Black Decker LSW20 is exceptional at offering you mobility and optimum functionality to match your garden and lawn clearing operations. It brings you features that make your tasks seem easy and short as it speeds up your workflow considerably.

Uncovering the Black Decker LSW20 Review

The question is, does this Black and Decker blower work the way people say it does and is it tailored to your gardening preference? Let us go through the review of this leaf blower and find out these answers before you make your purchase.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Low airflow capacity
Great run time on low power Not fit for commercial use
Low noise

Prime Highlights

The blower helps you complete your operations in the shortest time and with the best efficiency for a seamless workflow.

Before you buy it make sure that you know the features that this 20 volt lithium ion cordless battery-powered blower uses to achieve the best service for you.

  • Maximum wind speed of 120 MPH
  • Total air volume of 120 CFM
  • Handheld blower and lightweight design
  • Low noise during use
  • 20 Volt battery and charger
  • Power command switch

Uncovering the Black Decker LSW20 Review

Black Decker LSW20 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Number of Functions
Great run time on low power
Low noise
Low airflow capacity
Not fit for commercial use

Getting a small leaf blower for use in your home pushes you to get this product with its list of specifications. Its lightweight design makes it the perfect match for your lawn, as it’s easy to hold during use.

The handheld design also makes the grip stay firm and in your hands and prevents it from slipping off, which is why you will know that working with this machine has a security entailed to it.


It brings convenience for home users, which makes it come with slightly fewer values in terms of wind speed and air volume. The blower comes with a wind speed of 120 MPH and holds the same value for its air volume at 120 CFM. These values make it perfect for home use to clear your lawns and a mini garden if you have one.

The battery-powered system also serves well for the power it brings you with its total capacity. It comes with a battery charger that makes charging faster to get you back on the lawn, clearing action quickly. Both features give you an efficient runtime despite the wait to keep your batteries charged after exhausting them.

On another note remember that the weight of the machine is 3.7 lbs with the battery set to it, not just the tool on its own, which is a great choice for a lightweight. This would show you that the machine will not cause you any exhaustion, and it wouldn’t lead you to being tired.

The blower’s benefits tilt towards casual gardeners who need this blower for home use and lawn clearing purpose. Its features fit that category too well and leave the commercial category out of the fun since it’s low tier.

– How Has Black Decker LSW20 Product Evolved?

Black Decker LSW20 has evolved by having a lighter weight than its previous model the LSWV36 as it used to be 5.4 lbs, but now it is 3.7 lbs. Also, the battery voltage of the new machine is 20V, whereas the previous one requires double the power.

Black Decker LSW20 Has Evolved by Having a Lighter Weight

Basically, you would see that the machine goes back and forth when comparing its improvements to its previous versions and similar products. Few improvements that this blower supersedes in are speed, low noise, and weight, while other features are slightly above this blower. It’s also better suited for casual use, unlike many other blowers.

Explaining in Details the Features

– Li-ion Battery

The black and decker battery that comes with this product seems to vary based on several customer reviews in forums. Some say it comes with a 20V battery, while others say they get a 40V battery with their purchase. Both statements are true, as you can get either of these batteries and your products when you request them.

The batteries give you optimal runtime and are reliable enough to last for lengthy use with a short charge. Enjoy the durability of this battery and the charge speed of the black and decker 20V charger you get with your product.

Moreover, note that the reason why this machine is applicable is that you can move it around without thinking that there is a cord behind you or that it wouldn’t reach different areas, because this runs on battery, and not a cord.

– Cordless Sweeper Feature

You enjoy a sweeper feature with this blower as the wind speed doesn’t give too much force during use. The blowing force works with the tube design to push debris and leaves in a way similar to sweeping them together. You don’t even need to buy an extension cord, because it is operated by a battery, and its power source is not through an electric plug.

Round Up The Debris and Leaves with Sweeper Feature

It’s an experience you get due to the low air volume and wind speed combination that this blower offers you. The cordless feature also gives you unlimited mobility while working, as you don’t keep the blower plugged in. As a result, round up the debris and leaves on your lawn or porch in the most efficient way to collect and dispose of them.

– Warranty

Warranties come for every product to show quality and serve as customer service in case of any issue that users incur. The Black and Decker blower isn’t left out as it has a two-year warranty clause attached to the product itself.

Basically, this is a way that the company is ensuring that you would have a properly insured machine, that the company would provide with the ultimate care in case something happened to it.


However, this warranty does not cover every part of the blower and also has other conditions attached. You also need to purchase the product from a verified store and have proof to show to be eligible. So ensure you make inquiries about the details from the store on purchase to avoid any issues with the clause.

– Airflow and Wind Speed

The airflow and wind speed also does work in contributing to the experience you get while using this product. The wind speed and airflow standing at 120 MPH and 120 CFM, respectively, bring the sweeper action and fast service.

This means that you would work very efficiently and would also speed up the cleaning process and give you a tidy yard.

It also works closely with the power command feature to improve the experience you get with its base setting and functionality. Your lawn is guaranteed to get the best cleaning and provide you with the smoothest workflow you can get. Maximize your use of this blower to get the most out of it while doing the casual cleaning of your lawn.

– Handheld and Lightweight

Its design brings you comfort and easy usage with its lightweight and handheld appearance to fit your preference. The handheld implementation gives you a grip that makes the blower remain firm despite moisture impact. Moreover, the machine wouldn’t even cause any spasms in your muscles or even harm your body.

You also feel fewer arm and shoulder strains during use, making movement easier as you move around. The tube is also long and matches the handle to give you a range to sweep debris without bending too much. Enjoy the convenience that this blower brings you with its comfortable and easy-to-use design.

– Power Command Feature

The power command feature brings the divergent preference choice as it lets you enjoy longer runtime and maximum power. You get an adjustment dial that gives you higher power output during use to get your work done faster.

Command Feature Brings Longer Runtime of The Blower

On another note, it also allows you to switch from getting maximum power to enjoying a longer runtime at lower power. Both choices are yours to make with the adjustment switch that implements the power command feature from Black and Decker. So enjoy moving between both choices and getting the best out of your blower without any worries.

– Blower Manual for Users

The blower manual gives you information about this sweeper and is included in the product packaging on new purchases. It contains details to help you in the process of assembling and maintaining the blower after purchase and during use.

You get a multilingual manual that offers you three languages that you would have to choose from based on your preference. Making your order from the Black and Decker website lets you choose between two manual options.

The manual is essential to get you up to speed with the product, especially if you are new to using similar products.



You now have every detail you need on the max lithium cordless sweeper you have had on your mind for a while. The next step is to make your choice, get this product, and add it to your home cleaning kit.

Note that it serves you best for low-end tasks making it fit well with your home tools and mini gardens. You should consider getting a more powerful blower if your plan is to get one for commercial use.

You know what this blower offers and the improvements it has shown when compared to its previous models. It’s time to go into the details of this blower’s features along with its benefits, and you would be able to use it in your yard.

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