Black Decker LSW40C is the perfect choice for you if you are someone with a yard they want to work on and want to get some hands-on cleaning done. This has many reasons, but the most important one is its practicality, especially for smaller projects as well as how easy it is to operate.Black Decker LSW40C

In this article, we have brought you an in-depth review of the LSW40C that explains why this is one of the best blowers in town. With its practicality and relevant-to-the-job features, it is a favorite for many users, so let us see why is it so.

Specs and Features

Black Decker LSW40C Key Criteria
Number of functions 8.7/10
Weight 9.5/10
Airflow 9.5/10
Number of airflow settings 7/10
Lightweight of 4 lbs body
Compact design
Cordless leaf blower that gives more ground coverage
Not suitable for bigger yards as it will have to be recharged frequently
Does not have the best airflow settings

The LSW40C is not just a handheld blower that gets the job done, but it also comes with various features that ensure it keeps a high standing in the market. In addition, you must fully know some of the various features to give you a more helpful and high-in-convenience approach to invest in this blower that allows you to make all your lawn fantasies come true.

  • 125 miles per hour air power
  • Low noise design
  • State of charge indicator
  • Lightweight 4 lbs design
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • 40 V max lithium battery voltage
  • Battery and charger included
  • Two-hour charge time
  • 375-inch height
  • One hour working on a full charge
  • Blow tube included

A Comprehensive View of the Black Decker LSW 40C Features

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  • Number of functions 8.7/10
  • Weight 9.5/10
  • Air flow 9.5/10
  • Number of airflow settings 7/10

Black & Decker is a brand name you probably have heard about quite a lot. They are one of the top brands to choose from, which is why the LSW40C cordless sweeper blower is one that never lets down its users with its specs and features.


When compactness and a generous list of features come together, it leaves customers speechless, just like what the LSW 40V blower does to many who come across it. Because of this, this blower receives an 8.7 out of 10 from our expert team for its wide range of features.

Nothing is better than a lightweight blower that comes packed with power as well, which is why our team has tested various blowers and has been surprised by the weight of this four-pound leaf blower, and this is why it is a great choice to invest in and to work with.

This max sweeper makes cleaning up your backyard and driveways in such an easy manner, and this is why for its lightweight construction, this blower is given a rating of 9.5 out of 10.

Not being restricted to specific areas of your yard is quite a luxury for anyone who has been using a corded blower. Especially seeing how each blower comes with a different size of cord, results in having to purchase multiple extensions that only add to your expenses.

To elaborate further, you would see that this cordless blower will be your best friend during yard work, as you can take it along with you to any corner of your yard without having to worry about a cord.Black Decker LSW 40C Features

Also, this blower comes with an air speed of 125 mph which is quite impressive for its size. This means that you would not have to spend too much time in your yard, which comes in handy, especially during the hot summer days when all you want is to be done with your work quickly and cool down yourself. This earns it a 9.5 out of 10 in this category, because it has a great choice in the pace and a smooth functionality.

However, talking about the number of airflow settings is where this blower may disappoint many of its users because its airflow settings only go up to 90 cfm, which is less. For this, it gets a rating of 7 out of 10. But, it is okay, as this airflow rating is best suited for smaller yards with low-maintenance yard work.


– How has the Black Decker LSW40C Evolved?

The Black Decker LSW40 has evolved by becoming better at its functionality, as it has to be powered by two batteries, and not just one. In addition, you would also see that the airflow rating is one that will let the way that the machine works to be more efficient.

This blower is truly a shock wave in the market because of the number of features it provides while being just a mere 4 lbs in weight, and being an awesome lightweight machine is a factor to think of when investing in. Because of this, it truly raises the bar for the quality of products and even brings good competition in the market.

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When comparing this blower with one of the company’s products, the Black and Decker LSW20, we see how this was a step-up for the company and a great improvement for the customers.

The LSW20 comes with a 20 V battery which makes its power half that of the Black and Decker LSW40 battery. But the weaker blower is also lesser in weight by 0.3 lbs. However, this difference in weight is not enough to give it leverage over the LSW40 as it compromises other features too.

Let us make a comparison of this blower with another 40 V blower of the same company. We compare it to the Black & Decker LBX 1540 and see that the LBX1540 only takes 30 minutes to charge, whereas the LSW40 takes around two hours.

The LBX 1540 is also lighter with the 1.7 lbs lightweight construction which shows that the LSW40 may still have room for improvement. However, the LBX 1540 blower does not come with a charger and blow tube, and there might be better choices for those on a tight budget.

The Standout Specifications of This Blower

– Warranty

There is no doubt that the warranty of this company’s offers is a feature that tells the loyalty and how much they trust and recommend their products. Black & Decker makes sure that you know how much confidence they have in the quality of the LSW40C, as it is made from the best quality parts, and its warranty is proof of this fact.Warranty of Black Decker LSW40C

Moreover, the company gives their users a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, which shows that they trust this blower to perform well enough for their users who would only be needing a replacement for a while. This is how you will have faith in the company’s product, as well as the company and what they are producing, when you know that if anything takes place, they will fix it for you, in case of any default.

– Cordless Lithium-Ion Battery

Nothing is better than knowing that your outdoor electric leaf blower comes packed with unmatched power. Compared to other blowers that have the same weight, this blower is like a stronger superior they all want to catch up to.

With the Black and Decker leaf blower 40V battery, you get a one-hour run time that gives you more than enough time to finish your yard work without taking any breaks. Additionally, the 40V max cordless lithium ion battery only takes two hours to charge to the fullest, after which you get an undisturbed and unrestricted hour of peaceful and therapeutic yard cleaning.

– Comfort and Low Noise

With the LSW40C, Black & Decker has made it their job to bring the most comfortable yet powerful blowers to the market, which also provides you with a comfortable handle to hold on to and a compact design that is not too difficult to deal with. What is even better is the noise production, as this blower minimizes the noise, making you a favorite neighbor in your town and you wouldn’t also feel tired, at the end of the day.Noise in Black Decker LSW40C

The most important thing that any expert notices first in this sweeper is the number of features it provides to give comfort to the users. A lot of the time, such compact products do not come with any additional features because the focus is more on being as light and small as possible, but this is not the case when it comes to the LSW40C.


– Charge Indicator

When testing this blower, the team found the charge indicator feature to be one of the most helpful. This leaf blower will give you such a productive feeling that you will start working on your yard, but it will not shut down or even pause while you are cleaning out the yard. With the charge indicator, Black+Decker ensures its users know exactly when to recharge their blower and continue their work without pausing.Black Decker LSW40C Charging Indicator


This is theBlack and Decker 40V blower review that you were waiting for, as it shows you why it has worked best for many customers and could be the perfect choice to add to your lawn care kit.

It offers everything you could be asking for, including a powerful battery, convenience to the user with the charge indicator, lower noise, an overall lightweight and versatile device, and a Black and Decker 40V blower manual.

If you are looking for deals on the price, you can do a quick search for “Black and Decker 40V Blower (tool only)” because usually it comes with a battery included. You are sure to find this as a great deals to be the perfect fan-favorite option, making it a blower that makes a difference in your yard, so do not miss out on a chance to get your hands on it.

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