If you have hedges and shrubs around your home, you might be considering the Black and Decker ht20 20 inch hedge trimmer to keep your yard tidy.

Black and Decker ht20 Trimmer Review

We understand why. Corded electric trimmers like this product typically have more power than battery-operated models, which is crucial for cutting thorny vegetation.

In this review, we will look into the features and performance of this hedge trimmer and what its value is as a garden tool so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Black & Decker ht20 Pros and Cons

Black and Decker ht20 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Low vibration, dual-action blade
Comes with clear lens safety glasses
Minimal assembly required
Low weight
Extension cord not included
No blade sheath

Black and Decker ht20 Product Highlights

A corded electric hedge trimmer is often the preferred solution for keeping thick hedges, shrubs, and small trees shapely and attractive. Corded electric garden tools have superior cutting power and unlimited runtime compared to battery-powered models, and they avoid the fumes and hassles of gas-powered equipment.

Black and Decker ht20 Product Highlights

  • Corded electric power source requires an extension cord
  • 3.8-amp motor
  • 20-inch blade length
  • Comes with high-quality safety goggles
  • Front D-shaped handle allows for easy vertical cutting

Black and Decker ht20 Review

A trimmer with a corded electric power source is a big advantage if you have tough foliage to trim. The downside is dragging an extension cord around with you as you work, which is not always possible or a good idea, depending on the location.

For example, if you are trimming next to walkways with a lot of pedestrian traffic, an extension cord lying on the ground can be a hazard, and a battery-powered trimmer might be a better option. Or, if you need to trim further than about 100 feet from a power source, a gas or battery-powered trimmer might be a more practical option for you. Also, for some people with limited upper body strength, lifting a corded trimmer might be more difficult due to the extra weight of the cord.

However, for many people, the trimming they need to do is well within reach of a 120-volt outlet using a long, outdoor-rated extension cord. In this case, a corded electric trimmer like this model has several advantages over other power sources.

For one, with a corded tool, you have unlimited runtime without the need to stop to add gas or charge a battery. You also avoid breathing fumes from a gas engine and pumping pollution into the environment.

This tool is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver, thanks to a sturdy D-shaped grip at the front that supplements your control of the trimmer. This handle makes cutting the vertical face of a hedge easier. However, this trimmer does not have a rear handle swivel as some more expensive models do, and this might be a drawback for some buyers, especially those with large amounts of hedges or complicated cuts.

The scissor-like cutting blades cut through one-fourth inch branches without any struggle, and they can cut small branches up to a three-fourth inch in diameter if you do not push them into the foliage too quickly. This trimmer helps shape hedges and shrubs and keep their growth in check. However, it is not powerful enough for pruning trees or cutting large branches over three-quarters of an inch thick, and it works best when not overloaded with too much vegetation at one time.

Assembly of this tool only requires screwing on a plastic guard at the front of the machine and attaching the handle to the trimmer’s body with six screws. It is easy to overtighten the metal screws as they set into the plastic body of the trimmer, so take care not to apply too much force as you finish tightening the screws.

A Phillips head screwdriver is the only tool you need to set up the trimmer, and putting the parts on takes only a few minutes. A printed instruction manual comes with the trimmer, and it contains all the valuable information you need on assembling, safely operating, and caring for the tool.

The 3.8-amp motor provides plenty of power to run the 20-inch dual-action blade made up of 40 scissor-like small cutting blades. The blades are made from hardened and rust-resistant steel to keep them sharp for as long as possible.

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As a bonus with the Black & Decker ht20 electric hedge trimmer, a set of high-quality plastic safety glasses with rubber temple pads is included with the tool. Wearing safety glasses or a face shield when using a trimmer is essential for protecting your eyes from flying debris, and this trimmer gets you off to the right start on safety. In addition to goggles, sturdy shoes and work gloves help keep you safe while trimming.

Black & Decker ht20 Main Product Features

Here is a detailed breakdown of the main features of this hedge trimmer:

– Blade

The 20-inch long, dual-action blade is designed for 40 percent less vibration than single cutting blades. Lower vibration is beneficial for decreasing the stress and strain of using a hedge trimmer for an extended time.

Black & Decker ht20 Main Product Features

A debris shield sits at the back end of the blade to help prevent trimmings from hitting your hands or body while you cut. If the blade gets damaged, you can remove it from the tool’s body and replace it. However, new blades are not inexpensive, and the cost for a new one might be close to the purchase price of the device.

It is vital to regularly lubricate the blade with a lubricant made for hedge trimmers to keep the blades operating smoothly. However, some oils can damage hedges and other plants, so please be mindful to use one that is non-toxic to foliage.

The low-maintenance, durable blade on this trimmer is valuable for anyone who wants a hassle-free garden tool.

– Power Source

This Black & Decker ht20 20-inch hedge trimmer runs on a standard 120-volt outlet, using a long, outdoor-rated extension cord. The gauge of the cable needed depends on how long it is. Check the instruction manual that comes with the tool for complete details on what gauge extension cord you need. A cord holder at the trimmer’s base securely keeps the extension cord plugged in while you work.

Corded trimmers make a lot of sense if you have an easily accessible outlet available, and you don’t mind the weight and mindfulness needed to move an extension cord around to avoid accidentally cutting or tripping over it while working. Corded trimmers also have the advantage of unlimited runtime because you never need to stop to refuel or change batteries.

– Operation and Ergonomics

This hedge trimmer cuts cleanly and smoothly with minimal vibration transferring to the operator. The front handle completely wraps around the front of the body, providing a convenient place to hold the tool as you cut in different positions. In addition, the handles are padded with soft-grip material to reduce strain on your hands further.

A locking mechanism preventing accidental startup is a welcome safety measure. However, the trigger to unlock it and start the machine requires you to hold down the switch with your hand the whole time you have the machine running. There is no lock to keep the trigger engaged.

Overall, this tool’s comfortable and straightforward operation makes it a valuable garden asset for those needing a hedge trimmer for occasional residential use.

– Weight and Dimensions

This trimer weighs a slight 5.4 pounds and measures approximately 32-inches by 7.5-inches by 7.75-inches.

Low Weight of The Trimmer Is a Significant Advantage

The low weight of this tool is a significant advantage for anyone who does not want to feel like they are working out at the gym when they tidy up the unkempt hedges around their house.

– Care and Maintenance

Sap and debris build up on the blade of a trimmer as you use it, and cleaning and lubricating the blade is one essential maintenance task. Additionally, the blade should be inspected before each use and discarded and replaced if damaged.

When cutting with the trimmer, be careful not to let the moving blades contact barb wire or other metal, stone, or rock surfaces. These materials can instantly make a hedge trimmer blade inoperable and might also cause a hazard to the one operating it.

The minimal maintenance required for this tool benefits residential users who want a reliable and reasonably powerful hedge trimmer without the worries of storing and pouring gas or recharging and replacing expensive batteries.

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– Warranty

A 2-year warranty from the manufacturer covers the Black and Decker ht20 electric hedge trimmer. It’s crucial to register the warranty within one month after buying the tool to get the best service if you need it. You can register the warranty online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the handle on the Black and Decker HT20 hedge trimmer adjustable?

Yes, the handle on the Black and Decker HT20 hedge trimmer is adjustable for your comfort and ease of use.

2. Can the blade on the Black and Decker HT20 hedge trimmer be replaced if it becomes dull?

Yes, if the blade on the Black and Decker HT20 hedge trimmer becomes dull, it can be replaced with a new one for optimal performance.

3. Can the Black and Decker HT20 hedge trimmer be used for trimming shrubs as well as hedges?

Absolutely, the Black and Decker HT20 hedge trimmer is designed for trimming both hedges and shrubs, making it a versatile tool for your yard work needs.

Our Conclusions on the Black and Decker ht20

This trimmer is the perfect mid-range-priced tool with power and versatility for keeping hedges and shrubs shapely and attractive.

It is best suited for occasional light and medium-duty residential use.

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