Black Decker LB700 is the latest electric handheld leaf blower, if you are in the market searching for the right one. You may not even think twice because it’s a super lightweight, corded handheld tool good for small yards and clean-up tasks.

Black Decker LB700

The lightweight blower from Black and Decker is easy to operate and has a powerful motor that can move a lot of air. Read this article as it has features that make it a great choice for homeowners.

In this review, we’ll look at the performance and features of this product and see how it compares to others on the market.

Pros Cons
Ideal to clear leaves and debris fast from lawns and yards Limited speed range
Affordable Doesn’t have a reverse function
Lightweight and easy to start
Best for quick and simple cleanup
Has a powerful motor that provides great and quick performance

Black Decker LB700 Highlights

This corded leaf tool features a seven-amp motor that offers powerful and efficient blowing performance. It can move up to 180 mph/180 CFM for quick and easy cleanup of debris and leaves.

Aside from the product’s lightweight and ergonomic compact design, its built-in cord retention prevents interruptions during cleanup. 

  • A seven-amp motor that offers a powerful performance
  • Super lightweight
  • Designed with cord retention and lock
  • Airspeed of 180 mph
  • Included components like blow tube.
  • An electric power source
  • ‎Two-year limited warranty

Black Decker LB700 Review

Black Decker LB700 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of air flow settings
Ideal to clear leaves and debris fast from lawns and yards
Lightweight and easy to start
Best for quick and simple cleanup
Has a powerful motor that provides great and quick performance
Limited speed range
Doesn’t have a reverse function

Keep your lawn, yard, and driveway tidy with this electric handheld corded blower. This 7 Amp electric blower weighs only 4.4 lbs., making it lightweight and comfortable enough for one-handed use like the black+decker blower 20v, a black and decker blower cordless that’s popular among homeowners. 

The blower also has a built-in airflow regulator that allows for more airflow and enables you to adjust to the desired speed. The product has received good scores and positive reviews because of its ease of air flow functions.

However, it has its concerns. Even though it’s much quieter, super lightweight, and has a lot of power for small yards, it won’t move huge piles of leaves from the lawn, doesn’t have a reverse function, and has a limited warranty; just two years. Also, since it’s corded, you may find it hard to go some distance. In other words, it has a limited range.

Generally, we give this powerful tool a good rating for its useful features like variable speed control, easy-use function, Up to 180 MPH/180 CFM for quick cleanup, and 7 Amp motor that provides strong blowing speed and performance.

Meanwhile, it’s different from other blowers on the market because it’s super lightweight at 4.4 lbs and designed with a powerful 7-amp motor that provides up to 180 mph of blowing power. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor tasks, such as clearing debris from sidewalks and driveways. 

As stated, it features distinct black and decker LB700 parts, like a variable speed trigger that allows you to adjust the blower’s power to suit your specific needs. There’s also the cord retainer and an integrated cord lock that make it easier to keep the cord in place while you work.

In addition, the device comes with attached cord storage, which allows you to keep your cord neat and organized when not in use. 

How Has The Black Decker LB700 Evolved?

Black Decker LB700 has evolved from the LSQ36 as it has become heavier, however, it has a higher speed, than the previous model, as it used to be 120 mph, but now it is 180 mph. Moreover, this blower runs with electricity, as the other one is through a battery. A very similar model is the Black Decker BEBL7000 which we highly recommend checking out.

This product has changed throughout the years and become a more powerful and reliable leaf device. In fact, it has seen many changes and improvements over the years. The LB700 was first released in 2006 and was Black Decker’s first blower device. 

The LB700 now has a 700-watt motor that provides more power and blowing force than the original model. Also, the LB700 has a redesigned air intake that allows for more airflow and improved performance. It’s now made with a stronger motor and various attachments to make it more versatile.


Black Decker LB700 Feature Breakdown

– High-Performance Motor

This is the first main feature of this product. The blower is powered by a seven Amp high-performance motor that provides maximum power and airspeed up to 180 mph for quick and easy debris removal. 

It’s equipped with an advanced engine control system that ensures you have an easy start and smooth operation. When the motor is efficient, it shows that the machine won’t stop functioning after a short term of usage, on the contrary, it will supply a good amount of force and last longer. 

– Lightweight Design

At 4.4 lbs, the product is lightweight. It’s designed to be portable and easy to maneuver, so you can simply move it around your yard. It’s made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and plastic, making it easy to transport and store. In addition, its handle is adjustable, so you can find the perfect height and angle to fit your needs.

Like the black and decker corded blower 12-amp, most feedback on the black+decker electric leaf blower, 7-amp (LB700) reviews have been positive, especially on its lightweight and easy use.

When the machine is lightweight, it will make the cleaning process run smoother, and you, the end user, won’t feel fatigued after you are done with the chore. 

– Variable Speed Control

This is another crucial feature, because having control of the speed will give you proper control of how you wish to get things done. The product has a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the power and air speed of the tool to suit your needs. In particular, its control knob enables you to adjust the motor speed from a low setting to a high setting. 

When you aim to use the variable speed control knob, turn the knob clockwise to increase the blower speed. All you must do is simply turn the knob counter-clockwise to reduce the blower speed. 

Be sure to keep the knob in the center position when the leaf blower isn’t in use. After doing so, you will realize how the machine is dependent on you and how you would aim to function, of course according to your task in hand. 

– Ergonomic Design

It’s also designed with an ergonomic handle that provides maximum comfort and control while using the tool. This shows that the comfort of the user is a feature that the manufacturers have thought through, and would like to make the best out of your satisfaction.

Ergonomic Design

Aside from its one-handed use, its ergonomic grip provides you with extra control and comfort, while the LB700 manual and easy black and decker electric leaf blower parts ensure you have an easy starting experience. 

– Easy-to-Empty Bag

The next feature is the Easy-to-Empty Bag. The handheld tool comes with an easy-to-empty bag, making it easy to empty the collected debris and leaves. 

In other words, the included bag makes it easy to dispose of the debris quickly and conveniently. You won’t have to stress over the matter of how you must function and get things done, together with worry about a hectic manner of cleaning the bag, this is due to the fact that the bag is quite easy to clean, no stress is required.  

– Two-Year Warranty

It’s backed by a two-year warranty. The company provides a two-year limited warranty that states the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. If the product is found to be defective within two years, the company will repair or replace the device at no cost to the customer.

What this shows is how the company wants you to know that they assure their product’s durability and quality at the same time. Moreover, they would like you to trust their product, and know that within those two given years, the leaf blower will run perfectly well. 

– Cord Lock and Retainer

Finally, there’s the cord lock and retainer feature, is the one that would give you trust in the safety functionality of the machine.

Meaning, it won’t, all of a sudden, turn on if a kid tried to play around, because this way, you are sure that if you leave it, it is safe for anyone to touch, because it can get locked. 

On another note, the lock keeps the cord from becoming unplugged during use, while the retainer helps keep the blower plugged in so you can operate it without interruption. In other words, the retention prevents frustrating interruptions and helps secure the cord when not in use, ensuring that it doesn’t become tangled or get in the way.



This is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy, lightweight, affordable, and reliable blower. It’s effective for clearing leaves and debris from driveways, sidewalks, and patios. This is the ultimate leaf blower that comes as it features a powerful motor that offers a lot of power, plus a variable speed trigger and a comfortable handle. 

Aside from these, it’s generally a good choice for homeowners looking for a powerful and reliable blower. It’s easy to use and maintain and simple to store and transport. So, if you’re in the market for a corded handheld blower, this is worth considering.

This product, with a return policy, is sure to make your outdoor cleaning tasks a breeze. So, get your hands on it and make your outdoor chores a breeze! If you want a unique and high-quality garden leaf blower, you should also check out the Black Decker LSW20.

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