The walk-behind leaf blower can help you remove debris and leaves from any area in no time. The leaf blower has greater blowing power that provides high-end cleaning.

But do all the leaf blowers deliver better cleaning performance?

Well, no, but we have reviewed some of the best walk-behind leaf blowers that will surely give you exceptional results in terms of cleaning.

Let’s begin!

Comparison Table

Here, we have made a comparison of all the reviewed walk-behind leaf blowers. This comparison will let you compare the features to pick the suitable unit as per your need.

Product Engine Power Source Weight Air Flow Capacity Airspeed
SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower

212cc 4 Stroke OHV engine Gas-powered 129.7 pounds 2000 CFM 200 MPH
Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Blower

393 cc Honda GX engine Gas-powered 165 pounds 2600 CFM 200 MPH
Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Leaf Blower

208cc OHV engine Gas-powered 78 pounds 1000 CFM 150 MPH
Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM Walk Behind Blower

305cc engine Gas-powered 115 pounds 2000 CFM 200 MPH
Billy Goat 197 MPH Walk Behind Blower

205cc Subaru engine Gas-powered 76 pounds 1090 CFM 197 MPH
Little Wonder 99170-03-01 C5 Leaf Blower 170cc Subaru engine Gas-powered 150 pounds 1150 CFM 200 MPH
Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower 163cc OHV engine Gas-powered 95 pounds 1200 CFM 150 MPH

Best Walk-Behind Leaf Blower 2021 Review

Here I have reviewed all the 7 best walk-behind leaf blowers. You will learn about the features, performance, pros, and cons of all the leaf blowers via this section.

Following are some walk-behind leaf blowers reviews.

1. SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower


  • Durable construction
  • Compact shape
  • High airflow


  • No engine oil included
  • Noisy

The SuperHandy Blower is our first choice because of the high-end features it offers. It has a compact shape and a durable body. It weighs around 129.7 pounds, while this blower’s dimensions are 26.6 x 22.5 x 22.3 inches. But you do not need to bother about the heavy weight of this blower because of the swivel wheels.

The three swivel front wheels can effortlessly rotate up to 360 degrees, making this heavy machine easy to transport. The size of all three wheels is quite large, due to which you can push this SuperHandy Blower on rough places quickly.

Moreover, some people complain about the rusting and corrosion of blowers. Still, with the SuperHandy unit, you will not face any such concern. The addition of powder-coated heat-treated steel material to this blower prevents it from rusting and corrosion. The better construction makes it a long-lasting choice.

Further, it has a large 212cc 4-stroke gas engine which is quite powerful. This gas engine delivers a power of 7HP, which helps this machine blow both the wet and dry leaves easily.

Not only leaves, but this gas engine also allows cleaning of dust. It has a CFM of around 2000. This high CFM provides more excellent airflow, resulting in an effective cleaning outcome.

Another quality feature of the SuperHandy Blower is the speed. It offers a speed of 200 miles per hour, which further makes cleaning leaves and dust effortless. Also, it has a high 3600 RPM. This RPM indicates the spins of the metal impeller in a single minute. Because of high RPM and CFM, you can even clean snow using this product. The impeller is around 13.5 inches long, and it contains a durable metal material.

Besides, it has an adjustable angle flap feature that you can use to adjust airflow. You can also change the direction of the air by up to 90 degrees using this feature. This angle flap option will let you enjoy higher accuracy with ease. The robust impeller can easily resist a high load without causing any damage.

This machine is also CARB compliant and EPA certified, proving that it is safe to use. As compared to traditional plastic fans, this machine has durable fans that offer a high wind force. This greater wind force is what makes it a top-notch machine.

The prime issue with the SuperHandy Blower is its noise. Like other gas-powered units, this blower produces loud noise while operating. Also, it needs regular maintenance for better working for a longer duration.

If you are using the leaf blower for the first time, you might struggle while using it, so for that, the SuperHandy brand has added a user manual with this unit. You will get information about the blower and how to use it in the user manual.

The SuperHandy Blower does not come with engine oil, so you will have to pay some extra money for that. Besides, make sure to use proper standard hand and eye protection while using this blower for your safety. This unit is stronger than many other walk-behind gas leaf blowers.

Overview: If you want a better performing leaf blower with high speed and greater airflow capacity, you must select the SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower.

2. Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Blower


  • Durable 16 blade fan
  • 393 cc robust engine
  • Self-propelled


  • Relatively costly
  • Heavy

The Billy Goat F1302SPH is an ideal blower for both homeowners and professionals. It supports easy cleaning of large areas quickly. As compared to the competitors, the F1302SPH unit has a greater weight of around 165 pounds. Apart from weight, 58 x 28.5 x 45 inches are the dimensions of this unit.

Although this machine has heavyweight, you will still not face issues while moving it because of the moveable wheels. It has three durable wheels. The rear wheels have a size of 13 inches, while the front wheel is 10 inches. Also, pushing the F1302SPH machine is effortless because of its self-propelled feature. This unit is relatively better than many other self-propelled walk-behind leaf blowers.

Further, it has a round blower housing that helps in minimizing the noise. This round housing also reduces the air voids. Another thing to talk about in this Billy Goat F1302SPH Blower is its 389cc Honda GX engine. It is a 4-cycle engine that delivers high MPH and CFM. The 200 MPH and 2600 CFM are what make this machine more effective against leaves.

It additionally has a unique aim and shoots nozzles. This aim and shoot nozzle feature is patented, so you may not find this feature in other brand’s blowers. You can modify the direction of the airflow using the nozzle. Use your fingertips on the nozzle to alter the path of airflow as per the need. The 5 inches wider discharge opening allows more air to pass quickly.

With the F1302SPH model, you can conveniently clean alongside walls because of the forward discharge adaptor. While operating, this machine produces a 90 decibels sound. Though the noise might be high for a few people, it is still relatively lower than many other blowers available in the market.

Besides, it involves a powerful 16 blade fan. These fans take support from an advanced technology that allows the fan to produce surpassing airflow.

Another top-notch feature is the ergonomic padded handle. This handle will let you quickly push or pull the machine whenever you want. Though the handle is lower, so you may require to bend to grasp it. The handle is firmly fixed so that it does not produce any vibration while you hold it.

Moreover, this has a more expansive 1.7-gallons fuel tank. Due to the greater tank size, you will not require filling the fuel tank repeatedly.

Besides, the engine housing is backed with a 5-year warranty. So you can replace it anytime you notice any rusting or denting problem. Not only housing but the Billy Goat brand also offer three years of warranty with the engine and two years of warranty with the whole machine.

Overview: If you want a self-propelled blower, then the Billy Goat leaf blower will be ideal for you. It has a robust 393 cc engine and 17-inch 16 blade fan that makes cleaning effortless.

3. Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Leaf Blower


  • Rubberized comfort grip handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Low vibration


  • Low power
  • Noisy

If you want a simple yet effective leaf blower, then choose Troy-Bilt TB672. The design is quite innovative and compact. You can clean leaves and debris from both the large and small properties effortlessly with the Troy-Bilt product.

It has a 208cc engine with a 4-stroke. This gas engine is fuel-efficient and does not produce a lot of emissions. Without putting in much effort, you will be able to start the engine whenever needed. The use of a 208cc motor makes this walking leaf blower a powerful machine.

Though the motor is mighty, it still has comparatively less CFM and MPH. The 1,000 CFM and 150 MPH will help you conveniently get rid of leaves from your yard. However, for stubborn debris, it might not give effective results. In terms of weight and dimensions, this blower is much better than its competitors. It weighs 78 pounds and 30.5 x 25.5 x 27.5 inches in size.

Further, it has a moveable nozzle. By up to 90 degrees, you can move the nozzle to do the required cleaning task. You can additionally adjust the speed of air according to the requirement.

Besides, many leaf blowers come with a metallic handle, making them hard to grip for a longer duration. However, with the Troy-Bilt TB672, you will not go through any such issue because of the rubberized grip handle. With comfort, you can hold the handle for an extended session of cleaning. So, you will easily be able to operate the TB672 model without straining your hands.

Another quality feature is the semi-pneumatic ball-bearing wheels. Similar to other blowers, this one also comes with three wheels. The two wheels at its rear end are greater in size than the front wheel. Twelve inches is the size of the rear wheels, while that of the front wheel is 8 inches.

Due to these wheels, you can comfortably move this heavy-duty machine. The wheels minimize the vibration of the machine while you move it. These semi-pneumatic wheels will let you access and clean hard-to-reach areas.

Also, it has a fuel tank with a 3-quart capacity. Though the fuel tank capacity is relatively less, it is still acceptable as this unit is fuel-efficient. Therefore, you will not be required to fill the fuel tank repeatedly.

Apart from the fuel tank, this machine has a high-end impeller. The 14 inches long impeller promotes the efficiency of the blower so that you can enjoy better cleaning.

Noise is the prime thing that many users do not like in the Troy-Bilt TB672 Blower. It is a noisy machine, just like its competitors. To overcome the noise problem, you might need to purchase earplugs.

Moreover, it does not produce a lot of vibration because of the durable wheels and grips. Though the vibration is relatively low, we would still suggest you use protective gloves. The protective gloves will protect you from any harm and minimize the vibration effect.

Overview: Troy-Bilt TB672 is a compact and easy-to-operate leaf blower with all the features to help you get the desired cleaning output with minimal effort.

4. Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM Walk Behind Blower


  • Produce lower noise
  • Reliable airspeed
  • Easier to push


  • Require regular maintenance
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks

If you are searching for a blower that produces a low noise level and delivers high performance, then go for the Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM Blower. It has a moderate 115 pounds of weight which is comparatively heavier than a few other leaf blowers.

It is a gas-powered machine that has a dominant 305cc engine. The Briggs & Stratton engine used further provides greater power to the machine. It uses a recoil start system to begin the operation, and the 4-cycles of this engine make this product a more reliable choice. The high-quality engine promotes more incredible MPH and CFM. It offers 2000 cubic feet per minute, while the MPH of this machine is 200. You can easily tackle both dry and wet leaves with the help of Merry Mac Blower.

Another well-known feature of this blower is the kickable switch. You can adjust the output of the machine using this kickable switch. Whether you want high or low output, you can customize the setting for it with the switch.

Also, this blower is easy to start and stop. Because of greater power, you can use it for cleaning acreage, fields, and large properties. This commercial-grade product additionally features strong motor housing for better safety. The use of cast iron in motor housing enhances its durability. It also protects the motor from any additional damage.

One more quality feature in the LB1450ICEZM model is the deflector that you can utilize to regulate the airflow. You will also get a front and side discharge option for effective and quick cleaning.

Besides, the noise level produced by this powerful blower is around 71 decibels. This noise level is comparatively less than various other blowers. Though the sound is low, you may still require using hearing protection if you are standing too close to this machine. This leaf blower with wheels is convenient to operate.

Further, this model by the Merry Mac brand has an impeller that delivers high speed. These impellers rotate at a greater pace resulting in more airflow. The elevated airflow speed makes this Merry Mac unit remove all the leaves, dust, and debris.

Overview: If you do not like loud machines’ noise, you should prefer the Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM Walk Behind Blower. Its lower noise and greater performance will let you enjoy optimal results.

5. Billy Goat 197 MPH Walk Behind Blower


  • Easy to move
  • Lightweight
  • Low noise


  • Low airflow capacity
  • Less powerful

Moving a heavyweight leaf blower can be difficult for many users, but that is not the case with the Billy Goat 197 MPH Walk Behind Blower. This blower is much lighter in weight as compared to many other leaf blowers. It only weighs around 76 pounds, while its dimensions are 26.2 x 24.6 x 27.8 inches. Not only weight but the size of this machine is also compact. With ease, you can push this unit single-handedly because of its lightweight property.

Further, even in concise space, you can store it because of its sleek shape. The weight and shape of this rolling leaf blower will let you save energy and space. It has a 205cc engine which renders 1090 CFM of airflow and 197 MPH airspeed. Though this model by the Billy Goat brand does not have a powerful engine, it can help you perform small cleaning jobs efficiently.

Like many other leaf blowers by Billy Goat, this one also contains an aim-and-shoot airflow control. With this feature’s help, you can control the discharge chute up or down according to the requirement. Depending on the quantity of debris and leaves present, you can set the airflow.

Many users also focus on the leaf blower’s housing because it decides the durability of the product. In terms of this Billy Goat unit, it has rounded housing that offers powerful and easy airflow. This rounded housing further helps to minimize the noise level of the leaf blower while you operate it. It produces 89 dBA of noise which is comparatively less than other leaf blowers.

Besides, the use of three large wheels makes this Billy Goat machine easier to move. It has a much better moveability than many wheeled leaf blowers. The use of 16-blade advanced fan technology is another reason to invest in Billy Goat 197 MPH Walk Behind Blower. The advanced fan technology provides stabler results and eliminates the air voids.

This feature also enhances the blowing efficiency of this machine. Besides, this commercial walk-behind leaf blower does not face any rusting or denting problems because of solid construction. The solid construction will make the Billy Goat 197 MPH Walk Behind Blower last longer.

Overview: Billy Goat 197 MPH Walk Behind Blower is a perfect choice for those people who want a lightweight and portable unit. It is a suitable machine to execute small cleaning jobs.

6. Little Wonder 99170-03-01 C5 Leaf Blower


  • Aim rite adjustable nozzle
  • Customizable height
  • Adjustable handle


  • Less powerful
  • Expensive

The Little Wonder Leaf Blower is well-known because of its top-class build quality. It contains a Subaru SP170 engine for the optimal working of the machine. This Subaru SP170 engine has relatively lower power, but still, it is enough to perform regular cleaning of the lawn. The engine supplies 170cc power to run the leaf blower. It can efficiently generate greater airflow in a short time.

Further, it also uses an ignition switch to turn the machine on and off. Using the switch, you can conveniently start or stop the device whenever you want.

The use of a full 16 inches composite impeller blows leaves quickly. Not only leaves but also this composite impeller will let you move some quantity of fluid as well. The 200 MPH and 1150 CFM provided by the engine promote maximum leaf removal.

The rite discharge nozzle is another worthy thing to talk about in this commercial walk behind a leaf blower. This discharge nozzle can alter the direction of the air according to your requirement. You can additionally vary the angle of the nozzle. It will also let you target a particular area for cleaning with convenience.

Besides, Little Wonder 99170-03-01 C5 Leaf Blower has a thickly padded operator handle. This handle is foldable, which will let you easily store this leaf blower. Folding the handle will require less storage space.

For easy working, this unit additionally has operator controls. You can control the leaf blower using operator control. Like many other leaf blowers, this device also contains reliable wheels for easy movement.

The use of three tires will let you move the machine quickly on both smooth and rough surfaces. The large 16 inches wheels promote superior stability. These wheels provide stability even if you use the device on rough terrains. It also enhances maneuverability and lets users transport the machine smoothly.

Another quality feature of the Little Wonder leaf blower is its adjustable height. You can change the height of this device as per your wish for easy working. This adjustable height feature makes it a highly versatile machine.

To overcome the vibration concern, the Little Wonder brand has added an extra thick padded handle. The extra thick padded handle helps to minimize the vibration of this machine while you use it. This anti-vibration grip ensures that you do not feel any discomfort while using the leaf blower. Also, the controls are available near the handle, so you will not have to bend to select the setting.

Overview: The Little Wonder 99170-03-01 C5 is an ideal pick for those who want a leaf blower for home usage. This machine can help you quickly perform small cleaning tasks.

7. Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower


  • Easy maneuverability
  • Better wind force
  • Tough OHV engine


  • Require manual effort to start
  • Comparatively less powerful

The Southland SWB163150E is an affordable leaf blower with moderate airflow. The amount of wind power that this machine offers is enough to blow a large number of leaves. However, the wind vane is also adjustable up to some extent.

Regarding weight and dimensions, this walking leaf blower has a moderate weight and is compact. Further, 95 pounds is the weight of the SWB163150E leaf blower, while 27.17 x 21.75 x 20.25 inches are its dimensions.

It utilizes a 163cc engine which results in high MPH and CFM. The 159 MPH and 1200 CFM will blow away leaves, debris, and fluid present in your lawn. The 2-stroke engine further employs a manual recoil start system which you can use to start it.

Some users do not like the manual recoil start system because they believe that they have to insert a lot of effort into starting the machine with this feature. However, with the Southland SWB163150E leaf blower, you do not have to worry about it. This recoil start system requires only a minimal manual effort.

Additionally, the steel fan provides a high degree of airflow. The steel fan is fitted in such a way that it produces less vibration while working. The use of tapered crankshaft engineered technology in this machine enhances stability. For the safety of the engine, the Southland SWB163150E model uses steel housing. The steel construction makes this machine last longer.

Moreover, the SWB163150E unit has greater-sized rear wheels while the front wheels have a smaller size. The big rear wheels can easily swivel, which enhances mobility. The rear tires’ size is around 12 inches, while that of the front wheel is 5 inches. These wheels promote smooth movement in rough places. You can also move the tires up to 360-degree.

Additionally, it has an adjustable chute that you can move up to 15 degrees. You can alter the direction of the cute for more directed blowing. It will let you clean every single corner of your lawn using this rolling leaf blower.

Also, you can set different heights to adjust the handle. The handle used in this model makes it a much better option than many other push leaf blowers. The two years of limited warranty offered by the Southland brand with this SWB163150E model will let you trust this product more.

Overview: Choose the Southland SWB163150E unit if you want an affordable walk-behind leaf blower to eliminate leaves and debris using powerful wind force.

Buying Guide

Though all the leaf blowers reviewed in this article are walk behind, each blower is still slightly different. To learn about the difference between the walk-behind leaf blower, you must first know the factors involved in it.

Here, you will find the vital specs that you should consider before buying a walk-behind leaf blower. However, before that, you will understand the prime benefits of buying this product.

  • The walk-behind leaf blower will let you blow away a large number of leaves.
  • You can also remove debris, dirt, and standing water with the help of a leaf blower.
  • The walk-behind leaf blowers are pretty convenient to move because of their large wheels.
  • The cleaning of your lawn will become effortless for you because of the leaf blower.
  • You can also utilize the leaf blower for tasks that need gale-force winds.

Besides these benefits, the following are the factors you should look at before purchasing a walk-behind leaf blower.

– Engine

The engine is the prime component that makes the walk-behind leaf blower operate. Without an engine, you cannot run the leaf blower. Ensure to examine the power of the engine before deciding on any of the units.

An engine with greater power will perform better against tough debris and more leaves. For that, do not forget to examine the cubic centimeters of the engine. However, if you only require a leaf blower for small and less frequent tasks, you can also go for a leaf blower with lower power.

– Weight

The weight of leaf blowers usually ranges from 80 pounds and goes up to 180 pounds. Mostly leaf blowers with greater power are generally heavier in weight. However, you should ensure that the walk-behind leaf blower you will choose is lightweight and powerful.

The lightweight leaf blower will be much easier to move and help you perform the task more smoothly. If you do not want to apply a lot of force while moving a heavyweight leaf blower, you can select a self-propelled model.

– Power Source

A power source will let you supply power to the walk-behind leaf blower. Some of the leaf blowers use a gas-powered source, while a few utilize an electric-powered source. Users generally prefer a leaf blower with a gas-powered source. It does not require frequent maintenance, which is usually the case with an electric one.

On the other hand, the gas-powered leaf blower causes various gases emission that make it a non-eco-friendly unit. Also, because of the high-power engine, the gas-powered leaf blowers produce more noise. So, both electric and gas-powered machines have their advantages and disadvantages. You can either select a leaf blower with a gas-powered source or an electric one as per your requirement.

– Handle

In a walk-behind leaf blower, the handle also plays an important role. It will become challenging for you to move the leaf blower if its grip is not convenient. Make sure that the walk-behind leaf blower that you want to buy has a durable and comfortable handle.

– Airflow Capacity

The airflow capacity of a leaf blower is represented in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). The CFM will tell you how much air the machine draws or releases within a minute.

The CFM, which is the cubic feet per minute, shows the performance of the device. A leaf blower with high CFM delivers strong airflow, which will let you deal with more leaves and heavy debris.

– Airspeed

The MPH will let you examine the speed of air. A leaf blower with high MPH will produce high airspeed from the nozzle. This high MPH will permit you to move leaves and other debris far away. Therefore, you should also consider the MPH of the leaf blower for better results.


All the reviewed leaf blowers in this article are high-performing. However, the best walk-behind leaf blower that I would suggest to you is the SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower. It is a manual-propelled leaf blower that does not require much effort to move.

The high airspeed and better airflow capacity make this leaf blower produce top-class output. It also contains a powerful 212cc 4 Stroke OHV engine that is enough to blow more leaves within a short time. Apart from SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower, you can also select some other reviewed leaf blower if it satisfies your needs.

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