Applying weed barrierThe best weed barrier is an ideal product to get rid of excessive weed from the lawn.

Getting rid of weeds is a problem for every gardener. Most gardeners usually find it hard to remove unnecessary weeds as they can damage the beauty of your lawn.

Therefore, to deal with it, try choosing the best weed barrier.

But which weed barrier is currently the best in the market? Well, in this article, I have reviewed the 9 best weed barriers that are currently top-performing.

So let’s get started!

Here is a table comparing the key features of all the 9 best weed barriers. The following table will help you to make a quick buying decision.


Material Weight Size of Roll


Hoople Garden

51g+AlcvfIL. SL75

Non-woven polyethylene 7.13 pounds 32 inches X 180 feet

One layer


41jBCBe6wLL. SL75

142 g/m² PP woven 4.34 pounds 3 feet X 50 feet 5 oz


51mZdWttvCL. SL75

non-woven/woven 9.58 pounds 3 feet x 100 feet 5 oz

Amagabeli 5.8oz

51Y9 0Rwr7L. SL75

Polypropylene 44.2 pounds 4 feet x 300 feet 5.8 oz


51s+kcq6V+L. SL75

Polyester woven 17.26 pounds 5 feet x 100 feet 5.8 oz

DeWitt SBLT4300

Polypropylene woven 0.469 ounces 4 feet x 300 feet N/A



polypropylene woven 6.59 pounds 3 feet x 100 feet 125 GSM

Mutual WF200 Geotextile Fabric

61hTlz6b 9L. SL75

polyethylene woven 30 pounds 300 feet x 6 feet 1/32 inches

Newtion 3ft x 150ft

PP polypropylene 11.18 pounds 3 feet x 150 feet N/A

The Best Weed Barriers On the Market

Following is a complete review of the top-quality weed barriers available in the market.

1. Hoople Garden Premium Pro Weed Barrier

51g+AlcvfIL. SL500


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to install


  • Cutting it into smaller pieces is difficult because of the thickness
  • Drains slowly

The Hoople Garden Premium Pro is a top-quality landscape fabric with durable construction. Compared to other weed barriers, the thickness offered by this landscape fabric is much higher. It is 2-3 times thicker than many other traditional landscape fabrics.

Thanks to the greater thickness, it can easily handle heavy loads, such as walkways. It is a 32-inch x 180-feet long weed barrier that can cover more area. Apart from its native size, the Hoople Garden brand also provides four other size options. You can choose any of the weed barrier sizes as you need.

Further, the Hoople Garden Premium Pro uses a nonwoven material that is highly flexible.

The high flexibility lets this weed barrier handle a lot of weight. It is also water-permeable, which conveniently allows water and air to pass through. This permeable feature will give way to the water to reach plants’ roots, resulting in better growth.

In terms of weight, this Hoople Garden fabric weighs 7.13 pounds. Its weight let this weed barrier stick to the ground. Another noticeable feature of this weed blocker is that it is UV stabilized. This feature blocks the UV lights that can damage the plants.

The Hoople Garden Weed Barrier will accommodate you to control weed for a flower bed. By blocking the weed growth, this weed barrier will give a much better appearance to your lawn.

Moreover, the Hoople Garden unit is quite convenient to install. You can effortlessly roll it out and fix it to the desired area. Even beginners can install this weed barrier without hiring any experts. Also, the chemical-free characteristic of this weed barrier for flower beds makes it an environment-friendly product. It will not damage the ecosystem of your yard and provide a better thriving environment to the plants.

Because this product is higher in quality, Hoople Garden offers a five-year warranty. Overall, it is a great weed barrier, but you might struggle to cut it due to its greater thickness.

You might need to use a sharp tool to cut this weed barrier into smaller pieces. In comparison to thinner fabric, this landscape fabric drains more slowly because of the high thickness. Therefore, during heavy rainfall, you might have to wait for an extended duration to drain water.

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Overview: If you want landscape fabric that can control weed’s growth for a longer duration, you must choose the Hoople Garden Premium Pro Weed Barrier. It is durable, environment-friendly, and easy to install.

2. Ctystallove Premium Weed Barrier

41jBCBe6wLL. SL500


  • High water and air permeability
  • Heavy-duty PP woven material
  • Easy to install


  • You may need to cut it
  • The size is a bit small

This landscape fabric from Ctystallove guarantees to deliver one top-quality weed control.

This landscape fabric weighs around 4.34 pounds, which is much lighter compared to other weed barriers. You can also roll and unroll this weed barrier, which will let you in easy transportation. The size of this weed barrier is 3 feet X 50 feet, while you will also get five other size options. The multiple size options will let you choose the right onefor your area.

Regarding material, it uses a 142 g/m² heavy-duty PP woven, which promotes durability. This dual-layer fabric makes it a sturdy unit. It is also tear-resistant, which makes it last longer. Though this weed barrier uses a dual-layer surface, it still allows low light to penetrate, which is good for the growth of plants, trees, and flower beds.

Not only is it light, but it also allows the water to pass through the plant roots. This exceptional air and water permeability makes this weed mat a top choice for many users. However, it suppresses weed growth quite easily. You can use this Ctystallove premium weed barrier for the garden, patio, and driveways.

Besides, it is a soil-friendly product that employs a non-chemical method to control the weeds. This non-chemical approach also makes it an environment-friendly product. It also has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, allowing this landscape fabric to withstand heavy loads. Furthermore, installing the Ctystallove weed barrier will not be a problem.

When it comes to installation, this Ctystallove weed barrier is easy to install. It is like a quick DIY project that you can execute within a short period. To make this landscape fabric fit the desired location, you can also cut it according to the requirement.

Because of high thickness, you may require putting a bit more effort into cutting it. This weed barrier for gardens also contains colored stripes that are 12 inches apart. These colored stripes will help you in easy planting.

Moreover, mildew-proof and corrosion-resistance are the two additional properties that enhance the reliability of this product. It offers mildew and corrosion resistance, indicating it is a safer landscape fabric that you can use in your garden.

Many weed barriers get damaged because of the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun. However, the material used makes it a heavy-duty weed mat that promotes UV resistance. This quality material and durability will let this unit last longer for years.

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Overview: Ctystallove Premium Weed Barrier is an ideal product with a heavy-duty material. It is a soil-friendly unit that has extended water and air permeability.

3. ECOgardener Premium Pro Weed Barrier

51mZdWttvCL. SL500


  • Offer unparalleled weed control
  • For all types of gardens
  • Conserve soil moisture


  • Difficult to lift
  • Heavy

ECOgardener focuses on manufacturing environment-friendly and durable landscape fabric to control unwanted weeds. This premium weed barrier by ECOgardener is also safe for the environment as it does not release any harmful chemicals. It keeps the soil protected from chemicals and presents a weed-free area. In terms of weight and size, the ECOgardener weed barrier is 9.58 pounds and 3 feet x 100 feet, respectively.

Once it is in place, you might find it hard to move it because of the weight. The ECOgardener brand further presents four different size options with this product. This landscape fabric is a bit heavy, and you may need additional support to carry it.

Another unique thing about this product is that it uses both nonwoven and woven material. The combination of both these materials improves durability and makes the product last longer.

Some weed barriers usually get shredded during bad weather, which is not the case with the ECOgardener weed barrier. The use of a two-layered needle punch in the fabric makes it suitable for all seasons. Even in bad weather, it will not shred because of the dual-layered needle punch.

Apart from all seasons, this product is also suitable for all gardens. You can utilize it for both in-ground and raised bed gardens as per your choice. Also, the aeration and water flow are optimal. The passage of water and air will conserve your soil’s moisture.

Because of the material used, the fabric can be a bit challenging to cut. You can cut this weed barrier in any shape as per the requirement with a sharp material. However, while cutting, make sure to be careful. The material further does not allow microbrew to pass through and harm the plants. The greater toughness of this weed control mat prevents the growth of all types of weeds.

Moreover, the ECOgardener weed barrier is super easy to set up. You do not need to call an expert to install this weed mat on your lawn. The only thing you need to do is to place and fix it to the required area. Though it is among the best weed barriers, it has an issue with the edges.

After cutting, it can be prone to fraying. However, to deal with such a problem, you can fold over the edges. Another concern is with the cutting or stapling of this weeds barrier. It is comparatively hard to cut and staple.

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Overview: If you search for a top-quality weed barrier suitable for all gardens and all seasons, you must favor the ECOgardener premium pro weed barrier.

4. Amagabeli 5.8oz Weed Barrier

51Y9 0Rwr7L. SL500


  • Support easy plant alignment
  • High permeability
  • Weatherproof


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Amagabeli weed barrier appears in the market weighing 5.8 ounces. With this product, you will get loads of options in terms of sizes. Apart from 4 feet x 300 feet, five other size variants are available in this product. So, whatever fabric size you want, you can get it with the Amagabeli weed barrier.

Besides, this high-density product uses a dual-layer woven needle punched, which aims for greater durability. However, if you want better protection from the sun, then ensure to keep the face of the needle nonwoven layer up. By doing so, you can protect the plant’s roots from the UV rays produced by the sun.

Besides woven needle punched, it also has a professional-grade polyester material. Therefore, it is hard to beat the Amagabeli 5.8-ounce weed barrier in durability because of the material used.

Further, the addition of geotextile fabric weed cloth boosts efficiency as well as productivity. Another feature that you will appreciate in this weed barrier is its air and water permeability. The high air and water permeability of the Amagabeli weed barrier keep the soil and plant’s roots protected. It preserves the soil moisture and supports the optimal growth of plants.

Moreover, it is made of a weatherproof material that lets this weed tarp endure harsh weather conditions. It is UV stabilized, so you do not have to worry about UV rays damaging the plant.

The weatherproof and eco-friendly property makes the Amagabeli weed barrier ideal for all situations. It also reduces soil erosion and helps the plants to thrive. Further, you can lay and cut it up to the required dimensions using a scissor.

Like other high-end weed barriers, this one also has green stripes that promote effortless plant alignment. The prime thing about this weed sheet is that you can use it for artificial grass as well. Not only artificial grass, but this Amagabeli unit also works better for ground cover, flower bed, driveway, patio, and other outdoor use.

If you talk about the performance and result, this weed barrier is better than many of its competitors. However, one prime concern that you may have is with the weight. It weighs 45.1 pounds which makes it much heavier.

Its weight is because of the greater size and material used. If you have a smaller area to cover, then you can choose some other variant offered by Amagabeli with fewer dimensions which will surely be lighter in weight than this one.

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Overview: The Amagabeli 5.8-ounce weed barrier is ideal for those with a large area to cover. Its high strength and weatherproof property render remarkable performance even in harsh weather.

5. WAENLIR 5.8oz Weed Barrier

51s+kcq6V+L. SL500


  • Superior light blocking
  • Environmentally safe
  • Anti-UV material


  • Difficult to cut
  • Costly

This weed barrier by the WAENLIR brand is designed to be durable and have a prominent thickness. The 5.8-ounce of thickness allows users to keep this weed barrier in areas like pathways. This greater thickness can easily endure the pathway rocks without getting damage.

Besides, the WAENLIR brand presents five size variations with this product. Like other popular weed barriers, the woven polypropylene fabric needle is also available in this weed barrier. It has an anti-UV material that can effortlessly withstand sun exposure.

The UV-stabilized property of this fabric reduces the impact of ultraviolet radiation. It prevents the weed seeds from growing in the soil. Users can also use this weed control mat on rough and heavy foot traffic areas. The material and its thickness will make it last for years.

Further, it has superior light blocking and high permeability. Thanks to the breathable design that promotes water usage on the fabric top. You can clean this landscape fabric with water without worrying about damaging it. The WAENLIR weed barrier filters down the water into the soil, which then reaches the plant roots.

Another purpose of investing in the WAENLIR 5.8-ounce weed barrier is that it is environmentally safe. The use of woven material makes it eco-friendly, which is beneficial for the yard’s ecosystem.

Moreover, this weed cloth weighs around 17.26 pounds which might get complicated for some users to lift. Apart from weight, the installation of the WAENLIR weed barrier is not that difficult. Without hiring any professional, you can install this product by yourself.

Before installing the weed barrier, clean the soil where you are going to fix the weed barrier.

Apart from cleaning, also ensure that the soil is level so that the weed mat gets fixed correctly. However, you may find it challenging to cut and staple due to the thickness. For convenient cutting, you should use a cutter.

Try cutting it after taking proper measurements so that you get an accurate result. To secure the fabric, you can also add a few staples. Furthermore, you will also notice a few green stripes on the fabric. These green stripes support convenient plant alignment.

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Overview: If you are searching for a weed barrier for heavy foot traffic areas, you must consider the WAENLIR 5.8-ounce unit. Its elevated thickness and heavy-duty material make it a reliable option.

6. DeWitt SBLT4300 Weed Barrier


  • Much lighter in weight
  • Easier to use
  • UV stabilized


  • Sometimes water will permeate
  • Fewer size options

Another great product that is popular because of its multi-usage and permeability is DeWitt SBLT4300. You can use this weed barrier for both outdoor and greenhouse use. It is also suitable for walkways, patio, and garden.

Further, 4-feet x 300-feet is the size of this weed barrier that will offer more excellent area coverage. Though the size is significant, still the weight of this weed barrier is lower. The weight is 0.469 ounces, which makes it comfortable to carry for anyone.

Also, the thickness of this weed barrier is comparatively low. This DeWitt unit is much easier to cut because of its moderate thickness. You can cut it in any shape to fit your garden settings. It contains a black woven polypropylene material to prevent air and moisture from reaching the weed seeds.

Due to lack of air, moisture, and light, the weed seeds present under this weed cloth will not grow. However, it allows sufficient water, air, and light quantity for other plantations. It will help you enjoy worry-free irrigation with ease. The UV stabilized feature of the DeWitt weed barrier is another reason to choose it.

Apart from UV stabilized, it is also permeable to water and air. The air and water permeability show that this fabric can pass air as well as water. Besides, the weed cloth employs a yellow guide stripe every 12 inches that will assist you in aligning plants.

The DeWitt brand guarantees that the weed barrier can last up to five years in direct sunlight because of its durable material.

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Overview: For users looking for a high permeability weed barrier that is easy to use, the DeWitt SBLT4300 will be a perfect choice. UV stabilization is another worthy feature in it.

7. Goasis Lawn Weed Barrier

51ZRzVDX0BL. SL500


  • Increases plant growth
  • Superior permeability
  • Chemical-free


  • Material can be slippery
  • Costly

The numerous options presented by the Goasis Lawn brand will help you in picking the right size as per your garden. 3 feet x 100 feet, 3 feet x 250 feet, and 3 feet x 300 feet are some of the popular size variants you might want to try in this landscape fabric.

The use of polypropylene woven fabric helps in providing unparalleled weed control. This extraordinary material provides durability and long-lasting use. It is also highly resistant to corrosion as well as ultraviolet light. Both corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant make it ideal for long-term usage. This material also has a much higher breaking strength, indicating that you can utilize it in high-traffic places such as pathways.

Another feature to discuss in the Goasis lawn weed barrier is its permeability. In terms of water and air, the permeability of this unit is second to none. It can prevent weed growth without damaging the vegetable garden. To fix this weed barrier easier, the Goasis Lawn brand has added some green stripe 1 feet apart. These green stripes also accommodate careful plant alignment.

The thickness is also moderate, so you can easily cut it according to your need using a scissor. The Goasis Lawn brand recommends that you not require calling an expert to install or cut it with this weed barrier. Even if you are using this Goasis Lawn weed barrier for the first time, you can still efficiently fix it. The 6.59 pounds of weight make it light enough to carry.

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Overview: If you are seeking a heavy-duty material that provides heavy corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant, you should go for the Goasis lawn weed barrier.

8. Mutual WF200 Geotextile Fabric

61hTlz6b 9L. SL500


  • Include red color stitching for plants alignment
  • Better grab tensile strength
  • Suitable for toughest jobs


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Weight is quite high

For rough and tough jobs, the Mutual WF200 is the only product that you will like. It is among the strong weed barriers that can handle a lot of weight without ripping. Without any second thought, you can use the Mutual WF200 fabric in a heavy-traffic area.

For driveways and retaining walls, this unit is a perfect choice. Because of an extended thickness, the water and air permeability are comparatively low. However, it does have small pores in the fabric. These pores allow water and air to pass through. You can use it to separate the weed and plant easily.

It is a 6 feet x 300 feet weed barrier that can help you cover a large area. This product utilizes a polyethylene woven fabric which contributes to added strength. Besides, it also has red color stitching to help you place this fabric in the right place. However, like other weed barriers, this one also has some drawbacks.

The prime issue with this WF200 unit is its weight. It is heavier than many other landscape fabrics. The 30 pounds of weight might make it hard for an individual to carry and install it all alone. If you order this product, expect to receive a large package.

Depending on the size you get, it may be around 50 pounds. The fabric itself is woven polyethylene which will fray when cut, but only minimally.

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Overview: The Mutual WF200 Geotextile Fabric is ideal for users who want a weed barrier for rough and uneven places. The material and its thickness make it a heavy-duty and tough product.

9. Newtion 3ft x 150ft Weed Barrier


  • Retain soil moisture
  • Wide application
  • Easy to install


  • No size variants

The final product in our list of best weed barriers that I would like to introduce is the Newtion 3 feet x 150 feet. It is a durable fabric that you can use for any landscape situation. The addition of high-quality PP polypropylene makes it a reliable choice. Not only the material, but its thickness is much better.

Further, it has a 3 feet x 150 feet size while its weight is 11.18 pounds. The bad thing is Newtion brand does not offer any other size variant with this unit.

However, you can trim the weed barrier into smaller pieces. Though it is not easy to tear so, you will have to put some effort into cutting. By cutting it, you can get the desired shape and size. While trimming this weed barrier, try to be careful and use a sharp material to get better results.

Furthermore, the Newtion brand suggests that you will not need any professional or expert support to fix this weed barrier. Everyone can easily use and install this weed barrier quite easily. You will only have to unfold this product and cut it according to the requirement.

However, most users complain that the weed barrier becomes fray on cutting, but with the Newtion 3 feet x 150 feet Weed Barrier, you will not face such a problem if you use the right cutting approach.

Besides, this weeds barrier by Newtion comes with numerous advantages. The prime benefit is that it retains soil moisture. It maintains the soil nourishment and prevents the growth of weed. It will also block the sunlight and offer optimal air and water movement.

Whether it is air or water, the permeability of this weed barrier is second to none. The gaps present in this weed barrier help deliver high permeability.

Another reason to buy the Newtion 3 feet x 150 feet weed barrier is its wide application. You can use it in the garden, courtyard, driveway, sidewalk, and many more places. The durable material used in it makes it withstand heavy traffic, which is why you can use it for such places. This weeds barrier works better for both indoor and outdoor projects.

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Overview: Newtion 3 feet x 150 feet is a must-have weed barrier for those who want to use it for an area with heavy traffic. It will help you get rid of any type of weed within a shorter time.

Buying Guide

So, you have checked all the top weed barriers reviewed in this article, but you are still unsure which one will be suitable for you. Do not worry; I am here for you. This buying guide will help you decide the right weed barrier as per your need.

But before that, I will let you know the benefits of using this weed mat.

  • The material used in these weed tarps makes it deliver durable and long-lasting results
  • It allows water and air to pass through for the better growth of plants
  • This product is eco-friendly and offers UV protection
  • It is an affordable solution to conserve soil moisture
  • You can reduce the amount of weed in your garden using the weed barrier

Apart from these advantages, the following are some essential points that you should examine before buying any weed barrier. Considering these points will help you pick the right product.

– Material

First, you should look at the material of the landscape fabric before purchasing it. The material also decides the performance of the weed barrier. Most of the weed barriers either use polypropylene, woven or nonwoven material.

If you want a weed barrier for gravel gardens and pathways, then you should prefer the one with nonwoven material. In contrast, the woven and polypropylene landscape fabric is a better choice for flower beds. Better quality material will help you to use the weed barrier for an extended period.

– Size of Roll

Each of the weed barriers has a difficult size. You can pick the size of the roll by looking at the area that you want to cover. If you want to control weed from a greater area, try using a lengthier roll of landscape fabric. However, for a smaller area, try utilizing a piece of short landscape fabric as it will save you a lot of money.

– Thickness

The thickness of the weed barrier also decides its cost. Usually, a landscape fabric with a greater thickness is much more expensive than the one with less thickness. Try using a thick weed barrier on heavy traffic areas like pathways.

You can also use such types of units on rocks as they do not wear away quite easily. Further, you should avoid using heavy fabric around herbs and vegetables as it can minimize their growth. So, as per your need, you can either choose a thicker or a thinner weed barrier.

– Installation

Installation is one of the most difficult tasks in a weed barrier. It might be difficult to install landscape fabric correctly if you are a beginner. Therefore, choose the product which offers ease of installation. However, if you do not know the process of installing a weed barrier, you can hire a professional landscaper. But keep in mind that a professional landscaper might cost you a lot for this task. Therefore, try to choose a unit that is convenient to install.

– Breathability

A material that lacks breathability means that it does not allow air and water to pass through. If you are planning to put the weed barrier around the plants, then consider a breathable unit so that the plant’s root can have optimal growth.

However, if you only want to use this unit to eliminate weed, then a less breathable unit will be a much better choice. So, it is up to you which one you want as per your need.


Gardener applying a weed barrierEach of the reviewed weed barriers has something better to offer for its users. You can choose any of the landscape fabrics if they fulfill your requirements. However, the three best weed barriers that I will suggest are the Hoople Garden Premium Pro, ECOgardener Premium Pro, and DeWitt SBLT4300.

The thickness, permeability, and performance of all these weed barriers are of top-notch quality. These products are durable and support easy installation. Apart from these suggestions, you can also select some other weed barriers according to your need.

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