Black Decker BV6600 is one of the most sought-after leaf blowers currently due to its features. However, you may be curious to know more about these features and whether they suit your needs.

Black Decker BV6600 Review

Your curiosity has been met with this in-depth Black and Decker BV6600 review. This review will help you make up your mind about the tool and answer all the questions you may have.

Pros Cons
Variable power setting Small plastic bag, but durable
Easy to assemble Can’t be used to vacuum fireplace ash
Easy to operate  

Black Decker BV6600 Highlights

The Black and Decker blower vac is a high performance device that comes with several features, attachments, and power to leave your patio and backyard free from debris and leaves with ease. The electric power tool weighs roughly 8.1 pounds, which is quite okay compared to others within its category.

  •     12-amp motor
  •     Powerful Fan
  •     Three-in-one tool with a leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher
  •     Reusable bag
  •     Adjustable airspeed

Black Decker BV6600 Review

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Black Decker BV6600 Key Criteria
Number of functionalities
Number of airflow settings
Variable power setting
Easy to assemble
Easy to operate
Small plastic bag, but durable
Can’t be used to vacuum fireplace ash

The three-in-one blower is one of the most powerful vacuums as it has the option to even have a leaf blower and a mulching stance at the same time in its category. The motor is capable of getting rid of those shed leaves and debris from your backyard in one go. 

Besides its capable motor, the tool comes with a high-impact fan that grinds up to 16 bags of leaves at once. Interestingly, the fan won’t clog while doing this. That’s why it would is known for its perfect air flow and how it is one that would encourage you to buy it. 

Weighing just 8.1 pounds, this corded leaf blower is okay for its weight considering the power it comes with. The weight of a tool determines how comfortable you’ll be able to use it. In addition, if you consider the weight of this machine and how it is very practical to invest it, the eight is one of the top factors customers factor in before purchasing a blower. 

Sometimes, it could take hours to get an area cleaned up, and that would mean a bit tricky situation that you would be in. With this lightweight blower, it would be somewhat not so challenging to get the job done on time, on the other hand, if it were heavy, it would have been more of a challenge to get the task done every time. 

In terms of attachments, this tool comes with many items. It comes with a cord retainer, a vacuum tube, a reusable collection bag, a suction vac, and a rake. With all these included, you won’t have to spend more money to get them in the market. 

The device is also easy to use, and that explains why the Black and Decker BV6600 manual was excluded from the package. However, it isn’t a cordless leaf blower, so using it might be somewhat restricted, because it would be a challenge for you to seek and find a proper plug near you, as it limits your freedom to move around with all freedom.

Portability will be hampered, as you can only use it when plugged to an electric socket, this maybe a bit of a tricky moment if you do not have a spark plug anywhere near you. Which means that you will have limited space if the location you are aiming for is bigger than the chord’s length. The good news is customers will find this tool convenient to carry around and use for a long time. This proves that the company prioritizes customers’ satisfaction. 

The airflow is also one of the most excellent features that this machine has been developed in. The blower can reach an airspeed of 250 mph, one of the highest in the industry. The suction power is ideal for any hard surface, as it can blow a pile of leaves up to 20 feet. We didn’t complain about the auction power while testing this tool.

We can’t talk about the airflow without its settings. Airflow settings differ according to brand. Some brands have a much higher low setting than others. Regarding the BV6600, it has a lower air speed of 180 mph, which you can bump to 250 mph. 

You can select a lower speed if you are working in delicate areas like flowerbeds or increase it to a higher setting if you want to handle hard-to-remove leaves. That’s why we gave it such a high rating.

How Has the Product Evolved?

The Black and Decker BV6600 has evolved by having lower noise level than the BV5600. On the other hand, it also comes with more attachments, and resulting in a more efficient form of cleaning, with a faster pace, by saving time. 

Compared to the BV5600 and Black and Decker BV6000, the BV6600 includes a rake attachment and an adjustable speed setting. The latter allows you to adjust the power setting for more or less power to blow the area. All three can be set to a minimum of airspeed of 180 mph and a max speed of 250 mph.

The Black and Decker vac also produces a lower noise level of 68 dB and is battery efficient. While the previous models were more compact, their downsides were corrected in the newer model. When the company saw that their machine needs to be renovated in different terms, they took it into consideration to reduce the noise as well as to the efficiency to have a better quality. 

Basically, you would want to think about how the BV6600 also has a plastic bag with a clip that prolongs the lifespan of the bag. In previous models, the bag has a zipper. This is a significant improvement which we must commend, as the company has thought it through and fixed this quirk in this version of the machine.


Product Features Breakdown

– 12-ampere Motor

A motor, running at 120V max, powers this versatile blower. This engine is more than capable of handling your messy backyard and patio. If you are looking for a machine that does it all, then this is it. 

12 Ampere Motor

The interesting part is the motor can work to eliminate wet leaves from your residence. Plus, it doesn’t add much weight to the overall weight of the tool, making it easier to handle. You can use this tool alongside a lawn mower to keep your residence clean.

– High-impact Metal Fan

The fan works extremely well. It is made of a durable steel material to maximize longevity. When mulching, the fan can grind up to 16 bags in a go. On top of that, the fan prevents clogging when the tool is set to mulching mode.

High Impact Metal Fan

This metal fan is the one responsible for the smoothness of the cleaning and mulching process of the machine, which would leave you satisfied of the result as you would have a clean yard. In addition, remember that although it is made of metal, however, it doesn’t add any weight to it, and still, it is a lightweight device. 

– Versatile 3-in-1 Tool

Here comes the best part of this tool—how the versatility has been incorporated in a single machine. Not many tools in the power industry can mulch, blow, and vacuum, but this tool from Black Decker can. 

Versatile 3 In 1 Tool

You can convert the tool from an electric blower to a vacuum to a mulching property and back by adjusting the blower tube. All these ensure you have an excellent working experience. No matter how much work you have, you can trust this tool to execute the task effortlessly. When you have leftover mulch, you can either have a facile matter of throwing it away, or you can place them on your soil or grounds and trap humidity into the soil. 

– Reusable Leaf Bag

The reusable decker leaf bag is another thing we love about this Black and Decker product. The bag has an EZ-Empty design that makes it easy to empty the bag when full. Compared to other models with a zipper bag, this one comes with a clip that makes it easier to open and close the bag. 

Reusable Leaf Bag

The finishing inside is great too, but be careful of leaves hanging on the threads. Although small, the bag’s design means it will last longer. On top of this, think about how you can be the reusable bag is damaged, there are Black and Decker BV6600 replacement bags available in offline and online stores for purchase. So you’re covered.

– Adjustable Airspeed

The tool does a good job when it comes to airspeed adjustment, and when you tend to focus on adjusting the speed trigger is rapid, and you won’t experience any challenge. You can move to tasks that need more of a speed to be done, and at times when you are dealing with other tasks that need slower pace, it has the flexibility to do so as well.

Adjustable Airspeed

You can move from 180 miles per hour, which is the lowest to 250 miles per hour which is the speed of the cleaner, as it would get things faster than usual. Some machines would have the tendency to place just one speed range, but this company has looked further into the manner as this leaf blower has the perfect range set. 

The speed selection gives the user control over the amount of suction power to use. The drawback is the lowest speed setting may be a little bit powerful for your needs. If you want a blower with a lower speed setting, this product isn’t for you. 



This is where we draw the curtains on the black and decker 3-in-1 blower, vacuum/mulcher reviews. It has revealed all the vital features, specifications, and why you should buy it. It is a powerful 3-in-1 blower that can handle any task you throw at it. It’s so easy to grasp due to the ergonomic handle, which gives you more control during use. 

Speaking of control, the Decker device comes with a variable speed setting for improved efficiency. While this tool is praised for its great performance, it doesn’t compromise on other aspects, such as comfort, ease of assembly, lightweight, and durability. Some brands may decide to make a few compromises to cut down on costs, but the Decker prioritizes customer satisfaction above all other things. 

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