Black Decker BEBL750 is the main focus of this review, as it is a powerful and convenient way to quickly make any yard work or lawn cleaning easy, regardless of how demanding it may be. This is the leaf blower that is perfect for a great range of users, from first-timers to seasoned professionals. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use yet incredibly powerful.Black Decker BEBL750

In this review, we take a closer look at all of its prospective features and specifications as well as tell you about any drawbacks, so you may easily decide whether it is right for you or not, so continue reading.

Exhibiting the Key Features and Prospects

Black Decker BEBL750 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Airflow settings
Lightweight design, and easy to move around, and reduces fatigue
Built-in scraping tool included, which efficiently removes any grit or stuck-on leaves
Variable speed control and greater control and precision of airflow
Environment friendly, so it produces no gas or carbon emissions
Does not have the mulching capability
Corded design, with limited movement

Based on our observations, this electric axial leaf blower by Black Decker offers the same quality and performance as many of the greatest top-selling leaf blowers available on the marketplace right now. But since it does so much more than that, which is why you must be detailed in the features and technical information of this blower because it helps on a greater scale.

  • 9 amp axial blower motor as the power source
  • Two wind speeds
  • Variable air speed control
  • Maximum air speed of 140 mph
  • Maximum air capacity of 450 CFM
  • Works on multiple surfaces, cleans dirt, grass clippings, leaves, debris, and more from hard surfaces to grassy ones
  • A lightweight design of only 7 lbs
  • Built-in scraper for removing any stuck-on dirt
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Produces no exhaust fumes
  • Eco-friendly compared to gas blowers, no gas or emissions being produced
  • Excellent ergonomics for better control and comfort
  • Adjustable handle grips
  • Quiet performance of 75 dB noise rating
  • Handheld design
  • Corded

An Honest Review on the Black Decker BEBL750 Blower

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  • Number of functions 7.5/10
  • Lightweight 10/10
  • Airflow 9/10
  • Number of airflow settings 9.5/10

Drawn from our experience, you must know how our opinions on this 9 amp corded electric axial blower are based on the characteristics that it serves, which is why our team discovered through using this product that in terms of the number of functions, we allot it a 7.5/10, for its impeccable lightweight design, it gets a 10/10, for its unmatched airflow, it gets a 9/10, and for a variety in the number of airflow settings, it gets a 9.5/10.

As far as blowers go, the BEBL750 Decker blower is in a class of its own, with key features that help it shine through all the noise of the overwhelmingly saturated blower market. If you are feeling confused about how to decide, let us assure you that choosing a Black Decker blower, such as the BEBL750, will never disappoint you.


We are sure everyone is familiar with Black Decker, as they are practically the most infamous manufacturers among all the electric leaf blower makers. And that is clearly for a reason, as their products, including the BEBL750, certainly deserve that recognition.

For instance, the electric axial leaf blower motor this blower features are characteristic of talking, and as we have mentioned above, the Black Decker BEBL750 runs on a 9 amp axial motor. This robust motor is so powerful that it generates airflow with a speed of 140 mph and an air volume of 450 CFM. This is almost unheard of for such a compact electric blower.

After putting it to the test, the power and airflow generated by this blower provide you with enough force to be able to handle any degree of work with no issues at all. This is because the motor is designed in such a way that makes it extremely durable and resilient for all sorts of tasks at hand.

– How Has the Black Decker BEBL750 Evolved?

The Black Decker BEBL750 has evolved and become less noisy; compared with the older models, the BEBL750 is much quieter at 75 dB. In addition, it has also evolved in having better motor power and strength when used than the older models.Evolution of Black Decker BEBL750

As Black Decker is pretty much a seasoned master manufacturer within the blower world, with its Black and Decker leaf blower 40V, the Black and Decker leaf blower and vacuum, the Black+Decker blower 20V, and the Black and Decker leaf blower corded line, it is no surprise to hear that they have of course poured in their resources to upgrade and evolve their products constantly.

And the BEBL750 is no exception to that, as it is the machine that would not surpass 75 dB, which makes it a perfect machine if you live in a neighborhood that has elders or children residing.

The Black Decker blower series has countless amazing blowers, including the Black and Decker BL950 and the Black and Decker LB700 manual. Among these is the BEBL750, a Black and Decker cordless leaf blower, the focus of our review.

The BEBL750 has evolved in a few notable ways, making it a better option than its older generations, and one of the key factors is the noise reduction that has made it better. The second improvement is in the motor power, and from our findings, it is clear that this version is relatively much stronger compared to older versions with its 9 amp axial motor.


A Further Breakdown of the Main Features

– High Power Axial 9 Amp Motor

This blower features a 9 amp electric axial motor that produces consistent airflow with an air speed of 140 mph, and with this, it also has an air volume of 450 CFM. This ensures you always have the consistent power and force you need for your clean-up duties, as the blower can easily handle intensely demanding clean-up sessions.9 Amp Motor in Black Decker BEBL750

Moreover, when you invest in such a machine you would see that it would reduce your fatigue because the strong motor is what gives it a better way to function. The motor is the one responsible for the power and source that the blower would be using, hence, the job would be done in a fast pace.

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Although the same technology is featured among the older models as well, the older versions cannot produce an air volume of 450 CFM and an airspeed of 140 mph. Last, they have also improved the weight and ergonomics compared with older models. This blower is one of the lightest ones we have encountered, making it suitable for users with concerns about joint pains and strains after long periods of use.

– Eco-friendly

Another key benefit of the BEBL750 is that it is a more eco-friendly option when compared to other gas-powered blowers. This is because it produces no gas or any carbon emissions that would otherwise be issued into the atmosphere and would also contribute to global warming as well as to other environmental issues.

Being environment-friendly means you can use this blower with a clear conscience and take care of the planet as well. Furthermore, it is safer for the user’s health as you would not have to worry about inhaling exhaust fumes or bother with a gas mask, as the machine is run with electricity.

– Two Speed Control

The adjustable air speed trigger on this blower lets you fully customize and control the air expelled out, so you have just the precision and power you need for whatever task you have at hand.

This feature particularly comes in handy while handling stuck debris and dirt that may otherwise be difficult to clean up, and it would make the job quite easy, in the long run, rather than having a uniform speed, you can have two options.Speed Control in Black Decker BEBL750

– Lightweight and Compact Design

The build of this blower is extraordinary, as it features excellent ergonomics and weighs in at barely seven lbs. This means it is incredibly easy to maneuver and lets you get into tight spots with no issues.

Furthermore, it is easy on the joints and muscles so that you can use it for longer periods comfortably. Which is why you must know how this machine’s compact design is also a feature that allows you to place it neatly due to its easy storage, and as you put it away for the winter, it would be easy for you to do so.


– Built-in Scraper

A built-in scraping tool is included in the blower itself, which works excellently in scrubbing away any stuck-on grit or built-up grime that is otherwise difficult to take care of. It is super easy to use and works incredibly effectively.Built Quality of Black Decker

All you need to do is to lower the tip of the scraper to the ground where the stuck-on grime is and use the weight of the blower to help you scrub it away. As indicated by our tests, the material of the scraper is durable and built to last, so you do not have to worry about it wearing down over time.


To bring this review to a close, based on our first-hand experience, this blower is perfect for homeowners and individuals with small to medium-sized lawns that need an easy-to-use friendly mechanism blower that is also budget-friendly and would not break the bank.

This blower has everything you need at a fraction of the price compared to other well-known companies of the same status as Black Decker. We hope this review has been helpful to you in some way, and that you have a clearer picture of whether this blower is the one for you as you go ahead and make the decision to invest in it.

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