Black Decker LSW321 is one of the best leaf blowers that offers good value for money. With its exciting features and decent power, this Black and Decker cordless handheld tool can blow debris away from your outdoor space.

Details Review of Black Decker LSW321

If you are excited like us to find out what this tool is made of, join us as we walk you through this cordless leaf blower in this review. This post will answer all the questions you may have regarding this tool and help you make the right choice.

Pros Cons
Quiet operation Average power
Durable battery Designed for light-duty jobs
Ergonomically built  
Easy to assemble  

Black Decker LSW321 Highlights

The outdoor power equipment is a great lightweight device with several good features and attachments, such as a blow tube, to tackle the grass clippings in your backyard. When you are aiming to buy this leaf blower, what you must do is consider some common features of this device that should make you consider purchasing it.

Black Decker LSW321 Highlights

  • 130 mph speed
  • 3.7 lbs weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • 20V max powerboost lithium-ion battery
  • Comes with one battery 
  • Low noise
  • Cordless 
  • Two-year warranty 

Black Decker LSW321 Review

Black Decker LSW321 Key Criteria
Number of functionalities
Number of airflow settings
Quiet operation
Durable battery
Ergonomically built
Easy to assemble
Average power
Designed for light-duty jobs

This leaf blower doesn’t have plenty of functionalities, and we understand why. It’s simply designed for light jobs. That means you shouldn’t expect an exceptional blowing performance like what you would obtain from a more powerful blower. However, it comes with a functionality called power boost, which is responsible for the powerboost increase in the force and can be activated by a thumb switch.

This is handy when you want to blow more leaves from your backyard or clear stubborn debris with minimal time. On the other hand, more power drains the battery, so don’t expect a good runtime when this feature is activated. It is simple to say that you would have preferred the toggle switch to the thumb switch, but it still works okay.

The air flow is okay for the price and purpose of the tool. With a CFM of 100, the suction power from the blower can remove debris well from surfaces like sidewalks with all ease. When you consider this machine, it has the ability to blow a pile of leaves with reasonable power, and you can adjust the suction speed to suit the task. 

On another note, the weight is probably the most likable feature of this cordless device. Weighing just 3.7 pounds only, the leaf sweeper is comfortable to carry around and use for a long if you have so many leaves and debris to clear out from your outdoor space. 

With a heavy blower, your shoulder could get strained in the long run. Plus, it would be somewhat challenging to complete the task expertly and timely. This is the weight that won’t exhaust you in the long run, on the contrary, it will be more motivating for you to use a lighter machine, and to get the job done quick. More importantly, the Black Decker for prioritizing customers’ comfort, which is why it is recommended.

The cordless device features some airflow settings. For instance, you can set the tool to a low-speed or high-speed setting. The lower air speed setting doesn’t blow hard-to-remove debris in a breeze, but it performs fairly well on hard surfaces. When set to the highest, it can easily clear dry leaves, especially if it isn’t much. 

The tool can attain a speed of 130 mph sweeping which makes it a way to easily clears debris. The airspeed is relatively easy to tune. You can press the thumb switch to activate the powerboost functionality for added power. Powerboost clears debris more efficiently than the regular setting.

How Has Black Decker LSW321 Evolved?

The LSW321 has evolved from its previous model, the LSW221, is that the new model has a quiet operation more than the older one. Moreover, the run time of the new model has been added five more minutes than the previous one.

In short, the LSW321 is the upgraded version of the Black+Decker 20V max cordless sweeper from its previous version, the LSW221 model. They share many things like airspeed and battery type which is lithium, except runtime. This is the significant difference in the LSW221 vs LSW321 comparison.

When you see the same manufacturer changing the aspects and making the machine better and more qualified, in terms of the running time and noise produced, this is a clear indicator, that they are aiming for perfection for every new model.


Features Breakdown

– 130 Mph Speed

The LSW321 has a max speed of 130 miles per hour. It isn’t the most powerful or fastest driveway blower, but it’s decent enough to get the job done. Even when you activate the power boost feature, the difference in power is minimal. 

This speed is ideal for blowing away debris and leaves from dry surfaces like a driveway. It would have been lovelier if the tool had come with a little more power; however, that might have jacked up the price.

Features Breakdown of Black Decker LSW321 Blower

The blower also comes with a good airflow of up to 100 CFM. It is adequate for clearing dirt from hard floors. You can set the speed of the blower to high or low according to your needs, which means that it is an ideal one if you want to cover a smaller yard, to a small to medium one.

 It is crucial to know that this tool won’t perform well on wet or damp grasses, because it is quite vulnerable. Which means that the wetness could damage the scrapper and airflow, so avoid by all means, the heavy or water loaded content in order to keep the machine proper and functioning. 

Surprisingly, the noise design of this sweeper kit is commendable. The quiet sweeper can perform endless tasks without producing any noise. You can clear debris in your backyard without your next-door neighbor hearing anything.

– Lightweight 

The blower’s weight is another impressive thing. Weighing about 3.75 lbs, this is one of the lightest lithium-ion cordless blowers available. It’s also easy to grasp, thanks to the premium micro texture soft grip. 

The soft grip provides more comfort and control to the user, thereby maximizing performance. On another note, the lightweight design, coupled with the noiseless operation, helps solve common problems as it reduces user frustrations, so that’s a big thumbs up to Black Decker. 

Moreover, this is the type of design that will help a common user and motivate you to use it and to be done with the chore, knowing that after a bit of work, your yard is going to be clean and away from all dust and debris. 

– Ergonomic Design

Being lightweight and ergonomic makes this tool convenient to carry around. Even a small child can move this tool around without feeling fatigued. On top of that, it is easy to use, which means that the manufacturing company has reduced all the unnecessary complications, and have turned the job into a more facile one, for you to enjoy using it.

All the attachments can easily be assembled, with each part clearly defined to simplify usage. Elderly people will find using this product conveniently, because it is away from all complications, that one must open up a manual and get into a deep dive to know the needed functionalities that this machine holds.

– 20V Max Powerboost Lithium Battery

The LSW321 is powered by a 20V max lithium battery compatible with Black and Decker’s Power Command family. These are also the types of batteries included in the package. According to the manufacturer, the battery provides 25 minutes longer runtime than previous models when used at normal speed. 

In a higher speed setting, the battery may barely hold a charge for an extended run time period. When the power boost is continuously used, you may get between 10 to even 15 minutes of use. The maximum initial battery voltage is 20V, while the nominal voltage is 18V.

Lsw321 Is Powered by A 20 v Max Lithium Battery

Fortunately, a Black and Decker LSW321 battery charger and battery are included in the kit, so don’t expect to purchase this Black and Decker 20V sweeper without a battery or charger. The downside of the charger is its speed. It’s not the fastest when compared to other products within its price range. The charger can juice up the battery in about two hours, while others does it in under an hour.

We recommend getting an extra battery if you have a more profound yard to clear. The good news is Black and Decker LSW321 battery replacements are common, so you won’t find it difficult to purchase another battery for the tool. You can get the replacement online and offline. 

Because the machine’s power source is a battery, the noise level is minimal. You don’t need to be concerned about disturbing the neighborhood’s peace.

– Two-year Warranty 

The machine’s manufacturing company is one that will offer you a two-year warranty period, which is a way that they are going to ensure if any matter goes wrong, they have your back in fixing it. You can contact them, and they will advise you with the necessary needs in order to get the machine running again. 

On the other hand, this is a chance for you to know that the company has quite an abundance of faith and confidence in their machine and how it will be used in a neat manner and functionality within this period of time. Overall, they are securing the efficiency of the usage and the tidiness of the machine.



That’s it from us. This Black Decker LSWV321 review has shown you the most important features, pros and cons, what this sweeper is best for, and why you should consider purchasing it. If you want an affordable sweeper with the right amount of power, this product is for you. It has all the necessary features to ease clearing. 

Although it isn’t designed for heavy-duty operations due to its small power, it does move leaves well at its pace. The sweeper’s performance is okay for the price. Plus, it doesn’t compromise other features, such as users’ comfort, weight, and ergonomics. The noise level is minimal, while the battery runtime is commendable. This decker product can handle everyday tasks that are less demanding. We also suggest checking out the Black Decker LSWV36 model which is also very powerful.

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