Black Decker LSW221 is the preferred leaf blower of many gardeners and homeowners are beginning to turn, for its guaranteed versatility and efficiency.

Black Decker LSW221 ReviewIf you are in the category of those looking to purchase this powerful blower but are not convinced about its features, this article has got you covered as we’ll be providing a comprehensive review that will help make your decision easier.

Let’s dive right in and discuss why the black decker is ideal for cleaning your driveways, garages, and decks.

Pros Cons
Very lightweight and easy to handle Single speed
Operates with low noise Short battery life
Affordable Low force
Easy to assemble

Black Decker LSW221 Highlights 

This leaf blower is a cordless sweeper contains various features designed to provide its user with an easy and efficient blowing experience after mowing or trimming. The product is durable, easy to use, and ideal for medium-sized yards and small areas.

As this electric leaf blower is a unique one due to the specs that it has and these makes it different from its counterparts and makes it a suitable choice for your sweeping and blowing needs.

  • 20v Max Lithium-ion powered battery (1.5 milliamps)
  • The battery holds a charge for up to 18 months
  • 130 MPH maximum airflow speed through the blower tube
  • 100 cubic feet per meter air volume
  • Low noise 
  • Lightweight design of 3.4 pounds
  • Affordable
  • Spare battery included

Black Decker LSW221 Review

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Black Decker LSW221 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Functions
Very lightweight and easy to handle
Operates with low noise
Easy to assemble
Single speed
Short battery life
Low force

This cordless blower is great for a quick cleanup with its lightweight, compact, and comfortable design. Having to log around a leaf-blower when trying to do a less than 30-minute clean up around your house makes the process unnecessarily tiresome, this is why the company has looked further into the matter as the black+decker 20v max cordless sweeper (LSW221) relieves you of the stress of carrying heavy blowers around.

With an airflow of up to 130 MPH, the blower allows users to get rid of leaves and other small-sized debris in their yards without doing too much work. As a result of the latter, its airflow is pretty strong for the size and price of this handheld blower, although it may not be very strong, but it gets the job done perfectly well. 

In addition, you must also note that the airflow, however, can be disturbed by the position of the air take section that is on the machine. To elaborate further, the air take is on the left side of the device so if you use it on your right, your cloth can get sucked and block the air take.

The reason why it is specific, is that this drastically reduces the volume and airflow of the blower, preventing a lot of debris from blowing and possibly causing the motor to overheat. 

When you are going to be investing in this cordless leaf blower you should know how it provides value for your money due to its durability, meaning you won’t have to spend money repairing parts or buying a new one in a long time. 

It has single-speed functions and an on/off switch with a thumb lock on the top of the handle for easy accessibility. In addition, the fact that it doesn’t produce so much noise allows you to go about cleaning seamlessly without disturbing your neighbors.

The sweeper kit comes with one Black and Decker LSW221 manual, one blow tube, one LSW221 20V MAX lithium sweeper, one LBXR20 1.5 Ah lithium battery, and one battery charger included.

How the Black Decker LSW221 Has Evolved?

Black Decker lsw221 has evolved by having a better blowing force which has enhanced the noise level. As the previous model of this machine, the Black Decker lsw20 has the same weight, however the noise level is too high when it is running. 

The Black and Decker LSW221 is an upgrade from its older counterparts, especially the LSW220. This leaf blower is one that features a 20v Max Lithium-Ion powered battery, a weight of just 3.4 pounds, 130 mph airflow speed, and a 100 cubic feet per meter air volume, is an excellent poster boy for the other cordless blowers manufactured by Black and Decker.  An older, but very powerful, leaf blower model is the Black Decker LSWV36 one.

Although some of the other models have a few of these features, the LSW221 is one of the lightest, with its 3.4-pound weight as opposed to the 3.7 pounds carried by the LSW220.

The 130 mph of airflow produced by the LSW221 is a step up from the 120 mph produced by the LSW220. This feature also makes the LSW221 perfect for cleaning damp areas, a function its older counterpart cannot perform, in addition to the noise level that it has. Other features to appreciate about the LSW221 are the angled nozzle mouth and a slightly longer battery life, making this blower exceptional for use around the home.


Product Features Breakdown

The black and decker cordless sweeper is loved by many homeowners for its simple build, ease of use, and affordability. These benefits, and the features described below, are why the Black and Decker LSW221 is selling out fast from its manufacturers.

– 20 Volt Max Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium batteries are becoming more common in most cordless equipment as they provide consistent power even when the battery charge has reduced and can be recharged more than a thousand times throughout the battery’s life. The LSW221 runs on a 20V 1.5 milliamp lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 30 minutes on a full charge.

20 Volt Max Lithium Ion Battery

Although this run-time is not as long as many users expect it to be, the time is just enough to get a decent amount of cleanup done before it needs to be recharged again.

The reason why this battery is used is due to the way that it transmits power, to elaborate further, the lithium-ion battery also has a higher density than other batteries, meaning it can store more energy and retain its charge, unlike other types of batteries.

The lithium-ion battery is easy to insert in the battery slot at the bottom of the blower with a clip to fasten it in place. The clip also allows the battery to be removed easily when pressed.

– Noiseless Function

Many other leaf blowers generate a lot of noise when working, mostly because they have exposed motors. The black and decker LSW211 won’t give you any problem when it comes to sound because it has an enclosed motor house and generates less than 66 decibels of sound. 

Noiseless Function of Black Decker Lsw211Hence, you can use it on any surface in and around your home without worrying about it causing a ruckus. Which makes it better if you can purchase another battery, preferably from the company, to serve as backup.

When you have a noiseless function, it is somehow an insurance for you that the machine is running in a smooth manner and making things safe around you. In addition to this, also remember that a noiseless machine would promote to you less of a headache and tiresome, and more of a quick-clean up kind of a situation. After you are done, you won’t be feeling like the task in hand was torturous. 

– Compact Design

The compact design of the LSW211 allows for easy carriage, storage, and handling. The body of the equipment also offers many beneficial features, such as a thumb lock on the handle.

The reason why the company has set this is simply because it will help the end users to have a firm and comfortable grip while using it and allows you to slide your hand along the handle easily. It also has a simple on and off button together with a single airspeed button on the handle that is easy to toggle.

The Compact Design of The Lsw211Another beneficial feature of the design is the enclosed motor. When you look further into the matter, the motor will not only reduces the noise that the blower generates, as earlier mentioned but also prevents dirt and debris from getting caught in the compartment. The angled blower nozzle, which is traditionally at 45 degrees in most blowers, is curved at the end to allow for easy airflow while cleaning.

– 130 MPH Airflow Speed

The airspeed is the rate at which air comes out from the nozzle of the blower, and with its 130 MPH air speed, this light-duty blower has an impressive airflow. Although this airspeed makes it easier to handle the blower, it is only ideal for smaller and lightweight cleanups.

130 MPH Airflow SpeedWhich means that for a yard that is big, this speed will make the matters more stressful because the task would be taking longer time than it should. However, if you are aiming to work for a smaller field, this will get the job done in a perfect way, hence the benefit is bigger if the yard is small.

– 100 CFM Air Volume

The Black and Decker 20v blower only produces 100 cubic feet per minute of air volume, which is just enough air volume for sweeping debris that is not so heavy such as grass, leaves, and papers.

100 CFM Air VolumeThis 100 CFM of air is pushed from the fan to the nozzle of the blower where it pushes debris off the surface.

– Lightweight

One of the most appealing features of the max lithium-ion cordless sweeper is its lightweight. Compared to the other models of the black decker blowers, the LSW211 has the lightest weight at just 3.4 pounds, making it suitable for users of any age group to use. 

Lightweight Features of Black Decker Lsw221This feather-light feature makes it easier to clean your yard in a short time, which is why many consumers immediately fall in love with its ease of handling. Imagine if you are aiming to clean out the place, with a machine that is not heavy, but it is an ultimate one to invest in, as it will not hurt your muscles and make you feel tired for the whole day.



The Black Decker LSW211 review explains its most significant features and numerous benefits to consumers. From its ease of use, strong airflow speed, lightweight, noiseless, and compact design, this blower is perfectly optimized to provide comfort for the average homeowner.

This cordless, battery-powered leaf blower is an excellent yard tool option if you want something simple to keep your surroundings spotless, other than a regular sweeper, and don’t want to break the bank. The lithium-ion battery of the LSW211 lasts up to 20 minutes, which might be short for some users. You should also check the Black Decker BV6600 as an alternative.

This way, while using one with your blower, you can charge the Black and Decker LSW221 battery replacement simultaneously.

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