In this Black and Decker bv5600 review, we’re going to explore this powerful 3-in-1 blower, mulcher, and vacuum garden tool and reveal everything we found out about how well it works.

Review of Black and Decker bv5600

This Black and Decker leaf vacuum and mulcher gets its power from the grid via an outdoor-rated extension cord plugged into a 120-volt outlet, giving it extraordinary power for turning leaves and twigs into usable mulch or compact disposal in the trash.

Read on to discover what else this Black & Decker leaf blower is capable of and how it could help you speed up your garden cleanup chores.

Black+Decker bv5600: Pros and Cons

Black and Decker bv5600 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Powerful mulcher
Sturdy collection bag
Simple controls
Extension cord not included

Black and Decker bv5600 Specs and Product Highlights

This corded Black & Decker electric blower can save you time on yard cleanup and save you money on trash bags and disposal fees for yard waste. The powerful mulching impellers on this device turn leaf waste into mulch or chop them up for easy composting.

  • Corded electric power source
  • Easily converts from blower to mulcher/vacuum
  • 1.5-bushel catchment bag included
  • Adaptable to a large receptacle for catchment
  • Top air speed of 230 mph
  • Maximum air volume of 385 cfm

– Black & Decker bv5600 Review

This blower/mulcher/vacuum by Black and Decker has multiple advantages for residential yard cleanup. In blower mode, this lightweight, simple-to-use machine blasts out up to 230 mph of air at a volume up to 385 cfm, formidable enough for fall cleanup in a big yard with lots of trees.

Then, the tool quickly converts to vacuum and mulching mode.  A robust cast metal fan/impeller inside the housing cuts up leaf matter as it’s vacuumed up, blowing it into a large catchment bag that attaches to the blower end of the machine when it’s in vacuum/mulching mode.

The blower is light and easy to hold in one hand, and the catchment bag has a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry as it fills up. However, the material is a bit narrow for optimal comfort when the bag is full. Fortunately, the unit is adaptable to a large yard waste collection can with the use of a Black and Decker adapter, replacing in the bag, so you don’t have to shoulder the weight at all.

The blower operates at two set speeds of high and low, providing versatility for jobs that need a more gentle touch and those that need full force. The two-speed settings work on the vacuum and the blower, giving you more versatility over all the functions this machine offers. You can easily blow leaves and other yard waste from your driveway, deck, walkways, and lawn with this device. You can even use it inside the garage because it does not produce any toxic fumes as a gas blower does.

The blower motor assembly comes with a 1.5-bushel collection bag, a two-part, snap-together blower tube, a two-part vacuuming tube, a concentrator nozzle, an oscillating LEAFBLASTER™ nozzle, and a printed manual.

When switching from blower mode to vacuum mode, the blower tube snaps off, and the bag snaps on in the exact location. The vacuum tube attaches to the bottom of the machine after removing a plastic grill mounted over the fan/impeller inside the unit. You need a screwdriver to remove the single screw holding the grill in place.

Switching the tubes and attaching the bag is fast and easy once you see how the parts fit together. The vacuum is powerful and capable of lifting and vacuuming away matted leaves, small twigs, pieces of bark, and grass clippings and grinding them up to a fraction of their original size as they are sucked into the collection bag.

One significant advantage of this Black+Decker bv5600 is the quiet operation, about 50 percent lower than most other blowers. This device lets you clean up your yard without disturbing the neighbors or your family.

The unit occasionally clogs when vacuuming, but this happens with almost all 3-in-1 mulching devices. The wide blades on the metal fan are easy to access and clean when a clog does happen. Also, as you get more experience using the tool, it’s easier to avoid going too fast or attempting to pick up something too substantial for the mulcher to process, resulting in a clog.

This unit gets high marks on ease-of-use. Plug it in, and you’re on your way. There is no buying, storing, and mixing gas and no paying for replacement batteries or waiting for them to charge. It also requires no maintenance beyond keeping it clean and safely stored. Compared to gas-powered and battery blowers, a corded unit like this one has multiple advantages for people with yards up to one-quarter acre who want to collect yard waste after piling it up.

This yard equipment is a cost-effective investment for keeping your yard tidy with minimal effort.

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Black+Decker bv5600 Main Product Features

– Motor and Power Source

A sturdy 12-amp, 120-volt motor drives the blower, mulcher, and vacuum functions on this tool. A two-speed selection switch lets you choose between 180 mph air speed and the top level of 250 mph. The lower speed is gentle enough to get leaves out of a flower bed without disturbing a heavier layer underneath or blow leaves from a gravel walkway without moving the gravel.

At high speed, you’ve got the wind force needed for rounding up a lawn full of fallen leaves, twigs, small branches, or acorns. If you have a home orchard, you can use this blower to pile up fallen fruit along with the season’s leaves. You can also use it to blow water from your car after a carwash or dust out the interior, trunk, or truck bed.

The power source for this Black & Decker electric blower is an outdoor-rated extension cord of the proper gauge for the length of the wire. For example, for a 25- or 50-foot cord, use a 16 gauge extension, and for 100 feet, use a 14- or 12-gauge extension to prevent overheating. You must provide the extension cord. It is not included with the blower.

A cord lock at the back of the machine provides a way to keep the cord from accidentally unplugging as you move around. Dragging around an extension cord is one of the drawbacks of a corded model. However, this power source gives you considerable power for blowing and mulching at an extremely low weight. You also don’t need to spend time and money buying gas or charging and replacing batteries.

Corded blowers like this one are a significant advantage for anyone who wants a blower with the least amount of hassle and who has a yard within reach of a 100-foot extension cord.

– Blowing Mode

In blowing mode, the tool is the lightest, weighing only 8.1 pounds. The blower tubes readily snap together, or you can use only the first one if you don’t need as much length on the tube. However, if you want to use the LEAFBUSTER™ nozzle or the concentrator nozzle, you must have both sections of tube installed. Connecting the parts does not require any tools or tremendous amount of strength.

High and Low Air Speed Settings of Blower

Choose from high and low air speed settings by moving the lever located on the back of the handle. The tool is light enough that it’s easy to lift for blowing off shelves in the garage, water from a freshly washed car, or blasting away cobwebs from overhead areas.

The blower by itself is a helpful tool for anyone with moderate leaf blowing needs in a small or medium-sized garden, even if you don’t use the mulching and vacuuming features.

– Mulching and Vacuuming Features

In a few rapid steps, you can convert the blower into the vacuuming and mulching tool. Vacuum up all types of garden waste, as long as the pieces are not too large, and watch this mulching tool swoop it all away into the collection bag or an optional large receptacle.

The mulching ratio given by the manufacturer is 10:1. However, in most real-life situations, the material gets chopped up to about one-half its original volume. That’s still pretty good because it means that ten bags of leaf matter are now only five bags. The reduced volume saves you money on disposal bags and time and muscle-power raking up piles of leaves and bagging them.

Convert the Blower Into the Vacuuming and Mulching Tool

The material ground-up by the mulcher can be dumped into a compost bin as the ‘brown’ matter component of a compost pile. Or use it as mulch on flowers, vegetables, and around shrubs and trees.

The collection bag is much more rugged and durable than the ones that come with many other 3-in-1 machines, and it also has a heavy-duty wide zipper on the bottom for fast and complete emptying.  If the bag is too small for what you are doing, you can purchase a BV-006 Leaf Collection System from Black and Decker that lets you connect the vacuum end of the blower to a hose, leading to a garbage can. Put the can on a dolly platform, and you can pull the container around with you as you work.

The metal mulching impellers on this tool are solid and durable, and when debris gets stuck, it’s easy to clean out with a large screwdriver or similar means. Be sure to unplug the machine before opening it to remove a clog and when converting from blower to vacuum function.

The vacuuming and mulching features on this Black & Decker leaf blower make it an asset to anyone who wants to remove fallen leaves and other small organic waste from their landscape.

– Air Speed and Air Volume

The air speed is adjustable from 180 to 250 mph with the turn of a dial on top of the housing.  These air speeds are typical for residential leaf blower units and higher than many similar models.

Air Speed is Adjustable from 180 to 250 Mph

The unit comes with a concentrator nozzle with a narrow slot for blasting away material stuck to the pavement. It also includes the LEAFBLASTER™ nozzle that oscillates from side to side using the power of the air coming out of the tube. This nozzle adds even more power for blowing away stubborn leaf matter, old newspapers, and similar material.

The top air volume is 385 cfm, and this is a respectable amount for more significant leaf blowing tasks, although it is not enough for extensive areas of over one-quarter acre.

This Black and Decker unit’s air speeds and volume are strong enough to confront most residential leaf-blowing jobs adequately.

– Weight, Dimensions, and Noise Level

The overall size and weight of this tool are compact and light. The tool’s body measures 15.6 inches by 20.75 inches by 9.8 inches and weighs 8.1 pounds.

We could not find an exact decibel rating for this machine. However, the Black and Decker website says it is 50 percent quieter than their gas-powered leaf blowers, according to tests the company did. Gas-leaf blowers typically have a decibel rating of about 110 dB.

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This Black & Decker electric blower comes with a 2-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. It’s crucial to register the warranty within a month of buying the product to get the best warranty service, in case you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the power source of the Black and Decker bv5600?

The power source of the Black and Decker bv5600 is electricity, as it is an electrically-powered leaf blower and vacuum.

2. How many speed settings does the Black and Decker bv5600 have?

The Black and Decker bv5600 has two-speed settings, allowing for both high-speed and low-speed operation.

3. What are the dimensions of the Black and Decker bv5600?

The dimensions of the Black and Decker bv5600 are approximately 15 x 20 x 9 inches, making it a compact and easily portable leaf blower and vacuum.


This Black and Decker leaf vacuum and mulcher is a reliable garden tool for blowing, vacuuming, and mulching yard waste. The low weight and ultra-simple functions make it a suitable tool for seniors, people with physical limitations, and anyone else who wants an easy-to-use, quiet, versatile device for cleaning their yard and getting rid of the debris.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be limited by an extension cord, you might want to consider the BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40V MAX Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Vacuum.

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