Black Decker BV3600 provides a convenient solution for those who spend several hours manually packing and mulching leaves after blowing with its multipurpose function.

Product Details of Black Decker BV3600 Blower

The Black and Decker BV3600 combines the functions of a leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher and is a great tool to have in your yard care collection.

Nothing beats having all the information about a product before purchasing it, so keep reading for more details about this blower and vacuum.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble and convert A bit expensive
Lightweight for a multipurpose tool Only two speed options
Good maneuverability The mulching bag gets full easily
Offers reasonable power

Product Highlights

With an impressive maximum airspeed of 250 MPH in both blow and vacuum modes, the Black Decker-BV3600 is a corded electric blower vacuum and mulching ability with enough power to blow through leaves and make quick work of dirt and debris.

For a tool that combines three functions and is corded, it has a decent weight, is well-balanced, and you get more than enough power for light blowing and vacuuming around the house, even at the lowest speed. 

  • 12-Amp motor
  • 180 Miles minimum speed
  • 230 MPH maximum air speed
  • 270 CFM air volume in blow mode and 385 CFM in vacuum mode
  • Variable speed control with two speed selections
  • Anti-Clog Vortex Impeller with a 10:1 mulching ratio
  • In-built cord lock
  • Medium noise rating, 69 dBA
  • Weighs 8.1 lbs
  • Two-year full warranty
  • Comes with concentrator, blow tube, vacuum tube, and a collection bag

Black Decker BV3600 Review

Black Decker BV3600 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Easy to assemble and convert
Lightweight for a multipurpose tool
Good maneuverability
Offers reasonable power
A bit expensive
Only two speed options
The mulching bag gets full easily

Combining a blower, vacuum, and has the ability to mulch into one device is expected to give it some weight. But the BV3600, weighing an astonishing 8.1 lbs, is surprisingly lightweight for all its functions, which includes different benefits, just by investing in one product.

It is often difficult to find combination tools with all modes working efficiently; however, the BV3600 defies this narrative with its impressive power output, easy conversions, good maneuverability, and lightweight. On top of this, you must also include the fact that it has a low noise when functioning, because this is an important aspect to tackle. 

In addition, it is also very well-balanced, preventing you from getting fatigued quickly during prolonged cleanups. And you can easily maneuver it even with the concentrator nozzle attached. As a result, it is safe to say that this blower/vacuum can be comfortably operated by anyone, including teenagers that would want to help around with this chore and even older people, who can be using one or both hands to get the task done.

As for its airflow, the BV3600 produces a maximum air speed of up to 230 MPH and a minimum of 180 MPH. Both values are impressive, considering some handheld electric blowers cannot boast a speed up to 200 MPH.

With this rapid speed, you can push dirt quickly and reduce your typical cleanup time by an hour or two. The blower also expels a maximum air volume of 270 CFM in vacuum mode and 385 CFM in blow mode, slightly putting it behind other electric handheld blowers with similar air speeds. However, this air volume is just enough for homeowners with small or medium-sized landscapes to push or vacuum wet or large leaves, gravel, and heavier debris without hassle.

The variable speed setting on the Black and Decker blower/vacuum/mulcher is one of its most endearing features. The speed control comes with only two speed settings: low and high, which lets you control the air output to suit the intended task. Which means that as the end user, you have the ability to control the pace that you wish with no further complication. 

And although these speed levels are enough to get different types of blowing done, other blowers usually allow users to adjust the air output to their desired speed. Nevertheless, both speed levels carry out the job perfectly, especially the high speed, which is so powerful, you can end up blowing every unintended objects.

Hence, the low speed is suitable for blowing small, light dirt like cobwebs and around flower beds. At the same time, you can use the high speed for large, wet, or heavy leaves and debris.

Customer reviews show that many users enjoy the ease of use of this multipurpose blower the most, which is a great feature to check, knowing that the machine is one that is utilized for different uses, coming from proper feedback. In addition, the Black and Decker BV3600 parts, which include a vacuum tube, grill cover, mulching bag, and the 20 volt motor, are easy to assemble and dismantle. 

Also, it is effortless to switch from blower to vacuum mode and enables you to carry out your cleaning efficiently without struggling to use any of the modes. The only downside is that the power cord might not be included in the kit, so you would have to purchase one. And the power cord might not be long enough to reach outlying areas of your yard if it is very wide, so you would need to purchase an extension cord.

How Has the Black Decker BV3600 Evolved?

The Black Decker BV3600 has evolved by having a higher air speed than the BV3100, from 230 MPH as it used to be 210MPH. Moreover, the weight of the BV3600 is more than that of the weight of the previous version, but again, the functionality is speedier. 

Blower Has Evolved by Having a Higher Air Speed

When you see how the machine has been evolved from one year to the other, remember that this is a significant beneficial sign about the company, and how they are producing different models and improving.

The company of Black Decker is aiming to build a new model and fix their previous issues and hand to you the perfect one they are coming up with. 


Features Breakdown

– Multipurpose Function

Black Decker -BV3600 combines three functions: blowing, vacuuming, and mulching. It delivers a powerful output in any mode due to its 12-amp motor but must be plugged into a constant power supply because it is corded.

Using the blowing function, you can effectively breeze through piles of leaves and debris on small to medium yards. In vacuum mode, it can reach an air volume of 385 CFM, effectively sucking up wet or dry, small to large leaves, which shows you the strength and quality of the machine.

The leaves are then mulched by the plastic Anti-Clog Vortex Polymer Impeller, which helps prevent the device from clogging while vacuuming and mulching before being deposited in a 1.5 Bushel bag.

The bag has a 10:1 mulch ratio, meaning it can reduce ten bags of leaves to one bag of mulch, and you would have mulch to cover your garden plants soils. It has a zip opening beneath for easy disposal of the mulched leaves. Although the Black and Decker blower vacuum bag is lightweight, but again it is made of thin material and loosely woven, as a result, you must make sure that you protect yourself from the dust the bag generates while collecting mulch.

– Airflow Capacity

The bower’s nozzle produces an airflow that can reach a speed of 230 MPH, which is one of the beneficial features of the BV3600. This speed allows you to rapidly blow all kinds of leaves and debris, thereby covering more ground within a short period. 

Airflow that Can Reach a Speed of 230 Mph

Combined with this speed is an air volume of 270 CFM in blow mode and 385 CFM in vacuum mode. While the air volume in blow mode is a bit disappointing compared to other corded handheld blower models, in vacuum mode, it is sufficient. On the other hand, you should remember that this machine is able to combined airflow in both modes, which would help generate a strong output for versatile and efficient cleaning.

– Speed Control Mechanism

The speed control function allows you to toggle between a low and high speed depending on the magnitude of the task you want to handle. You can use this feature on both blow and vacuum modes.

On low speed, the nozzle dispels a speed of 180 MPH, which is more than enough for light blowing or vacuuming around the house or for cleaning hard surfaces, gardens, or gravel.

The speed control function of Black Decker BV3600

What you must also know is that you get the full 230 MPH at high speed, which is very effective for moving wet leaves and heavy or tough debris. Which means that if you need more pressure for stubborn or stuck debris, attach the concentrator nozzle and put it on high speed. The concentrator nozzle allows you to get into small spaces and tight areas.

– Cord Lock

To hold the extension cord in place and prevent the power cord from disconnecting from the power supply while operating, the blower/vacuum has a cord lock mechanism.

This lock is an important feature, because it helps from setting the speed to one range, so you would focus and get the job done with the pace of your desire. Moreover, it is also a way to secure that suddenly you wouldn’t add up the pace out of nowhere.

– Noise Rating

During operation, the BV3600 produces a noise rating of 69 decibels, a typical rating for an electric handheld blower. Therefore, you can use it anytime without worrying about disturbing your neighbors. However, when using the speed settings, it gets louder at high speed.



The Black Decker -BV3600 blower, vacuum, and mulching ability, all three are an excellent addition to your lawn care tools. It is versatile, lightweight, and has many valuable features, such as the cord lock and Anti-Clog Vortex Impeller, that make cleanups easier. We also suggest checking out a newer leaf blower, the Black Decker BV6000 model.

It is also easy to assemble and dismantle for easy storage and portability. And if you ever get confused, you can always refer to the manual included in the kit for tips on how to use Black and Decker leaf blower vacuum.

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