Billy Goat F1302H is a top pick if you find it hard to maneuver a blower around the trees to cover a vast land. This wheeled lawn blower makes clearing debris and leaves so much easier, causing no fatigue and making lawn maintenance a breeze.

Wheeled Leaf Blower Billy Goat F1302H

The F1302H blower from Billy Goat offers the highest degree of performance and productivity available in blowers. This review examines the features and benefits of the blower in great detail before drawing a decision about whether the F1302H is worth purchasing.

Pros Cons
Wheeled property Relatively pricier
Reduced noise Low gas storage capacity
Round design allows no air voids

Product Highlights

This machine is a favorite among full-size landscapers, parks agencies, street departments, and golf and estate properties due to its professional power and productivity.

Among the best lawn blowers in the market, the F1302H changed the game for wheeled blowers, with a powerful engine and an arsenal of multiple impressive features, which include:

  • 152 lbs unit weight
  • 26 inches length
  • 22 inches width
  • 45 inches height
  • Honda engine
  • GX390 engine model
  • Four strokes engine type
  • 393 cc engine displacement
  • 9.6 kW power
  • 13 hp
  • 16 blades impeller
  • 17 inch fan
  • 320 km/hr maximum air speed
  • Two years manufacturer warranty 

Billy Goat F1302H Review

  • Number of functions: 8/10
  • Airflow: 9.3/10
  • Weight: 8.6/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 7.8/10

The F1302H is identified by a distinctive black grill. The housing of this blower, in contrast to metal housings, has a smooth, rounded housing design that minimizes air holes, lowers noise, and boosts output effectiveness.

A revolutionary single-shot, closed-face fan lies at the heart of the F1302H. This blower has twice as many blades as the other blowers, with 16 total. Having this many is what makes sense given that it is the most productive unit available in the market.

Additionally, even though the F1302H is currently the lightest and most maneuverable such unit on the market, Billy Goat was able to make it simpler to turn on. 

On another note, increased productivity, improved ergonomics, increased dependability, and consistent fan technology across the board are some further advantages of this blower. In addition to this, it has a conventional forward-discharge and soft rubber construction for simple installation, which would simply mean that it is ideal for cleaning alongside walls and fences. 

The F1302H’s close-to-silent functioning is a refreshing break from backpacks or steel blowers for users’ ears, and any exhaustion after the work is done. Your neighbors would be thankful as well. 

Let us talk about how convenient it is to have a heavy-duty blower that is also wheeled. It is quite hard to come by a backpack blower that gives you all: heavy cleaning, light in weight, and portability. 

The strain of pushing blowers is eliminated by Billy Goat lawn mowers. The 13-horsepower Honda engine offers self-propelled options to boost output. With this new series, the company decreased the weight by an additional 9 lbs! Additionally, the new tubular frame design is lighter, stronger, and less vibration-prone than the previous one.

With the wheeled F1302H, you get a thorough, deep, and precise cleaning and do not have to worry about it being too heavy for your back. What a convenience to work around the lawn without it feeling like laboring, as the manufacturing company has taken this aspect into consideration.

How Has the Billy Goat F1302H Evolved?

The Billy goat f1302h has evolved by having a very powerful force, and an engine that is smooth when it runs and stronger at force. The reason why this is important in the evolution of the machine is that it will run faster and get the job done swifter.

Billy Goat started as one of the first trendsetters for blowers and slowly developed its expertise in manufacturing unmatched push-over wheeled leaf blowers. It has come a long way, from the Billy Goat 8hp blower and the Billy Goat F1302SPH to this favorite of contractor / municipal, the F1302H.

F1302 H is Currently the Lightest Blower on The Market

Not only these, but the RedMax wheeled series, which is often compared to Billy Goat for the likeliness of the nature of their blowers, is not on the same level as the Billy Goat F1320H at all.

RedMax uses a purely two-stroke engine while Billy Goat proudly incorporates a four-stroke engine in the F1302H series. The engine is much more potent than those of its competitors. 

We all know how well-versed the brand ‘Honda’ is in the industry, and hence we know for certain that the engine made by them must be worth all the talk. None of the direct competitors use an engine of this grade, which makes Billy Goat worth investing in.

While Billy Goat might not be the most known for its lightweight, we know that the blowing power makes up for it. The 13-horse power makes F1302H a monster machine whose standard cannot be matched by any other by a broad perimeter. 


Features Breakdown 

– Powerful 13 HP/389 CC Engine

The real enthusiasts out there would know that no other can surpass Honda when it comes to fuel efficiency and high-output operation. 

Powerful HP389 CC Engine of Billy Goat F1302H

This pushover Billy Goat blower sports a unique automatic mechanical decompression system for an easy startup of the machine. This means you can start the blower without hindrance and get it on the go immediately, making the job more smooth for you.

– 17-Inch Single-Shot Composite Fan

Among the most incredible Billy Goat F1302H parts is the 16-blade closed-face design, which is the talk of the town and for all the right reasons.

The F1302H can produce an air velocity of just under 200 mph. A better view of the massive capacity would be this: the air volume of this single lawn blower is equivalent to about six regular backpack blowers. 

There is no doubt that the F1302H is the best in class output and performs quiet operations than the rest of the conventional lawn blowers in the market, and this feature is what gives it more of an excellent point.

– Glass-filled Nylon Impeller

Many lawn blowers do not come with this incredibly useful feature. 

In comparison to nylon alone, adding glass makes it significantly stronger, tougher, and more rigid. It also improves its dimensional stability, wear resistance, and creep resistance. Additionally, glass-filled nylon permits higher maximum service temperatures. 

So, with this thoughtful specification, you would simply push along leaf blower as it is more durable and can withstand accidental miss care. The reason why this would be one feature that you should be mindful about is that it signify the durability of the machine, especially the fact that the motor is a strong one, which is how it is run.

– Smooth and Rounded Impact-resistant Housing 

The impact-resistant exterior allows the air voids to be eliminated for optimum noise reduction. Furthermore, the armor would not rust or dent thanks to its superior resistant properties. 

– Warranty 

The claim is backed up by five years of housing warranty. What more do you expect at this affordable price point?

The reason why a warranty of five years is important is that it would ensure trust between the manufacturer and the purchaser. Note that the quality of what they have produced is a one that will complete the task efficiently, in addition, it gives the user a confidence in the company they are investing in.

– Patented Aim N Shoot Nozzle

Thanks to the fingertip control feature, you can now direct the airflow precisely where you need it. The discharge opening is about five inches, hence the blower can reach just about any tight space and eliminate the debris from there. 

Alongside that, the forward discharge adapter also comes with the blower to help you clean thoroughly along the walls. Now all you need to do is point the blower at the location to want to clean and there you can see the magic of the F1302H for yourself.

– Convenient to Roll and Maneuver

There is no doubt that one would prefer to push a machine rather than carry it on their back. This fun and effortless machine have the latest technology of a walk behind leaf blower which performs better than a backpack blower. 

Billy Goat F1302H is Convenient to Roll

The pushover blower is easy to move around because of its large rear wheels which are about 13 inches by five inches. This size of wheels reduces friction and resistance in the grass, hence making it no problem to work with; a slight pull will suffice. 

On another note, you may also opt for the optional caster wheel kit for better maneuverability, which makes it simple to move around and won’t require any additional thought into it, as you would develop trust in your machine.

– Honda GX390

The Billy Goat GX390 engine is appropriate for a variety of heavy-duty uses, including industrial pumps, tillers, generators, welders, and construction machinery, this makes it a high end product to invest in, knowing that the motor works with a significant strength way.

The engine allows automatic decompression and an easy-to-grip soft recoil starter handle make starting up the engine simple. Moreover, reliable long-term use is assured by high-quality materials and purpose-built components.


The engine quality meets the strictest environmental regulations in the world. 

Remember that having the features of being low oil and fuel usage are ones that would assure you that the machine is reducing noise and vibration, and gripping into comfort and a swift usage.


Even though gas-powered backpack blowers are convenient and smooth, there are many users without the luxury of being able to bear the weight of the blowers on their backs. Hence, the F1302H acknowledges these concerns and offers an alternative: wheeled lawn blowers. Who would have thought of them, right?

If you want to make lawn maintenance a hassle-free activity, you should check out the F1302H wheeled lawn blower. The blower comes with a detailed manual so learning how to make it work is not a headache. The site often puts up sales and discounts, so avail yourself of the opportunity to elevate your lawn maintenance game! 

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