Black Decker BV3100 is a blower that pushes the trend of the 3-in-1 blower products to every passionate gardener, including you. This Black and Decker blower brings various features to give you the most convenient use for lawn and garden cleaning when needed.

Product Review of Black Decker BV3100

Do you need so many blower features, or is it the best product for your garden operations? Get the answers to your question with our informative review on this quality leaf blower/vacuum that caught your eye.

Pros Cons
Max wind speed of 210 MPH A bit heavy to use
Airflow capacity of 300 CFM Corded power system
Low noise during use
Added reusable leaf bag

Black Decker BV3100 Highlights

The Black Decker leaf blower pushes the motive of making your workflow seamless and convenient to meet your garden needs. What you must do if you decide to invest in this is to check some of the features that this leaf blower vacuum brings to your garden to match your operations.

  • 120 volts electric power system
  • Maximum wind speed of 210 MPH
  • Handheld design 
  • Additional accessories in the packaging
  • Airflow capacity of 300 CFM
  • Not too noisy 
  • Locking option 
  • Two-year warranty

Black Decker BV3100 Review

Black Decker BV3100 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
Max wind speed of 210 MPH
Airflow capacity of 300 CFM
Low noise during use
Added reusable leaf bag
A bit heavy to use
Corded power system

The Black decker blower implements a corded power system and gives more power than you get with battery-powered blowers. You get a power of 120 volts when your blower is plugged in, which is more than you can ask for when doing garden cleaning.

However, you should also consider how it might cause a range limitation, but it is nothing you can’t bypass if you purchase a power cable extension. 

Its power supports the wind speed and airflow capacity you enjoy while cleaning your garden. You get a maximum of 210 MPH and enjoy model BV3100 CFM of 300 combining to blow you away. The adjustment switch for wind speed lets you choose between the max output or low value of 150 MPH.

Black Decker cordless leaf vacuum also provides other accessories in the packaging to make sure that you would enjoy your experience with this blower is 100 percent. On the other hand, it also comes with a bag that the machine will collect the leaves from, and this replacement bag that makes mulching activities in your garden or lawn easy and seamless without any worries.

You also get some other accessories which might increase depending on future releases yet to be known to customers. The design is also made to be convenient for use despite being an electric vacuum which is heavier than others.

It requires two hands to hold conveniently and will cause strain on your shoulders if held improperly with one hand, which means that you won’t get a muscle spasm when you hold it with two hands, rather than one.

However, it’s made to be easily used when blowing and vacuuming leaves in your garden or lawn.

How Has Black Decker BV3100 Evolved?

The Black Decker BV3100 has evolved by having a vacuum feature in addition to the blower feature, as the LSW221 lacks this aspect. In addition, the voltage is also higher than the previous models, which means that the machine is more powerful when used.

Evolved by Having a Vacuum Feature

Evolving over the years is the Black Decker blower moving from a regular blower to a 3-in-1 specialist for your garden. Improvement starts from the power that it brings to your activities, along with its lighter weight. The corded power system also guarantees continuous use compared to its previous versions. 

Features Breakdown

– Corded Electric Power System

The blower uses an electric power system to give you the efficiency that supersedes many other blowers in the same category. It has a short power cord that might limit your range, but extension cables help resolve this issue, and this would give you the idea how you can enjoy 120 volts of power which are great enough to serve the triple-function blower for your garden use.

Basically, what this means is that you won’t need to worry about recharging a battery or getting a replacement when it loses its efficiency, because the power has to be plugged right so that the machine works well. It is also eco-friendly as it causes zero emissions since you don’t need to burn fuel to use this blower.

– Packaging and Accessories

You get several accessories in the packaging when you purchase the black decker blower for your garden and lawn cleaning. The packaging includes a glove that matches well with the blower’s handle for better grip during use, and this is would ensure how you don’t need to go through a hassle of placing the different parts that are needed for the best function.

It also includes a black and decker BV3100 replacement bag that stores the vacuumed and mulched leaves for disposal.

Black and Decker Bv3100 Replacement Bag

Moreover, the manufacturing company is also one that would consider adding other accessories, which means you also get glasses to protect your eyes, a blow tube, manual and vacuum tube inside the packaging. It doesn’t come with any black and decker BV3100 replacement parts, but future packaging might include it based on offers.

– User Manual

Manuals are always included in product packages. This blower also has it to guide you in assembling the product. It contains every detail to help you use the blower and maximize the results you get when gardening.

The manual has more translation, as noted in some customer reviews, compared to the black and decker BV5600 manualIt includes the mainstream languages that are popular in several regions and some others to reduce the stress of translating them.

Make the most of this manual and enjoy a direct walkthrough regardless of the language and location that you wield, because in case something goes wrong, and you want to search for it in the right location, the manual is right there to help you with the correct way of making the right adjustments again. 

– Blower Price

The Black and Decker blower is affordable regardless of your choice to purchase a new or used product. However, both types of products have different prices and come with different conditions during purchase and use.

Your black and decker BV3100 type 1 comes with all accessories and a warranty if you make a new purchase, which means you don’t have to go through different places to find the right bag or cord.

On the other hand, you will likely have the blower tool alone without any warranty if you purchase a used product. Used products are always cheaper than new ones, so you can consider them if you aren’t getting them for serious use.

– Wind Speed Adjustment Dial

Present in this blower feature is an adjustment switch to give you different wind speeds when needed. The adjustment switch lets you choose between two major wind speeds for low and high values.

The high value is set at 210 MPH, while the low value is set at 150 MPH, allowing you to do more with it, and you can also maneuver with your own pace and get the cleaning done with your desired speed.

You will find the switch close to the handle, making it easy for you to change speeds while moving. As a result of this, you should consider how to maximize both wind speeds to do more than vacuum and enjoy the force when you suck in leaves for mulching.

– Airflow and Wind Speed Combination

The airflow capacity and wind speed both give you a convenient experience with the use of the product. The airflow capacity is set at 300 CFM, which is high compared to many other blowers on the market.

Basically, this is very helpful, because think about how you have the choice to get that as an air volume maximum output when using your blower while clearing out different sections in your garden. 

Airflow Capacity with Convenient Experience

Combining this with the wind speed and electric power system makes this product go all out on your operations. Now, you should do is to enjoy what the combination of both features offers you, along with the switch that makes the blower worth every penny.

– 3-In-1 Product Feature

Purchasing the Black Decker blower allows you to join the category of convenient gardeners enjoying multiple features. You can enjoy a seamless transition between three major functions without needing to change tools as you work. The product lets you use it as a blower, vacuum, and mulcher in different successions depending on your objective. 

You can blow leaves out of your path, vacuum them and mulch them in the same succession without any stress. It serves you better if you work as a seasoned gardener or need much more from your garden. Just as you would collect it in the bag, now you have a great ratio to the mulch result, and you can use it to keep the moisture trapped in your garden’s soil.

Black Decker has done well to satisfy customers, including you, with a triple-function blower to serve your garden needs. The black and decker BV3100 specs and benefits are of different kinds, and as a result this is why the blower offers you to satisfy all your gardening needs.


Congratulations, this is the end of the Black Decker BV3100 blower review with all you should know about the product. You should be on your way to finalizing your purchase decision and planning how or not to get this blower. Do remember to make your purchase from a verified store and confirm the product details as well. 

Also, note that used products don’t have a warranty clause, but new ones have them included. The fact is also the same with the accessories that usually come with new and unused products on purchase. A newer leaf blower model is the Black Decker BV6600 which you should definitely check out.

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