Black Decker BEBL7000 is the leaf blower that shows its priority on customer satisfaction with its features and design to match the garden operations you plan. It rises up the ranks to count among the must-get leaf blowers on the market with the results it offers.

Breakdown of Black Decker BEBL7000 Blower

However, your purchase decision should start with finding out if it’s a good purchase choice to make at the moment. As a result, let us use our detailed review to satisfy the curiosity you have about this blower to make your decision.

Pros  Cons
Unlimited runtime during use Corded power system
Power boost feature Heavier than previous versions
Backpack replacement bag design

Highlights and Attributes

The 3-in-1 electric leaf blower brings the convenience you have always been searching for to your garden activities on purchase, the Black Decker Blower Vacuum BEBL7000 puts your mind at ease with its features but knowing the details helps you maximize it.

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You must have in mind the featured sum up of this machine, in a detailed manner even, so you would know what you will be getting when you purchase this Black and Decker leaf blower.

  • Blower, vacuum, and mulcher all in one feature
  • Replacement backpack bag for easy disposal
  • Maximum wind speed output of 250 MPH
  • Electric corded power system
  • Lightweight backpack and handheld design
  • Power boost with adjustment switch
  • Airflow capacity of 400 CFM
  • Low to medium noise level
  • Two speed settings

Reviewing Black Decker BEBL7000 in Details

Black Decker BEBL7000 KeyCriteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Number of Functions
Unlimited runtime during use
Power boost feature
Backpack replacement bag design
Corded power system
Heavier than previous versions

The Black Decker BEBL7000 takes the market by storm in a different way from other products starting from its attractive design. It combines the backpack appearance and handheld design with its lightweight for maximum convenience to guarantee your satisfaction during use.

It gets better as the design includes more accessories to get the most out of the product making it versatile.


You get a powerful base force with wind speed and airflow capacity which also increases based on your preference, but note that the blower has two-speed settings that you would work with.

The power boost feature lets you enjoy more force taking the wind speed to the max output of 250 MPH. Combining these two features with the airflow capacity of 400 CFM makes you get more results than you expect from it.

Corded electric power systems guarantee you an unlimited runtime and the Decker manufacturer’s leaf vacuum, the BEBL7000 implements this feature for optimal use. It matches well with the power boost and gives you all the power you need to get your work done faster.

Note that as it is fast running, it would also boost up your speed as well, and you would be motivated to work as fast. The implementation solves several issues you might have which pushes this blower up the ranks in its power rating.

Generally, the leaf blower/vacuum takes up your operations and streamlines them with the multi-feature it has to satisfy your needs. Using a blower, mulcher and vacuum seamlessly is handy regardless of your standing as a passionate or commercial gardener.

The product has improved, and you will also notice this from the advancement in the fact that it has a low noise level of 68 dB, which means that when you use it, you don’t disturb the neighbors as much.

You don’t even have to worry about damaging your ears in the long run, because it is very noisy, this doesn’t mean that the machine is noiseless, but the level is not too high.

– How Has Black Decker BEBL7000 Evolved?

The Black Decker BEBL7000 has evolved from its previous version the BV6000 only by its weight. As the older version used to be 8.1 lbs, but the current version is 11.1 lbs. This means that it is heavier, and it has changed by its exterior being different.

The evolution of this blower isn’t a very significant one since it’s not too far off from its previous models. It’s especially noticeable in the BEBL7000 vs BV6000 comparison but features like design and power boost stand out from the others. The backpack is slightly heavier but seems lighter.

Skillfulness and Features

– Packaging and Accessories

The blower takes customer satisfaction seriously but goes the extra mile to improve it by including multiple accessories in the packaging. You get a blow tube for vacuum and mulching operations with another tube included for blowing debris and leaves.

Skillfulness and Features of Black Decker Leaf Blower

This means that you do not need to search for different parts and accessories to buy on the side, because it comes with it already.

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It also includes a Black and Decker BEBL7000 replacement bag in the packaging, so you don’t have to purchase it separately when getting the blower. The product is pretty heavy but feels lighter with the backpack mode, this is how you can use your hands comfortably.

However, the guarantee of getting all complete accessories in the packaging only comes with a brand-new product purchase.

– Includes a Guiding Manual

Manuals exist to guide you through the use of a product and this blower also includes this in the packaging. The Black and Decker 3 in 1 blower vacuum/mulcher manual helps you understand the product’s best use including assembly and maintenance.

The reason why this is important is that the company has made it quire simple for you to understand if something goes out of hand, how to mange it on your own. Moreover, it also talks about the possibility of options that may happen, and how you can reverse them.

It comes in three major languages which are English, French, and Spanish similar to several products on the market. All three languages are divided into their own sections and cover all the essential information you need to use the product.

As a result, you must ensure you go through the manual properly before using the product to avoid any issues while it is active.

– Wind Speed and Airflow Capacity

Air speed and air volume commonly called wind speed and airflow capacity are also essential features of blowers. They both contribute to the efficiency you get, and this blower doesn’t lose out on both features with its values.

Airflow Capacity Are Essential Features of Blowers

Its airflow capacity maxes out at 250 MPH and its airflow capacity offering 400 CFM makes your work easier than expected.

Both give you a force and volume that makes debris the least of your worries as you work in your garden. However, it doesn’t serve you for blowing functions alone but also vacuuming and mulching so enjoy the efficiency you get; as a result, you do not need to invest in further tools.

– Power Boost and Wind Speed Adjustment Switch

Another exciting feature is the power boost that combines well with the adjustment switch for varying wind speeds. The Black+Decker BEBL7000 power boost blower vacuum feature guarantees you more power to improve your garden workflow. Your wind speed adjustment switch combines by offering you variable speeds and letting you max the value at 250 MPH.


Don’t worry, because the adjustment switch isn’t hard to find as it’s located on the handle section making it easy to reach. This means that, enjoy another way to get the most out of the 3-in-1 blower that serves you great results during garden use.

– Corded Electric Power System

Implementing a corded power system makes this blower give you the unlimited runtime that every gardener searches for in blowers. You don’t get an unlimited runtime but a lot more power than what other systems give you which makes it a better product.

Corded Power System Gives the Unlimited Runtime

The carbon emissions and dead batteries are also the least of your problems with the corded electric power system that it uses. You might be limited by range with its short cord but is nothing a power extension cable can’t solve.

Thus, enjoy a consistent runtime and get your garden activities completed in one sweep without any interference.

– Lightweight, Backpack, and Handheld Design

The blower comes with an attractive appearance to match other features without sacrificing convenience and easy usability for customers. It’s lightweight as a blower but gets heavier when you attach the replacement bag which also gets heavier with vacuumed contents.

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However, the backpack design makes it less heavy and more convenient to use while working in your garden. The handheld design also makes it easier to hold during blowing and mulching operations with its reliable handle grip. Now, you can worry less about the blower slipping out of your hands due to moisture or sweat.

– Warranty Clause

Warranty clauses are essential to guarantee free factory repairs when you encounter issues with your blower after purchase. It’s also a way to prove the quality of the product showing how much consideration Black Decker has for you.

On the other hand, you should also note that there are conditions and one essential condition is that only new products have warranty clauses attached. You must also have made the purchase from a verified Black Decker store or distributor to make it valid. In addition, do check out the other conditions attached to the product warranty clauses on purchase.


– Leaf Vacuum Pricing

There are many price tags attached to this product depending on some factors affecting both the product and the market. One factor is the product being a new one or a used product and the others are distribution channels and delivery.

New products are often sold in a higher range while new products they would come with all the right accessories, and are brand new, giving you a great experience in the task.


It’s complete! The complete review of the Black and Decker leaf blower to help you with your purchase decision. You finally have all you need to set your choice in stone and go for garden improvement with this product

Do remember to consider your budget before purchase to know if a used product or a new one is the best choice. But as you invest in this machine, it will not let you down, as it has great speed, and an amazing way to fit your back right, giving you a three-in-one job altogether.

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