Maintaining your lawn can become a difficult task if you have to deal with thick branches, so you should try choosing the best hedge trimmer for thick branches.

Dealing with thick bushes, hedges, and branches gets more manageable if you have the right tools.

Therefore, to help you get your lawn in shape easily, we have reviewed the 5 best hedge trimmers for thick branches.

Best Hedge Trimmer for Thick Branches – Comparison Table



Poulan Pro PR2322

  • 22-inch dual-action blades
  • Advanced anti-vibration
  • Powerful full crank engine
Husqvarna 122HD60

  • Anti-vibration dampeners
  • 23.7-inch cutting blade
  • Smart start engine

  • Long 24-inch dual-action cutting blade
  • Portable design
  • High run time
Craftsman CMCHTS860E1

  • Dual-action laser-cut blades
  • Highly compatible battery
  • Large blade gap
DeWalt DCHT820B

  • Hooked-tooth blade design
  • 22-inch laser-cut blade
  • High cutting capacity

Best Hedge Trimmer for Thick Branches 2021 Review

1. Poulan Pro PR2322 Hedge Trimmer


  • Durable stainless-steel dual-sided blade
  • Effective anti-vibration dampeners
  • High cutting performance


  • Less reliable protection guard
  • Fuel tank capacity is low

If you want a powerful hedge trimmer at a budget-friendly cost, then the Poulan Pro PR2322 is a suitable pick for you. Though this machine is powerful, it does produce noise, similar to other gas-powered hedge trimmers. It has a 23cc two-cyclic engine that will help you in cutting thick branches in seconds. You can also trim dense hedges and bushes with this machine.

To cut off thick branches easier, the Poulan Pro brand has used serrated blades in the PR2322 model. This dual-sided blade provides a cutting capacity of around one inch. If you compare the cutting ability of the PR2322 unit with the prior hedge trimmers manufactured by Poulan Pro, you will discover that the PR2322 is the clear winner. The blade is 22 inches long with high sharpness.

The full-crank engine is easy to start. Unlike other gas-powered hedge trimmers, you do not have to exert a lot of force in starting the PR2322 hedge trimmers. The easy-starting feature makes it possible for people with lower arm strength to begin this machine effortlessly.

FurtherMORE, it is an 11.1-pound machine that will prevent you from getting tired or numb. This lightweight design of the PR2322 hedge trimmer is also compact. You can easily store this hedge trimmer because of its sleek shape. This gas-powered unit is higher performing than many electric hedge trimmers for thick branches.

As most gas-powered hedge trimmers are robust, they produce a lot of vibration, making the user exhausted quickly. But to deal with such vibration concerns, the Poulan Pro PR2322 hedge trimmer has used anti-vibration dampeners.

These anti-vibration dampeners minimize the vibration, resulting in comfortable handling. You will not face any strain and fatigue because of the vibration, as in other gas-powered hedge trimmers. To further minimize the vibration, you can also use safety gloves.

Moreover, the Poulan Pro PR2322 hedge trimmer also has dual handles. One of the handles is rotatable, while the other is fixed. You will not encounter any issues while handling this machine. Because of the rotating rear handle, you will be able to use the trimmer at different orientations. Near the front handle, you will also find a protection guard. However, the protection guard is less durable and much smaller in size.

Therefore, we will recommend you be extra careful of the flying objects you may confront while cutting branches and hedges.

Besides, as the PR2322 is a gas-powered hedge trimmer, it also has a fuel tank. The fuel tank has a 1/3-gallon capacity. Though the fuel tank is of moderate size, it is enough to perform cutting in an extensive garden.

The engine is fuel-efficient, so it does not utilize much fuel while working. On buying the PR2322 hedge trimmer, you will also get 2 years of warranty.

Overview: Poulan Pro PR2322 is an economical hedge trimmer that will help you cut thick branches and bushes. Its effective anti-vibration technology and rotating handle make it more adaptable to use.

2. Husqvarna 122HD60 Commercial Gas Hedge Trimmer


  • Carburetor air purge system
  • Adjustable handles
  • Long cutting bar


  • Heavyweight
  • Pricey

The Husqvarna 122HD60 is praised by many of its users due to its ease of use. The smart start engine of the 122HD60 model makes it convenient to begin. With minimum effort, you can quickly start and use this hedge trimmer.

The engine is gas-powered with an engine displacement of 21.7cc. This much power is enough to help you cut thick hedges and branches present in your garden.

At 16 pounds, this 122HD60 unit is relatively heavier in weight than other reviewed hedge trimmers. People with a lower arm strength will surely struggle to carry it for a more extended session. The powerful engine and long cutting blade enhance the overall weight of this machine.

Besides, you will be able to grip the Husqvarna 122HD60 unit because of the multiple handles. You can twist the front handle while the rear handle is adjustable. While holding it, you will be able to keep both of your hands in a comfy position.

Thanks to the smart start feature that lets the users run the machine without any delay. It also has an automatic stop switch that returns to the start position when you turn off the hedge trimmer. This automatic stop switch will also make the starting of the machine a lot easier.

Moreover, the Husqvarna 122HD60 has a 23.7 inch long blade with enhanced sharpness. The high sharpness of these blades promotes accurate and convenient trimming. You will be able to perform the cutting job much more manageable.

Using a hedge trimmer is a tiring task because of the vibration it produces while operating. However, to reduce tiredness, the Husqvarna 122HD60 has used anti-vibration dampeners. These dampers will absorb the trimmer vibrations resulting in less fatigue. Therefore, you will be able to clean your whole lawn while feeling any hand pain.

Similar to other gas hedge trimmers, the 122HD60 model also comes with a fuel tank. However, the fuel tank of this unit offers more storage than other gas hedge trimmers. The 10.14 fluid ounce tank provides enough storage to let you perform cutting your whole lawn without requiring to refill.

The use of high-quality components and features makes the 122HD60 model deliver optimal performance. You will surely enjoy the trimming and cutting of thick branches and hedges with this product. Though it is a bit expensive, it has all the high-performing features that users usually want in a top-quality hedge trimmer.

You will surely enjoy cutting and trimming using this hedge trimmer as it does not require a lot of manual effort. However, the only effort that you will require putting is on lifting this unit.

Overview: If you are willing to buy a well-designed and high-performing hedge trimmer, then the Husqvarna 122HD60 hedge trimmer should be your top pick.

3. BLACK+DECKER LHT360CFF Long Blade Hedge Trimmer


  • Unique charging indicator
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Cause vibration while operating

The BLACK+DECKER is quite a famous brand that most people know and trust. When it comes to manufacturing quality hedge trimmers, the BLACK+DECKER is among the top names.

Like other products, the LHT360CFF by the BLACK+DECKER brand is also well-functioning. It is a high-powered hedge trimmer that uses a battery source to operate.

You can easily use the LHT360CFF hedge trimmer for up to an hour and get the work done without recharging because of the Li-ion battery. While charging a hedge trimmer, most users complain that they cannot recognize when the charging is full.

However, with the BLACK+DECKER LHT360CFF, you will get a charge indicator to find the charging level.

This commercial gas hedge trimmer introduces a 24-inch blade that can cut 3/4 inches thick. This long blade hedge trimmer provides a much greater reach. If you compare the blade length and sharpness of the LHT360CFF hedge trimmer with its competitors, you will find that the LHT360CFF unit is superior.

You will not require applying a lot of force into cutting thick branches and hedges because of high blade sharpness. You can also use the saw blade tip to deal with branches up to 1.5 inches wide. The built-in saw of this hedge trimmer will help you cut both small and large branches. This cutting blade presents a cutting capacity of around 1 1/2 inches.

Another vital feature in the BLACK+DECKER LHT360CFF hedge trimmer is the comfortable handle. You will receive a soft grip with the handle that will prevent hand tiredness. This hedge trimmer will also get easier to control because of the soft handle.

Further, the LHT360CFF design is very much similar to various hedge trimmers by the same brand. You might find it hard to differentiate between LHT360CFF and other models by the BLACK+DECKER brand because of the similarity in design. It also has a push button that will help you fix the hedge trimmer when stuck while cutting thick branches. This push-button feature allows the cutting of hefty hedges and shrubs with no worry.

At 8.4 pounds weight, the LHT360CFF unit is lightweight and easy to transport. Because of the lightweight, you will surely not struggle to move it around your lawn.

Overview: If you are searching for a hedge trimmer with an extended reach that can help you cut branches from hard-to-reach areas, then choose the BLACK+DECKER LHT360CFF unit. It has a long 24-inch blade that is sharp.

4. Craftsman CMCHTS860E1 Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • Maximum maneuverability
  • Durable full bale handle
  • Lightweight design


  • Vibration issue

This cordless hedge trimmer can cut through thick branches and hedges conveniently. It comes with long dual-action blades that will be enough to help you remove thick twigs, branches, and leaves. The use of a 24-inch long laser-cut blade makes it possible to deliver high-end cutting performance. You can use both blade sides to execute the trimming task.

With this, you can easily cut 1-1/2-inches thick branches. Unlike in other big hedge trimmers, you will notice a large blade gap in the CMCHTS860E1 model. This high gap between the blades makes it easier for you to cut thick branches. The 3/4 inches of cutting capacity indicate that this unit can cut highly thick branches as well.

This battery-powered machine introduces a 2.5 Ah battery with an impressive run time. This hedge trimmer can run for up to 75 minutes on a single charge. The V60 max fast charger will help you recharge the device fully within an hour. The Craftsman CMCHTS860E1 hedge trimmer run time is enough to let you perform cutting in a larger area.

Another optimal feature of the CMCHTS860E1 hedge trimmer by the Craftsman brand is its lightweight. It weighs 9 pounds, providing maximum maneuverability. Thanks to the lightweight design, carrying this hedge trimmer for an extended duration will not cause pain in the user’s hand or arm.

This unit also has an integrated hook that you can use to hang it. The integrated hook will let you store the hedge trimmer with ease. You can quickly fix the hedge trimmer with the wall organization system using the hook.

For firm handling, the Craftsman CMCHTS860E1 hedge trimmer uses a full bale handle. This bale handle will ensure that your hands do not slip while holding the machine. Both the handles support a firm and easier grip.

However, while retaining the hedge trimmer, you might experience some vibration. Therefore, we will suggest you wear gloves to minimize the vibration effect.

The gloves will provide safety to your hands. Apart from gloves, make sure to wear safety goggles as well. The safety goggles will prevent your eyes from any severe damage.

Overview: The Craftsman CMCHTS860E1 cordless hedge trimmer has a long battery life and a quick recharging feature. The lightweight and portable shape make it easier to transport.

5. DeWalt DCHT820B Hedge Trimmer


  • Lightweight design
  • Compact shape
  • High SPM


  • The battery is not included
  • Fixed blades

DeWalt DCHT820B is a sleek and affordable hedge trimmer that is powerful enough to cut thorny branches, hedges, and shrubs. This DCHT820B unit does not come with a battery, so you will have to purchase the battery and the charger separately.

Make sure to invest in a 20v battery as the DCHT820B hedge trimmer is only compatible with it. The 20v battery will also provide a long-lasting experience. Due to the 20v long-lasting battery, you will be able to trim hedges, branches, and shrubs from large lawns on a single charge.

Though you will not find any official data about the DCHT820B trimmer run time, some customers can operate approximately for up to an hour if fully charged. This much run time makes DeWalt DCHT820B a must-have hedge trimmer for users who want to cut hedges, bushes, and branches in a large area. In terms of run time, this cordless hedge trimmer is a lot better than most of its competitors.

Besides, the blade length of the DCHT820B model is also optimal. It introduces a 22 inches long blade with a cutting capacity of 3/4 inches. It will get easy for you to cut tough and thick branches because of the large blade and high cutting capacity.

To make cutting more convenient, DeWalt has used a hooked-tooth blade design that is laser cut. However, these blades are fixed, so you cannot take them out for convenient transport.

If you want to remove the blades, you will have to disassemble the whole machine. You will experience a 2,800 SPM with this machine, indicating better and quick cutting. For a cordless hedge trimmer, it is a respectable number. However, you will also find a few of the cordless units with more SPM than DCHT820B.

It weighs 8.8 pounds, making the DeWalt DCHT820B trimmer easy to carry. Unlike in other traditional hedge trimmers, you will not struggle to handle the DCHT820B unit. The ergonomic design provides an outstanding overall balance, making it handy to operate.

Therefore, carrying this hedge trimmer for an extended session will not be a concern for you because of the better balance and lighter weight.

The jet-black handle used in the DCHT820B hedge trimmer gives a nicer touch. The handle is also rotating, saving you from tiredness while operating the unit for a long session. Similar to other hedge trimmers, this one also comes with a front handguard. The front handguard will provide you a safer environment while cutting. It will minimize the risk of injury and help you perform trimming with no worry.

As it is a cordless unit, you will not have to deal with any gas fumes, making it an environmental-friendly machine. The vibration and noise produced by DCHT820B are also less than many of its competitors. The low noise working of this machine will help you perform the cutting quietly.

Overview: The DeWalt DCHT820B is a must-have hedge trimmer for people who want a powerful unit at a reasonable price. It has a high run time, better SPM, and a laser-cut blade that will let you cut thick branches within a short time.

Best Hedge Trimmer for Thick Branches – Buying Guide

Take a close look at the vital factors that you should consider before shopping for the best hedge trimmer for thick branches.

But before that, the following are the advantages that you will get with this product:

  • These heavy-duty hedge trimmers will help you cut thick branches, hedges, and bushes.
  • The hedge trimmers for thick branches are usually powerful, resulting in high-end performance.
  • You will easily be able to take great care of your lawn with the hedge trimmer.
  • These units make cutting through hard-to-reach areas more accessible.

– Power Source

Before investing in any of the hedge trimmers, first, you should check its power source. In terms of hedge trimmers, battery, corded, and gas are the three power sources you can choose from.

Regarding performance, the gas-powered hedge trimmers have better performance. Because of greater power, it is easier to deal with thick branches if you have a gas-powered hedge trimmer. However, the gas-powered unit also has some disadvantages. You will need to deal with loud noise and fumes while using it.

On the other hand, the battery-powered hedge trimmer does not produce much noise and is easier to operate. Since these units use a battery to run, they are less powerful than gas-powered machines.

However, the power offered by many of such hedge trimmers will be enough to remove thick branches. So, for cutting thick branches, the battery-powered trimmer can also be a suitable option.

Apart from the above, the electric-powered or corded hedge trimmer has quite a similar performance to the battery-powered units. The prime difference is the cord. In the electric-powered unit, you will have to deal with the cord, while the one with the battery source does not have any cord.

– Weight

Weight is also an important consideration when buying a hedge trimmer. If you have a large cutting job to complete, you must focus on the hedge trimmer with a suitable weight.

Heavier hedge trimmers are hard to control, and if you are using them for the first time, you will struggle a lot. Therefore, if you are looking for a unit for a large lawn, choose the one that is lighter in weight. However, for small cutting tasks, you can compromise on the weight factor.

– Blade Length

The blade length is an essential factor to look at before buying a hedge trimmer for thick branches. The longer blade length usually makes it easier to cut hard-to-reach branches. The greater length of the blade will also let you perform the cutting quickly.

However, also check that the hedge trimmer has enough engine power to handle a longer blade. Remember that some users might find it hard to control and move a hedge trimmer with a longer blade.

It becomes a lot more convenient to handle a hedge trimmer with a short blade, making it an excellent beginner’s choice. Therefore, if you are a beginner or need to cut hedges from smaller areas, you should go for a smaller blade length. While, if you need cutting branches from hard-to-reach areas, then the hedge trimmer with a longer blade will be ideal for you.

– Tooth Gap

The tooth gap is critical when it comes to cutting thick branches. It tells about the branch size that you can cut using the hedge trimmer. It also refers to the cutting capacity of the hedge trimmer.

If you want to cut thick branches, choose the hedge trimmer with a greater tooth gap. Most of the hedge trimmer comes with a standard cutting capacity of 3/4 inches. However, you may also find some units with larger cutting capacity.

– Durability

As you want to cut thick branches and hedges, you must look for a highly durable hedge trimmer. A high durable hedge trimmer can operate in a harsh environment for a longer duration. You will be able to get the desired and long-lasting outcome with such units.

Therefore, you should only opt-out for a hedge trimmer that is highly durable and long-lasting.

– Comfort Grip

Cutting the thick branches, hedges, and shrubs is a difficult job, and if you have a hedge trimmer with a lousy grip, this task will become a lot harder. Therefore, you should always look at the hedge trimmer’s grip comfort while buying.

Make sure that the hedge trimmer handle does not make you feel uneasy during operation. A comfort grip will help you work comfortably and efficiently, resulting in an optimal outcome. Choose the hedge trimmer that has a wide handle, and make sure it is soft and cushioned. You will also find an anti-vibration feature in some hedge trimmers, making handling a lot more convenient.


Trimming thick branches and hedges can be a tiresome and time-consuming task, but if you have the right equipment, you can manage this task easily.

I hope the compiled list of the 5 best hedge trimmers for thick branches will let you conveniently pick the right equipment as per your need.

Though all the reviewed products are worth buying, we suggest you try the Poulan Pro PR2322 or DeWalt DCHT820B hedge trimmer because of the features, durability, and performance.

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