes with a blade cover
  • Can trim heavy foliage
  • Swiveling rear handle


  • Although it has anti-vibration technology, you may still feel some vibration.
  • Relatively costly

In need of a powerful machine that can handle many hedges and branches? If so, the SENIX HT4QL-L hedge trimmer will be ideal for you. It is a user-friendly hedge trimmer manufactured by a well-reputed Canadian landscaping company SENIX.

It features a 26.5cc engine that provides a lot of power to the machine. The two-crank four-stroke engine will make it seem effortless to cut bulky branches and hedges. Apart from a powerful 26.5cc engine, this machine highlights a 22 inches laser-cut blade. The 22 inches long blade has dual-action technology for easy and precise trimming. With it, you can cut branches that are up to 1.1 inches thick.

Besides, some users wonder that it might be difficult to operate this potent machine, but that is not the case. Compared to other gas-powered hedge clippers, the SENIX HT4QL-L is extremely easy to start due to its convenient starting option. Whether you want to tackle hedges, bushes, or shrubs, this powerful hedge trimmer should be your choice.

Moreover, if you live in a quiet location, the SENIX HT4QL-L should be your top pick as it does not produce much noise while running. Not only lower noise, but the vibration is much less in this gasoline hedge trimmer. The anti-vibration technology will depreciate the fatigue that users usually deal with while using hedge trimmers.

The next thing that you will cherish about the HT4QL-L model is the swiveling rear handle. With the support of this rotating handle, you can use it in all directions. Additionally, its weight is around 13 pounds, and its dimensions are 43 x 10 x 8 inches.

This weight and dimensions will support you in moving and storing the machine. 9.6 fl. oz is the fuel tank capacity slightly less than a few other gas-powered hedge clippers.

Although the tank capacity is low, you do not have to worry about it as the HT4QL-L is a fuel-efficient product.

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Overview: SENIX HT4QL-L is among the powerful gas hedge trimmer that can effortlessly execute heavy-duty tasks. You can also use it for shaping and sculpting hedges, shrubs, and even trees.

8. ECHO HC-155 Hedge Trimmer


  • Commercial-grade felt air filter
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • RazorEdge blades


  • Vibration while running
  • Noisy

Another hedge trimmer that I will surely like to include in the list is ECHO HC-155. Compared to other gasoline-powered hedge trimmers, the ECHO HC-155 is new. With this professional-grade product, you can bring your overgrown plants in shape. It features a 21.2cc 2-stroke gas engine to help you in the cutting of unpopular hedges.

The best thing is the HC-155 offers a much precise cutting outcome. You will easily be able to achieve the cutting result that you want. It is an 11.5 pounds hedge trimmer that supports a dual-sided blade. This dual-sided blade is 24 inches long that allows cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

Further, the ECHO brand has only used high-quality material in the body, engine, and blade of the HC-155 unit. The Heavy-duty construction of this machine ensures durability.

Additionally, the use of safety guards ensures the user’s safety. This safety guard is very much small in size, so it’s not a reliable option. The ECHO HC-155 has two handles, just like other traditional gas hedge trimmers. These handles guarantee ease to grip and comfort while you hold the trimmer.

However, you might observe slight vibration while using this product. You can wear a wearing glove to minimize the vibration concern. Also, wearing gloves will protect your hand from flying objects. Do not forget to use hearing protection as well because this hedge trimmer does cause noise while working.

In terms of appearance, the HC-155 is just like other hedge trimmers, the ECHO brand. If you are looking for a unique design, then this unit is not for you. Apart from appearance, it does have some worthy features that make it a quality hedge trimmer.

An additional benefit of the HC-155 model is that it comes with an extended warranty. You will get five years consumer warranty and two years commercial warranty with this device.

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Overview: ECHO HC-155 is a lightweight hedge trimmer that features a commercial-grade felt air filter. This air filter offers a much better filtration system resulting in optimal performance of the engine.

Buying Guide

Are you still confused about which of the gas hedge trimmer you should choose?

If yes, then you should read this buying guide. A person who is not properly informed about the product is likely to make an unwise buying decision. Therefore, to tell you more about the gas hedge trimmer, I have included this buying guide.

But before that, below are some of the advantages of the gas hedge trimmer listed.

  • With the gas hedge trimmers, you can easily handle large hedges because of their powerful engine.
  • The cutting ability of gas hedge trimmer is usually more than other types of trimmers.
  • These types of hedge trimmers cut faster, helping you to save time.
  • In the gas hedge trimmers, users are not limited by the cord, making it a portable choice.
  • You will experience optimal cutting results with these hedge trimmers.

Apart from this, consider the following factors when buying a gas hedge trimmer.

– Engine

The engine is like the heart of a hedge trimmer because, without the engine, it is not possible to operate the hedge trimmer. If you want the hedge trimmer to handle numerous hedges and shrubs, you must prefer a gas hedge trimmer with a potent engine.

To check how powerful the engine is, you must look at the value of cubic centimeters. The greater the value of cubic centimeters is, the more potent the engine will be.

– Blade Type and Length

No matter what type of hedge trimmer you choose, the blade is one of the essential parts. You need to look at the blade type and blade length while buying. Most trimmers come with a dual-sided blade, while a few also offer blades on one side only. The one side blade only has teeth on a single side, while the dual-sided have teeth on both sides.

The single-sided blade is usually a safer option, while you will get a much better cutting outcome with a dual-sided blade. On the other hand, to complete the job quickly, try choosing a hedge trimmer with a longer blade. However, if you want to stylize and shape your hedges, then the smaller blade will be a more suitable choice.

– Trimmer Weight

Trimming the hedge will require you to hold the trimmer constantly during the process. If you choose a heavyweight hedge trimmer, you may begin feeling tired after a short period.

Not only this, but hedge trimmers that are heavier in weight can cause pain in your dominant shoulder. Therefore, you should only choose a lightweight gas hedge trimmer so that holding it for a longer session does not become an issue for you.

– Fuel Capacity

As the gas hedge trimmers require fuel to operate, so fuel capacity is also an important factor that you should check. Ensure to choose a product with high fuel storage because you will be able to use such a hedge trimmer for an extended duration without refilling frequently. Besides, also check that the gas hedge trimmer that you are choosing has low fuel consumption.


Man trying to start a gas hedge trimmerIn the end, the three best gas hedge trimmers that I will recommend you to try are Husqvarna 122HD60, Husqvarna 122HD45, and Poulan Pro PR2322. All the gas hedge trimmers are durable units, offering high-end cutting performance.

Besides, the comfortable grip of these products makes them much easier to handle. These gas hedge trimmers also require low fuel consumption. However, the final choice is yours. You can choose any product that satisfies your needs.

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