Black Decker BV600 is a 12-AMP yard tool that has the ability to be a multifunctional leaf blower that is powerful and reliable; every yard owner or professional landscaper should consider getting it.

Review of Black Decker BV6000

While it has numerous advantages over other blower models, it also has its downsides. However, you can overlook most of its drawbacks for its better qualities.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about this multifunctional blower.

Pros Cons
Multifunctional Consumes a lot of power
Has a disposable leaf bag attachments Can be messy
Very powerful tool

Black Decker BV6000 Highlights

The Black Decker leaf blower is a 3-in-1 high-performance, heavy-duty yard tool the manufacturer designed for rigorous yard clean-up. This blower is electric and has several accessories that make it easy to use and makes it suitable for clearing leaves and other debris from all sorts of terrains, including decks, garages, yards, sidewalks, and driveways.

High Performance Black Decker Bv6000 Highlights

  • 250 MPH airspeed
  • 2-speed control
  • 3-in-1 function
  • It has a high-impact fan
  • Relatively quiet
  • It has a leaf collection bag
  • Comes with two handles
  • 12-AMP motor
  • Completely electric with an extended cord
  • Built-in cable retainer

Black Decker BV6000 3-in-1 Blower Review

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Black Decker BV6000 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Has a disposable leaf bag attachments
Very powerful tool
Consumes a lot of power
Can be messy

This Black Decker blower is a high-performance multifunctional yard tool. It has three primary functions that make yard work a breeze for homeowners, gardeners, or professional landscapers. 

In addition, investing in it ensure that the job is done, and the cleaning is completed in various manners, and this is because the blower serves in blowing leaves, vacuuming, and mulching. If you consider buying each one, they would take a lot of your time and energy, and you will notice that the machines are taking a huge space, and they also need different types of maintenance for each machine.

With its multiple functions, you won’t have to buy a mulching machine or vacuum separately, and you can get work done simultaneously and without stress. Also, this 12-AMP blower is relatively lightweight, considering it has many attachments. It weighs only 8.1 pounds, which makes it easy to use, and quite simple to move it around and get the job done.

On the other hand, when you think about the power and how it affects the job getting done, it has a high airflow capacity of 400 CFM and combines it with a strong airspeed of 250 MPH, which enables it to blow through large and small leave and other debris effortlessly. 

What’s more is that this is the type of leaf blower that has airflow or speed settings, which allow users to control the intensity of air that comes out of the tube, for easy maneuvering, even if the machine’s power is a strong one. With all its unique features and functionalities, this leaf blower will always keep your outdoor areas neat and highly maintained. 

How Has Black Decker BV6000 Evolved?

The Black Decker BV6000 has evolved from its previous model, by having the ability to cover a larger scale of land, than the BV3600 model. In addition, its mulching ration is now higher, now, it can reduce 16 bags into one bag of mulch, when it used to be 10. 

A critical feature of the Black Decker 6000 blower is its weight, which is considerably lighter than other models of blowers from the same manufacturer. With a total weight of 8.1 pounds, the blower is easier to use over extended periods. Also, it is quieter than previous models.


Features Breakdown

– 250 MPH Airspeed

Combined with the air volume this blower vacuum produces, its 250 MPH air speed does wonders for clearing all sorts of yard and garden debris, some of which include; leaves, dust, grass clippings, twigs, pine needles, and nuts.

This would indicate that the machine is powerful enough not to find these as challenges, but it has been manufactured in a way that it is not a problem to clean everything up. 

Black Decker BV6000 Feature Breakdown

With the volume of air and speed at which it comes out of the air tube, the blower can remove the most stubborn leaves and other debris from corners and tight spaces. In short, it is simple to know that if you get this blower, one thing is certain; you will be able to power through piles of leaves very quickly. 

– Two Options of Speed Control

This blower vac yard tool has a two-speed control that enables users to adjust the blower speed as needed. You can perform heavy-duty tasks or more delicate tasks with the machine because of the two options of controlling the speed. Heavy yard clean-ups will need a high airspeed, and the more delicate tasks will need a gentle or low speed. 

It’s very easy to switch between the two speeds as the control is easily accessible-located very close to the top handle of the blower, and if you think about it, it is quite simple too, because you do not need to think about the go over the multiple speeds variations and make the job confusing.

To elaborate further, with this 2-speed control, you can have just enough power to sweep in between a garden of delicate flowers, and more than enough power to blow through the most stubborn leaves.

– 3-in-1 Function

The Black Decker 6000 blower is a versatile yard tool. It has multiple functions you can use on various terrains. The blower serves as a vacuum, blower, and mulcher, and it performs each function with a quick change in setting. The blower blows debris with ease, leaving your landscape looking clear of debris. 

There’s also the vacuum feature that sucks up trash through the vacuum tube and into the leaf collection bag. Finally, the mulcher, which has a 16:1 mulching ratio, turns several bags of debris into mulch. The 3-in-1 feature is very convenient to have because, with it, you can complete three different tasks with one yard tool in a short period.

– Strong Metal Fan

This feature of the blower has just one function, which is to prevent blockages when mulching. It does this by shredding or grinding many bags of debris into more compact forms. 

With this feature, users won’t have to worry about stopping in between to unclog the machine- it saves time and reduces stress for users. When you have a metal fan that is functioning in the machine, you will see that the power supply is great, and the machine is doing the job in a very strong matter. 

– Relatively Quiet

With only 68 decibels of sound coming from the machine, it is relatively quiet, at least quieter than other models. As a result, it is safe to use in residential areas without the risk of excessive noise pollution. 

Also, older people can use this tool without the risk of damaging their ears. Even when younger ones use this machine, they won’t have any issues in the longer run, and after you are done, you won’t feel the need to rest and just to ease your headache, because it will not create any issues as such.  

– Leaf Collection Bag

This 3-in-1 leaf-blowing machine comes with several attachments, including two disposable leaf collection bags. This allows users to collect and dispose of debris quickly and easily. With this disposable bag, you can easily tie the opening and dispose of it.

It saves you the stress of having to clean up after yourself, and if you consider it, it is helping you with getting the job done in a quite simple way.

– Two Handles

The blowing machine has two ergonomic handles that make handling it easy and more convenient. The handles are located at the top and side of the blower for convenience. With a two-hand grip on the blower, you can easily maneuver the unit to where you want it per time. 

Blowing Machine Has Two Ergonomic Handles

On the other hand, the two-handle grip also helps with the weight, making it easier to carry the blower around for more extended periods. Which means that you won’t put all the strength into holding the machine with one arm. 

– 12 AMP Motor

The Powerful 12 AMP motor of this blowing tool is what powers up the machine when it’s connected to a power source. With its 12 AMP motor, the leaf-blowing machine is able to produce a high airspeed and airflow, which gives it enough power to clear huge amounts of small and large debris.

Users enjoy fast and easy yard clean-up as a result, because the machine’s strength is one that will encourage your motivation to cover the chore pretty well.

– Completely Electric With an Extended Cord

The Black Decker 6000 blower is a handheld electric blower. It has an extended cord that connects it to power. This cord is designed in such a way that it can extend very far from the circuit- it just keeps going. 

As a result, you can use the blower for small and large yard clean-ups, and this is much easier, if you think about it, because you do not need to check for the battery over and over again, and stop the work, to change it, or even you will not feel the need to provide now ones every now and then.

– Built-in Cable Retainer

Also, the machine has a built-in cable retainer that helps to keep the cord in place and prevent it from tangling or disconnecting while it’s in use. With this feature, you can use the blower without any interruptions or fear of getting disconnected if you go too far.



The Black Decker 6000 blower is a great yard tool, and it has many features that make it stand out from other blowers. The black and decker blower vac parts work together to give an outstanding yard clean-up performance. With the black and decker leaf vacuum manual, you can set up the different parts into a functional blower with ease. 

In summary, this blower is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a strong, adaptable blower that can tackle various chores. It is easy to use and will last for a very long time, provided you take care of it properly. It is an excellent option for both residential and commercial use. You can also check out the newer version, the Black Decker BV6600 model.

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