Do I really need the best pitchfork for mulch, or can I do it with any old gardening tool? It depends.

Does the handle break very often? Do you have to pay extra money to replace it? Do you strain your back when using the wrong gardening tool? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need the best pitchfork for mulch.

We have reviewed several top products on the market for your benefit.

They will help you get rid of mulch easier, faster, and with no back pains.

What Is the Best Pitchfork for Mulch?

The best mulch pitchfork is a well-engineered gardening tool that will do half the work for you.

Thanks to its good design, the pitchfork will reduce manual work and allow you to get rid of different types of debris. This includes hay, dead leaves, stones, wood chips, and more.

We have discovered the top products on the market and reviewed them for your benefit.

1. 1. Truper 880154539 Truper 30323 Pro Manure Fork

Pros Cons
  • Soft cushion grip
  • Handle is lightweight
  • Both for commercial and industrial use
  • Tines made of soft metal
  • May bend in time

This fiberglass pitchfork for mulch was made for both commercial and industrial use. The Truper brand has created a sleek pitchfork perfect for a lifetime of use on ranches, dairies, and farms.

This pitchfork for mulch has a 50-inch fiberglass handle of professional grade. The handle in itself comes with a soft cushion grip which will keep your hands protected while you work. Apart from that, the handle is lightweight, making it perfect for extended use. It’s lighter than average weight means that this pitchfork can also be used by your children.

The Truper Pitchfork has a two-inch W forged head. The manufacturer has added a rivet connection to the tool’s head to ensure maximum strength. In this way, you can rest assured that the pitchfork is reliable and strong.

Additionally, the pitchfork features one-inch diameter tines. They are capable of moving mulch, but also hay, dead leaves, and even small stones. The strong tines will take the load off you and make the manual labor much easier.

Overall: This pitchfork for mulch is very lightweight and sleek. It’s perfect for beginner gardeners or farmers who only need to get rid of small quantities of mulch in their backyard. If you have children, this is the pitchfork for you.

2.2. True Temper 2812200 4-Tine Spading Digging Fork

Pros Cons
  • Diamond pointed steel tines
  • Handle made of hardwood
  • Poly D-Grip allows better control
  • Handle might be too long for some people

If you’re looking for the best pitchfork for mulch, which is both durable and high quality, the True Temper is the product for you. This gardening tool made our list of best pitchforks for mulch because of its Poly D-grip handle. This is the detail that sets it apart from other pitchforks.

The manufacturer has given this gardening tool a 30-inch hardwood handle that is durable and very strong. As a result, the pitchfork can moderate your back and neck pain professionally. The handle’s D-Grip makes it much easier to use even when wearing gloves.

The True Temper pitchfork for mulch has four diamond pointed tines made of steel. The brand’s unique approach to the tines makes it easier for the pitchfork to penetrate the soil. In this way, you will have to put in less work than with other gardening tools of this kind.

Apart from that, the high-quality steel material the brand used to construct the tines will allow you to work with wet soil without bending the pitchfork.

Overall: This pitchfork for mulch is made of high-quality and durable materials. The handle is made of very strong hardwood and the tines are made of steel that will ensure a lifetime use. The pitchfork’s long handle makes it perfect for gardeners who want to avoid neck and back pains.

What Makes the Best Pitchfork for Mulch?

If you’ve decided you need the best pitchfork for mulch, there are a few criteria you need to consider before adding one to your shopping cart. A little research online will show you that pitchforks vary in size, strength, durability, and purpose.

As a result, here is what you need to look into:

1. The purpose of the pitchfork

Despite looking the same, pitchforks have different purposes. Some of these gardening tools are very light. As a result, they can only lift and throw equally light debris such as dry leaves, hay, cut grass, etc.

Heavy-duty pitchforks can shift consistent materials such as stones, earth, pieces of wood, animal waste, and more.

There are also some types of pitchforks you can use to insert into the soil. These are made of very resistant materials and are extremely durable. As a result, this is the first criterion to take into account when choosing the best pitchfork for mulch. What are your gardening and farming needs?

2. The length of the handle

Not all pitchforks for mulch are the same. This tool can have a short, medium, or long handle. It depends on the brand and the purpose for which you will be using it. Short and medium handles are perfect for gardeners who want to work close to the ground and for children.

However, if you want to save yourself from back and neck problems, buy a pitchfork for mulch with a long handle. The design of this pitchfork will allow you to keep your back straight and your neck in a healthy position. This type of gardening tool will also take half the load of work off you, thanks to its ergonomic design.

3. Different types of tines

This gardening tool comes equipped with different types of tines, depending on what you are planning on using it for. Lightweight pitchforks for mulch have pliable tines.

They are soft and made of less durable metal. If this is the pitchfork you are planning on buying, you will only able to scoop and shift light debris. Don’t use it for stones, manure, or pieces of wood!

There are also heavyweight pitchforks on the market. They will impress you with their steel tines which have been designed to penetrate the soil. These gardening tools are perfect if you want to aerate the soil in spring or do a bit of light digging.

Seeing as they are so durable, you can use their strength to your advantage. Perform any tasks around the garden you want! These include flipping compost, planting transplants, or moving manure.

4. Maintenance

Depending on the type and quality of pitchfork for mulch you buy, you will have to perform some degree of maintenance on it. For example, quality and heavy-duty pitchforks can withstand almost anything. You can leave them outside in the rain and snow because they will not rust.

Specialists advise you to coat your pitchfork with a layer of silicone spray, but this is the only maintenance task you will have to perform. As a result, these types of pitchforks will save you money!

On the other hand, lower quality and lightweight pitchforks need more attention on your part. You will have to store them inside the house or in a closed and dry garage. Make sure to clean these tools using plenty of water and dry thoroughly after each use. Do not leave them outside because they cannot withstand humidity.

5. Tine design

When choosing the best pitchfork for mulch, the rule of thumb is very simple. If the gap between the tines is large, you will find it difficult to pick up small pieces of debris with your pitchfork. The same rule applies to the number of tines. If you need to pick up hay, manure, or stones, choose a pitchfork with three tines or one with a wider gap between its teeth.

However, if you are a home gardener who simply wants to rake the dead leaves or the freshly mown grass of your lawn, you will need a pitchfork with five tines. It will make it easier to pick up small particles.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a home gardener with a small backyard or a seasoned farmer, your pitchfork needs to match your needs. The best pitchfork for mulch on the market allows you to get the job done fast, without straining your back and neck, and without draining your budget.

As a result, if you want a high-quality product that will last a lifetime, we recommend the True Temper tool. However, the Truper Pro Manure Fork will also satisfy your needs if you’re looking for a sleek and lightweight gardening tool.

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