Are you searching for the best wood chipper under $500 that can cut tree limbs and branches easily?

Well, you are in the right place. People usually struggle to find a suitable wood chipper because of the large options available in the market. But do not worry because we are here to help you locate the best one after testing some top-quality wood chippers.

So, let’s start!

Comparison Table

Want to make a quick buying decision?

Well, this comparison table will let you examine the critical features of all these wood chippers, which will help you quickly choose the right product for you.

Product Motor Weight Power Source Reduction Ratio Cutting Blade
WEN 41121 Electric Wood Chipper


15-amp motor 23.1 pounds Electric-powered 17:1 ratio Two 7-inch cutting blades
Landworks Electric Wood Chipper


15-amp motor 24.3 pounds Electric-powered 17:1 ratio Two cutting blades
Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Wood Chipper


15-amp motor 38.6 pounds Electric-powered 21:1 ratio One rotary blade
SuperHandy Electric Wood Chipper


15-amp motor 24.5 pounds Electric-powered 17:1 ratio Two cutting blades

Best Wood Chipper Under $500 Review

Following, you will find an in-depth review of the 4 best wood chippers under $500 currently available.

1. WEN 41121 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper


  • Convenient transportation
  • Hopper safety lock
  • High cut speed


  • Have less durable plastic material
  • Frequent jamming

The WEN 41121 Wood Chipper appears in the market with an elegant design and color scheme. The orange and black color options make this wood chipper look excellent. It is a 23.1 pounds chipper with a total dimension of around 21 x 16.5 x 36 inches. Because of the high-end features, WEN 41121 is the top priority of many people.

It has a durable 15-amp motor that provides greater cutting power. This robust motor offers 8000 cuts per minute, which is relatively higher than many other wood chippers. Besides, the cutting blades added to this product make the cutting of large trees possible. Each of the cutting edges is 7 inches long. This greater size will help to add a more significant cut to the tree.

Further, to make the moveability much easier, WEN 41121 Chipper has built-in wheels. The two wheels will let you move this wood chipper quickly, even in rough areas. Both the wheels are 6 inches longer, which offers better stability to the chipper while moving. For further support, it also has a support stand attached to the wheels.

Another great feature of this Wood Chipper is the collection bag. This collection bag will store all the unwanted wood chips after cutting the wood. It will further help you to keep your area cleaner. To let you start the shredding process quickly, the WEN brand has also added a quick-start feature with the 41121 model. You will only need to flip the switch to start the machine.

Moreover, WEN Wood Chipper has a control panel at the rear end. This control panel will let you control all the features in a single place.

Overloading is quite a common problem that most users face while using a wood chipper. With the 41121 Electric Wood Chipper, you will not have to deal with any such concern because of the overload protection. This overload protection feature protects the machine from overloading with debris.

Overview: The WEN 41121 Electric Wood Chipper is ideal for all those who want a powerful wood shredding machine. Features like push stick, quick start, and accessible transportation make this product an excellent choice for many people.

2. Landworks 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper


  • Convenient discharge bag
  • Large mount hopper
  • Eco friendly


  • Not for small twigs and leaves
  • Need regular cleaning

Do you want an affordable solution for reducing wood into small wood chips? If so, then try the Landworks Wood Chipper. Like WEN 41121, this wood chipper also has a 15-amp powerful motor. Landworks Wood Chipper has a cutting speed of 4,100 per minute, which is relatively less. Though the cutting speed is less, it will do all the required work for you.

As compared to its competitors, Landworks Wood Chipper has a greater chipping capacity. The two blades present also intensify the cutting performance. Further, this unit weighs around 24.3 pounds and has a dimension of 20 x 15.67 x 37.99 inches. The weight and dimensions of this wood chipper make it a portable machine.

Another quality feature is the push paddle. The push paddle is sturdy, helping you move this unit without applying too much force. The long dual wheels further promote effortless movement. These two wheels also enhance portability. Though this machine is powerful, it does not produce much noise while operating. It also has a filter that keeps the motor secure. For additional protection of the motor, this unit has a polypropylene assembly.

Further, beginners will not find any difficulty while operating this unit because of operation control. You can access all the options through the operation control. The instant start switch is another reason people love to invest in the Landworks wood chipper. This switch will help you to turn the wood chipper off and on with a single click.

For safety, this machine has an overload protection feature and a safety paddle. This safety paddle will let you collect all the debris into the hopper. It has an extensive power cord of around 13.7 inches, so you will not need to purchase any additional extended cable.

Overview: The Landworks Wood Chipper is a suitable choice for those searching for a budget-friendly shredder to cut tree branches, trunks, and limbs.

3. Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper


  • Support forward and reverse switch
  • Collection bag hooks
  • Compact shape


  • Limited speed
  • A bit heavy

The Sun Joe CJ603E is a stylish wood chipper that has a vast range of features. The green and black color combination gives a beautiful appearance to this unit. This wood chipper has 38.6 pounds of weight and 8 x 15 x 31 inches of dimension.

Though this wood shredder’s weight is relatively heavier, it is still easy to move because of the dual wheels. The two 7 inches wheel will enable you to move this heavy chipper quickly. To push or pull this residential chipper shredder, the Sun Joe CJ603E also has a handle. Therefore, you do not need to bother about moving this machine.

The compact shape of this chipper makes it a portable choice. Because of the compact design of the CJ603E chipper, you can easily store it. Also, it can cut branches up to 1.73 inches thick with the support of a 15-amp motor.

Further, this small wood chipper can reduce the waste by up to 1/21st of its original size. To help you store all the junk, Sun Joe CJ603E Chipper has a separate collection bag. This collection bag will allow you to keep more debris with ease. The ejection slot will let you extract all the debris present in the machine.

Further, some people complain about the carb emission issue while using the wood chipper. However, with the CJ603E, you will not have to face any such problem. As it has zero carb emissions, so it is a 100% environment-friendly product.

Moreover, the Sun Joe brand has also done a great job in terms of safety. It has a locking knob option that will stop the working of the motor while you open it. Not only does the locking knob feature, it further contains a safety hopper feature.

Like other top-notch mini wood chippers, this one also has an instant start switch. Instead of two blades, the Sun Joe CJ603E machine uses a single rotary cutter for the cutting task. Though the blade quantity is comparatively less than other wood chippers, it is enough to perform the required task.

Overview: If you want a compact and stylish design wood chipper, choose the Sun Joe CJ603E machine. Not only the elegant shape, but this unit also has many other worthy features that you will surely like.

4. SuperHandy 15A Electric Wood Chipper


  • High chipping capability
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Eco-friendly


  • Inconvenient to replace oil
  • Vibration while working

SuperHandy Wood Chipper is a simple design model with a powerful engine to let you execute top-class cleaning. The high-quality features of this unit make it more convenient to clean the yard. The robust motor also results in an overall Speed of 4,100RPMs.

Further, this electric-powered wood chipper supports a top hopper with a greater capacity. The top hopper will let you perform the shredding of the wood efficiently. Besides, you can cut different branches or twigs using this machine. The unit weighs around 24.5 pounds, and the dimensions are 15.7 x 20 x 38 inches. This home wood chipper’s sleek shape and lightweight property require less space and make it easy to store.

Another thing to look at in this wood chipper is its construction. The use of a polypropylene body will prevent this machine from rusting and corrosion. Also, this material is much more durable than steel construction. To run this machine, the SuperHandy brand uses an electric-powered source.

Unlike other engines, the SuperHandy wood chipper is much easier to start. Moreover, the addition of heavy-duty wheels promotes smooth movement. You can also connect this wood chipper with the hook for easy towing.

Further, this compact wood chipper does not come with any bag. However, you can buy a separate bag and utilize it to keep chipped items. You can store all the processed wood chips and mulch in the bag that will keep your lawn cleaner.

Besides, there are two cutting blades used in this product. These cutting blades provide more excellent chipping capability. Two quality features of this product are the overload protection switch and the instant start switch. The overload protection switch is for safety, while the instant start switch will help you save time.

These features will let you experience a safe, easy and quick cleaning of your yard. Furthermore, it is a corded unit that comes with a 13.7 inches supply cable. The cable is quite lengthy, so you will not need to buy a longer line.

Overview: The SuperHandy Wood Chipper is suitable for heavy-duty users. You can turn wood, branches, and leaves into small pieces using this machine.

Buying Guide

There are various factors that you should look at before buying the best wood chipper under $500.

In this buying guide, you will learn about all those factors, but before that, let me share the advantages that this wood chipper will offer you:

  • The wood chippers will help you to cut extensive wood into smaller wood chips.
  • The wood chippers will also let you take better care of your lawn.
  • These machines are user-friendly as well as eco-friendly.
  • Mostly wood chippers come with large wheels that make them easier to transport.
  • You can make small wood chips of branches and leaves and use them as mulch on your lawn.

The factors to consider while buying the best wood chipper under $500 are the following.

– Engine

The working of a chipper depends on the engine. An engine with greater power will let the chipper cut large materials into smaller ones much easier.

Therefore, determine the power of the engine before buying any of the wood chippers.

However, you can also select a chipper with low power if you want to cut small woods.

– Weight

We all know that a lightweight wood chipper is comparatively easier to carry than the one with a greater weight. Therefore, you must consider the weight factor while selecting a wood chipper. Only go for such a wood chipper with a lower weight as you may require moving it while working.

The weight factor decides the portability of the machine. Besides weight, also consider the wheels while spending your money on the wood chipper. Both the lightweight and reliable wheels will benefit you in moving the chipper quickly.

– Cutting Blade

The cutting blade is quite an essential part of a wood chipper. The cutting blade helps the chipper to turn the material into smaller pieces. Make sure to check the number of cutting blades in a wood chipper before buying.

More cutting blades can help you perform the job quickly and in a more effective way. Apart from cutting blade quantity, you should also examine the size of the edge. The cutting blade with a more significant size will let you cut large materials. However, a wood chipper with more cutting blades and greater length usually costs more than a residential wood chipper.

– Power Source

Most of the chippers are either gas-powered or electric-powered. Both the gas-powered and electric-powered units have their benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the electric model needs regular maintenance, which is not the case with the gas-powered unit.

However, you will have to change the oil in the gas-powered model constantly. Further, the gas-powered chipper is usually more powerful, but it causes smoke emission and noise pollution. Besides, the electric units come with a fully charged battery that will let you fulfill your task for a more extended period.

Also, the electric model offers less freedom because of the cord, which is not present in most gas-powered units. Therefore, it is up to you either you want a chipper powered by gas or an electric source as per your requirement.

– Bag Capacity

Most wood chippers provide a bag that you can use to collect the waste. Check the capacity of the bag before deciding on a suitable wood chipper.

Large bags are usually ideal for a big cleanup project, but you can also prefer a smaller bag for a small task. However, some wood chippers might not offer a bag, so you will have to purchase them separately.

– Reduction Ratio

The reduction ratio will let you know the amount of debris volume the chipper can reduce. You will discover how small the debris will be after passing it through the chipper with the reduction ratio.

The reduction ratio is between 10:1 to 20:1. For example, suppose a wood chipper has a reduction ratio of 20:1. In that case, it indicates that it can diminish 20 bags of wood into a single pack. If you want to turn the wood into a much smaller size, then make sure to invest in a unit with a high reduction ratio.

However, wood chippers with high reduction ratios usually need more energy and power to perform the task. Such units are not very cost-effective. Therefore, if you do not want tiny wood pieces, you should prefer a chipper with a low reduction ratio.


Though all the listed wood chippers have top-notch quality, the best product that I would suggest you try is the Sun Joe CJ603E unit. This best wood chipper under $500 has all the features that will let you achieve top-class wood cutting.

The powerful motor, safety hopper, robust blades, and compact design make this wood chipper among the top products. Not only the Sun Joe CJ603E, but you can also prefer some other wood chippers present in this article if they fulfill your needs.

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