Black Decker BXGBL225 is a must-have for everyone who wants to maintain and keep their gardens looking good and is ready to invest in a lawn care kit. Being a handheld blower, it is easier to operate and a cheaper investment than many other options.Black Decker BXGBL225

Today, we have brought you an in-depth review of the Black Decker BXGBL225 which may prove to be the push you needed to finalize your decision. This review helps narrow all your choices down to one, so look no further and read on all about this leaf blower in this article to see the worth of investing in it.

The Main Features and Specifications

Black Decker BXGBL225 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Two speed controls
Easy to maneuver
The bag size is not big enough
Does not have enough power for larger projects

This Black+Decker handheld leaf blower has a big part of the features that most gardeners are looking forward to, starting investing in it, as it is comfortable to use, powerful, efficient, and cost-effective.

All its features show that it deserves the top ranking it gets from its customers to see and inspect all the specs that have hooked many already, and it might convince you the way it is the best fit for your lawn.

  • 2-cycle engine
  • 25 cc lightweight engine
  • High air stream capacity
  • Airstream speeds up to 180 MPH
  • Clearing power up to 400 cubic feet per minute, or CFM
  • QUICKSTART technology
  • Cruise control
  • Variable throttle
  • 40:1 fuel/oil ratio
  • 2 lbs lightweight construction
  • Two-speed controls
  • 20 V engine

A Detailed Review of the Black Decker BXGBL225

  • The number of functions 8.5/10
  • Weight 9/10
  • Airflow 7.9/10
  • Number of airflow settings 7.9/10

Black & Decker is a brand name you probably have heard about quite a lot, particularly because of the BXGBL225. You see it in the houses of many of your neighbors whose yards look exceptional.

This blower features exceptional compactness with the additional pro of a generous list of features, and this is a feature that you should look deeper into. Because of this immersive and impressive list of features, this blower receives an 8.5 out of 10 from our expert team for its wide range of features.


What is better than a lightweight blower that is also packed with power? For a yard-lover, nothing compares. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Our team has gone through and tested various blowers and has been surprised by the weight of this 12.2 lbs blower. On the other hand, along with the various features, this blower is one of the top available options in the market and it wouldn’t also cause any back pain for you, in the long run as you would work with it.

This cordless blower makes cleaning up your backyard and driveways a piece of cake, as many people utilize yard cleaning time by turning on their favorite playlist and relaxing while checking off their cleaning tasks. This blower is given a 9 out of 10 for its lightweight construction, as the end user won’t have any issues or sore muscles.

When it comes to a leaf blower, one of the most important things to look into is the airflow of your device because it is what controls the efficiency of your work. This blower comes with an air speed of 180 mph, which is good for a blower this size and able to thrive.

Such an air speed means that you do not have to spend too much time in your yard. This comes in handy, especially during the hot summer days when you all want to be done with your work quickly and cool down. This earns it a 7.9 out of 10 for the airspeed.

This blower has an air volume of 400 CFM, which is another impressive feature that further improves the speed of your work. On the same note, you must also consider that the two-speed controls in the blower allow you to change the speed according to the area that you are targeting in your yard, and this is why it wins a 7.9 out of 10 for the airflow settings.


– How Has the Black Decker BXGBL225 Evolved?

The Black Decker BXGBL225 has evolved by having greater power and a greater way that it would reach different places when you are using it, compared to the other models the company has manufactured. This shows the advancement in ability and speed that this machine has.Evolution of Black Decker BXGBL225

This blower is truly a shock wave in the market because of the number of features it provides while being just a mere 12.2 lbs in weight. It truly raises the bar for the quality of yard care tools. It even brings good competition in the market, surpassing Ryobi gas blowers and Homelite 2 cycle gas blower vac review.

Many companies see it as their competitor for its exceptional quality and problem-solving ability, including several Home Lite leaf blowers and even Troy Bilt. If you check a Troy-Bilt TB27BH review, you will observe how the Black Decker blower solves all the Troy-Bilt leaf blower problems. Not only is it lighter in weight, but you must remember that it also has a higher air volume.

If we compare this blower to the Echo 25.4 cc blower, we see that the Echo blower weighs 13 lbs which are quite heavy for a handheld blower, whereas the BXGBL blower is only 12.16 lbs. However, the Echo one does have 170 mph and 400 cfm airflow settings, but the Echo 2 stroke blower can not compare to the rationing ability of the Black Decker blower by the fuel’s strength.

If we compare with the Pro Run PHB2415, the Pro Run blower has a higher airspeed of 120 mph but a lower air volume of 400 cfm. This means that even if the airflow speed is high, less air is still passing through the blower. Also, the Pro Run blower only provides 50 minutes of runtime.

The Key Characteristics of This Leaf Blower

– Warranty

The warranty offered is a great way to judge the company and is a clear giveaway for the amount of trust they put in their products. This machine comes with a two-year one, and it would help you to change as you contact them if any default has taken place, or any issue has occurred.Black Decker BXGBL225 Warranty

Black Decker gives their users a two-year warranty from the date of purchase of the BXGBL225 blower, which shows that they trust this product to perform well enough for their users who would not be needing a replacement anytime soon. In short, the BXGBL225 can keep the charge for up to 18 months and is the best and most efficient choice for all users.

– Cordless Operation

Being unrestricted to specific areas of your yard is quite a luxury for anyone using a corded blower, which can be annoying and even make customers pause their work for the day. Nothing is better than knowing that your outdoor appliance is packed with unmatched power.Cordless Black Decker Blower

The worst part is that each blower comes with a different cord size, resulting in having to purchase multiple extensions that only add to your expenses. This is why this cordless blower will be your best friend, as you can take it to any corner of your yard without worrying about a cord and limiting yourself, you just need to fill in the gas, and it would be up and running without any issue, as the fuel would power it us and give you no limitations when moving.

– Variable Throttle Cruise Control

This feature plays a major role in the smooth operation of a blower but is also one that many newbies need to learn about and do not think to check for in their blower. Cruise control in the BXGBL225 lowers the fatigue the operator experiences as instead of having to drive the blower; it uses an actuator to control the throttle and maintain the speed of the blower.


– QuickStart Technology

What is better than a blower that is easy to start? Honestly, nothing. To this day, some blowers are top in quality but take up a lot of time to start up, which can be a nuisance that no one has time for in this day and age.QuickStart Technology in Black Decker

The BXGBL225 blower makes turning your device on just a click and a pull away. When you do not have to wait for ages to start the blower, you do not try to run from it either, which means you will be willing to clean your yard more times than before.


This review helps you see that the Black Decker BXGBL225 blower is a strong machine perfect for various purposes. With it, you can easily clean your yard, driveway, fences, garden, and even all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

It is perfect for a household where people of different ages and genders have to work with it as the light weight of the blower ensures that all can easily handle it! The efficient working of this blower put this in high regard for older customers, and the up-to-date features make it a great option for newbies!

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