If you do not want weed to take over your lawn, you’re in luck as we’ve reviewed the 8 best weed killers for lawns. They are handy for better lawn maintenance and can help you remove ragweed, crabgrass, and many other weed types.

But which weed killer is effective in terms of killing various weeds? Let’s find out in this review!

Here is a comparison table covering the vital features of the 8 best weed killers for lawns. Take a look to quickly pick the right weed killer for you.


Capacity Coverage Form Rainproof
Ortho WeedClear

32 oz 5,000 square feet Liquid

1 hour


1.33 gallons 1,330 square feet Liquid

3 hours

Scotts 49801C

14.1 pounds

5000 square feet Granular

1 hour

ECO Garden Pro

1 gallon 1,000 square feet Liquid

1 hour

Ortho 0430005 B Gon

1 gallon 64,000 square feet Liquid

1 hour

Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D

32 oz 1,000 square feet Liquid

1 hour

Gordon’s SpeedZone

20 ounces 14,000 to 18,000 square feet Liquid

2 hours


1 gallon

32,000 to 64,000 square feet Liquid

1 hour

The Best Weed Killers for Lawns Of 2021

Read the following review to learn more about 8 top weed killers for lawns.

1. Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer


  • Kills over 200 weeds
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Attached sprayer


  • Some weeds are hard to remove with this formula
  • Do not support all kinds of lawn grasses

The first product on our list of the best weed killers for lawns is the Ortho weed killer. When it comes to killing weed and bushes, the Ortho is the first name that might appear in most users’ minds. It provides a reliable solution to help you achieve your goal.

This 32-oz solution can handle almost any task no matter how large or small your yard is. The best thing is that it is a ready-to-spray solution, so you do not have to prepare anything to use it.

The Ortho brand also offers a concentrated version of this product that you can choose in addition to the ready-to-spray formula. However, remember that you will have to mix water with the concentrated version of Ortho weed killer to begin using.

Besides, weeds like crabgrass, chickweed, and clover are a lot easier to kill with this product. You can also use this formula on dandelions, foxtails, and 200 other sorts of weeds with the Ortho product.

Primarily, this weed spray for lawns targets the roots of weeds. It prevents the weed from growing back for a more extended period. Additionally, Ortho weed killer is highly effective due to its fast-acting feature.

You will begin noticing outcomes in one application due to the fast-acting functionality. However, it is not a safe option to use on all types of grass. If you have zoysia grass, ryegrass, or bermudagrass, then you can use this formula with no worry.

This product also works on fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, and ryegrass. If you are concerned about the safety of your lawn, you should first check whether or not the Ortho weed killer is compatible with your lawn grass.

Using this product on grass that is not supported may damage it. Besides, you can treat up to 5,000 square feet of land with this Ortho unit. This weed control for lawns also comes with a sprayer. You must connect the sprayer to the hose to apply it. The sprayer makes the applying of this safe weed killer much easier.

Also, in just an hour, the Ortho WeedClear lawn weed killer becomes rainproof. Therefore, you do not need to worry a lot about the weather before applying this solution. During the fall and spring, Ortho recommends the use of this product.

The reason behind it is that during those seasons, weeds are actively growing. Before using, ensure to read the product label to get comprehensive instructions about how to use this solution.

Overview: If you want a ready-to-use formula that comes with an attached sprayer, then you must choose the Ortho WeedClear Lawn weed killer. It is pretty convenient to use and can remove over 200 species of weeds.

2. Roundup Ready-to-Use Weed Killer


  • Can eliminate hard-to-kill summer crabgrass
  • Starts working immediately
  • Include extended wand


  • Not pet-safe
  • Heavy

Eliminating wild weeds becomes effortless with the Roundup Weed Killer. It is a ready-to-use solution that can kill over 250 weeds. Some of the widespread weeds you can get rid of using the Roundup formula include clover, crabgrass, and dandelion. Whether you need to remove excessive or smaller weeds, you can use the Roundup weed killer for the task.

On buying the product, you will get 1.33 gallons of a large bottle filled with a ready-to-use solution. This 1.33-gal solution will help you eliminate weeds for months. The large container will allow storage of a greater quantity of the solution. However, while applying, you will have to carry the container with you.

Users might find it tough to lift the heavier solution for a long time because of greater solution quantity. Another excellent feature of this liquid weed killer for lawns is the user-friendly spray. It also has an extended wand that allows spot-treat wherever you want. If you’re going to remove weed from a particular area, this extended wand will be ideal.

These things make using the Roundup weed killer a much more straightforward task.

The ability of this product to kill weed roots is another reason to buy it. The Roundup formula prevents further growth of the weed. After 3 hours of applying, this weed killer becomes rainproof too.

Besides, the Roundup brand recommends using this product on Northern grasses. You can apply the solution to Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, bermudagrass, and zoysiagrass without any damage to your lawn. It also works on buffalo grass and perennial ryegrass. You will observe exceptional results in using this solution on hard-to-kill summer crabgrass.

Like other brands, Roundup also provides a variety of options with this weed killer. You can either select a ready-to-use spray, concentrate, or a solution with a comfort wand. In case you choose the weed killer concentrate, then do not forget to mix it before use.

The concentrate version of this product is potent and can damage anything that comes in contact, so you should handle it with great care. It is also not pet-safe, and the manufacturer recommends keeping it away from children.

Apart from pets and children, it is a safer choice for other livestock as well. It is not for all types of grass and weeds. Before buying, ensure to examine whether the Roundup weed killer can kill the unwanted weed present in your lawn.

On the other hand, check that this formula does not hurt the type of grass you have on your lawn. With this solution, you will get a full money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product. Therefore, you should not worry about investing in this product because of the warranty.

Overview: Roundup Ready-to-Use Weed Killer is a solution that supports an extended wand for the spot-treat. This formula starts working immediately and can kill over 250 weeds with ease.

3. Scotts 49801C Weed Control for Lawns


  • Uses unique weed killing technology
  • Can kill over 200 weeds
  • Easy to use


  • Using it can be complicated

This Scotts 49801C unit is one of the most potent weed control products by Scotts. No matter how stubborn the weed is, this Scott’s unit will help you get rid of it. Using this product, you’ll be able to eliminate 200 different types of weeds.

The most common types of weed that this product can remove are clover and dandelion. The unique formula gives rapid results once it contacts anything, so ensure that you keep it away from your favorite plants to avoid damaging them. If you have a small portion covered with weed, I suggest you go for a selective formula. The selective formula will only remove weed from the area you want.

Moreover, the root targeting ability is the prime thing that makes the Scotts product deliver stable output. It kills the weed from the roots and ensures that it does not grow back.

The ability of Scotts 49801C product to control weed’s growth for an extended period is another reason gardeners like this product. If you do not want to see weed reappearing in your garden, then you should utilize this formula correctly.

Also, it comes in granular form in a large 14.1-pound pack. This 14.1-pound pack can cover an area of up to 5,000 square feet. The coverage is quite similar to other high-quality weed controls.

The best point is this product does not cause any damaging impact on the environment. It is an eco-friendly product that is safe for pets and kids after it gets dry. Therefore, when in granular form, you should keep your kids and pets away from it.

The active ingredients added to this product promote high performance. Due to the active ingredients, you will get optimal results after using a small quantity of this product. Once applied, you will begin observing results after a short period.

It is an ideal weed killer for both commercial and residential places. Apart from the residential and commercial areas, you can utilize this product in agricultural locations as well.

One drawback of the Scotts product is that it does not have any other size variant. Another issue that gardeners have with this Scotts 49801C weed control is with the applying of this product. Applying it is a challenging job that many users usually struggle with. To make the application of 49801C weed control easier, you can use some additional attachments.

However, before using any of the attachments, check whether it is compatible with the 49801C unit or not.

Overview: The Scotts 49801C is an effective weed killer with a unique weed-killing technique. It can kill weed for a large area in a short time. Scotts guarantee that the 49801C product can easily target 200 types of weeds.

4. Gordon’s SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer


  • Include essential active ingredients
  • Better cold-weather performance
  • Quick results


  • Avoid using it on buffalo grass
  • Slow rainproof

Within no time, Gordon’s weed killer will let you remove 100 different broadleaf weeds. Whether you want to eliminate clover, wild violet, garlic, or any other weed, you can use the SpeedZone weed killer.

It is a worthy weed killer that contains four active ingredients to deliver the outcome. Some of these active ingredients are 2,4-d, 2 Ethylhexyl, and Carfentrazone-ethyl. Thanks to these active ingredients that support easily killing the excessive weed.

The best thing is after applying Gordon’s weed killer, you will start noticing optimal outcomes within a few hours. Gordon’s brand also guarantees that it makes the weed completely dead in one to two weeks.

Moreover, this high-performing solution comes in a small 20-ounce bottle that offers broader coverage. As it is in a concentrated form, you can make 20 gallons of the solution with this 20-ounce bottle. With this formula, you can cover over 14,000 to 18,000 square feet of the area easily. The high coverage makes it an ideal choice for users who have more area to fix.

Further, mostly weed killers do not perform better in cold weather. Killing weed becomes a challenging task in such a condition. It gets difficult to kill the weed during that time because of the slower uptake, but that is not true about Gordon’s SpeedZone.

This solution is renowned because of its cool weather performance and has used a unique formulation to overcome the slower uptake problem. Therefore, no matter what the season is, you can apply the SpeedZone weed killer and get the desired outcome.

To become completely rainproof, SpeedZone can take up to 3 hours. Gordon’s brand recommends not to use it in the rainy season due to the slow rainproof feature. The active ingredients present can harm pets, so keep them away until the product completely dries.

Like other products, this one also comes with a few warnings you should keep in mind before using it. The prime issue with this unit is that you cannot use it on grasses like buffalo grass and St. Augustine. If you want this liquid weed killer for lawns as you want, then make sure to read all the instructions mentioned on the product label.

The product label will let you know what to do and what not to do to get an effective outcome. You will also find that the brand has mentioned the product label to keep it away from the kids. Therefore, it is also not kids-safe. You should ensure that kids and pets do not come close to this weed killer until it gets dried.

Overview: Removing the weeds already on the lawn is a lot easier with Gordon’s SpeedZone. Its extended coverage also makes it suitable for large areas.

5. ECO Garden Pro Weed Killer


  • Remove all conventional weeds
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Immediate results


  • Container weight is heavy
  • No sprayer

You can get the type of lawn you want with the ECO Garden Pro weed killer. Its prime aim is to deliver results without harming the environment. You don’t need to mix the formula before using it. The unique thing about this ECO Garden Pro solution is that it is safe for pets and kids.

Most of the weed killers are not pet-safe and kids-safe, but that is not the case with this product. The ECO Garden PRO brand has revealed all the ingredients used, which will help you know what you are getting.

The ingredients used in this product make it a safer option for pets and children. The prime ingredients that the ECO Garden Pro weed killer uses are white vinegar and biodegradable plant activators. It also contains some content of organic rock salt and fermentation-derived cofactors.

Contrary to the other weed killers, ECO Garden Pro contains no toxic ingredients. The large container holds around 1 gallon of solution, making it last longer. Also, it is designed to kill weed fast. Within 24 hours, you will start noticing the results. This solution’s ability to deliver fast results makes it a suitable choice for agricultural, residential, and commercial use.

You can use it on driveways, mulch beds, flower beds, and various other places. No matter how tough the weed is, you can kill it using the ECO Garden Pro formula — not only against weed but also unwanted grass. This product gives an effective outcome for killing grass and weeds like clover, chickweed, moss, crabgrass, dollar weed, and white cover.

It is a phosphate-free and 100% biodegradable solution that does not impurify groundwater. It is among the most effective weed killers available in the market. This solution is not selective, so you will need to be cautious when utilizing it. The non-selective feature means that it will damage both the weed and grass on contact. This functionality is great if you want to eliminate weed from a wider area. You only need to apply it to the affected area and wait for a few hours to make this formula work.

The only issue with this ECO Garden Pro solution is that it does not come with a sprayer. However, you can connect a separate sprayer and begin using it. Another concern that some users have is with the weight. As the container can hold a greater quantity of solution, so it is heavier in weight. Due to the container’s weight, users might struggle to lift it.

Overview: Whether you want to get rid of weeds from the industrial, residential, agricultural, or commercial areas, you can use the ECO Garden Pro weed killer. It is a non-selective solution that can eliminate even the toughest weed.

6. Ortho 0430005 B Gon Weed Killer


  • Compatible with many hose-end sprayers
  • Can eliminate 250+ weeds
  • Excellent coverage


  • Do not apply it on floratam grass
  • Weighty

Removing the pesky weeds such as clover and dandelions is usually a complex task. However, to make this task easier, the Ortho brand has introduced a 0430005 B Gon weed killer. This formula gets rid of a variety of broadleaf weeds. The best thing is that it produces the same high-performing results on both the Northern and Southern lawns.

However, before using, make sure to use all the Ortho brand directions to prevent any harm to the grass. With this weed poisons formula, you can kill over 250 different weeds in no time. You can know the complete list of weeds that this formula can remove through the label.

The fact that it doesn’t harm the grass is another reason to choose this safe weed killer. This solution comes in a large 1-gallon container, which renders extended results. However, as the container is large and can hold more liquid, it is relatively heavyweight.

The Ortho brand guarantees that this 1-gallon solution can cover up to 64,000 square feet. It is much more than any other weed killer reviewed in this article. This extended coverage makes it an ideal solution for large places and longer usage. In a few hours, you will notice a significant improvement after applying this weed killer.

At first, you will see the weeds’ leaves getting curled. Within a short period, this formula turns the leaves of the weeds to brown and wilt. After 2-3 weeks, it will burn the whole weed. You may also need a second application for some types of weeds.

The second application of Ortho weed killer is recommended if you do not notice significant results within a few weeks. Like other top-notch weed killers, this one also becomes rainproof quickly. It becomes waterproof only after one hour of application, so that should be an additional reason to try Ortho weed killer.

Additionally, this herbicide for lawn is selective, meaning that you can target any affected areas as required. With it, you will get much better control while killing undesired weeds and grass. However, adding a few drops of this formula to the plants can cause them to burn. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it away from plants you want to save on your lawn.

I will also suggest you read the product label before using it, as the label includes some vital information that every user should know. Keep the Ortho weed killer away from the reach of kids and pets. If you have some pets or kids at your place, keep them away from the area where you applied this weed killer.

Overview: If you’re searching for a selective weed killer that can kill over 250 different types of weeds, then look no further because the Ortho 0430005 B Gon weed killer has what you need.

7. Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D Weed Killer


  • Safe from various grass types
  • Selective herbicide
  • Fast results


  • Overusing it can also damage the grass
  • Coverage is less

The Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D formula is another selective weed killer that is very popular in the market. With it, you can target broadleaf species like clover and poison ivy. Also, it shows excellent results against dandelions and chickweed. You can easily target a specific area in your lawn using this solution because of its selective property.

This formula is also a much better option for people with an established lawn because of the selective option. It will keep the grass and plants present in your established lawn protected by allowing you to target specific weeds. It comes in a 32-oz container that can cover up to 1,000-square-feet area. Because of the small container, it is a lot easier to carry the Southern weed killer.

Furthermore, try not to use this solution directly because it is a concentrated solution. Using it in the default form may damage your lawn as well. The Southern brand recommends using two to three tablespoons of the solution to three to five gallons of water and then applying it.

While mixing the Southern Ag weed killer with water, you can add more tablespoons of the formula to make the final product more effective. By increasing the concentration, you can even eliminate tough weeds quickly.

It is a fantastic weed killer concentrate for residential areas, and you can use the Southern weed killer on public areas like the park, golf courses, etc.

Moreover, the use of active ingredients like 2,4-Dichloro-acetic acid makes it a much stronger solution. It is a pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide that you can use in any condition. Whether the weed has emerged from the soil or not, you can utilize it for better lawn health.

Additionally, the results shown by the Southern solution are much better than many other products. However, some of the weeds might not get eliminated after the first application.

Therefore, you might demand utilizing the Southern weed killer multiple times on some types of weeds. An excellent feature of Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D weed killer is that it does not harm the grass. It’ll remove just the weeds, not the grass, which is why many users love this product. You can use the fan-type nozzle to apply it to the selected area for better results and convenient usage.

Overview: Southern Ag Amine is an excellent weed killer to eliminate weed from your lawn without burning your grass. It is a potent formula that can help you in controlling many broadleaf weeds.

8. PBI/GORDON Lawn Weed Killer


  • Ideal for cool-season grasses
  • Can kill 250 broadleaf weeds
  • Broader coverage


  • Not for all types of weeds
  • Not easy to use

PBI/GORDON Trimec is an effective weed killer that also functions on cool-season grasses. Using it, you can kill 250 kinds of broadleaf weeds quite quickly. Even the toughest weed can get removed with the help of this formula.

Unfortunately, this solution is not for all types of weeds. To know about the targeted weed, you can read the product label. The product label will make you learn the weeds that you can easily kill utilizing this solution.

Besides, it is available in a 1-gallon large container that provides a much-extended coverage. This one gallon of container can cover around 32,000-64,000 square feet. This greater area coverage indicates that you will be able to utilize PBI/GORDON Lawn Weed Killer for relatively more months than its competitors.

The PBI/GORDON brand suggests that this product works great on Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryes. Not only this, but it also goes well on the bermudagrass and fescues.

However, in terms of applying, the PBI/GORDON brand does not have many options. The product has no spray, so it may not be easy to apply it. Also, as it is concentrated, you should mix it correctly as recommended by the manufacturer.

In the product label, you can learn the ratio of this solution to water. Make sure to add less quantity of the PBI/GORDON solution with more water. However, if you struggle to do the mixing process, you can hire some professionals for it. But make sure that you mix this solution correctly with the water if you want it to work.

Users can also try some other product with the ready-to-use form if they do not want to go through the hassle of mixing this solution. As indicated by the name, the ready-to-use solution will not demand you any mixing. You can start using it right away without performing any additional steps.

Besides, try to avoid using the fully concentrated solution as it can damage your lawn. However, if you have to use it on an area with tough and excessive weed, ensure mixing less water with the solution. Apart from mixing this concentrate solution, there is no assembly required in this product.

Overview: The PBI/GORDON Trimec is an excellent weed killer for cool-seasons grasses. This product has the ability to kill over 250 different weeds.

Buying Guide

As of now, you are familiar with some of the top-quality weed killers present in the market. You might think about the factors that you should keep in mind while shopping for these weed killers.

But before letting you know about these factors, I will make you understand the benefits you will get from using the weed killer.

  • The prime advantage of a weed killer is that it will help you control the weed
  • You can get much quicker results by using a weed killer
  • As compared to other weed-killing approaches, the weed killer is one of the easiest
  • You do not require experts to utilize the weed killer
  • The weed is prevented from growing for an extended period with this product

You should consider the following factors when choosing a weed killer before purchasing.

– Capacity

The first thing to check is the capacity of the weed killer. For more area and better coverage, try using the weed killer with a greater capacity. However, if you have weed over a small area, you can also buy a small size container containing the weed killer solution.

Also, check whether the product is strong enough to kill an unnecessary weed or not. With a strong formula, you can quickly get the work done.

– Selective or Non-Selective

Mainly there are two types of weed killers that you will find in the market.

The first one is selective, and the other is non-selective. With the help of a selective formula, you can target any particular area. If only a small portion of your lawn is affected due to the weed, then try picking a selective formula.

On the other hand, the non-selective solution leaves its mark on everything it touches. The non-selective option is ideal if you have to deal with a large area affected by the weed. It will help you quickly cover more areas and deliver an effective outcome.

– Types of Weed

Not all weed killers are capable of eliminating all sorts of weeds. Some of the weed killers for lawn only target a specific type of weed. Therefore, before buying a weed killer, ensure that it has the capacity to kill the weed that you want to remove from your lawn.

– Concentrated or Ready-to-Use

There are two distinctive types of form in which the weed killer comes.

One is the concentrated form, and the other is ready-to-use. A concentrated form is usually a strong solution, due to which you will have to mix it with water.

Directly applying the concentrated form can damage the lawn. Therefore, try mixing the accurate ratio with the water as recommended by the brand. Besides, in the ready-to-use formula, you do not have to mix anything.

You can directly use it in the affected area and get the output. Depending on your need, you can either select a concentrated or ready-to-use formula.

– Rainproof

The rainproof of a weed killer means that it will not get affected by the rain. Most brands do not suggest applying the weed killer on a rainy day because the rain might not allow the formula to work properly. But if you live in an area where it is hard to predict the weather, then go for a product that becomes rainproof quickly. It’s no surprise that most weed killers are rainproof after only a few hours.


If you still have not decided and are confused about the product you should choose, do not worry. The three of the best weed killers for lawns that I will suggest you select are Ortho WeedClear, Roundup Ready-to-Use, and Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D weed killer.

All of these weed killers are in liquid form, making them easier to apply. You can use a spray to apply these solutions to the desired area within a short time. Apart from these three recommendations, the other reviewed products are also worth buying.

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