Black Decker BCBL700D1 is a powerful battery-powered addition to the leafblower category. This lightweight, the cordless handheld machine delivers up to 320 CFM at 90 MPH.

Review of Black Decker BCBL700D1 Blower

This handheld machine is compact and very easy to use, with user-friendly functionalities. In this review, we will look into the key features of the Black Decker axial leaf blower, including product quality, performance, and product design.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Short battery life
Easy to use Clogs easily
Rechargeable battery Not suitable for large yards
Dual speed function

Black Decker BCBL700D1 Highlights

The electric leaf Black and Decker 20v blower only is built to lend a helping hand in cleaning out your lawn thanks to its lithium-ion battery-powered engine. The stylish yet functional design is powerful and precise, helping you to target airspeed and clear out the leaf, debris, and other wastes from your yard in seconds. 

  • 20v Rechargeable battery
  • Airspeed of 90mph
  • The lightweight blower
  • Low noise level
  • Dual-speed power
  • The air volume of 320 cfm
  • Two-year warranty 

Black Decker BCBL700D1 Review

Black Decker BCBL700D1 Key Criteira
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Easy to use
Rechargeable battery
Dual speed function
Short battery life
Clogs easily
Not suitable for large yards

The Black Decker max-leaf blowers make tasks like blowing off debris from the pathway or dusting off some lawn furniture a walk in the park. It is a handheld, cordless blower with a rechargeable battery and charger, making it more environmentally friendly than other gas models. 

While this cfm leaf blower does not have the air force to blow off heavy materials from your yard, however, if you want a deeper product description, you should know that it works perfectly for smaller yards with lighter debris to blow off. It is also a great option if you need a blower to clear off pathways, patios, and occasionally dust and ice, so now you have a very nice view of how powerful the Black & Decker BCBL700D1 is, because of the multiple ways it can be functional.

This 20V leaf blower, along with the BCBL700 Black and Decker, is very easy to use with simplistic functionalities. As a result to the latter, it is simple to know that you do not have to spend long hours staring into the manual to get your way around the machine. 

While it does not come with a variable speed function or a throttle like some other models, it does feature a dual-speed option for users, as you can increase it or simply leave it with a normal range of speed. When using this blower in your yard, you can easily switch between high speed and low speed, which delivers airflow based on the choice to make your yard task much easier, and with the pace that you wish.

However, even at high speed, the Black and Decker leaf blower cannot deliver as much air force as some other models needed to blow heavier materials like leaf piles and pebbles off your yard, but when it comes to simple debris, it will do the job pretty well. This is the type of leaf blower that is best used for small yards and to handle small-scale tasks requiring only a little air force or longer run time.

The BCBL700D1 review is a cordless model that does not require a plug-in. It means, with a full charge, the blower can get up and around your yard without concerns about whether or not the cord would reach where you plan to clear off or the fear of getting tripped by an excessively long cord mid-task. If you wish to extend the use to a range of places, that is when you should use and extension cord and move around with it, and again, this is beneficial because it will not leave your job done half way.

When coupled with the lightweight design of the blower, it can also be considered a mobile model since you can easily pack it up and take it along with you to get tasks done elsewhere. Whether there is power or not, you can get the work done. 

What is keen is that this blower does not require a pull start to function. No key turns, or rope pulls to get the blower in action. This battery-powered model kicks off instantly at the click of a switch. The fast response time makes it a top option to traditional models that require a pull to start up.

The ergonomic design of the Black Decker blower combines convenience and functionality. This item is among the lightest blowers on the market. Its light weight allows easy portability and maneuverability, allowing you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It has a lightweight, compact size, weighing less than four pounds, which is a lot less than most of the leaf blower models on the market today, as a result, it is hazard free and safe, so anyone and everyone can use it around the yard. 

Its compact size and functional design make it easy to store in the garage, closet, or storage room. It can easily be hung up or placed on shelves without taking up much space. The blower also puts less strain on the arms, making it easy to use for an extended period, which simply means less stress for your later and less soreness of your muscles. 

While the lightweight blower makes it easy to carry around the yard and blow out leaves and debris from corners and crevices, you only get a little run time with the battery. This blower is very popular with households that need a tool for minor cleanup tasks in and around the home, it is somehow like dusting off lightweight material like cobwebs and cleaning up an outdoor counter or a shelf.

The blower is very easy to use and maintain. Since it uses a rechargeable battery compared to other gas models, you do not need an oil change or fuel topping. All you have to do is charge up your blower with the charger, get in your yard, and clear away. 

When you finish using the blower for tasks around the yard, the next thing to do is to clean up the blower, especially after blowing wet leaves, dust, and ice which can get into delicate parts because you would want any of these particles to stay stuck inside and cause different issues. 

The nozzle of this model is made of plastic material and is detachable, making it easy to clean up and maintain. However, many users of this blower attest that it is not the most durable option and issues with the motor occur after a year or more of consistent use. On the other hand, remember that this machine is one that is highly beneficial because of its portability and affordability, which make it ideal for most yard owners with minimal maintenance tasks.

The Black Decker 20v blower is still a great option for yard owners with less demanding yard tasks or homeowners looking for a mild cleanup tool. It operates at an extremely low noise level compared to most blower models making it suitable for most neighborhoods and noise-sensitive locations.

How Has The Black Decker BCBL700D1 Evolved?

The Black Decker BCBL700D1 has evolved from its previous model, the Black decker 7000 with the speed noise, because the former will make way less noise. In addition, it is less than half the weight of the previous model, which makes it more simple to use. 

Black Decker Bcbl700 D1 with The Speed Noise

The Black+Decker 20V max leaf blower, axial, 2.0-ah (BCBL700D1) has a portable design with an extremely low noise level compared to most models. It is a max cordless, battery powered model, making it easy to use and highly efficient, as a result, the Black decker is best suited for small tasks.


Features Breakdown

– Dual Speed Control

The Black+Decker 125 cfm 40-volt cordless leaf blower has a dual-speed function that allows you to toggle between the high and low speeds while using the machine. With just a flip of the switch, you can increase the air force of the blower to blow debris and dirt off faster and more efficiently. 

However, with an air speed of 90 mph and air volume of 320, It is definitely not the most powerful blower on the block. It performs way less than most models on the market which means the blower is only efficient in blowing off very lightweight material. You can adjust either of the settings, and the leaf blower will do its job in a precise way. 

– Ergonomic Design

The Black and Decker Blower 20V charger is a handheld model with a compact and portable size. Its bright orange color and black nozzle make it a stylish and functional model that is easy to use and store.

Ergonomic Design of Black Decker BCBL700D1

The portability and ergonomic design help ease the tension and strain on the arms while working with the blower, making it a convenient option for anyone. In addition, it is also a way to know that you won’t be tired as your arm muscles won’t cramp, because the grip is very well structured. A great leaf blower with an ergonomic design is also the Black Decker BV6000 model.

– Warranty

This model comes with a two-year warranty. It is important to note that, peradventure, you need warranty services on the product; you should register the product after purchase on the official website. 

This shows how much the company is trusting you with their product, and how durable it is, as it will satisfy your needs and clean the lawn in such a nice way. Moreover, when you have a warranty, is sis like a binding deal between the company and the one who invested in their product, and the two-year time frame is an excellent service. 

– Battery

This Black Decker is a rechargeable blower with a 20V MAX lithium ion battery. With this model, you can say goodbye to excessively long cords and limited movement around the yard. Since it comes with a charger, recharging the blower after use is easy and accessible. 

You do not have to buy a new charger every time the previous one runs out. Although the rechargeable battery feature is efficient and convenient, it all comes down to the battery’s run time. This is an important feature, because the battery give you a quicker run, as you know that when it has a limited time, you will work much faster.

But what you should remember is that the battery of this blower does not last very long, especially if it is on the full speed. In short, on high speed, you have about 10 to 15 minutes of runtime, but again in this time, you will be doing a lot of cleaning.

On the other hand the power supplying battery is also not very durable and becomes weaker over the years with consistent use, which would need replacement once you feel like it has began to weaken. 

– Lightweight

The Black and Decker blower 20v battery is one of the most portable models currently on the market, weighing less than four pounds.

Black Decker Bcbl700 D1 Lightweight Design

Most people love this blower and recommend it highly holding this aspect, because the lightweight design is what makes it more smooth in the process, as the end user will not complain or get tired when using it.

– Low Noise Level

It is also very quiet, with a 61db noise level above most models in that category. It is perfect for noise-sensitive neighborhoods, and if you have elder neighbors, they will not feel tired of hearing you clean the yard. Moreover, you will not be tired as well when you do the cleaning, and this is because it wouldn’t exhaust you with the excess noise that it produces. 



The Black Decker BCBL700D1 does have several perks. However, it remains best suited for small tasks and minimal yard maintenance, it will cover every factor that you need, and transform your yard to a neat one. 

Moreover, what you must consider are the many functionalities that it has such as the durability, air speed, and battery life, must be improved. Additionally, it remains a cost-efficient and convenient option for homeowners with small yard sizes. We also suggest checking out our detailed review of the Black Decker BV3600 model.

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