The Black Decker LSWV36 is a blower that will handle your messy backyard during the autumn season. This Black and Decker tool is the one for you if you want an electrical machine with ample power, features, and that is effortless to use. However, you may be skeptical about choosing this blower, which is normal since you haven’t used it.

Black Decker LSWV36 ReviewIn this case, the good news is we will give an in-depth review of this Black+Decker LSWV36 cordless sweeper and vacuum, including its features and pros and cons, to clear any doubts you may have about this tool. 

Pros Cons
Lightweight Works on hard surfaces only
Used as a sweeper and vacuum Below-average speed
Easy to handle Weak battery life

Black and Decker LSWV36 Highlights

It is so easy to use that you don’t need the Black and Decker LSWV36 manual. All you need is to turn on/off the switch on the handle, and you are good to go. It’s a 2-in-1 blower that converts to a cordless vacuum for outdoor use. 

If you also think about it, the price is even am affordable factor to consider, and with its up-to-date features, customers would be excited to cash in on this tool. Remember that as it has the common features, the lithium sweeper/vacuum is what makes it a worthy choice to purchase.

  • Anti-vibration system
  • Padded handle
  • 36V max lithium battery
  • 120 mph airspeed
  • 86.2 dB operation noise
  • 5.4 pounds weight
  • Three-year warranty

Black and Decker 3-in-1 Blower Review

Black Decker LSWV36 Key Criteria
Number of functionalities
Number of airflow settings
Used as a sweeper and vacuum
Easy to handle
Works on hard surfaces only
Below-average speed
Weak battery life

Although not the most powerful blower out there, the Black and Decker cordless leaf blower comes with ample power and mulching functionalities to keep your backyard devoid of debris in one go. Most sellers will tell you to go for popular brands, but that’s not the ultimate, and the more the company grows, the further they aim to invest. 

When you are buying a leaf blower from this company, it is essential that you would aim to consider the specs and functionalities and check if they match your needs. Fortunately, Black and Decker is a reputable brand and to this content, the LSWV36 blower is capable of leaving your garden free from autumn leaves and debris with its functions. It received positive reviews from customers. 

The LSWV36 is a frequently bought device that arrives with features and ample power to clear debris from your residential landscape effortlessly, as it would do the job perfectly well when the demand is on harder surfaces too. 

It is a blower that is powered by electricity, or an electric-powered tool that weighs around 5.4 pounds, having the weight into mind, means that it is one of the lightest in this blower’s class. Overall, this feature is one which makes the LSWV36 cordless-sweeper and vacuum a fantastic choice for many people who value ergonomics.

Note that the weight of a blower is one of the features a buyer considers. It determines how comfortable you’ll be able to use the tool without feeling fatigued. The weight of the leaf blower is impressive and wouldn’t give users a cause to worry while using it. Compared to some blowers in its category, we can say this product is one of the lightest. In this aspect, it received a good rating from the users, and our from our expertise too. 

When you think of the airflow, on the other hand, it is okay considering the price, which means that it has an average airflow, but considering the weight, the functionality is pretty good. To elaborate further, the blower vac can attain a max airspeed of 120 mph. 

It isn’t the fastest, but it is speedy enough to do the job, especially when you consider completing the job on harder surfaces. Moreover, note that it can blow a pile of leaves and dirt 17.5 feet and vacuum the area neatly, so that’s why it received a fairly good rating from us on this end as well.

When you think about the adjustment of the airflow, it is pretty convenient as well. As per all the parts of this vacuum, including the variable speed setting, are well-constructed and positioned to allow for quick adjustment. This can come in handy during use. This is probably the most impressive feature of the device. 

How Has the Product Evolved?

The Black Decker LSWV36 has evolved by having a more extended life regarding the battery’s running time, than its other version which is the LSW221. Although the LSWV36 version has vacuum included as well, though in its other version it didn’t. 

On another note, remember that even though the previous version was more lightweight than this one, and it also made less noise when it was turned on while doing the work, however, the power that it had, and the work that it did was less than what it this model does. Keep in mind that this version is one that has mulching as well as vacuuming together with leaf blowing, whereas the lighter in weight one is only leaf blowing. 

The leaf blower is a big step up from other blowers the company has made over the years, thanks to the improved anti-vibration system, charging, mulching function, suction power, sleek body, and ergonomic handle. 

The anti-vibration system makes the tool more comfortable to hold, and The tool charges in an hour, which is pretty fast. However, it dies quickly, so having an extra battery is necessary if you are working for an extended period. 

The Black and Decker blower also has a large collection bag for holding the debris, which is what makes it different from the other models, because it would save you from having stress. This reduces the number of times you go emptying the bag, improving time management.


Product Features Breakdown

– Anti-vibration System

Gardeners would love the improved anti-vibration system, as they can hold the tool without feeling fatigued. We also appreciate the sleek body design, which is made from top-of-the-line materials. The material makes the device a sort of an eye candy, which is nice if you pay attention to looks. 

Anti Vibration System on Black DeckerAdding that to the padded handle will make it comfortable to hold over a long period. It comes with an inbuilt scraper to loosen stubborn debris, so you can vacuum without putting the device down.

An anti-vibration system on a device that is held by your hand is an important aspect to consider, because it will save you from having sore arm muscles, which would lead you to get tired just by a simple task. Hence, the company has looked forward and become more innovative in their technology, by adding this feature, which is great for the end user’s comfort.

– Ergonomic Handle

The soft-grip handle adds to the ergonomics of this tool. The handle is large enough to accommodate the size of any hand and ensures you use this device comfortably. Plus, the tool only weighs roughly 5.4 pounds, which is light enough for anyone to use for a long period. 

Ergonomic Handle of Black Decker Lswv36We recommend using this tool with gloves during operation. Because if you think about the comfort of your wrist, when you are managing to clean the yard, this handle will give you a comfortable grip of the machine, as it gets things done completely and not halfway around.

– Battery Life

The Black+Decker 40v leaf blower/leaf vacuum kit, cordless device comes with a lithium battery backup that fairly lasts on a single charge. This is just a downside of this tool as the battery lasts under 30 minutes, so you need a second charged Black and Decker LSWV36 battery if you plan on clearing out your backyard and patio for a long time.

Black Decker Lswv36 Battery Life SpanThe good news is the kit includes a rapid charger that charges the battery in no time, which would take about 20 minutes tops. In addition, note that the battery life is what will encourage you to use the machine, because the better the battery works, the more the life of the machine would last, as in the durability.

Another advantage you get from purchasing this tool is that you can share batteries with other Black and Decker tools. Talk about versatility at its best! Another benefit is that lithium-ion batteries can hold their charge longer than other battery types, so expect to use the battery for a couple of years before replacing it. Speaking of replacements, the Black and Decker LSWV36 replacement parts are widely available. So you are safe.

– Airspeed

The Black and Decker LSWV36 can clear all debris and leaves from hard surfaces like walkways and patios with ease, thanks to the 120 mph airspeed. As we mentioned earlier, this isn’t the fastest but considering its price and durability, you can’t complain much. The airspeed is an important part, because that is what the main criteria of the blower that you will be investing in would have. 

Airspeed of Black Decker Lswv36On the other hand, it is also keen that you know how this tool comes with power command controls for adjusting the speed for more efficiency, it will let you lead, when covering the task. 

To elaborate further, there are six-speed settings in the tool to deliver a more accurate job, so you can go high or low to suit the job. A blow tube is also included with an inbuilt scraper to loosen stuck debris, and even leaves, from hard surfaces, too.

– Operation Noise

The Black and Decker blower vacuum generates low noise during use due to the electric motor. Compared to gas models, the electric motor reduces the noise level to protect your hearing and reduce noise pollution. 

Black Decker Blower Operation NoiseIf you live in an area where noise pollution is heavily prioritized, this Black and Decker leaf hog is the right choice for you. You wouldn’t want to use gas models in areas like this. As the operation noise is low, think about how less of a headache and a stress will cleaning out the leaves will be. 

– Lightweight

The advantage of using an electric-powered leaf blower over its gas-powered counterparts is that you don’t have to deal with the weight. The Black and Decker leaf vacuum weighs just 5.4 pounds, which is incredibly lightweight in anyone’s opinion, even if you are holding it with one arm, it will not get sore. 

Black Decker Lightweight VacuumGas models weigh far more than that due to the engine being used, and as they are filled, they will weight more, but this machine is one that has this covered. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of carrying this tool and dropping it from time to time.

– Warranty

Warranty is just as important as the specifications and features, and the confidence that both you and the company have in the machine. You don’t want to be replacing your tool now and then. Fortunately, this Black and Decker product comes with three year long warranties, which means at any point, you can contact them, as they have trust in their machine and the repairing of it too. You can rest easy knowing that this product is reliable and will last for a couple of years.



That’s it from this Black Decker LSWV36 review. It has revealed the most critical features, specs, pros and cons, and why you should add this tool to your arsenal. If you need a blower for a small residential area for cheap, you can’t go wrong with this choice. We also suggest checking the Black Decker BV6600 model which is a very popular leaf blower as well.

The blower/vacuum has customers’ comfort in mind without compromising on other features such as weight, low operation noise, and design. With the kind of power it has, you would be happy to clear your yard whenever it’s messy. For its price, we highly recommend this tool to anyone who doesn’t need the most powerful blower for their backyard. 

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