The Black Decker NSW18 cordless blower is the talk around town nowadays because of the convenience it brings to your yard. No matter what yard tool you were using before, once you get the taste of this Black Decker cordless sweeper blower, you will get obsessed.Black Decker NSW18

It is definitely among the best options available as it is highly lightweight and good for the environment. So for more details about it, continue reading!

The Key Features of This Blower

Black Decker NSW18 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Replaceable battery
2-year warranty
Short run time
Air intake clogs easily

Black+Decker is one of the leading brands in the market that always puts their users first by manufacturing the best blowers at minimal prices while offering such specs that ensure the user remains comfy at all times. This NSW18 blower is just another example of them practically proving all their claims:

  • 8 lbs
  • Cordless
  • 18 V NiCad rechargeable battery
  • 120 MPH airspeed
  • 90 CFM air volume
  • One-speed setting
  • Charger included

An In-Depth Review of the Black Decker NSW18 Blower

  • Weight: 9/10
  • Number of functions: 6/10
  • Airflow: 7/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 4/10

The weight of a blower is usually the first thing to look for when you are getting a new one for your home. This 18 Volt cordless blower weighs around 4.8 lbs which ensures that you remain free from bodily aches or pains because its lightweight design makes it easy to hold and maneuver. This earns it a solid 9/10 in the weight department.

This blower may leave some people disappointed in that account, as it has a short list of features and while they are quite beneficial, they do not cover most things a customer may be looking for. This is why it gets a 6 out of 10 for the number of functions it offers to its users.Black Decker NSW18 Warranty

Another thing to consider is the airflow of the blower. A blower that has a high airflow is more swift and efficient at sweeping out all the leaves and debris from your path. The NSW18 has a 120 mph air speed which is typical for a sweeper blower.

With the 90 cfm air volume nozzle, it gets the task done in no time. While the airspeed is fine, there are blowers in the market that perform better at the same weight as well, which is why this blower is rated 7/10 for the airflow it offers its users.

When talking about the number of airflow settings, this blower only has a one-speed setting. So you would not be able to switch to another setting as per convenience, giving it a 4 out of 10 in that department.

Everyone loves a blower that comes with additional products rather than just the machine and the manual, as you no longer have to scavenge for the extra products to make the blower work efficiently. The Black and Decker blower comes along with a Black and Decker 18V battery that allows it to power through all the strenuous tasks that you may have planned for it.

Additionally, it comes with a blower tube that increases the reach of your blower. It lets the NSW18 access and clean up all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that you may have left off or ignored before with other blowers.

Another cool feature is the rechargeable battery. When the battery pack runs out of power, you can simply recharge it instead of waiting around or refueling. And even about the charger, you do not have to worry!

This is because the sweeper also comes along with the Black and Decker leaf blower 18V battery charger included in the package so there is no need to be looking for a separate battery charger only to increase your expenses. So are you on the lookout for a blower that is a blessing to your bank account? The answer is the NSW18!

– How Has the Black Decker NSW18 Evolved?

The Black&Decker NSW18 has evolved from its predecessors by including additional features that were highly valued in its day. This includes its battery operation, strong airflow, and easy to use ergonomic design, as well as the air nozzle for aimed cleaning.Evolution of Black Decker NSW18

Sweepers have recently started to come more in demand which is why Black Decker has come out with models that top the charts. Even though this is one of their older models, it is still fine for a blower its size. It remains relatively popular among those with smaller yards and lightweight leaf cleaning.

Let us compare the NSW18 with another 18 V blower by Black Decker, the NS118. Both have the same weight of 4.8 pounds which is easily manageable as well as a 120 mph airspeed. But, since the Black and Decker NS118 battery features lesser vibrations and a noise-free and low-emission technology, it ranks above the NSW18.

We also compare it with the Worx WG 520 handheld blower to better analyze its specs and the difference between the two. The Worx blower has a lower airspeed of 110 mph but has two settings to choose from, unlike the Black Decker which has a singular 120 mph airspeed.

It has a higher 600 cfm air volume at the nozzle and a 120 V battery which makes it stronger on hard surfaces than the Black Decker blower but also makes it weigh more by 6.4 lbs.

If we make a comparison with the Kobalt electric cordless blower, we again see that the blower has a 120 mph airspeed which is the same as what the NSW18 offers but has a higher 500 cfm air volume.

However, this blower, too, is heavier than the 4.8 lbs NSW18 blower, with a weight of 5.4 lbs. Additionally, the NSW18 has a more attractive and sleek design compared to the Kobalt blower. So if that is something you are looking for, you have a clear choice!

The Main Features of This Blower

– Warranty

The warranty offered is a great way to judge the company and is a clear giveaway for the amount of trust they put in their products. Black Decker gives their users a two-year warranty from the date of purchase of their blower, which shows that they trust this product to perform well enough for their users who won’t be needing a replacement anytime soon.

– NiCad Battery

NiCad batteries, or Nickel-Cadmium batteries, are sometimes used instead of lithium-ion batteries since they are easier to manufacture and reduce the overall cost of the blower. However, these batteries do produce toxic waste which is not beneficial for the environment.Battery of Black Decker NSW18

But, among the advantages of NiCad batteries are the flat discharge curve, extremely good cycle life, and very high discharge rate. This means that they are easier to recharge, are tolerant to overcharging, and require little maintenance.

A flat discharge curve is a highly desirable trait in batteries because it entails that the voltage remains constant as the battery is used up. Additionally, withstanding overcharging allows your blower’s battery to have a longer life, making sure that you do not have to get a replacement anytime soon.

– Cordless

Cordless blowers such as the NSW18 are a great advantage, especially with bigger yards. Without the cord limiting you to a specific area, you have free reign over the cleaning of your yard and get to clean all the nooks and crannies and other elements of the landscaping of your yard undisturbed and unbothered!Price of Black Decker NSW18

– Affordable Price

This blower has all the features that make it a blessing for your pocket. Add to that the easy-on-the-pocket price range at which you can purchase it, and people will start running to the nearest stores or websites to add this to their cart.

This blower is one of the most affordable options available in the market today, considering the top-notch features that it offers, which is what makes it famous among many domestic users.


This blower gets all the basic yard cleaning tasks done and is perfect for older folks with smaller yards who do not have much use for any fancy features. Additionally, if you are someone on a budget and you feel like you do not require much more than the basic features and strength, this blower is the right fit for you.

This blower is easy-to-use and a lightweight item that is suitable for any different user, so get your hands on it before it gets sold out! We hope this Black and Decker 18V leaf blower review was of some help to you!

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