Billy Goat F601V is a powerhouse when it comes to outdoor cleanups as it offers everything you could ever dream of from a push walk-behind leaf blower. Designed with both regular users and professionals in mind, this wheeled blower offers exceptional performance, reliability, and a user-friendly experience.Billy Goat F601V

After trying out this product, we can say for sure that this is one lawn care tool that will not let you down. So continue reading below for the full in-depth breakdown of this leaf blower and all that it has to offer.

Top Features and Product Specifications

Billy Goat F601V Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of airflow settings
Easy to use, extremely user-friendly features
Produces less noise than other force blowers
Compact folding handle for easy storage
Self-propelled system for easy maneuvering
Not a self-propelling machine
Does not have the mulching capability

As indicated by our tests, we find that the Billy Goat walk behind blower is the optimal solution for homeowners and professionals alike. This blower offers its user many great benefits and features, such as unmatched powerful performance, outstanding build quality, superior reliability, and excellent ergonomics, and this is why it is one that you should look forward to.

  • 205 cc Briggs & Stratton Billy Goat Vanguard engine
  • 4-cycle engine
  • Fuel tank capacity of 112 oz
  • 16-inch single-shot composite fan technology 
  • 16-inch blade closed fan design
  • A maximum air velocity of 200 mph
  • A maximum air volume of 1090 CFM
  • Noise rating of 82 dB
  • High flotation tires
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Smooth round housing
  • Exceptional ergonomics
  • Aim and shoot for precise air direction
  • 30 percent lighter than steel housing
  • Folding handle for easy storage

A Comprehensive Review of the Billy Goat F601V

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  • Number of Functions 8/10
  • Weight 7/10
  • Airflow 10/10
  • Number of airflow settings 7/10

Based on our firsthand experience with the F601V blower, we distribute it a score of 10 over four categories. After conducting experiments with it, we find that in terms of the number of functions the blower offers, it gets an 8/10, and in terms of weight, it gets a 7/10.

It rates at a 10/10 for the perfect airflow delivery and a 9/10 for the number of airflow settings. Hence, it takes all the stress out of searching for the perfect blower that offers everything, as it ticks all our boxes of necessities when looking for the perfect option.


Let us start with ease of operation and control, because if you think about it, using the F601V is a breeze, thanks to its operator ergonomics and aim options that increase its ease of usability.

The patented aim lets you easily direct the airflow to exactly where you need it, and it is lockable in case you need to hold that position for a while. The ergonomic handles help reduce fatigue and strain the user might face after prolonged use, making it a more suitable and safer option for those prioritizing their physical well-being.

Also, the extremely powerful 205 cc displacement engine creates blasts of air up to 200 mph in speed and 1090 CFM in air volume; knowing this, you must consider how the machine is one that has different noise production, and this is a feature that would also show you the strength of the power that it has. Through our practical knowledge, this is nearly unheard of.

Such impactful blasts of air help to quickly clean up large amounts of debris, making it more time efficient than other options. Additionally, this superior performance in power also handles stubborn debris like a pro, so no task, no matter how big or small, is a match for this supreme engine power.

Also, the blower barely needs any assembly, and even if it does, the user manual is there to help you along every step of the way, and this is why we are sure you will be fine with it. This further speaks of its impeccable usability and how easy to understand this machine is, making it suitable for almost anyone, especially first-time blower owners.

Moreover, this F601V comes with a three-year-long warranty for the engine. This allows for peace of mind when purchasing, and you know that you will receive a reliable blower for the price.

– How Has the Billy Goat F601V Evolved?

The F601V has evolved in several ways through the years, as the company has consistently introduced new advancements and features that help keep the blower relevant. The F601V has most notably evolved to make improvements on two aspects: noise production and ergonomics, which far trump its predecessors.Evolution of Billy Goat F601V

On another note, if we talk about noise levels, for instance, the F601V offers one of the quietest performances as compared to older models and even many other gas-powered blowers on the marketplace. It measures in at 82 dB, which is considerably low for a gas-powered type blower and suitable for users with sensitive ears.

Then, you must also check the ergonomics of the machine and know that they have improved immensely as compared to the older versions. The F601V is equipped with a highly comfortable and ergonomic handle that reduces user fatigue by ten folds, letting you work for longer periods without ever getting tired or aching.

Billy Goat is renowned for its innovative and fresh take on lawn tools, including blowers and lawn mowers. Their series has many infamous models, such as the Billy Goat F601X, the Billy Goat F13, and the 10 HP Billy Goat blower. They also rival many of the popular brands in the industry, like Cub Cadet, and have held their place against them for a long time.


The Main Features In Further Detail

– Aim and Shoot

The aim-and-shoot feature lets you direct the air expelled out of the blower to where exactly you need it, offering maximum control and direction of the air capacity that it hold. It also has a lock-in feature that lets you lock it into the position for a hands-free operation. Additionally, it helps to get into tough spots and deal with stubborn debris that otherwise would not give in.Aim and Shoot Billy Goat F601V

Adding to the impressive features, the high flotation pneumatic tires help to make the blower much easier to drive around, especially on uneven or sloped terrain, which would otherwise require an immense effort on your part and instantly tire you out. Hence, the self-propelling system allows for maximum comfort and reduces operator fatigue.

– Improved Ergonomics

This blower comes with ergonomic handles for maximum support and comfort that improves your lawn maintenance experience. These ergonomics also reduce fatigue and strain on the user’s arms, joints, and bones and are far more suited for elderly people as they do not compromise physical wellness of the machine, and it makes it run on a longer scale.

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Furthermore, the walk-behind type design helps to reduce strain and fatigue further. It does so by making for a much more comfortable operation than hauling around a heavy blower which puts a great strain on your arms.

– Advanced Fan

The F601V features a single shot closed face fan. The 16 blades on it are twice as many as most regular blowers on the market and produce the most impact and efficient airflow. This ends up in the blower being more time-conserving and effective as the fan produces a far better airflow than other accessible options so that you can complete your cleanups much faster and in an efficient way.Advanced Fan in Billy F601V

– Smooth Housing

The smooth rounded housing eliminates any air voids for a smooth continuous flow of air that does not fluctuate in power all through operation. This produces a consistent and powerful performance whenever in use, so you always have a reliable blower that does the job exactly how you expect it to, and this is a notion that is looked upon when it comes to this blower.


– Lightweight

The efficient housing on this blower is 30 percent lighter than other gas-type blowers, as this one is 76 lbs. This means it is much easier to drive and maneuver, making it much more productive and easier to use when compared to other similar options in the market.Lightweight Billy Goat Blower

Now you can perform all your yard maintenance tasks for a longer duration without worrying about them tiring you out at the end of the day. Moreover, this aspect is one to look forward to, even if it isn’t a self-propelling one, but the weight will make it easier on you.


As we are now nearing the end of this review, we would like to say that through our trial and error, we conclude this F601V to be our top choice recommendation for both personal light-duty and professional heavy-duty use. It offers a powerful performance that cannot be matched and is well-suited for a great variety of demanding tasks.

It is also worth mentioning that this blower needs minimal assembly and is ready to go almost instantly as it arrives at your doorstep. We hope you found this review helpful and that it guided you in some way. Please refer to the official Billy Goat website for further information about warranty details, replacement parts, and compatible accessories.

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