If your landscape includes a lot of ups and downs, buying the best mower for uneven ground makes mowing less of a chore – and maybe even fun!

This review gives you a side-by-side comparison of one gas-powered, three battery-powered, and one corded lawnmowers for rough terrain.

We’ll also cover the most critical points to consider when choosing a rough ground mower for your landscape.

Finding the Best Mower for Rough Terrain

Here’s a comparison table of the five all-terrain lawn mowers we’re reviewing:

Power Source Deck Size Weight Battery Type Run Time
Greenworks Battery 21 inch 69.9 lbs. 40 V

6 AH

40 min.
Black and Decker Battery 16 inches 38 lbs. 40 V 30-45 min.
LawnMaster Corded 120 V. 15-19 inches 28-35 lbs. 11-12 Amp Indefinite
Yard Force Battery 22 inch 108.8 lbs. 2.5Ah 100 min.
Troy Bilt Gas 21 inch 65.9 lbs. n/a Variable

Choosing the Best All Terrain Lawn Mower: Product Reviews

1. Greenworks 21-Inch, 40V Electric, Self-Propelled Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain


  • Self-propelled
  • Durable steel deck
  • Mows up to ½ acre
  • Extra battery compartment
  • Push-button start


  • Manual power in reverse
  • Handle height non-adjustable

Product Features

This battery-powered lawn mower has the heft you need for cutting tall grass and mowing over rough ground. The rugged steel deck, self-propelled drive, and 21-inch blade cutting width let you cover large areas with little effort and in minimum time.

The easy-to-use push-button start feature makes start-up a no-hassle process. A built-in USB port on the battery station lets you charge phones, tablets, and other portable electronics while you work.


  • Self-propelled rear wheels are a significant advantage in a mower for uneven terrain.
  • 3 in 1 cutting and collection feature mulches, bags, or discharges cut material to the side.
  • The backup battery compartment saves you trips and delays when charging and switching batteries.
  • USB charging port lets you keep your cell-phone charged wherever you’re mowing.
  • Universal 40 volt, 6 AH battery design works in dozens of other GreenWorks tools.

The battery compatibility with other GreenWorks products doesn’t depend on the amp hour rating of the batteries.

The battery that comes with this mower work in other GreenWorks tools using 2 AH and 4 AH power sources, including leaf-blowers, weed-trimmers, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws.

The ability to interchange batteries between different lawn care tools is a significant advantage when buying a battery-powered mower.

GreenWorks tool chargers are also interchangeable. The mower comes with one lithium-ion battery and a charger.

Also, the brushless, high-torque motor is quiet, reducing operator stress and fatigue, and the motor is built for a long life-span of tough working conditions.

The Greenworks electric lawnmower has a mid-range weight for mowers of this type, weighing in at just under 70 lbs. This weight class can be an advantage when plowing through tall weeds and tough grass.

The rugged design of this lawnmower is optimum for heavy-duty cutting situations. It’s an excellent option for homeowners with large areas of grass to mow on uneven terrain.

The vertical storage feature allows for stowing the machine in 30 percent of the floor space compared to the working position. This feature is a big plus for anyone with limited garage space.

Smartcut technology feature lets the mower automatically adjust the cutting height, depending on the grass’s thickness, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments.

Because the handle height is non-adjustable, this mower may not be best for people who are exceptionally tall or short. You also have to use muscle-power to move the machine in reverse, which can be a disadvantage for some operators.

You can download or view a PDF version of the user manual for this machine at the GreenWorks website.

Overview of Greenworks Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain

The GreenWorks 21-inch deck, 40v self-propelled electric lawn mower is a top choice for mowing large yards and fields up to ½ acre in size.

The heavy-duty deck construction and self-propelled forward motion give you a terrific advantage on uneven ground and slopes and cutting thick grass.

Anyone with a sizable area to mow who wants a quiet, fume-free lawn mower for hilly terrain built to handle large jobs will appreciate what this machine has to offer.

2. Black and Decker CM1640 40V MAX Cordless Rough Ground Mower


  • Light, compact, maneuverable
  • 6 settings for cutting height adjustment
  • Comes with 2, 40v lithium batteries
  • Easy deck cleaning


  • Short run-time per charge
  • Manual propelled drive

Product Features


  • Folding handles and compact storage
  • 6 setting cutting height adjustment
  • Rust-proof deck construction

The Black and Decker CM1640 40V cordless lawnmower is ideal for anyone with a smaller yard with hills and slopes as part of the landscape. The 6-setting, 1 inch to 3-inch cutting height adjustment gives you maximum flexibility for getting the manicured look you want on any lawn.

While the average run time of 30 to 40 minutes per battery charge is a bit low compared to other similar models, this electric, cordless lawn mower comes with two lithium-ion batteries for extended use.

Working time for batteries depends on the cutting condition’s difficulty level. The batteries take about an hour to recharge on the included charging station.

The 16-inch cutting width is ideal for smaller yards and narrow areas along pathways, and the heavy-duty plastic deck frame ensures you won’t have problems with rusting of the undercarriage as the seasons roll by.

The handles on this machine fold down neatly, making the entire unit more compact and easy to store in limited space. You can also use the folded handles for lifting and moving the machine. Along with those conveniences, at only 38 lbs., this unit ranks high for portability, storage, and convenience.

One drawback of this all-terrain lawnmower for some users is the manual-drive propulsion. You have to exert muscle power to move the lawnmower around. However, for small yards under 1/8 acre, it provides plenty of power for keeping grass trimmed on flat areas and gentle slopes.

The 9.5-gallon clippings catchment bag is built with soft sides and a ridged top, giving you plenty of room for working between unloading the bag. You can also run the machine without the catchment bag in place and send the clipped grass back into the landscape as mulch.

The included batteries are interchangeable with Black and Decker battery-powered string trimmers, blowers, and other tools.

Overview of Black and Decker Rough Ground Mower

The Black and Decker CM1640 40V MAX Cordless Lawn Mower is perfect for homeowners with small yards with a mix of flat and uneven ground.

The light and compact frame make this machine capable of navigating tight spaces and sharp turns in a small yard. Folding handles and small overall size make this machine easy to store in almost any size shed or garage.

3. LawnMaster MEB1014K Electric Lawn Mower 15-Inch 11AMP Mower for Uneven Ground


  • 3300 RPM motor
  • Easy cutting height adjustment
  • Light, compact, easy to store


  • Corded power source can limit range

Product Features


  • Easy adjusting handle and cutting height
  • Light and compact
  • Easy storage

The LawnMaster MEB1014K Electric Lawn Mower with 15-Inch cutting deck and 11AMP motor is a compact, easy to use yard machine powered by a regular 120V extension cord and power outlet.

LawnMaster mowers come in three cutting deck widths. This one is the smallest at 15-inches, but they also sell 16-inch and 19-inch deck models powered with 12AMP motors.

The cutting height adjustment leaver moves from 1-inch to 3-inches and is easily worked with one hand and a single motion. Adjusting to a higher cutting blade height makes it easier to tackle taller, tougher grass and move around on uneven terrain.

The handle also adjusts to fit different size operators and users with bigger or smaller paces. This adjustable feature is a great bonus if you have more than one person in the household, taking on mowing the lawn.

A 7-gallon cutting collection bag handles plenty of trimmings when cutting a small to medium-sized lawn. You can also operate the lawnmower without the bag and discharge the cuttings to the side for mulch.

At 28 lbs. total weight, this is a light machine you can pick up and move around without much difficulty. The folding feature makes it a snap to store or transport this lawnmower in a car trunk or pickup truck bed.

The impact-resistant and rust-resistant deck reduces maintenance costs and repairs. Wheel diameters of 5.5-inches in front and 7.75-inches in the rear assist with maneuvering in tight spaces.

Overview of LawnMaster Mower for Uneven Ground

The LawnMaster 15-inch electric lawn mower is a sensible option for anyone with a small lawn and for people with less experience operating power yard equipment and lawnmowers.

The light, compact, foldable design makes it optimum for homes with limited storage space. The low-maintenance, oil-free operation keeps the cost down for on-going use and makes clean up and storage easy.

4. Yard Force 120V 2.5Ah x 2 Lithium-Ion 22” 3-in-1 Torque-Sense Mower for Uneven Terrain


  • Long run-time
  • Torque-Sense technology
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Reports of minor problems with “Go” switch at delivery
  • Heavy machine weight

Product Features


  • Powerful cutting torque
  • 100 plus minutes of run-time with both batteries
  • Fast battery recharging time

The Yard Force, 22-inch deck, self-propelled mower is built for maintaining sizable lawns, It has a superb maximum run-time for a battery-driven lawn mower, lasting up to 100 minutes or more with both batteries fully charged and installed.

The dual battery ports use power from one battery then automatically switch to the fresh battery when the first one runs low. You can also run the machine with a single battery in the port while the other battery is on the charger.

The super-powerful, 120-volt brushless motor has force comparable to a gasoline-powered mower engine, giving you the torque needed for tough cutting jobs.

The self-propelled setting on the drive shaft lets you go up and down slopes and hills with minimal effort, and this can be crucial if your landscape includes hilly or rough terrain. The mower also operates in manual drive mode to save battery charge when mowing on flat and level areas.

Using the self-propelled feature has a safety advantage when mowing on an uneven landscape because less operator strength is needed, reducing the risk of damage to the machine in case of an accident. The self-propelled drive is also a plus for quickly cutting tall and tough grass without undue physical effort.

The deck is adaptable to three modes for disposing of the cuttings:

  • Rear-bagging
  • Mulching
  • Side discharge

A unique feature in the bagging design assures a 95 percent capacity of the bag when full due to a special bag/box feature. This feature reduces how often you have to empty clippings, and the bag/box design is also easier to take off of the machine and handle while dumping.

Depending on the grass’s thickness and height, the Torque-Sense technology sensors relay data to the motor, adjusting how much power it puts out and matching it to the job at hand. This feature gives you extra torque and power when cutting damp and wet lawns, and it saves battery power when cutting conditions are easy.

The unit comes with two lithium-ion batteries and one, 4-amp fast charger, and the batteries maintain full-power all the way through the charge without dropping off at the end. The charger recharges the batteries in approximately 30 minutes, which is about half the time of most lawn mower battery chargers.

Compact, vertical storage and folding handles let you stow the unit in 30 percent of other mower’s floor space, which is an important consideration if your storage space is limited.

A significant advantage of battery-powered lawnmowers is the fume-free operation and zero need for buying, storing, and pouring gas and oil to maintain the machine compared to a gas-powered model.

Overview of Yard Force Mower for Uneven Terrain

The Yard Force 3-in-1 Torque-Sense Mower is an excellent choice in battery-powered lawnmowers for homeowners with large yards, uneven landscape, and tough weeds to cut.

This mower has the power and run-time comparable to a gas-powered mower without the fumes and the mess and hazard of gas and oil. The heavy-duty frame construction on this unit is built to withstand many seasons of tough service.

5. Troy Bilt 21-Inch 159cc Gas Mulching Push Walk Behind Lawn Mower for Hilly Terrain


  • High-clearance for uneven terrain
  • 3-way clipping discharge system
  • Rake bumper for finer, closer cut


  • Manual propelled
  • Gas fumes and storage considerations

Product Features


  • Long run-time
  • Exceptional cutting power
  • High clearance for uneven ground

The Troy Bilt 21-Inch, 159cc gas walk behind mower is a classic, gas-powered lawn mowing machine with a long tradition of cutting lawns and chopping down tall weeds.

The wide, 21-inch cutting deck lets you mow faster and more efficiently, a feature you will appreciate if you’re mowing a large yard.

Rugged, 11-inch rear wheels give you incredible traction and the high-clearance needed when the terrain is rough, uneven, or the weeds are thick and tall.

The side discharge and 1.9-bushel collection bag give you plenty of room for gathering clippings between stops to empty the bag. You can also take the bag off entirely and use the mulching feature to leave cuttings on the lawn as mulch and return nutrients to the soil.

The rake bumper is a unique feature of this lawnmower that lifts the grass just before it goes under the cutting blade, ensuring a finer cut. This cutting feature also reduces the clumping of cut grass, making the chopped grass and weeds better for mulch or easier to dump from the collection bag.

The machine runs on regular, unleaded gasoline, and it has an easy-start engine with an automatic choke you don’t need to adjust manually. To start up the engine, depress the starter bar on the handle with one hand and pull the starter cord with the other hand.

Releasing the starter bar on the handle automatically shuts off the engine when you’re ready to stop or if you lose control of the machine during operation.

Total weight of just under 66 lbs. makes pushing the mower easy for many operators, but the manual propulsion can be a drawback for some people.

Gas-powered mowers deliver when it comes to run-time, working for over 100 minutes on a single tank of gas, depending on work conditions. Cutting wet or damp grass and tall, thick weeds takes more power than cutting short, dry grass, and these factors affect how often you need to refuel a gas-powered mower like this one.

Another important factor in deciding on which lawnmower to buy is the exposure of people and the environment to fumes during operation and storage of gas and oil when you own a gas-powered machine. Elimination of fumes and simplified storage is a significant advantage of a battery or corded lawnmower.

Spare gas must be stored in an outdoor location, a garage, or a shed in an approved gas storage container. The oil in the machine must be checked before each use and topped off as needed. Occasionally changing the oil, spark plug, and air filter are standard maintenance tasks with a gas-powered lawnmower.

Battery and corded mowers are also quieter than their gas-driven counterparts and this can be an important factor for many homeowners when choosing between a gas mower like this Troy Bilt and a corded or battery-powered unit.

Overview of Troy Bilt Mower for Hilly Terrain

This Troy Bilt gas-powered mower is a great choice for homeowners who have big yards, tough weeds, and uneven ground to mow and storage facilities for spare gas cans and oil.

The gas engine has exceptional power for tough jobs, but it does take some muscle-power to move the machine around.


When you invest in a new lawnmower for rough terrain, you want a machine that can handle your landscape and your needs as an operator. Smaller yards with gentler slopes require a different machine than a ½ acre field with a steep slope.

Some homeowners are comfortable using muscle-power to maneuver a lawnmower around their yard. Others need or want the efficiency and reduced effort provided by a self-propelled mower.

The most crucial point is to match your landscape, your personal needs, and your storage space to the right machine for you.

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