Billy Goat F902H is just what you are looking for if you are on the hunt for a powerful and reliable blower that does not require regular maintenance. This self-propelled lawn blower is designed to clean your lawn as easy as ever.

Review of Billy Goat F902H

With its powerful Honda engine, durable steel frame, and advanced cutting system, it is capable of tackling even the toughest jobs.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at what makes the F902H stand out from its competitors. Read on to see if this blower is the right fit for your needs.

Pros Cons
Quiet operation (97 dB) A bit on the expensive side
Advanced fan technology Lacks vacuum
High output operation

Billy Goat F902H Highlights

The F902H offers you all you are looking for in a blower: it is maneuverable, quieter, lighter, and more robust than similar steel housing blowers in its class. This commercial-grade machine is jam-packed with features designed to make your life easier while ensuring a perfectly cut lawn. 

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  • Four stroke Honda GX270 engine
  • 8-inch x three-inch semi-pneumatic front wheel
  • 10-inch x 3.5-inch pneumatic rear wheels
  • Three quarters of an inch steel rear axle
  • High-density, impact-resistant housing 
  • 16-inch diameter polyethylene fan 
  • Four-inch side exhaust unit with glass-filled nylon 
  • 76 lbs weight
  • 26-inch length
  • 205 oz fuel capacity
  • 1700 CFM air volume
  • 200 MPH air speed

Billy Goat F902H Review

Billy Goat F902H Key Criteria
Number of functions
Air flow
Number of airflow settings
Quiet operation (97 dB)
Advanced fan technology
High output operation
A bit on the expensive side
Lacks vacuum

If you are looking for a blower that is reliable, efficient, and easy to use, then the F902H is the answer, as it has been around since 2005, and it has proven itself as one of the most popular models on the market today. 

Billy Goat’s selection of equipment offers a solution for all your home, commercial property, and municipal site cleanup needs. The wheeled vacuums are suitable for use on both grass and hard surfaces and are more durable than you can imagine, as many have been in operation for more than 20 years.

The F902H is a self-propelled, gas-powered blower designed for clearing your yards and gardens. It features a 26-inch cutting width and a nine-horsepower Honda engine. Additionally, this powerful force blower is the quietest, most maneuverable, and most durable blower in its class, outlasting rival steel housing blowers.

The Force housing, which is composed of high-impact polyethylene, features strategically placed ribbing that can withstand an impact of over 300 pounds over a 2.5-inch area. Additionally, the housing outlasted equivalent steel units in the arduous drum test. 

The blower also sports big rear wheels that give higher floatation and lower rolling resistance, making it up to 22 pounds lighter than comparable steel versions.

Its revolutionary single-shot, closed-face fan is its core component, which has twice as many blades, which are 16 as the competition, featuring the unique Aim-n-Shoot, which you can manipulate with your fingertip and lock into a single position to focus airflow where it is most needed.

This machine is made with a new, upgraded soft rubber construction that is simple to install and ideal for cleaning around walls and fences. Given that it is the most productive unit available, this makes sense. 

This leaf blower can clear thick bushes and small trees up to six inches in diameter. It has a durable steel deck and an offset cutting blade that helps reduce operator fatigue. The innovative Aim-n-Shoot control lever and an air director cone enable the user to adjust the air stream’s direction to help move leaves as needed. 

The Honda engine has been used in the production of the F902H Force wheeled leaf blower for improved ergonomics and dependability. On the other hand, it is designed with a tried-and-true housing that has a smooth, rounded shape that avoids air gaps, lowers noise, and improves output efficiency. 

This four-wheeled mower is designed to handle nearly any terrain with ease and power, making it ideal for those who need to keep their lawns looking perfect. 

The fuel tank on the F902H holds up to 4 gallons of gas, which is more than enough for most jobs. This is a great feature if you have a large property or if you plan on using the leaf blower for extended periods of time.

The F902H is a versatile tool that can be used for both residential and commercial applications. With this blower, you save a lot of time while cleaning your yard, especially in the fall when leaves fall from the sky and cover your porch, roof, and garden

– How Has the Billy Goat F902H Evolved?

Billy Goat F902H has evolved by having additional force and power, which is what makes the engine run for a longer time than its previous model would have. On another note, the design is even evolved on this one than the other versions’.

Some of the most popular blowers of recent years are from the Billy Goat, including the Billy Goat Force 6 and the Billy Goat F1002SPV. Even if the functions and looks remain the same, each new model has some noticeable upgrades. 

The latest model is much more powerful and can be used with either a two-stage or a three-stage blower. It also has a larger engine and an increased range of motion. The F902H has a powerful Honda GX engine that provides plenty of power for blowing leaves and debris.

Billy Goathas Evolved by Force and Power

Billy Goat is regarded as a reputable brand when it comes to hardware, tools, and lawn care supplies. Its blowers, one of the most dependable producers of lawn care and power tool equipment, blend top-notch engineering into each of its powerful products.

The F902H is a significant improvement over the previous model. A more potent engine, longer battery life, and a redesigned design that makes it more pleasant to use are a few significant advancements. Also, you get significantly more speed and efficiency with the new model.

The typical comparison of Billy Goat F602V vs F902H is that F902H’s 1700 MPH somewhat outperforms the F620V’s 1150 MPH. Also, F902H features a four-cycle 262 cc engine while the Billy Goat F1302HS has a 399 cc engine and has more weight (160 lbs) than F902H. 

Billy Goat F1002V and F902H have the same MPH and CFM values but the noise level of the F1002V is low (89 dB) as compared to F902H, having a noise level of 97 dB. Additionally, the Billy Goat F902S features a powerful 265 cc Subaru EX27 4-cycle engine with an airspeed of less than 200 MPH.

With a standard forward discharge and soft rubber construction for simple installation, it is ideal for cleaning around walls and fences. The F902H comes with a 2-year warranty, which is longer than most warranties offered by other companies.


The F902H’s functioning is a refreshing change of pace from backpack blowers for users’ and even for the nearby neighbors’ ears.

Billy Goat F902H Features Breakdown

– Patented Aim-N-Shoot Fingertip Control

The Aim N Shoot fingertip control is one of the many patented features of the F902H. This feature allows you to accurately control the direction of the airflow, making it easy to get the perfect results every time. 

When debris has accumulated to the point where it cannot be blown any farther, this feature is quite helpful. The operator can continue to move additional material farther by aiming the air stream upward to blast the top of the debris pile over.

– 17-inch 16-blade Advanced Fan Technology

The most notable among the Billy Goat F902H parts is the 16-blade advanced fan technology which provides superior circulation and air flow to keep your lawn looking its best. 

The powerful blades move more air than traditional fans, providing better circulation to prevent brown spots and improve overall airflow in your yard. This results in a healthier lawn that is less likely to experience browning or other problems associated with poor airflow.

– Lightweight

At only 76 lbs, the F902H is one of the lightest weight-wheeled blowers on the market. Apart from many other reasons to love the F902H, its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around your yard. Compared to other units on the market, this one is up to 30 percent lighter, more productive, and easier to push.

Lightest Weight Wheeled Blowers on The Market

When a product is much lighter, it would mean that the company is actually putting so much effort in supplying the best of their product, and significantly, they are respecting the comfort of the user. This feature will not let your muscles become tired after just cleaning out the leaves that have fallen on your yard. 

– Quiet Operation

The F902H is designed for quiet operation. The engine and impeller are specifically tuned to reduce noise, and the unit is equipped with sound-dampening materials. 

In addition, the F902H has a unique muffler design that further reduces noise. The unit is also very quiet, thanks to its anti-vibration technology. It means that you would not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors when using it. 

You won’t go through a tired phase, where you are feeling weak and just exhausted, and this would be because your ears have been filtering through the noise that your machine has been making. However, this leaf blower is different, it actually lacks exhausting you, on the contrary, it will make things more facile.

– Smooth, Rounded Housing

When you first see the F902H, you will notice its smooth, rounded housing. This gives it a much more modern look than other similar products on the market. The curved design also makes it more aerodynamic, which helps to reduce drag when you are using it.

Blowers Housing is Made from Tough Abs Plastic

The housing is made from tough ABS plastic, which is both lightweight and durable. It is also easy to clean – just wipe it down with a damp cloth after use. 

The F902H comes with a standard two-year warranty, so you can be sure that it is built to last. By doing so, the company is ensuring you that their machine is durable, and the quality is perfectly preserved for a long time and through many uses, and a period of two years.

– Ergonomic Adjustable Handles

When it comes to lawnmowers, one of the most important features to consider is ergonomic handles. These handles are designed to provide optimum comfort and support to your hands while you are working in your yard, so you can work for longer periods without experiencing fatigue.

The handles on lawnmowers are adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your individual needs. They are also padded, which further enhances your comfort while you are using the mower. This means now you can use the blower for as long as you want without tiring your limbs.


In addition, the controls on the handlebars are easy to reach and operate, so you would not have to take your hands off the handles to adjust settings or make other changes. It is all through the advanced technology that this process will be swiftly taken care of for the end user’s satisfaction.


The F902H is a great blower for those looking for a durable and reliable way to clear their land. It is built tough with a heavy-duty deck and powerful engine, making it more than capable of handling thick debris and leaves.

If you own a property and need a reliable go-to blower for your driveway and paths, the F902H is the whole deal. 

Although it is not the cheapest model on the market, its quality construction and performance make it worth the investment.

Put your best commercial cleanup step forward! For medium-sized maintenance providers and big property owners, this Billy Goat blower is a perfect choice, think about it, it doesn’t have 

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